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									INFO BULLETIN 222
                                                                                                  Prins Autogassystemen B.V.
                                                                                                  Jan Hilgersweg 22
Date:              26-03-2010                                                                     5657 ES Eindhoven
To:                Workshop manager / LPG technician                                              Tel.:+31 (0)40-2547700
Reference:         ValveCare 100% dosing unit                                                     Fax:+31 (0)40-2549749
Article no.:       n.a.                                                                 
System:            ValveCare                                                            

From now on the 100% dosing unit for ValveCare is available.

Benefits of the 100% dosing unit:
   - Guaranteed 100% equal distribution of the ValveCare additive over all
   - No one-way valve required in the system

   - The 100% dosing unit set is available from 3 up to 10 cylinder vehicles
   - The 100% dosing unit is applicable to all the new ValveCare dosing systems
   - All existing systems (single-point distribution) can be upgraded to 100% distribution with a special
        upgrade kit

Detailed assembly and upgrade instructions can be found on: area/manuals

Points of attention while installing or upgrading the system:
    - Mount the dosing unit, when possible, with the inlet pointing upwards
    - At all times cut the 4mm nylon tube with a sharp knife or hose cutter (prevention of squeezing
        tight the tubes)
    - Press the 4mm nylon tube with force (deep enough) in the push-in coupling (a light resistance
        should be felt twice while mounting the tube)
    - Perform the air bleed process (without the support of compressed air!) in two stages:
            o Remove, during the air bleed of the pump, the 4mm nylon tube of the top of the 100%
                 dosing unit, and keep the bleeding process going until the additive flows out of the tube.
            o Reconnect the 4mm nylon tube to the 100% dosing unit, and release one of the
                 distribution tubes. A small amount of additive should flow from the outlet of the dosing
                 unit. This confirms the entire system is working properly and is free of air. The air bleed
                 process can be manually aborted.

Available ValveCare kits:

Complete ValveCare set             Prins part. no.:                     ValveCare upgrade set*:         Prins part. No.:
Kit complete 3 cylinder            199/000001                           Upgrade kit 3 cylinder          091/45013
Kit complete 4 cylinder            199/000002                           Upgrade kit 4 cylinder          091/45020
Kit complete 5 cylinder            199/000003                           Upgrade kit 5 cylinder          091/45015
Kit complete 6 cylinder            199/000004                           Upgrade kit 6 cylinder          091/45021
Kit complete 8 cylinder            199/000005                           Upgrade kit 8 cylinder          091/45022
Kit complete 10 cylinder           199/000006                           Upgrade kit 10 cylinder         091/45023
* Limited availability, only for upgrade of single point distribution to 100% distribution

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