Herniated Disc in Lower Back

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					Herniated Disc In Lower Back – The Hidden Cause of
Herniated Discs and How to Cure them Without Medication
or Surgery

                                          If you were diagnosed with
                                          a herniated disc in
                                          lower back, or a ruptured
                                          disc, prolapsed disc or
                                          bulging disc – these terms
                                          mean the same thing; it
                                          just depends who you were
                                          talking to. A disc herniates
                                          or ruptures when part of
                                          the jelly center "gets out"
                                          of the disc into the spinal
canal, and causes pressure on the nerves. If you have a bulging
disc, it means that this jelly matter didn't completely go through
the outer wall of the disc.

How does this make you feel? Mostly – back and leg pain.

The most common symptom of herniated discs id called "sciatica"
– a sharp and shooting pain beginning in the buttocks and
continues down one of your legs. You may also feel weakness in
your legs, a burning pain in your lower back, a "pins and needles"
sensation in one leg and even loss of bladder control (in this case
you must go to the doctor immediately).

The Hidden Cause of Herniated Disc in Lower Back

There are a few well known causes for herniation in the discs, such
as trauma, aging, being overweight, improper lifting (either at
work or at the gym) and the decrease of water in the discs (as we
age). But the main cause for disc herniation (and you won't hear
this from your doctor) – is muscle imbalances.

These muscle imbalances, also called postural dysfunctions, put
too much pressure on the disc that will cause increased wear and
tear over time. Eventually, the weak spot will "collapse" and make
contact with the nerve outside the disc, causing you some serious
Most common treatments, the ones that your doctor probably
talked to you are:

  1.   Ice/heat
  2.   Electrical stimulation
  3.   Cortisone injection
  4.   Anti inflammatory medication
  5.   Back Surgery

Why Do These Treatments Usually Fail?

While these options may give you some relief, most of the time it's
a temporary relief. The worst part of it is that they do NOT treat
the Root Cause of the problem - muscle imbalances. If you don't
treat the root cause - A real and permanent cure cannot be
achieved (does that make sense to you?)

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