project2 by saqib.nibpk


									Project #2
Find a recipe for key lime pie. If you’ve already got a favorite recipe
for key lime pie, even better. Make the pie. Take pictures of the pie.
Invite some friends over, and take pictures of them eating the pie. Have
a friend take a picture of you eating the pie.

Next, get a box and some key limes. Put the limes in the box, along with
a handwritten copy of the key lime pie recipe and the pictures that were
taken of your key lime pie party. Mail off the box to a friend.


I got this idea from Jasper Johns. I saw a documentary on him, and one of
the people interviewed said he had once gotten a box of key limes and a
recipe for key lime pie from the artist. I watched this whole documentary
on Jasper Johns, all about his art and life as an artist, and I mean
Jasper Johns has been making all this great, groundbreaking work for
decades, and the box of key limes is what sticks out in my mind.

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