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					                                 MOOSE MESSENGER
                                  LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE
                     NORTH HILLSBORO MOOSE FAMILY CENTER #1741
                                WOTM CHAPTER #1763
                                   Tampa, Florida

VOLUME 10 – ISSUE 6                    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY                               JUNE 2010

Our New LOOM Officers                               Seated: Chaplain Sandy Blanchard, Recorder
                                                    Grace Wilkerson, Sr. Regent Kathy Landis, Jr.
                                                    Grad Regent Peggy Clifton and Sec./Treasurer
                                                    Tammy Hodge. Standing: Guide Shirley
                                                    Wasserman, Chairmen Barby Anderson, Jennifer
                                                    McGauran, Debbie Beshears, Linda Campbell, Ada
                                                    Gitzler, Genie Emerson, Virginia Kennedy, Sydney
                                                    Miller and Diana Tocco.

                                                     Congratulations to all the new Officers and we
                                                    hope you have a great year.

                                                    District 19 Picnic

                                                    We had a great turnout for our first District meeting
Our new Officers for the LOOM are: Administrator    of the year. The food was fantastic and there were
Pierre Wright, Governor Mark Worlow, Trustee        so many things to do. The Moose Riders had a
Gines Perez, Jr. Governor Sam Flood, Sgt. at Arms   great bike contest and the horseshoe tournament
Rick Stephenson, Trustee Allan Frankel, Jr. Past    was a success. To top off the day District 19
Governor Danny Beshears, Treasurer Bob Coyne        donated a wheelchair to make Jeffrey‟s life a little
and Inner Guard Andy Macaluso.                      easier to enjoy getting around with his family.

Our New WOTM Officers & Chairmen
LOOM & WOTM                                                           money is well spent in our

                                       Harris Jay Long
                                   Volunteer of the Month
                                                                       Moose Anniversaries

  Welcome New Lodge
          Members                                                     Mike Rissell             25 yrs
                                                                      James Wilson             25 yrs
            LOOM                                                      Joe Anderson             20 yrs
                                                                      Michael Vaughn           15 yrs
                                  Dorothy Wagner              05/12
        William Tirpak            Linda Varian                05/10   Paul Leduc               10 yrs
       Ronald Palange             Roy & Doreen Thornton       05/12   Marvin Page              10 yrs
        Donald Brown              Kathy Landis                05/12   Robert Taylor            10 yrs
                                  Tammy & Richie Hodge        12/10   Anthony Valenti          10 yrs
                                  Grace & Larry Wilkerson     12/10   James Zipler             10 yrs
            WOTM                  Peggy Clifton               12/10   Peter Eisbrenner          5 yrs
                                  Ada Gitzler                 12/10   Richard Porupski          5 yrs
                                  Bob Tucker                  12/10   Edward Short              5 yrs
    Jacqueline Schimmenti
                                  Debbie & Danny Beshears     12/10
                                  Pierre Wright               12/10
                                  Geraldine Storm             12/10            WOTM
                                  Ron Ralyea                  12/10
                                  Arleane Malatt              12/10
                                                                      Muriel Williams          20 yrs
                                  Jim & Sandra Blanchard      01/11
                                  Tammy Koota                 01/11
                                                                      Josephine Maxstadt       10 yrs
                                  Vivian Thompson             03/11   Marlene Sandifer          5 yrs
                                  Jim Powers                  03/11
                                  Martie Hopkins              03/11
                                  Dale, Larry & Julie Kroll   04/11
  Our Gratitude to the            Allan Frankel               05/11
   Sponsors of Last’s
 Month’s New Members              Become a member of the
      Tony Aguillon               N.H.M.F.C. (No. Hillsboro           Our deepest condolences to
      Mark Worlow                 Moose Family Center) Booster        the Reeves family for the loss
      Kathy Landis                Club. For $10.00 per person or      of our Brother Thomas, the
                                  $20.00 per family a year, you       Thompson family for the loss
                                  can help support small projects     of our Brother Earle and the
Thank you for strengthening our   around the Lodge and with the       Antrobus family on the loss
membership. Thank you for         newsletter. The Lodge needs         of their son Danny.
leading by example.               your support; please see the
                                  Governor or Administrator to        Our thoughts and prayers are
   Membership Committee           have your name added. The           with you.
   L.O.O.M. Officers                                     W.O.T.M. Officers
      2010-2011                                             2010-2011
   Elected Officers                                      Elected Officers

Governor                       Mark Worlow           Senior Regent                  Kathy Landis
Jr. Governor                   Sam Flood             Jr. Grad Regent                Peggy Clifton
Prelate                        Roy Thornton          Jr. Regent                     Doreen Thornton
Jr. Past Governor              Danny Beshears        Chaplain                       Sandra Blanchard
Administrator                  Pierre Wright         Sec./Treasurer                 Tammy Hodge
Treasurer                      Robert Coyne          Recorder                       Gracie Wilkerson
One Year Trustee               David Gill
Two Year Trustee               Allan Frankel         Appointed Officers:
Three Year Trustee             Gines Perez           Guide                          Shirley Wasserman
                                                     Asst. Guide                    Cindy Addison
Appointed Officers:                                  Musician                       None
Sgt. At Arms                   Rick Stephenson
Inner Guard                    Andy Macaluso         Chapter Development Committee Chairmen:
                                                     Membership/Retention           Jennifer McGauran
                                                     Publicity                      Sydney Miller
Standing Committee Chairmen:                         Youth Involvement              Jane Corns
Kitchen                        David Gill            Mooseheart/Moosehaven          Deena Vik
Membership                     Allan Frankel         Community Service              Virginia Kennedy
Sports                         John Butler           Educational Adv.               Diana Tocco
Investigation                  Pierre Wright         Family Involvement             Genie Emerson
Community Service              Pierre Wright         Moose Charities                Linda Campbell
Publications                   Dave Murray           Health Awareness               Debbie Beshears
Entertainment                  J. Smith & R. Hodge
Historical                     Larry Kroll           Standing Committee Chairmen:
Mooseheart/Moosehaven          Mark Worlow           Academy/Friendship             Jackie Cannon
Moose Family Activities        Pierre Wright         Star Recorder                  Ada Gitzler
Moose Legion Chairman          Sam Flood             College Of Regents             Barby Anderson
Veterans Affairs               Jim Powers
                                                     Special Committee
Gov. Relations                 Dave Murray           Chairmen:
Moose Riders                   Jay Long              Sunshine                       none
                                                     Audit                          Barbara Varnum
District 19 Board of
Officers                                             Audit                          Geraldine Storm
                                                     Audit                          Conny Harris
Pres.           Ed Lessard     Interbay              Gov't/Pub Relations            Ada Gitzler
Jr. Past Pres. David Carlile   Riverview
                                                     Application Review
Vice Pres.      Jim Pershing   Brandon               Committee                      Grace Delos-Santos
Sec.            Keith Hoover   Riverview                                            Tammy Koota
Treas.      A J Goodyear       Riverview                                            Jan Rahman
Prelate     Bill
Lonenbarger                    Riverview

Moose Messenger Editor         Kathy Landis
                                   New Member Orientation
                                    Wednesday June 16th
                                         7:30 pm
Governor’s Words                      by your bank before coming to          together so please support your
                                      the lodge or use our ATM               Lodge, we need your help.
I would like to thank the new         machine, thank you.
                                                                             We had a great past year and I
officers of the LOOM and              I would like to thank our Past         know we can continue to grow
WOTM that got elected. I think        Governor, the Officers and             this year. Steak dinners are
we have a great group of men                                                 back for awhile as long as we
                                      Women of The Moose Officers
and women that care about the                                                get support from the members,
                                      for a job well done.                   we can‟t do these functions
lodge and will do an
                                                                             without the support of the
outstanding job.                      (Danny, Gloria said “She is still on
I would like to thank everyone
                                                                             FBMA state dart tournament
that came to the District             Fraternally,                           coming up in August, hope we
Meeting and picnic. I especially                                             get a team and take 1st place.
want say thank you to Marvin,         Mark Worlow                            Anyone with any ideas please
Ray, Dave and those that              Governor                               leave them in the suggestion
helped cook, Tammy, Kathy,                                                   box and we will be glad to look
Sandy and Gracie who helped                                                  at it. Just starting the new year
                                      Words from the                         so more news to come. Have a
with the door tickets, my wife
Gloria and Judy who helped            Administrator                          great summer and see you at
                                                                             the Lodge.
with the dinner tickets and
                                      Summer‟s here, hope everyone
served food, our bartenders                                                  Sincerely,
Lorraine and Barby, last but not      stays cool. Hopefully this year
                                      will be bigger and better than
least anyone that helped clean.       last year. Our new membership          Pierre Wright
The next District Meeting is in       quota is 59 so let‟s get it done.
Brandon so come on out and            We‟ve received the Premier
support our lodge.                    Lodge award 3 years in a row
                                      so let‟s do it again this year.        Moose Legion
There are going to be a few
changes starting June 1st thru        Our new fire alarm system              Thanks to Andy Macaluso,
August 31st. We are running a         should be installed in the next 2      Dave Gill and Larry Wilkerson
campaign for new members,             weeks or so. This is great for         for the Moose Legion dinner in
                                      the Lodge, a little costly but well    May. It was an outstanding
the lodge will pick up the            needed for our own protection.         dinner and everyone enjoyed it.
$20.00 application fees and the                                              We need more help from our
new members you sign up will          I would like to welcome all our        Moose Legionnaires during our
only pay the dues of $40.00.          new Officers and wish the best         dinners. You can serve as
So let‟s get out there and start      for all of them. For those of you      cashier, help setup tables, help
signing up family, friends, co-       who missed the Bud 8 run,              serve food or help in the
                                      what a great ride and great            kitchen. Anything you can do
workers and people you know.
                                      benefit. I met a lot of new riders     would be greatly appreciated.
Starting July 1st the House           and potential new members.             Most of all we need Moose
                                                                             Legion members or Lodge
Committee voted that No
                                      A lot of great family days are on      members to volunteer to cook a
checks over $50.00 or Two-            their way, hope everyone               dinner.
party checks will be cashed at        comes out and enjoys them.             (Continued on next page)
the bar. You may want to stop         This takes a lot of work to put
                                        Father’s Day
                                 Sunday June 20th 9 – 11am
                     Father’s eat free – other’s $3.00 per person

If you will cook a dinner see me     drawings for cigars, cigar          for a successful camp and
for a date and month that will fit   accessories and a loaded picnic     everything in life.
your schedule.                       basket. She will also be selling
                                     “Moose Track Brownie” mix in a      We would also like to thank
Sam Flood                            gift jar for $5.00.                 Larry Wilkerson for the
MLC                                                                      compasses; they will be very
                                     We have placed a box in the         helpful at summer camp. Until
                                     hallway for any new clean           next month all be safe.
From the Senior Regent               stuffed animals that you may
                                     not want. These will go to          Thanks again,
I would like to thank Jennifer       various charities as one of our
McGauran, Genie Emerson,             Community Projects. Thanks to       David Gill
Diane Mortensen and Virginia         everyone who has already            Asst. Scout Master
Kennedy for preparing and            donated.
serving the WOTM dinner on                                               P.S. Do a good turn daily.
                                     Hope to see you all at the
May 8th. Of course Gracie,
Barby and Tammy were busy
                                     Lodge.                              New Member Assists in
helping too, with the dinner,                                            the Orientation
                                     Kathy Landis
50/50 and cake walk. It was a
                                     Senior Regent                       Meeting Presentation
wonderful night. Thanks to all
that donated the cakes.                                                  On April 21, 2010 our 10th
                                     Scout About News                    orientation meeting would not
The District meeting was great;
                                                                         have been completed
we had the most members              Hello Moose Members,
                                                                         successfully without the
there both for the WOTM and
                                     Hope all are doing well. First of   technical assistance of new
the LOOM. The food was
                                     all the troop would like to thank   member David Carron. It
delicious. Thanks to Sandy,
                                     all that came out for our Fried     appears our DVD hookup was
Gracie and Tammy for selling
                                     Chicken dinner. Hope all            removed during the month. The
tickets for the drawings. I hope
                                     enjoyed. Special thanks to the      connecting cables were found
we have a good turnout for the
                                     Moose Legion, Women of the          but I was having trouble
next meeting on June 13th at
                                     Moose, Mark Graff and Ma            installing them. Thanks to
                                     Bea. Without all of the             David, other new members
We will be having a great            members of the Lodge we             Diane Mortensen and Cynthia
dinner on June 12th, Sydney          would be in a tough spot. The       Limpose along with regular
Miller our Publicity Committee       troop truly thanks each and         members Sydney Miller and
Chairman, is preparing Pulled        every one of you. We did some       Genie Emerson were able to
Pork, Brooks Baked Beans,            activities during the FBMA          see the orientation DVD and
Baked Macaroni and Cheese,           conference and we all had a         instruction class that followed.
Coleslaw, Garlic Bread, Ice          great time. We are still moving     Afterwards we all enjoyed some
Cream Cone Cupcakes and              forward on some merit badges        snacks, pizza and drinks in the
Peach Cobbler for $7.00. She         to prepare them for summer          Social Quarters. We have 16
will be having 4 fundraising         camp. Preparedness is the key       new members inducted this
                            No. Hillsboro Moose Riders Poker Run
                                       Saturday June 5th
                            Registration at 10am – first bike out at
                                 Breakfast at 9 am for $5.00
year. Thank you all for                 Clay for his contributions and to       this run! Also - this is not a Moose
attending, especially David.            Deena Vik for taking pictures of the    Rider only event - all are welcome!
                                        bikes and winners. Also, thanks to      Moose Members, non-Moose
Allan Frankel                           Duke for all of the flags around the    members, bikes, trikes and even
                                        lodge… man the place looked             cars can participate in this fun
Membership Chairman                     great! Last, but not least, I want to   poker run! So put out the call,
                                        thank all of the Moose Riders that      bring in friends and let‟s make this
                                        came out and participated! The          the best event we can for our
Cruis’in into summer at                 bike show generated close to            charity! All stops in the run are
full speed…                             $100.00 for district 19. It was our
                                                                                nearby Moose Lodges too - so for
                                        1 bike contest, and we had some         the non-Moose members this will
The Moose Riders held our 1             bumps, but overall... it was a          be a perfect opportunity to see
“Best Bike Contest” during the          success! Also – I am pretty sure        what the Moose has to offer. In
recent District Picnic and 19 bikes     that everyone in attendance now         addition to generating funds for our
registered for our contest and were     knows that we have a formidable         charity, we may even get some
displayed in the front of the lodge     Moose Rider contingent at the           new members from this event!
during the day. We had lots of          North Hillsboro Moose Lodge!!!          David and Boy Scout Troop 1741
spectators and close to a 100%                    th
                                                                                will have a $5.00 breakfast for us
participation of attendees in the       On the 15 of May we also served-        starting @ 9am. We will have raffle
voting process. In the end it was a     up our 3 Moose Riders dinner at         drawings at each stop and bigger
landslide vote for 1 place with         the lodge. The Italian Chicken          items will be raffled off at our last
Dakin Richards and his                  Parmesan feast garnered                 stop - our N. Hillsboro Moose
“Renegade” white Trike with trailer     compliments and helped us               Lodge! We have also arranged for
taking the prize. 2 place went to       generate some of our bike contest       the back bar to be open for our
Russell Moses with his bright red       prize money! A big thank you to         arrival, so we will have room to
Yamaha, and 3 place went to             Denny Brennan and Vern Allen for        relax and enjoy “refreshments”
Mark Metcalf (Tiny) with his blue       expediting the to-go orders and         while we announce the raffle and
Road King. Congratulations to the       helping out at the perfect time -       Poker hand winners. Flyers have
winners and all participants!           without them we would have been         been posted around town and we
Honorable mentions go out: Larry        totally swamped! Theresa Trunzo         are ready to roll!
Wilkerson for the “Huffy Davidson”,     and Allen Frankel also were a big
Vern Allen for his “66 yellow           part of the success of this dinner -    Looks like the Moose Riders are
Triumph chopper”, and Denny             Thanks Guys. Oh, and let us not         starting the summer off
Brennan for the “71 white Police        forget to thank the “Chef” Sally        right…”The futures so bright, we
Trike” - who were just one vote         Lindsey… fantastic recipe! A-1.         should all be wearing shades!”
away from 3 place and real                                              th
                                        Mark your calendars for June 5          As always ride safe out there
„crowd pleasers.‟ I tell ya - all the
                                        and the North Hillsboro Moose           guys…
bikes in front of the lodge were                   st
                                        Riders 1 Annual Poker Run for
quite a site! A big „Thank-You‟
                                        the Humane Society. Our                 Respectfully,
goes to Larry & Gracie Wilkerson
                                        chapter is organizing this poker run
for creating the ballots and all the                                            Harris Jay Long
                                        - so let‟s make this event a great
paperwork needed for this event. I
                                        one! Remember North Hillsboro           Chairman
also want to thank Sally Lindsey &
                                        Riders… the Humane Society is
Dennis Mosher for the artwork and                                               N. Hillsboro Moose
                                        who we as Moose Riders ride for -
help in setting-up the contest area.
                                        so we want to see 100%                  Riders 1741 /1763
Another big thank you goes to Rob
                                        participation from our chapter for

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