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If you are having debt problems, you are not alone. Many are trying to find a way to repair their credit to get the optimum score they can before applying for a loan. It is much harder than it was in the past to get a loan and you will need to ensure your credit report is clean before you try to get for one. Cleaning up your credit report means deleting negative reports that lower your score. You will need to secure a copy of your credit report and review it for entries that are questionable so that you may dispute them. The process of disputing mistakes on your credit report takes organization and persistence, but you can do it yourself. If you would like to save the effort, you can get a credit repair company to do it for you. Convenience of Credit Repair Companies Credit repair companies are prevalent these days. The market is flourishing as people try to get their credit reports in order. Unfortunately, some credit repair companies do not keep your concerns in mind. Unscrupulous organizations sometimes offer credit repair, take your hard-earned money and then disappear not providing you with any assistance help. How to Choose the Best Credit Repair Companies In choosing the best credit repair companies, it is vital to look for a few key elements to ensure they are sound and trustworthy. Credit repair is a convenient service, taking care of a process you could do on your own. Any business that claims they can do anything for you that you cannot do for yourself should be questioned. See What Others Have to Say Check out the credit repair company online before signing any agreements or paying any costs. Be confident they have good customer feedback. It is a good idea to investigate several forums on the subject of credit repair before choosing. Know Your Rights Be certain you check the credit repair company you sign with gives you the “Consumer Credit File Rights under State and Federal Law”. This information spells out your rights and must be given to you. You should ask about any credit repair service that does not offer you this paper. Get a Detailed Contract A reputable credit repair company will deliver a contract that openly explains what you will have in exchange for their fee. The total fees should be provided with details on the specific services they provide. The company’s name and address should be plainly displayed on the contract also. The contract should explain how long the credit repair service takes and preferably give you a guarantee of services. While even the best credit repair companies are not able to guarantee all negative entries will

be removed, they can be certain to file the dispute and follow up in a responsible and appropriate manner. Waiting Period No credit repair service can be done for you until you sign the paperwork and go through a three-day delay period. This gives you a chance to change your position if you decide you prefer to fix bad credit by yourself. There will be no fees during that waiting period should you cancel the deal. Call 1-800-258-0062 for a free credit consultation from the industry leader in credit repair, Lexington Law

ee credit consultation.

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