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Mark Hamilton,
34, South 55 Street,
Baldwin, Pennsylvania, 03215,
(032)-495 1342

To obtain a challenging and interesting position as a webmaster in a reputable company
where my skills, knowledge and experience can be use.

Technical Proficiency:

  * Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux.
  * Web Server: Apache Http Server.
  * Scripting Languages: HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI-Perl, Python, PHP.
  * Programming Language: Java, C, C++, Oracle.
  * Database: My SQL, Oracle 8i, Access.
  * Tools: Editplus, Dreamweaver, Photoshop 7.0, Flash.

Professional Experience:

Webmaster, Neon Web Solution Co., Baldwin, Pennsylvania

   * Responsible for the creation, programming and managing professional and appealing
websites that was for the promotion of the immigration law services.
   * Increase the web traffic with the help of the knowledge of internet marketing and
ecommerce selling.
   * Maintain, promote and develop the content of the websites with the help of the new
   * Responsible for the quality and content control of the websites.
   * Done some editorial work including copy write and proofing information.

Web Designer, Orion Technical Pvt. Ltd., Easton, Pennsylvania

   * Responsibilities include designing and developing web sites using scripting
languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl etc.
   * Designed templates and banners for the websites by utilizing flash and photoshop.
   * Maintained and update the websites regularly.

  * 8 years of experience in the field of web designing with the proven ability of quality
  * Responsible and energetic professional with the great communication skills.
  * Strong knowledge of the internet marketing and ecommerce.
  * Proficient ability to organize and manage the things.
  * Very fluent in English, Spanish and Latin.
  * Very innovative, creative and full of new ideas.


University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies
In the year 2000

Certified in Web Designing Course
Apex One Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania

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