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									                    FUDAN UNIVERSITY, SHANGHAI CHINA
                       Student Exchange Partner University Fact Sheet
                                 2011-2012 Academic Year

                                    Contact Information

Name of University              Fudan University
Office dealing with students    Student Mobility, Foreign Affairs Office
exchange matters
Mailing address               220 Handan Road, Shanghai China 200433
Contact details of:           Name: Ms. LIU LI
                              Designation: Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office
                              Email: liliu@fudan.edu.cn
                              Telephone: +86-21-6564-3725 Fax: +86-21-6564-9524
                              Name: Mr. BAO Jun
                              Designation: Director of Student Mobility
                              Email: junbao@fudan.edu.cn
                              Telephone: +86-21-5566-4152 Fax: +86-21-6564-9524
    Incoming Exchange Affairs Name: Ms. Liu Xiaohui
              University-wide Designation: incoming Exchange Officer
                              Email: incoming@fudan.edu.cn
                              Telephone: +86-21-5566-4152 Fax: +86-21-6564-9524
    Outgoing Exchange Affairs Name: Mr. Zhu Ming
              University-wide Designation: Outgoing Exchange Officer
                              Email: mzhu@fudan.edu.cn
                              Telephone: +86-21-5566-4153 Fax: +86-21-6564-9524

Website for exchange-related    http://www.fao.fudan.edu.cn/s/42/t/88/p/19/c/815/list.htm

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                                Application materials and Procedures

Deadlines for exchange             Semester/term 1       Semester/term 2         Semester/term 3
students application
                                   May 15                November 15
                                  Cover letter of Nomination
                                  one original and one photocopy of Application form (The student
                                  should submit a Chinese name and a photo in the form)
                                  Two photocopies of the photo page of the applicant's passport
Check list for application        Official Academic transcript
materials                         2 reference letters (if applicable, not compulsory)

                                  We CAN host students with a P. R. China passport or students with
                                  travel documents from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao but without
                                  on-campus housing.
                                  Chinese Language Courses: No requirements
                                  Students from non-Chinese-native counties:
                                  Chinese-instructed Courses: above HSK Level 6
Language requirement
                                  students from non-English-native countries:
                                  English-instructed Courses: TOEFL IBT above 80 or IELTS test
                                  score above 6.5 (no items below 6.0)
Check list for visa materials     Check on local Chinese consulates’ websites
Online application                N/A
/nomination if applicable
Are application forms             Yes. See
available online?                 http://www.fao.fudan.edu.cn/s/42/t/88/0e/f9/info3833.htm
                                   Semester/term 1          Semester/term 2
Application Processing                                                                3
                                  May 15-Mid June          Nov.15-Mid December
                                   Semester/term 1         Semester/term 2
When should the admission                                                            3
package be expected?
                                    After June 10            After Dec. 10
Academic calendar (2011-2012) 1st semester/term:       2nd      semester/term: 3 semester/term:
                                (yy-mm-dd)             (yy-mm-dd)              (tentative dates)
                   Teaching: 2011-09-05~2011-12-30 2012-02-27~2012-06-22
              Examinations: 2012-01-03~2012-01-13 2012-06-25~2012-07-06
            Vacation (if any): 2012-01-14~2012-02-22 2012-07-09~Late August
     Public Holidays (if any): 2011-09-12:            2012-04-04:
                               Mid-Autumn Festival    Ancestors Memorial Day
                               2011-10-01~2011-10-03: 2012-05-01:
                               National Day Break     International Labor Day
                               2012-01-01:            2012-06-23
                               New Year’s Day         Dragon Boat Festival

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                               Accommodation and living on campus

 Is university-administered         Yes.
 accommodation available for        Housing fee and Utilities will be counted separately.
 exchange students?

 Is availability guaranteed?        Not guaranteed. Exchange students apply online by themselves.
 What is the application            Guaranteed free housing for exchange students with scholarship.
                                    For tuition-waiver exchange students, apply online at
 Is accommodation available         Available only for exchange students staying for an academic year.
 over semester breaks?

 If yes, are there any additional   Over semester breaks accommodation fees will be counted by days.
 If university-administered          Student Mobility Section will do its best to help.
 accommodation is not available,     If students cannot book a room at Foreign Students Dormitory on
 will there be any assistance in     time, try the following resources ASAP:
 finding private housing?            Tonghe International Student village (Wuong Road Lane 28, off
                                     campus, across the road to Foreign Students Dormitory)
                                     Price: A room in a 3-room apartment is 70/80/90 RMB/day.
                                     The telephone number is +86-21-65105187. They need about 2,000
                                     RMB deposit.
Services available to students (e.g. Yes, wireless internet access on campus, wired internet access at
internet access, facilities, student Foreign Students Dormitory, sports facilities in Gymnasium,
organizations, etc.)                  student clubs, etc.

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                                    Course-related Information
How many teaching weeks are         16-18 weeks
there in a semester?
How is a credit point defined?      One instruction hour per week throughout the semester stands for
                                    one credit at Fudan. An academic semester includes 19 weeks.
Is course information (eg.          Yes. All courses information in Chinese is available at:
description, syllabus) available www.jwc.fudan.edu.cn ; Courses taught in English is available at:
online?                             http://www.fao.fudan.edu.cn/s/42/t/88/p/19/c/815/d/1783/list.htm
                                   Syllabus is available in Course Registration System: xk.fudan.edu.cn
                                   Previous syllabus is also available at:
                                   protect password: fao702b
Is course schedule/timetable        Yes. Detailed modules information is available at:
available to aid study plan?        Course Registration System: xk.fudan.edu.cn
                                    English-instructed course schedule is also available at:
If yes, please advise source(s) to http://www.fao.fudan.edu.cn/s/42/t/88/p/19/c/815/d/1783/list.htm
obtain information.
Any courses that will be            Yes.
conducted in English?
If yes, please provide the list.   http://www.fao.fudan.edu.cn/s/42/t/88/p/19/c/815/d/1783/list.htm
Any special language courses        Students also have access to register in basic Chinese language
for exchange students prior to      courses in course registration system free of charge.
the exchange program stint?
If yes, please advise schedule
and costs.
What is a normal student load       6-15 credits at Fudan for one semester (2-6 courses)
per semester?                       Average 10 credits.
Duration of exchange                1 semester or 1 academic year. Spring semester will be more dorms
Can students extend their           Yes.
exchange stint?                     Application deadlines: May 10 to May 20(for autumn semester) or
                                    Nov. 10 to Nov. 20(for spring semester)
If yes, please advise application Procedures: get permission from Study Abroad Office of home
deadline and procedures.            institution first and then Fudan reviews the application
Restricted program or courses       According to agreements clauses.
(not open to exchange               Other restrictions include the following: MBA modules, special
students).                          programs in faculties(e.g. language school) like MBA modules

Courses that are only available     Spring and Autumn course schedules are different.
in one particular semester
Minimum and maximum                 Minimum: 2/semester
number of modules to be taken       Maximum: 8/semester
for each semester/ year.
Are students allowed to take        Yes.
cross-faculty modules?

If yes, are there any               So long as the courses can be applied online successfully.
Can students take modules of a      Yes, if meet the prerequisites of the module.
different level, e.g. students at
Year 1 take Level 3 modules?
Most Favored Faculties?             Language School; Chinese Language Dept. ; School of
                                    Economics/Management/ International Relations & Public
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                                    Affairs/Social Development & Public Policy etc.
                                   Arrival / Orientation Programme

 Recommended arrival dates             1st semester/term     2nd semester/term    3rd semester/term
                                    One day before         One day before
                                    orientation            orientation
 Is airport pick-up service         N/A
 available?                         Taxis in Shanghai are comparatively cheap and convenient.
 If yes, please provide details.
 Is orientation programme             1st semester/term     2nd semester/term     3rd semester/term
 available?                           (tentative dates):     (tentative dates):   (tentative dates):
                                    TBD, announced in      TBD, announced in
 If yes, when will it be held?      admission package      admission package
Cost of orientation programme       Free of charge
 (if any)

                                         Medical insurance

 Are exchange students required No matter that exchange students buy insurance in home country to
 to purchase a compulsory        cover his/her study abroad, Ministry of Education of P. R. China
 medical insurance plan?         requires that foreign students buy compulsory health insurance at
                                 host university in China since 2008.
 If yes, please provide details. The cost is 300 RMB for one semester.
 If no, is purchase of medical   Purchase of medical insurance in home country as a supplement to
 insurance recommended?          Compulsory Medical Insurance is also recommended

                                         Visa Requirements

 Are exchange students required Yes. Visa type: F or X.
 to obtain a student visa?

 If yes, what are the procedures? See visa requirements on consulates websites.
 Is there any physical             The physical examination should be done for students who apply an
 examination needed?               X visa or who plan to stay in China over 6 month including his
                                   study plan and other personal plans.
                                   To have a physical examination in Shanghai is recommended
                                   because the verification of home physical examination record will
                                   probably fail due to different physical examination system.
 Are exchange students allowed               On campus:                         Off campus:
 to work?                          No                                 No

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                      Estimated Expenses per Semester (in Local Currency)
                              <One semester is approx. 4 months>

University-administered                                      Hall lodging fees
                                    Single-bed room:90 RMB/day double-bed room:60 RMB/day
                                    In addition to the above, other applicable charges include:
                                    RMB800 for room reservation;
                                    RMB200 Room and Key Deposit (Refundable)
                                    Informaton: http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/house.htm
Private accommodation                            Type(s)                         Rental charges
                                    Inns & Hotels (close to campus) Around 140 RMB/day,
                                                                       double-bed apartment
                                    Tonghe International Students
                                    Village (close to campus)          Around 2000-3000 RMB/month
Food/Meals                          4000 RMB for one semester

Personal expenses (such as          Less than 1000 RMB/month
laundry, sundries and local
Academic expenses eg. books         Around 500 RMB for one semester

Insurance                           300 RMB for one semester

Any fees other than tuition (e.g.   The cost of e-campus card will be 20 RMB per card.
student services etc)
                                    If students apply to drop a course mid-term, they will have to pay a
                                    fee of 130 RMB for each Fudan credit as same as local Fudan

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