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                Revised ASTM Toy Standard, F963-08 is Published
In its ongoing efforts to reflect the latest issues and emerging hazards in the realm of toy safety, the ASTM International
Committee published the revised standard on F963 in February 2009.
The major changes are summarized below:

 Clause                      ASTM F963-08
 4.2                                 Procedures for testing the flammability of fabrics have been added in Annex A5.
 Flammability                        Procedures for testing the flammability of solid and soft toys have been modified in
                                     Annex A4.

 4.5                                 For pass-by test of push-pull test, C-weight peak (Cpeak) sound pressure level has
 Sound Producing Toys                to be measured.

 4.13                                Requirement is not limited to toys intended to support the weight of a child. Hinges
 Folding Mechanism and               can present potential pinch hazards regardless of whether the toy is intended to
 Hinges                              support the weight of a child.
                                     Toys in which a folding mechanism, arm, or bracing is intended or likely to support
                                     the weights of children in normal use shall have either
                                  a. a locking device or other means to prevent unexpected or sudden movement or
                                        collapse of the product   OR
                                  b. adequate clearance to provide protection for the fingers, hands and toes from
                                        crushing, laceration or pinching hazards in the event of sudden movement or
                                        collapse of the product
                                     Locking devices or other means to prevent unexpected or sudden movement or
                                     collapse of the product shall engage automatically when the product is placed in the
                                     manufacturer’s recommended use position.
                                     Locking device shall comply with either of the followings :
                                  a. Each single action device shall require a minimum force of 10 lbf (45N) to activate
                                        the release mechanism
                                  b. Each double action locking devices shall require two distinct and separate actions
                                        to release. There are no force requirements for double action locking devices
                             Note:     Requirements for toy chests in F963 are deleted. They are covered in Consumer
                                        Safety Specification F834 instead.
Clause                  ASTM F963-08
4.32                           A new scope of toy is added:
Impaction Hazards              Toys intended for children between 18 and 48 months, nail, screw, and bolt shapes
                       that weight less than 1.1lb (0.5kg) and incorporate spherical or hemispherical end
                       attached to a shaft or handle (Fig. 1).
                               Exclusions for nail, screw, and bolt shaped toys:
                           -       Shapes made by soft – filled or fabric materials
                           -       Shapes with an overall length less than 2.25in (57.1mm);
                           -       The spherical or hemispherical ends are less than 0.6 in (15mm) in diameter (Fig.
                           -       2a)
                           -       Shapes with flexible ends
                           -       The distance to the undercut section is greater than 1.75in (44.4mm) (Fig. 2b)

Clause                   ASTM F963-08
4.37                               A new exemption is introduced
Yo-yo Elastic Tether              Sports balls with wrist or ankle straps longer than 70cm (27.6in) intended to be
Toys                              kicked or thrown and returned to users are exempt from the yo-yo elastic tether toys

4.38                               The age grading of is extended to children up to 14 years.
Magnets                            “Hazardous Magnets” and “Hazardous Magnet Components” are redefined as a
                                   magnet which has a flux index >50 and which is a small object.
                                   Loose as received hazardous magnet or hazardous magnetic component are not
                                   Toys shall not liberate any hazardous magnet or hazardous magnetic component
                                   after sequential abuse testing (new tests).
                                   Sequential abuse tests :
                                   Cycling test (1000 cycles)    ⇒ impact test ⇒ Torque test        ⇒ Tension test     ⇒
                                   Cycling test (another 1000 cycles).
                                  Hobby, craft and science kit-like items intended for children over 8 years are allowed
                                  to contain loose as–received hazardous magnets / components provided that they
                                  are complied with the safety labeling requirements.
Clause                 ASTM F963-08
4.39                      Address potential jaw entrapment in handles and steering wheels that are located
Jaw Entrapment in         such that they are accessible for teething in the following categories of toys intended
Handles and Steering      for children under 18 months of ages :
Wheels                    -   Activity tables intended to be played with a standing child;
                          -   Large bulky toys
                          -   Stationary floor toys
                          -   Push toys intended to be pushed by a child walking upright
                          -   Ride-on toy
                          Handles that are connected to the toy with a hinge and handles made from a pliable
                          material are exempt from this requirement.
                          Openings in handles and steering wheels that allow passage a block, 0.75 by 0.75in
                          (1.9 by 1.9cm) of any depth greater than 0.5 in must also allow passage of other
                          block, 1.5 by 2.5in (3.8 by 6.35cm) of any depth greater than 0.5in. The gauge shall
                          be oriented that 2.5in (6.35cm) dimension is along the long dimension of the handle
                          or steering wheel opening (see Fig. 3).

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