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We specialize in ecommerce development Services such as website promotion, website management and maintenance, ecommerce web site development and design, ecommerce portal development, we can assist you with:
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Setting up a profitable B2B or B2C e-commerce storefront that is completely customizable to meet your business and brand requirements. Sell products to a global marketplace with taxes, duty, discounts, and shipping costs automatically calculated. Manage multiple promotion and discounting schemes. Completely manage their online store via the Admin panel, a web-based management area. Sell more products with intelligent merchandising tools such as cross-selling, promotions, and automated e-mail. Manage visitors to the site - keep track of who's on the site and what they are doing. Manage the shopping basket - keep track of who wants to buy what. Manage customers - handle the conversion from 'visitor' to 'customer', along with all the order capture information. Process orders - take the basket and turn the contents into order fulfillment.

Our highly functional and simple to use ecommerce web designs harness the full potential of the internet and enable your customers to easily buy from you.

Matrimonial website Script
We have a readymade software script for matrimonial website with all advance options and powerful admin monitoring option. Features of dating / social network website 1. Inbox and sent item folder to all users 2. Common chat room to all visitors 3. Search partners 4. Adding best partners list 5. Managing photo 6. modify the account details 7. login area 8. forgot password area 9. personalize message to others. 10. Express the interest 11. get paid membership 12. auto mailing welcome note and etc,

Multi Level Marketing Website script
MLM software is so specialized that it is not possible for any software fits all MLM projects/requirements. So we customize all MLM software to match each client’s needs. Our software suite helps you to streamline all your efforts without any trouble. Our MLM Application describes the tools to manage and organize MLM accounts. This allows you to track your customer, as well as organize the reports of sales, revenue and profit. Other features of our MLM software suite include: 1.Administrative Features Create / Edit Profiles Record / View Transactions View User Summaries Alert Notices / Reminders Change Commissions / Discounts Advanced Transaction Reporting Tools Remove People From Tree Re-assign Parent Graphical View of Tree 2.User Features Secure Login View Current Account Balance Communicate With Site Owner View Monthly Earnings Summary View Transaction Details Graphical View of Down-line

Bulk Email Software

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Mass E-Mail is Very easy to send e-mail to lots of recipients at a time. Powerful direct send Mass E-Mail ability. Bypass your ISP's mail server, using build-in smtp server, automatically lookup receipt e-mail's mail exchange server, then send email directly to recipients. Fast sending e-mail application by using multi-threaded delivery. Appropriate to send email to single or a large number of recipients. Each e-mail is sent to each email individually, In other words, each recipient can only see himself. Support multi-attachments. Both text and html format mail Support to attachments. Accepts a list of recipients from Excel file generated by User. Avoid receiving too many Undelivered E-mail Returned. Easy and convenient to compare and combine two mailing lists to a new mailing list according to your specified need. Such as remove all the e-mails yesterday had sent. Easy to remove all the e-mail address that don't want to receive again. Fast and easy to direct send e-mail effectively and without any delay


Automatically remove duplicate Attachments.

E-mail id’s can get from SQL database or Excel File.

Dating / Social Network Website Script
We have a readymade software script for dating website, friendship network with personalize message and powerful admin monitoring option. Features of dating / social network website 1. Inbox and sent item folder to all users 2. Common chat room to all visitors 3. Search friends / partners 4. Adding best friends list 5. Managing photo 6. Modify the account details 7. Login area 8. Forgot password area 9. Personalize message to others. and etc,

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