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Examples of vendors you may want to use and other info

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Landscaper (Rusty Tucker) Plumber House cleaner Contractor Realtor (Paul Hample) Caterer

Hair/Nail stylist Electrician, etc Interior Design For building projects Sommelier Car Detailer

People will pay for skills or knowledge that others (such as you) possess, if it costs less to pay for it than to learn how and then spend the actual time to do it, themselves! So do a self-evaluation... What skill set or knowledge do you possess that you could sell to others? The answer is often right under your nose. Or what could you learn to do?

The answer to those questions will tell you what services you can sell online. And when (not "if") you have the answer, SBI! provides the way.
STEP 1) Consider your service business from your client's point of view. What niche do you occupy? What problems do you solve? Develop the best Site Concept/Theme that is right for you. STEP 2) Brainstorm profitable topics that are related to your theme. STEP 3) Build your Theme-Based Content Site -- fill it by publishing high-value content and information that potential clients want. (No HTML knowledge needed. "Guru-in-your-ear" online-help and tools like Analyze It! guide you, resulting in high-quality content that is also "Search-Engine-sexy.") STEP 4) The theme-based content attracts targeted visitors (i.e., potential clients) because you have written it to rank highly at the engines, in a "no-tricks way" that the Search Engines love... an ethical, effective way to attract targeted clients to your site. Motivated, interested traffic builds. Powerful, automated tools make it possible for anyone to build targeted traffic in a time-and-cost effective manner. (Search Engines are, by far, the #1 way that surfers find Web sites. If they can't find your site, it does not exist. As the engines improve their algorithms, all the Search Engine experts say that well-written theme sites are what will rank best over the coming years.) STEP 5) Your high-value, original content PREsells your targeted visitors, winning confidence and trust by providing the information they seek, by establishing yourself in this niche. It

credentializes you in the eyes of your potential new clients. And your e-zine (electronic newsletter) deepens the relationship, building more and more trust. (Before you hire someone to perform a service, whether it's to cut your grass for the summer or file your next tax return, you need a certain comfort level (trust, confidence, competence, etc.). Your visitors are no different. A prospective client will have to feel very confident before she hires your services, especially if you are half-way across the globe! SBI! builds that trust and confidence for you, from the moment your prospect finds you at Google or Yahoo! (etc.,) through the delivery of expert and relevant information, and through regular contact via a professional ezine.) STEP 6) All your good efforts are rewarded... new clients! Increased loyalty from existing ones. And, if you like, your business generates additional income streams through new monetization models appropriate to your business (more on this below). No tricks, no games, no magic formulas or "never before revealed secrets." You take care of business. SBI! works "behind the scenes" so that you can take care of business

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