Sample Response to Vignette 2B by xiangpeng


									                                    Sample response to Vignette B2
                                                 (George L.)                                                          First person /
                                                                                                                                                 Koestenbaum: Risk
                                                                                                                  1   Leader point of       7
                                                                                                                                                 / reward / courage
         As a Marketing Director for the Pittsburgh Powerhouse, my primary job is to promote interest in the          view
Powerhouse, both among fans in the Pittsburgh region and among fans of the National Women’s Basketball
League (NWBL) teams. The Powerhouse is one of four women’s semi-professional basketball teams that
recruit and develop players for the National women’s Basketball League (NWBL). It is also my                          Language of                Uncertainty /
                                                                                                                  2                         8
responsibility, by and large, to promote interest in women’s basketball.                                              responsibility used        ambiguity reduced

       An advisory board is scheduled to meet within three weeks to plan how it will market a playoff
tournament scheduled within the next eight months to be held in San Antonio, Texas. The top two feeder                Koest.: Reality /          Emotional
teams and the top four NWBL teams will take part in the tournament.                                               3   realistic view of     9    Intelligence
                                                                                                                      situation                  demonstrated
         Being a Latino, I would like to take the opportunity to reach out to other Latino viewers in an effort
to gain their interest in women’s basketball. I also believe the NWBL has an opportunity to build its fan base        Political Savvy          Strength(s) /
through the upcoming promotion in San Antonio. I will utilize Koestenbaum’s Leadership Diamond as a               4   framework used /      10 Conflict style /
guide to help me take a leadership role in this endeavor. To become a successful leader I must balance vision,        defended                 Learning style
reality, ethics and courage (Koestenbaum p83).
         The first dimension for greatness is listed as vision in the Leadership Diamond. Koestenbaum wrote
visioning means to think big and new (Koestenbaum p86). The Powerhouse has been successful in having a                Koestenbaum:
                                                                                                                                                 Koest.: Ethics /
number of athletes sign on to the NWBL teams and the future looks bright. Nonetheless, I foresee the              5   Vision / desired      11
                                                                                                                                                 principled choice
upcoming playoff tournament as the perfect time to begin marketing women’s basketball to the Hispanic                 outcome stated
         Reality, being in touch with the market and the facts, is the second dominant leadership strategy of
the Leadership Diamond (Koestenbaum p86). Recent trends indicate a steady growth in viewer ship<one                   Three choices of           Positive / Creative
                                                                                                                  6                         12
word> among NWBL fans and the fan base appears to be shifting to the Sunbelt States, the southwest, and               action identified          approach
the west coast. Demographic shifts in the population indicate that Hispanic markets will be growing.

        I will use DeLuca’s Political Style Grid in an effort to categorize the political styles of my three
counterparts on the marketing advisory board (DeLuca p11). Holly Hamilton is the Marketing Director of
the Heartland Hornets and has a Fatalist political style. Holly commented the time to market Hispanics would
be when the WNBA decides to do it. She also indicated resources are too tight to risk a new market at this
time. DeLuca stated the fatalist manager initiates little action. A fatalist might say, “Why bother when the
odds are stacked against you?” (DeLuca p13).

        Mike Mulligan of the Midland Movers told me “to go for it”, yet I didn’t get a feeling of much of a
commitment from him. I recognize his political style as a spectator. I categorize Sandy Somers’, Marketing
Director of the Southfield Stars, political style as a Leader on DeLuca’s Political Style Grid (DeLuca p11).
Sandy was the only one who took any action. Although Southfield has almost no Hispanics in its area, Sandy
agreed to contact other teams to sound them out on this issue.
         Leslie Larson is the Vice President of Marketing for the NWBL. Her political style is that of an
advisor as she has been warmly receptive and has already been asking around to evaluate the opinions of                First person /
                                                                                                                                                  Koestenbaum: Risk
others regarding this matter.                                                                                      1   Leader point of       7
                                                                                                                                                  / reward / courage
         As a Latino, I am excited about the opportunity to reach out to fellow Latino and Latina viewers to
foster their interest in women’s basketball. In my opinion, the NWBL has a historic opportunity to build its
fan base and the upcoming promotion in San Antonio can strengthen the league and create new partnerships               Language of                Uncertainty /
                                                                                                                   2                         8
with key sponsors. However I did not receive a whole lot of encouragement when I shared my thoughts with               responsibility used        ambiguity reduced
key personnel. Holly stated resources are just to <sp> tight now to take a risk on a new market. Mike
expressed encouragement yet acted as a spectator by not making any firm commitments. Sandy took on a
leadership role by planning to gather opinions from other advisory board representatives. Leslie was                   Koest.: Reality /          Emotional
receptive and said she will get back to me if she thinks it will help to talk to any of the others on the board.   3   realistic view of     9    Intelligence
                                                                                                                       situation                  demonstrated
        I identified my vision, the reality of the situation, and the political styles of key people; now I must
decide what course of action to take. One action would be to wait until the WNBA begins marketing to                   Political Savvy          Strength(s) /
Hispanics as Holly has suggested. A great leader would not take this wait and see approach. Another                4   framework used /      10 Conflict style /
approach would be to act in the Machiavellian style by promoting my goal without any consideration of how              defended                 Learning style
my actions may effect <sp> others. I do not consider this approach to be ethical and it does not coincide with
my personal strengths.
                                                                                                                                                  Koest.: Ethics /
         In the “Leadership Diamond” theory, courage means to act with sustained initiative (DeLuca p92). I        5   Vision / desired      11
                                                                                                                                                  principled choice
will take a leadership role to advance my vision of identifying new audiences, promoting interest in women’s           outcome stated
basketball and influencing others for the greater good of the sport of women’s basketball.

Daniel Goleman has found effective leaders have a high level of emotional intelligence. Exhibiting emotional           Three choices of           Positive / Creative
                                                                                                                   6                         12
intelligence in the workplace means understanding your own and other people’s emotional makeup well                    action identified          approach
enough to move people in the direction of accomplishing your company goals (Goleman p1). My highest
scores in an emotional intelligence survey are in the areas of social awareness and self-awareness. Social
awareness indicates my effectiveness in leading change and expertise in building and leading teams, while
self-awareness indicates my ability to recognize my moods, emotions, and drives and how they effect <sp>
others (Daft p197).

I know I am not a charismatic leader, yet I can utilize my strengths to gain commitment from others in the
organization to advance my vision, not for my own personal advancement but for the advancement of
women’s basketball. I recently completed “The Gallup Organization Strengthsfinder” and found my top five
strengths were listed as consistency, deliberate, discipline, empathy, and harmony . I will concentrate on
using thee <sp> strengths to assume a leadership role in advancing my vision.
The Strengthsfinder survey listed consistency as one of my strengths. I agree people perform best when the             First person /
                                                                                                                                                  Koestenbaum: Risk
rules are clear and are applied to everyone equally. I will not try to advance my personal vision at the           1   Leader point of       7
                                                                                                                                                  / reward / courage
expense of others. I will work to find common ground between the other Marketing Directors and NWBL                    view
teams in an effort to effectively promote women’s basketball.

I am also described as a deliberate person, that is being very careful, vigilant, and private. These traits will       Language of                Uncertainty /
                                                                                                                   2                         8
help me to stay on course and also will help me to remain cautious in an effort not to offend or circumvent            responsibility used        ambiguity reduced
the other Marketing Directors. I must formulate a plan that will identify areas that will benefit my co-workers
and relieve their apprehensions.
                                                                                                                       Koest.: Reality /          Emotional
Empathy, another one of my strengths, helps me to sense the emotions of my co-workers, yet I must be               3   realistic view of     9    Intelligence
cautious not to spend so much time helping others that my own workload may suffer. I realize that Holly is in          situation                  demonstrated
reality not on board with my vision to target the Hispanic population. I believe however that if I prove the
move will be beneficial and the timing is appropriate I will be able to get her to buy into the plan.                  Political Savvy          Strength(s) /
                                                                                                                   4   framework used /      10 Conflict style /
Harmony is another one of my strengths that will help me to lead in this situation. I will look for areas of           defended                 Learning style
agreement among all of the Marketing Directors in an effort to resolve confrontation and disagreement
among team members. Sandy has already begun her investigation to assess the political atmosphere. I believe
Sandy will come on board if I can get the majority to agree my plan will be beneficial to women’s basketball.          Koestenbaum:
                                                                                                                                                  Koest.: Ethics /
                                                                                                                   5   Vision / desired      11
                                                                                                                                                  principled choice
In Summary I will lead by utilizing my strengths in an effort to advance women’s basketball. My emotional              outcome stated
intelligence attributes of social awareness and self awareness will help me to recognize my emotions and
drives while leading change to build a team environment among the Marketing Directors and NWBL teams.
My strength of consistency will be beneficial in helping find common ground among the Marketing Directors              Three choices of           Positive / Creative
                                                                                                                   6                         12
and NWBL teams. As a vigilant person I will stay the course while empathy will help me to identify the                 action identified          approach
emotions of my co- workers. My strength of harmony will be beneficial in finding areas of agreement
between all parties.

George - Thanks for this response to vignette B2. Hope you had fun with this, and it also helped
you integrate a number of leadership / influence concepts we‟ve been studying in class
(emotional intelligence, strengths, political savvy, etc.). Some comments:

1. Criteria addressed
Good job on all the criteria (I know, it‟s a lot of ground to cover!) Your response to the case was
insightful and you clearly and thoroughly addressed all of the criteria. I‟m impressed by how
well-organized your response is!
2. Use of strengths
You have a really solid grasp of your top strengths and seem secure in being who you are, using your strengths to advantage, and not trying to be
someone you‟re not!
3. Choices / reasoning in the situation and/or other ways of framing the situation
You identified different approaches that highlighted the risks of one over the other, and also revealed the principles why one was favored over
I‟m glad you picked up on what was ambiguous in the situation, even though we didn‟t really talk in class about the value of leading change by
identifying (being aware – possibly through emotional intelligence) what is unknown or ambiguous or uncertain in a situation, then creating a
strategy to bring greater clarity (criterion 8). So I won‟t belabor this point. But it can be a useful concept to keep in mind. The trick is to (a) be the
person that frames the situation for others (something good leaders do), (b) resist the notion to find the answer yourself so you can gain greater
control of the situation, but (c) reduce the uncertainty for others as well as yourself - giving them a „gift‟ of clarity, or information, that empowers
them as it does you.
I liked your choices of quotes from Koestenbaum – you have a knack for picking out just the right words, words that get to the heart of the
concepts we‟re talking about. Also, your own leadership qualities shine through in the way you see the situation and in your ideas of how to
resolve the problems here.
This assignment counts towards 12% of your final course grade. Along with the response to the other vignette, it is one of two written course
assignments assessed on the basis of “points earned” (as opposed to completed / not completed). I‟m awarding you 98% of the total points (12)
available - or 11.8 points. Please ask for more feedback if you have any questions about what I‟ve written here. Thanks, too, for providing
feedback to your partner on their response to the other vignette #2. I hope their feedback to you was also helpful. Dr. Carr and I have enjoyed
having you in class and getting to know you through your participation and work. We both wish you the best of success as you increase your
capacity to lead others through positive influence and change.
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