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									   Leaving town? Go to Russia!                                                             Taking care of yourself, your gear and
                                                                                            the environment is the theme of this
      Russian Cycle Touring Club pg.14                                                     edition of the Bike Tour News. Enjoy.

Tune up
your bike
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Volume 1, Issue 2
                                            Your guide to North America’s Cycling Clubs and Tours                                                            March, 2010

                                                                                                                                  Investing in
Friendly                                                                                                                          Biking and
                                                                                                                                  Walking Could
                                            that Bicycle
By Lee Butler                                                                                                                     Save Lives
As environmental concerns sweep the                                                                                               States with the lowest levels of biking
nation and fuel prices rocket into orbit,                                                                                         and walking have higher traffic fatali-
a much-loved 130-year old invention is                                                                                            ties and chronic disease
making a big comeback on the trans-
portation scene.                                                                                                                        A new report released today by
                                                                                                                                  the Alliance for Biking & Walking
     The bicycle, with its user-friend-                                                                                           shows that lack of investment in bik-
ly, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly                                                                                             ing and walking could be contributing
appeal, is quickly becoming a signifi-                                                                                            to higher traffic fatalities and chronic
cant part of American urban transpor-                                                                                             disease rates in the U.S. Bicycling
tation planning. Across the country,                                                                                              and Walking in the United States: The
the number of bicyclists has explod-                                                                                              2010 Benchmarking Report reveals
ed: Between 2003 and 2007, the num-                                                                                               that in almost every state and major
ber of American bike commuters in-                                                                                                U.S. city, bicyclists and pedestrians
creased 38%. Though our cities may                                                                                                are at a disproportionate risk of being
not yet rival European cycling Mec-                                                                                               killed, and receive less than their fair
cas like Amsterdam (the perpetual                                                                                                 share of transportation dollars.
gold medalist in “Bike friendly cit-                                                                                                    While 10% of trips in the U.S.
ies”), some cities in particular are em-                                                                                          are by bike or foot, 13% of traffic fa-
bracing the cycling culture with open                                                                                             talities are bicyclists and pedestrians.
arms.                                                                                                                             Biking and walking receive less than
     Portland, Oregon just recently                                                                                               2% of federal transportation dollars.
replaced Copenhagen as the world’s                                                                                                Seniors are at an even greater risk.
second most bike-friendly city; New                                                                                               While adults over 65 make up 9% of
York City and Boulder, Colorado                                                                                                   walking trips and 4% of biking trips,
have stepped up their own appeals for                                                                                             they account for 19% of pedestrian fa-
cyclists; Davis, California touts more                                                                                            talities and 9% of bicyclist fatalities.
people cycling to work than hopping                                                                                                     “State investment choices can be
in the family car. Grab a helmet and                                                                www.resourcerevival.com
                                                                                                                                  a life or death issue for people who
read on to check out some pedal ha-                                                                                               walk and bike,” says Jeff Miller, Pres-
vens in America, where drivers have               What do you see when you look at a bicycle? For most of us, it’s                ident of the Alliance. “Creating safe
actually been known to use all five               a simple, economical and environmentally conscious means of                     streets for everyone will save lives and
fingers when they wave at you.                    transportation, but for others, a bicycle - especially one that is              improve health and quality of life in
     Portland, Oregon, a city of                  past its prime – is an inspiration for art.                                     communities.”
500,000, is the first large American                                                                                                    The report also highlights the fact
city to plan for a committed bike-           By Kristin Hackler                        about Angela’s artwork, visit www.         that states with the lowest levels of
focused infrastructure. Blessed with                                                   mainebikeart.com.                          biking and walking have, on average,
its transportation network system as             From stained glass windows to tea          A little further south in Philadel-   the highest rates of obesity, diabetes,
a streetcar city, Portland still has the     light holders, used bicycle parts have    phia, Pennsylvania, a non-profit group     and high blood pressure. In contrast
footprint of a dense, walk-able and          been repurposed as almost everything      known as Neighborhood Bike Works           states with the highest levels of bik-
thus bike-able city. The city utilizes       under the sun and creations are lim-      has hosted a Bike Part Art Show every      ing and walking have, on average,
a grid within nine intersections creat-      ited only by the artist’s imagination.    year since 2003. Originally conceived      the lowest rates of obesity, diabetes,
ing a road map that directs cars away        Artist Angela Armstrong, owner of         by Neighborhood Bike Works (NBW)           and high blood pressure. In addition,
from bike lanes and traditional areas        MaineBikeArt.com, offers creations        founder Sue Ellen Klein and artist         where rates of biking and walking are
of bike congestion. Thanks to the            ranging from clocks to belt buckles to    Molly Mullahy, the very first art show     greater, more of the adult population
city’s concerted effort to connect it-       unique pendants made of chain rollers     consisted of NBW throwing open the         is likely to achieve the 150 minutes of
self entirely with bike lanes, it is now     and old bicycle magazines. Her focus,     doors to their used bike warehouse and     weekly moderate-intensity aerobic ac-
a mere 38 miles away from this goal.         according to her website, is on creat-    giving free reign to the participating     tivity recommended by the Centers
                                             ing unique art while sustaining a clean   artists. The results were astonishing.
                  Continued on page 5        environment. For more information                           Continued on Page 2                       Continued on Page 19

                                                                              3 r’s                              H&W                            Advocacy
                                                                                 Reduce, recycle,                   Prevent injury with           Changing the
                                                                                 reuse...                           our health and                way message
                                                                                 make fun stuff!                    wellness tips.                about bikes.
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   Your guide to North America’s
     Cycling Clubs and Tours
                                           Thanks to our contributors:
          March, 2010
       Volume 1, Number 2
                                                  Tours                                        Contributing Articles
     www.biketournews.com                 Colorado Peace ride                                      Jill Lancaster
                                              AIDS/Lifecycle                                      Kristin Hackler
        Contact info:                  Green Trails Cycling Classis                                  Lee Butler
       Bike Tour News                          Bike Virginia                                        Tara Dunn
        P.O. Box 13237
      Charleston, SC 29422                      RAGBRAI                                         E. Richard Walton
        tel: 843.795.9606                      Redbud Ride                                        Hana Rexroth
        fax: 843.795.9611              Bicycling Around Minnesota
     www.biketournews.com              The Golden Ring of Russia                                     Photography
                                                                                                      Chad Miller
          Sherry Hering
 Multi-Media Account Executive     From the Publisher…
          Tara Dunn
   Tarad@biketournews.com          All I can say is WOW! Bike Tour News began on a whim and has not only been accepted in our
                                   Bike Tour Community, but it has been EMBRACED, and we’ve surpassed where we thought we
Page Layout & Advertising Design
                                   would be in such a short time. I presented this on a piece of white paper at the National Bike Tour
          Jill Lancaster
                                   Directors conference in Portland in November and launched the first issue in February. Some folks
                                   would say that I’m a little crazy for taking on such a project…but I may resemble that remark just
          The Bike Guy             a little, but it has been fun…
                                   We’ve met some wonderful people and we will tell you about one…an extraordinary man, he is
                                   blind, he is an attorney, boat builder, he rides a recumbent, owns a bike shop in Florida with his
                                   wife and is very a very accomplished business man…We’ll be hearing about him in our next issue.
                                   And, we want to hear from you. The stories are from all over the world and they are exciting, infor-
                                   mative and gives our readers an interesting read. The information consists of a one day fun ride to
                                   Ride The Rockies, which is reared as one of the toughest in the world and everything in between…
                                   Please support our efforts with articles, pictures, ads or just input.
                                   Thank you in advance.
                                   Sherry Hering, Publisher
3 r’s                                                                                                                                                                              march.2010

Get Outside and Bike to Work!                                                                                                                               Environmental Tidbits:
     For most of the year, the topic at                  you’ll spend in stop-and-go traffic,                                                               Are you curious how people
the forefront of most people’s minds                     benefiting your car in the long run.                                                               affect the environment? Here
has been money and how we all need                                                                                                                          are some environmental statis-
to find ways to save more and spend                          Biking is good for your heart. The                                                             tics, courtesy of the National Bi-
less. One way to do just that while get-                 cardiovascular benefits of biking are                                                              cycle Greenway and EcoCycle.
ting healthier and enjoying the great                    well documented. Studies have shown
outdoors is to bike to work.                             that cycling reduces cholesterol levels                                                            • The United States has 5 per
     For some people, biking to work                     in the blood while also reducing high                                                              cent of the world’s population
might not be a viable option. But for                    blood pressure. Also, cycling reduces                                                              and 30 percent of the waste.
                                                                                                              tons of carbon dioxide. A bicycle is
many others who live within pedaling                     the risk of obesity, which makes cy-                                                               • The average person con-
                                                                                                              carbon-free and requires zero gallons
                                                                                                                                                            sumes twice as much as 50
                                                                                                              of gasoline to operate. In addition to
                                                                                                              the financial savings you’ll incur, that      years ago.
                                                                                                              positive impact on the environment is         • The average American cre-
                                                                                                              a guaranteed way to lessen your carbon        ates 4.5 pounds of garbage ev-
                                                                                                              footprint.                                    ery day.
                                                                                                                   Bicycles aren’t nearly as expen-
                                                                                                                                                            • Recycling 1 ton of paper
                                                                                                              sive. For those who live in locales
                                                                                                                                                            saves 17 trees, 2 barrels of
                                                                                                              where a car isn’t entirely necessary,
                                                                                                              a bicycle can save you thousands and          oil (enough to run the average
                                                                                                              thousands of dollars. Instead of financ-      car for 1,260 miles), 4,100 kilo-
                                                                                                              ing, leasing or buying a new automo-          watts of energy (enough pow-
                                                                                                              bile, simply purchase a reliable bicy-        er for the average home for 6
                                                                                                              cle. Bikes don’t need expensive and           months), 3.2 cubic yards of
                                                                                                              routine maintenance, and you’ll save          landfill space, and 60 pounds
                                                                                                              significant amounts of money on insur-        of air pollution.
                                                                                                              ance premiums as well.
                                                                                                                                          Courtesy MS

                                                                                                              Recycle used bike tires and inner tubes
Combine fun, exercise, and environmental responsiblilty by riding your bike to work and to do small errands        Millions of bicycle tires and inner    Step 3. Hold a bicycle tire recycling
around town.
                                                                                                              tubes are disposed of every year. Some      drive to make up for the mailing costs
                                                                                                              companies recycle used bike tires and       to out-of-area recyclers. Ask your local
distance of their office, biking to work                 clists less susceptible to diseases such             inner tubes to make other items such        bike shops to sponsor your drive and
can pay numerous dividends, not the                      as diabetes in the process.                          as new tires, rubber mats and play-         in exchange for sponsoring your drive,
least of which is saving money.                               Biking to work is great for the                 grounds. If you do not live near a bike     they get an increased number of cus-
    Biking is good for your car. The                     environment. Even smaller cars can                   tire collection station, finding a place    tomers.
morning and evening commute can                          leave a negative impact on the environ-              to bring your old bike tires may take
be highly detrimental to your vehicle.                   ment. Cars use fuel and require toxic                                                            Step 4. Advertise your old tires as free
                                                                                                              some work and even a little creativity.     craft supplies in your local classifieds.
The stop-and-go driving that’s com-                      car batteries and motor oil to operate.
mon during rush hour is very taxing on                   Bicycles use none of the above. For a                Step 1. Contact your local waste-dis-       Most online and print classifieds will
a vehicle’s engine, which could result                   10-mile round trip commute, five days                posal company.                              list free items at no charge to you.
in bigger problems as your car gets                      a week over the course of a year, a                  Step 2. Ask the local bicycle shops in      Some creative crafters make handbags,
older. However, biking to and from                       smaller car will use an average of 68                your area if they have a bicycle tire re-   sculptures and other unique items out
work each day greatly reduces the time                   gallons of gasoline while emitting 0.7               cycling program.                            of old bike tires and tubes.

Recycle that Bicycle                                      Oregon. The broken bike inspired                                                                teresting places. From using an old
from page 1                                               several works of art and his personal                                                           beach cruiser as the base for a mailbox
                                                          hobby soon evolved into a multi-artist                                                          to folding old chains into funky-punk
bookends made from metal gears to                         company. Some of the more unique                                                                bracelets, old bikes are finding new
tasteful chandeliers created from bike                    recycled items found at Resource Re-                                                            purpose in a world with a growing en-
chains and wheel rims,                                                 vival include bowls made                                                           vironmental conscience.
the artwork received                                                     of bike chains, candle                                                               Kristin Hackler is a freelance
so much applause                                                         holders made of bicy-                                                            writer, OCD recycler and avid cyclist.
that the pieces were                                                   cle freewheels and cogs,                                                           Send your questions, comments and
auctioned off; the funds                                               and business card hold-                      What would you do with a              story ideas to her at Kristin.hackler@
raised going to support                                                 ers made from bicycle                     broken down bike? Send your             gmail.com.
NBW’s goal of pro-                                                      wheel rims and decora-                   ideas and pictures to Bike Tour
moting educational and                                                   tively folded chain ends.                 News at info@biketournews.
career-building youth                                                    When the artists are not                com and your artwork might be
development through                                                      at work in their stu-
bicycling. For more
                                                                                                                   featured in our next edition!
                                                                          dio in Mosier, Oregon,
information about the                                                      Resource Revival is
Bike Part Art Show and                                                      working with Oppor-
Philadelphia’s Neighbor-                                                    tunity Connection,
hood Bike Works, visit                                                      an organization in                                                            Images courtesy of:
www.       neighborhood-                                                   Hood River, Oregon,                                                            Hybrid Clock
bikeworks.org                                                  t h a t provides jobs for devel-
     In the verdant Pacific                                                                                                                               Bike Chain Picture Frame
                                                          opmentally disabled adults. For more                                                            www.resourcerevival.com
northwest, the company Resource Re-                       information about Resource Revival,                                                             Bike Chain Key Chain
vival was started by artist Graham                        visit www.resourcerevival.com.                                                                  www.resourcerevival.com
Bergh in 1991 following a flat tire in-                   More likely than not, you’ve seen the                                                           Bike Chain Engraved Medals
cident on his way to work in Portland,                    recycled bits of bikes in the most in-
march.2010                                                                   tales from the trails
Greene Trails Cycling Classic – Not just a ride, an experience
Greene Trails Cycling Classic                             stitches. Then, it was off to their tents
      July 15 – 18, 2010                                  to get much needed rest for the Cen-
                                                          tury Ride.
     People come from all across the                            Dawn barely broke, before cyclists
United States, even the world, to ride                    climbed out of their tents, grabbed a
the Greene Trails Cycling Classic. Last                   quick breakfast and began pedaling the
year, the ride welcomed cyclists from                     first mile of their Century Ride. The
France and Germany and in the past                        flat, shaded Little Miami Scenic Trail
have had participants from Canada and                     to Loveland is the perfect route for a
Japan. This family-oriented ride offers                   Century Ride. Especially, for those try-
the safety and comfort of trail riding,                   ing to ride 100 miles in one day for the
while alternate off-trail routes offer a                  first time. When cyclists were ready
choice for the more adventurous. With                     for a break, they traveled back in time
biking being the focus of this four-day                   by visiting the many antique shops in
ride in mid-July, there is so much more                   Waynesville, the Antique Capital of
                                                          the Midwest.

                                                                                                                    Mother and daughter riding tandem stop for a quick break along the Little Miami Scenic Trail during the Century
                                                                                                                    Ride of the Greene Trails Cycling Classic.

                                                                                                                    and is up for a 100 mile ride. That’s not                rounded by the sweet sound of mi-
                                                                                                                    a problem. These riders were just sure                   gratory song birds. RiverScape Metro
                                                                                                                    to be back from their ride to catch the                  Park located in downtown Dayton
                                                                                                                    bus for a canoe trip. They paddled their                 along the Great Miami River offered
                                                                                                                    way down the Little Miami National                       beautiful floral plantings, hanging
                                                                                                                    and State Scenic River where they saw                    baskets, pedal boat rentals, or an In-
                                                                                                                    turtles basking in the sun, dragon flies                 ventor Walk to learn about all of the
                                                                                                                    landing on their canoe and water strid-                  inventors from Dayton, including the
                                                                                                                    ers dancing on the river.                                Wright Brothers. Also, cyclists young
Cyclist thrilled to complete all 100 miles of the Century Ride from Xenia, Ohio to Loveland, Ohio during the             After a long day of riding, there                   and old cooled off and played in the
Greene Trails Cycling Classic.
                                                                                                                                                                             fountains at RiverScape. For those
                                                                                                                                                                             who continued riding, enjoyed We-
to see and do along the way.                                                                                                                                                 gerzyn Gardens Metro Park along the
     Greene Trails Cycling Classic is                                                                                                                                        Stillwater River and walked the paths
centered in Xenia, Ohio, the Bicycle                                                                                                                                         of the beautiful gardens and Children’s
Capital of the Midwest. The broad                                                                                                                                            Discovery Garden.
network of nationally recognized and                                                                                                                                              On Saturday night, riders entered
award-winning trails all branch out                                                                                                                                          the Assembly Hall for the Awards
from Xenia. Each day, cyclists ride a                                                                                                                                        Ceremony. They began filling their
different trail that takes them through                                                                                                                                      plates with heavy hors d’oeuvres and
varied communities along the way.                                                                                                                                            sharing stories of the places they vis-
Riders begin and end at the “camp-                                                                                                                                           ited, what they got to see and learned
ground” at Greene County Parks’ Fair-                                                                                                                                        on this tour. Then it was time to award
grounds Recreation Center. Cyclists                                                                                                                                          the hard work of all of those who com-
may ride at their own pace and turn                                                                                                                                          pleted the Century Ride. Certificates
around at anytime to ride their desired                                                                                                                                      with their photo were given to each
number of miles.                                                                                                                                                             Century Rider as they were cheered
     On the first morning of the ride                                                                                                                                        on by their friends and family. Finally,
last year, cyclists gathered together                                                                                                                                        Bob Ford and the Ragamuffins took
and met up with old friends at the                                                                                                                                           the stage. This family-friendly musical
Welcome Ceremony and Blessing of                        Greene Trails Cycling Classic riders enjoying their ride through prairies and farmland along the Ohio to Erie        act always gets the crowd singing and
the Bikes. Eager to ride, cyclists then                 Trail from Xenia to London, Ohio.
headed out along the Ohio to Erie                                                                                                                                                 On the last day, cyclists head-
Trail. The beautiful prairies and farm-                                                                                                                                      ed north on the Little Miami Scenic
                                                          For most cyclists, it’s about lunch time                  is nothing like a peaceful night at the
lands welcomed riders into quaint vil-                                                                                                                                       Trail to the unique Village of Yellow
                                                          when they reach the turnaround point                      campfire telling stories of the day’s
lages and towns of Cedarville, South                                                                                                                                         Springs. This unique town offers an
                                                          in Loveland. This bicycle-friendly                        ride. When you get tired of hearing
Charleston and London, Ohio. Some                                                                                                                                            eclectic assortment of shops and res-
                                                          community offers restaurants right                        biking stories we always have a few
riders rode all 77 miles, while other cy-                                                                                                                                    taurants.
                                                          next to the trail where you are bound                     campfire stories to share over roast-
clists turned around early to be back in                                                                                                                                          Greene Trails Cycling Classic is
                                                          to find a few century riders enjoying                     ed marshmallows and smores. What
time for the evening entertainment.                                                                                                                                          not just a ride, it’s an experience. It’s
                                                          a burger on the patio of Paxton’s Grill                   could be better?
     After a quick shower at the camp-                                                                                                                                       amazing all of the places you can go
                                                          or a fresh pizza out of the oven at The                         Saturday, cyclists pedaled their
ground, riders couldn’t wait to enjoy                                                                                                                                        and things you can see all by bicycle.
                                                          Works. Finally, Greene Trails Cycling                     way along the Creekside Trail. This
a delicious Italian dinner, perfect to                                                                                                                                       Register now to join us for this expe-
                                                          Classic staff and volunteers are there                    trail is a little more urban but has beau-
“carbo-load” for the Century Ride the                                                                                                                                        rience July 15 – 18, 2010 in Xenia,
                                                          to cheer you on as you cross the check-                   tiful parks along the way to stop and
following day. With full bellies, they                                                                                                                                       Ohio. Visit www.greenetrailsclassic.
                                                          ered finish line. But before you can re-                  enjoy. Some cyclists hiked Creekside
watched in delight while The Crooner                                                                                                                                         com or contact Greene County Parks
                                                          lax, you must have your picture taken                     Reserve to see the wetland prairie in
and the Comic – A Tribute to Dean                                                                                                                                            at 937-562-7446.
                                                          for your Century Ride Award.                              bloom, ducks on the water and dragon
Martin and Jerry Lewis had them in
                                                               Not everyone has “buns of steel”                     flies over head all while being sur-
bike friendly                                                                                                                                         march.2010

Bike Friendly Cities
Continued from Page 1
                                                                                      work, according to the U.S. Census.
                                                                                      Boulder recognizes and supports its
                                                                                      bicyclists by investing $4.5 million
     In addition, a new program has
been introduced, the “Create-a-Com-
muter” program that serves to equip
                                                                                      of its transportation budget on bicycle
                                                                                      mode operations/maintenance and en-
                                                                                      hancement initiatives.
low-income individuals with bikes,
locks, lights, and other essentials, in
order to increase their ability to enter
the workforce.
                                                                                           From a proportion standpoint, Da-
                                                                                      vis, California stands triumphant as a
                                                                                      bike-friendly city and proudly touts its
                                                                                      bike population as being larger than its
     The city has also become the hub                                                 people population. Perhaps it the de-      What is “Touring?”
of American bike manufacturing, gen-       sidered a worthy nominee for the ex-       liciously balmy weather or the green       Sent in by Sean - Tucson, AZ
erating $68 million in revenue last        posed cyclist? The answer lies in cur-     mentality of California, but around        There are three types of cycling: sport;
year. Portlanders are cycle-proud, and     rent civic efforts and in the staggering   17% of residents of this small city        recreation; or utility. Sports cycling
the sense of community in the cycling      number of people –100,000 of them          commute by bicycle. A few years ago,       is oriented to competition. Although
world there helps maintain a definite      riding bikes every day, one of the larg-   the residents even eliminated school       ‘tour” may be used to describe such an
focus on bicycle advocacy, whether         est numbers of bike commuters in any       buses because so much of the student       event (ie: Tour de France), touring is
for locals or visitors, and many hotels    city on the continent!                     population was walking or biking to        not a sporting activity. Utilitarian cy-
even offer free bikes for guests. Expe-         From hard-core mountain bik-          school! Their commitment to the cy-        cling is generally for everyday activi-
riencing a city by bicycle has quickly     ing to cruising on the gorgeous Boul-      cling world is even spurring the city to   ties, like going to work or completing
become a favorite tourist activity, and    der Creek path, Boulder, Colorado          spend close to $2 million on a special     errands. Recreational cycling is just for
Portland is replete with opportunities     has gone so far into the bike-friendly     tunnel, just for bikes, under a surface    enjoyment. Even though touring is rec-
to enjoy this pursuit with great tours     realm as to ensure that 90% of arterial    street. Since 1992, the city has spent     reational, not all recreational activities
like the 18- to 40-mile Sauvy Island       roads have bike lanes. And, celebrat-      almost $60 million to enhance its cy-      are touring.
tour or the Waterfront Tour, boasting      ing the cyclist, they annually host        cling infrastructure. The number of        Then What Is Touring?
one of the great urban greenways. You      “Bike to Work Day,” which last year        riders flowing across the bridges of       Simply, touring is cycling from one
can even ride along trails all the way     boasted 4,000 participants. The large      Davis has since more than quadrupled;      place to another with the implied pur-
from the airport to downtown Port-         population of students in the area gets    on one bridge last year, more than 20%     pose of exploration. Touring cyclist use
land, 12 miles away.                       in on the act, too. Schools encourage      of all trips were made by bicycle.         a bicycle to see, investigate, discover
     Other cities such as New York are     their students to walk or ride bikes,           So the next time you start plan-      and enjoy the world around them. A
saddling up with bike-friendly trans-      another blissful partnership of budget     ning a much needed vacation, look          ride does not have to be in remote ar-
formations of their own. Big Apple         and environmental awareness, with          into some of these destination that al-    eas or last for many hours to qualify as
planners recently traveled to Copenha-     75% participation recorded.                low you to take in the sights while giv-   touring. Touring is considered riding to
gen and Amsterdam to learn how best             In Boulder, an extraordinary ten      ing your body and mind the exercise        enjoy the outdoors and the sights along
to move forward with New York’s            percent of all resident trips are made     they crave. By visiting these inspiring    the way.
cycling infrastructure. And how, you       by bicycle, as are 16 percent of all       cities, perhaps you will return with       Next month’s question:
may wonder, with kamikaze taxis and        commuting trips. Nearly seven per-         ideas on how to improve riding condi-      What is the best chain lubricant?
seemingly “survival of the fittest” road   cent of residents view bike commut-        tions in your own town. See you on the
                                                                                                                                 E-mail your questions and/or answers to:
rules, can New York City ever be con-      ing as their primary mode of travel to     bike path!
march.2010                                                          tales from the trails
RAGBRAI…the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world
  The Register’s Annual Great                    lived in Washington, D.C., and wrote
   Bicycle Ride Across Iowa                      his column from The Register’s Wash-
                                                 ington Bureau.
  RAGBRAI XXXVIII                                     RAGBRAI XXXVIII will roll
       July 25 - July 31, 2010                   across Iowa July 25-31, and for the first
                                                 time RAGBRAI held an announce-
     Urban and rural landscapes. As-             ment party in Des Moines this past
sorted homemade pies. Thousand of                January to reveal the eight overnight
community volunteers hours. 10,000               towns. Riders from Oregon, Florida,
riders from across the United States             Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin made
and many foreign countries. This is              the trip to Iowa. TJ Juskiewicz, Direc-
RAGBRAI. The Register’s Annual                   tor of RAGBRAI said, “The release of                      As far as the eye can see, a rolling wave of cyclists spins past farms and fields; through Iowa’s small and big
Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa is the            the RAGBRAI route in the middle of                        cities, a veritable community on wheels.
oldest, largest and longest bicycle tour-
ing event in the world. The ride is held
annually the last week of July starting
at the Missouri River and ending at the
Mississippi River. This year, RAGB-
RAI riders will experience one of the
shortest and flattest routes ever through
Sioux City, Storm Lake, Algona, Clear
Lake, Charles City, Waterloo, Man-
chester and Dubuque.
     In 1973, The Register’s bicycling
tradition began with an idea (a kind of
a challenge) between Des Moines Reg-             Getting on the road early means pretty sunrises, cool temperatures and a slower pace to enjoy it with.
ister feature writer/copy editor John
Karras, an avid bicyclist, and Don                                                                         auction. Proceeds from the event ben-
                                                 winter gets people thinking about sum-                    efitted the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and
Kaul, author of The Des Moines Regis-            mer and biking. It bring a bit of warmth
ter’s “Over The Coffee” column. Kar-                                                                       the RAGBRAI Dream Team.
                                                 during the heart of winter.” The night                         You can register for RAGBRAI by
ras suggested to Kaul that he ride his           included The Nadas’ Jason Walsmith
bicycle across Iowa and write columns                                                                      visiting RAGBRAI.com until April 1,
                                                 and Mike Butterworth, who are no                          2010. See you in July.
about what he saw from that perspec-             strangers to the ride, RAGBRAI-style
tive. Kaul, also an accomplished rider,          hors d’oeuvres and pie, silent and live
                                                                                                                                                                       Thousands of cyclists gather at RAGBRAI each year,
                                                                                                                                                                       making new friends and renewing old.

What stared out as a 2 man ride in 1973.., now hosts 8,500 riders from all over the country and world. It is estimated that over 250,000 people have ridden RAGBRAI since it’s inception.
tales from the trails                                                                                                                                                                        march.2010

Redbud Ride - It’s bloomin’ fun!
           The Redbud Ride
            April 17, 2010
             London, KY
By Tara Kaprowy
       Time hits little London, KY.,
slowly, with the ties of family, com-
munity and country still knotted tight-
ly. When one of the basketball teams
wins a competition, the athletes are in-
vited to write of their victories in store-
front windows. When Christmas rolls
around, carols play throughout the day
downtown. When summer kicks in, the
farmers market bustles on Saturdays
                                                          Spring is such a great time for a ride, bringing
with vendors selling everything from                      smiles to these Redbud riders.
honey to sourdough bread. And in the
spring, the town opens itself up to cy-                  400,000 trees and seedlings have been
clists who come to see the pink and                      planted in 29 counties, a move meant
purple blooms of the Redbud Ride.                        to “jump-start the tourism season,”
     “They grow wild around here,”                       said Maggie Bill, community aware-
organizer Rodney Hendrickson said.                       ness coordinator of Tour Southern and               Redbud cyclists ride Kentucky’s meandering roads on a sunny early spring day.
“And right about the time of the Red-                    Eastern Kentucky.
bud Ride, they’re really outstanding.”                       “Typically, our tourism season
     The ride is the undertaking of Lon-                 doesn’t start until later in the year,” she                                                                 The Redbud Ride is April 17 in Lon-
don’s downtown revitalization group                      said. While the tree itself, which is na-                                                                   don, KY. For more information, call
known as London Downtown. The                            tive to southern and eastern Kentucky,                                                                      606-862-8841 or visit www.redbu-
Redbud itself starts in the heart of                     is somewhat spindly and unremark-                                                                           dride.com
downtown at the farmers market,                          able otherwise, when April hits, the vi-
where vendors will be there as early as                  brant pink and purple blooms line the
the cyclists to sell their fresh produce.                branches, gifting the area with its first
From there, it breaks off into four                      sure sign of spring.
routes consisting of 24, 40, 73 and 105-                     “That’s how you know summer’s
mile rides. The shortest ride, known as                  coming,” Master Gardener Jane Rice                  Spring brings brightly colored blooms to the Redbud
the yellow route, attracts families and                  Williams said. “The blooms of the red-              tree, the inspiration behind the Redbud Ride.
beginners for its flat or gently rolling                 bud are truly exceptional.”
terrain. The longer the route, the more                      The Redbud Ride in its third year,
difficult the ride, with the Century                     with an all-out effort put forth this year          “They’re even planning on handing out                            The Redbud is a relatively
known affectionately as Big Red.                         to grow the event. A flurry of e-mails              beads,” Hendrickson said.                                  small tree with a short trunk and
                                                                                                                  Another stop is boasting a Hawai-                     spreading branches. The smooth
                                                                                                             ian theme. “Cyclists will be greeted                       bark is dark brown to gray or black.
                                                                                                             with leis and home-baked treats, re-                       On older trees it is marked with
                                                                                                             freshing beverages and indoor bath-
                                                                                                             rooms before heading back on the
                                                                                                                                                                        shallow furrows and scaly ridges.
                                                                                                             road,” Rhonda Bowling said. “There                               This tree grows well on moist
                                                                                                             will even be a child’s ride set up at this                 soils in valleys and on slopes. It
                                                                                                             rest stop to give small children a chance                  typically can be found as an un-
                                                                                                             to safely participate in the event, with                   der story tree in hardwood forests.
                                                                                                             lots of fun and prizes.”                                   Also, since landscapers frequently
                                                                                                                  When the riders do return from the                    use the Redbud as an ornamental,
                                                                                                             countryside, they will be greeted by                       it is common in gardens and along
                                                                                                             the rich scent of meat slow-cooking
                                                                                                                                                                        streets. It grows especially well on
                                                                                                             on a dozen barbecues. With a primary
                                                                                                             election just around the corner, Lon-                      limestone soils.
                                                                                                             don Downtown has invited candidates                              The Redbud grows throughout
                                                                                                             and cooks alike to showcase their most                     much of the eastern United States
                                                                                                             famous barbecue recipe at the farm-                        and westward to Kansas, Oklaho-
                                                                                                             ers market. When the cyclists roll in,                     ma, Texas, and parts of northeast-
                                                                                                             smoky tastes of barbecue will be avail-                    ern Mexico. While present in most
                                                                                                             able to sample.                                            of Ohio the tree is more common in
                                                                                                                  Already, anticipation for the day
                                                                                                                                                                        the southern 2/3 of the state.
                                                                                                             is running high, with past participants
An old wooden bridge with gorgeous views gives a cyclist an excuse to walk instead of ride.                  busy training on spinners in their ga-                           People have used the red roots
                                                                                                             rages, at the gym and out on the road.                     of this tree to make a dye. Redbud
                                                         and letters have been sent to bike shops            They do it for the love of the redbud.                     flowers are edible, with a slightly
“Big Red will challenge the advanced
cyclist,” Hendrickson said. “It                          and riding groups around the area, re-                   “The hospitality of southeastern                      nutty flavor. They can be added to
winds through everything from gentle                     sulting in more than 130 cyclists al-               Kentucky is as outstanding as the                          pancakes or fritters or used as an
rollers to steep half-mile climbs.                       ready signed up to participate.                     scenery,” rider Paul Rose said. “On                        attractive garnish on salads. When
     This route is not for the faint of                       Part of the draw this year are the             the Redbud Ride we encountered smil-                       green and tender, the seed pods
heart.” All of the routes hug against                    SAG stops, each of which is sponsored               ing faces all day long. It’s hard to beat                  are also edible and can be cooked
areas heavily populated with redbud                      by an area business. Many of the SAGs               rolling through the countryside in the
                                                                                                             springtime. I really like the section
                                                                                                                                                                        and served with butter or season-
trees, more of which have sprouted                       will be themed, with the first stop on
                                                         the longest ride route celebrating Mar-             along the Rockcastle River. I think it is                  ings just like peas.
since a multi-county effort kicked off
to plant more of the trees. Since 2004,                  di Gras.                                            one of the prettiest routes in the state.”
march.2010                                                               tales from the trails
BAM - Bicycling Around Minnesota
  Bicycling Around Minnesota
    BAM 2010 – August 18-21
 BAM is a nonprofit organization with
  a focus on highlighting Minnesota
   communities to an ever growing
         bicycling audience.

    Currently BAM offers a 4 day
ride covering 65 – 70 miles a day with
overnight stays in four host cities and
is aimed at moderate to experienced
riders. Although camping is encour-                                                                                                                                    August 18-21, 2010
aged, a few motel/hotel rooms are of-
fered as an option.
    The goals of the ride are to pro-
mote Share the Road (a bicycle safety
education program), fitness, tourism                   The day starts out with a prayer and fellowship before riders gear up for the long day ahead of them.
and bicycling as a transportation mode
as well as to promote the Scenic Bike-                 from these host cities as well as several
ways System of Minnesota.                              other communities along the route.
    Rides in 2006 and 2007 were held                        In its fifth year, Bicycling Around
in North Central Minnesota and the                     Minnesota (BAM) has selected North-
host cities were Park Rapids, Bemidji,                 eastern Minnesota. Starting and ending
Walker and Wadena. In 2008 West                        in Cloquet, the bike route meanders
Central Minnesota and Prairies Edge                    through the port city of Duluth before
Casino, Benson, Ortonville and Mon-                    heading up to Two Harbors. After a
tevideo hosted the ride.                               restful night along Lake Superior,

                                                                                                              A lone cyclist rides his recumbent past a sign pointing towards BAM’s midday lunch stop.

                                                                                                              of Virginia and Eveleth. On the fourth
                                                                                                              day the route travels in a southern di-
                                                                                                              rection, through small rail towns back
                                                                                                              to BAM’s starting point.
                                                                                                                  The goal this year is to increase the
                                                                                                              number of riders to 275. BAM tour di-
                                                                                                              rectors and coordinators work closely
                                                                                                              with the City, Convention & Visitor
                                                                                                              Bureaus as well as the Chambers of
                                                                                                              Commerce in our host cities to coordi- Minnesota towns along the way welcome riders
Those that choose to camp find comfort stations and tents set up when they arrive at their overnight stop.    nate camping locations, meals and oth- with signs, friendly conversation and of course,
                                                                                                              er logistics for each day. Participants lots of questions.
    In 2009, we met our target of 200                       BAM riders will peddle away from                  of BAM come from many area’s of our
bicyclists enjoying the southeast cor-                 the shoreline. Enjoying the quiet coun-                country but local residents are also in- to register visit our website at www.
                                                       ty roads that periodically intersect with              vited and encouraged to participate.      bambiketour.org or contact@bambike-
ner of the state. The ride started and
ended in Rochester, with overnight                     the rail lines that feed the big boats                     Bicycling Around Minnesota ap- tour.org for more information. Become
stays in Lanesboro, Winona and Wa-                     on Superior with iron ore. During the                  preciates the help of our sponsors Hi- a FAN of BAM by visiting the BAM
basha. Each night on the BAM tour                      next two days BAM riders will explore                  way Federal Credit Union and Penn facebook! We look forward to seeing
our riders experienced great hospitality               the Mesabi Iron Range and the cities                   Cycle. For more details of the ride and you at BAM on August 18th – 21nd!

                                                                  1. Ride with a goal in mind and keep Find out what your average speed for down to the just the bare necessities.
                                                                  yourself focused. Know your route and a day is and what is a comfortable dis- 5. Listen to your body. Nothing spoils
                                                                  plan accordingly.                                 tance for you with your bike and gear,           a tour faster than an injury, dehydration
                                                                  2. Don’t scrimp when it comes to                  then adjust your plan for 80% of that.           or exhaustion. Plan some walking time
                                                                  choosing a bike and gear for your cy-             Cycle at the rhythm that’s right for you.        at the end of the day to relax your body
                                                                  cling tour. Equipment failure or forgot-          Start slow to finish fast.                       and switch your mind to focus on rest
                                                                  ten equipment can spoil the adventure.            4. Anticipate the effect of loading the          time. Above all, have fun!
                                                                  3. Ride with a goal in mind and keep              bike down on bike speed, stability, and
                                                                                                                                                                      Have you learned something the hard way
                                                                  yourself focused. Don’t choose a too              riding effort. Practice ride with a fully         while on tour? Tell us how you revised your
                                                                  ambitious route for your capabilities.            loaded bike and then pare your load               ride. Email: Jill@biketournews.com
tales from the trails                                                                                                                                                      march.2010

                          I Was the Ride.
The Colorado Peace Ride - I Experienced the Peace.
      2010 Colorado Peace Ride
        August 18-11, 2010
2009 marked the inaugural year of an
epic new bicycle tour – the Colorado
  Peace Ride. For years cyclists have
wanted to do the entire San Juan Sky-
 way on a multi-day tour, and finally
it was here: four days, 238 miles, and
   four mountain passes over 10,000
feet, all along an historic road that is
        regularly included in the
     nation’s 10 most scenic routes.

     After a successful first year, the
Peace Ride is back for 2010: August
8 – 11, starting and ending in Durango.
And the cause couldn’t be more univer-
sal – all fundraising dollars go directly
                                                     Hand Cyclists on the Colorado Peace Ride   View of the Colorado Peace Ride
to help a great variety of non-profits
that contribute to peace and positive               the many aid stations along the route,
change in our communities. Here we                                                                                                                 way, and with a 500-rider limit, you’ll
                                                    to setting up the camps at the end of                                                          be part of a growing family of people
give you a report from one of the riders            the day, to arranging music and a
– Joseph Namzoff of New Haven Con-                                                                                                                 who really care.
                                                    movie and dinner and transportation                                                                Fully supported with no-hassle
necticut, who will be back for another              into town, to providing medical care,
year. Enjoy his report!                                                                                                                            meals and lodging or camping avail-
                                                    providing mechanical support for the                                                           able, your only job is to ride! You’ll
     The Inaugural Colorado Peace                   bicycles, to driving every inch of the
Ride is in the history books, and in one                                                                                                           ride to support 100’s of causes that
                                                    route with cars full of water and Gato-                                                        help create peace and positive change
word, it was amazing. Some events                   rade and pretzels and finding riders in
offer amazing scenery, some events                                                                                                                 in our world.
                                                    need, to transporting riders to the aid
offer physical and emotional chal-                  stations when they couldn’t go any fur-
lenges, some events offer the chance                ther - every last need was provided for.
for great camaraderie, some events                  It’s not clear when the volunteers slept,
offer the chance for personal growth,

                                                                                                Julie Wallace of Boulder rode the Colorado Peace
                                                                                                Ride with her dad Bill.

                                                                                                from around the country and Canada
                                                                                                could come together and form a family
                                                                                                in 4 days. Riders helped and encour-
                                                                                                aged each other over 240 miles of in-
                                                                                                tense cold then intense heat then up
                                                                                                steep mountain passes then down the
                                                                                                other side, volunteers supported one
                                                                                                another as they put in 18-hour days in
                                                                                                the same cold and heat (it was 30 de-
Telluride Adaptive Adventures riders on the Colorado Peace Ride                                 grees on the morning of the 3rd day in             Riding together on the Colorado Peace ride.
                                                                                                Telluride!), riders opened their hearts
some events offer the chance to feel so             but rumor has it that they did.             to the mission of the Peace Ride and
supported that you can’t find enough                                                            shared their dreams for peace and set                  World peace isn’t going to happen
                                                         On top of being cared for like a                                                          without each person feeling peaceful
words to express your gratitude. The                rock star, the riders were treated to       intentions each day for how they were
Colorado Peace Ride offered them all.                                                           going to turn those dreams into reality.           within themselves, so we’re challeng-
                                                    the most amazing scenery ever. There                                                           ing our riders to challenge themselves
     From the moment riders began                   is nothing quite like screaming down        The leaders from the Peace Ride held
streaming into Fort Lewis College,                                                              us all in their loving embrace and guid-           to be the things they want to see in
                                                    Red Mountain Pass into Ouray through                                                           the world, whether it’s peace, cour-
they were surrounded by volunteers                  enormous canyons at highly inadvis-         ed us each step of the way.
whose mission was to help them cycle                                                                Not one person left the Peace Ride             age, love, dedication or traits that will
                                                    able speeds after climbing 3 incredible                                                        change the world. Be the Ride, Experi-
over some of the most challenging ter-              mountain passes to a height of 11,000       without feeling a sense of hope for
rain in the universe and raise money                                                            humanity. If we could come together                ence the Peace.
                                                    feet. If you haven’t seen the photos and
for the Sophia Peace Center. The vol-               videos online at www.thepeaceride.          like that and create more peace on the
unteers did everything from check rid-                                                          earth in just 4 days, what could possi-            Contact: Christa Rathe
                                                    com, check them out because words                                                              The Colorado Peace Ride
ers in to help them get settled, to sweep           truly can’t explain the grandeur of         bly stand in the way of truly living in
debris off the roads we were riding on,                                                         peace?                                             720-381-8458
                                                    those mountains.                                                                               DeaconChrista@CentersOfLight.org
to standing for hours in the Colorado                    The most spectacular thing to see          If you’re looking for something
sun waving bright orange flags so rid-              at the Peace Ride was watching how a        new in 2010, take on the Colorado
ers would know where to turn, to serv-              group of 140 riders and 30+ volunteers      Peace Ride, August 8-11. It’s a 238-
ing every kind of food imaginable at                                                            mile loop around the San Juan Sky-
march.2010                                                                                    events
       Calendar of
       RIdes & eVenTs
       March - July 2010

                                                                                                              Carl Miller coastalcyclists.org
     March EvEnts                                        Location: Louisiana
     March 4-April 30, 2010                              Presented by: Lafayette Convention &
     Cross Country: The Southern Tier                    Visitors Commission
     Location: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida,    www.cyclezydeco.com
     Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas
     Presented by: WomanTour                             April 9-11, 2010
     http://www.womantours.com/wt.southerntier.html      Cycle North Carolina Spring Ride
                                                         Location: Edenton, North Carolina
     March 6                                             www.cyclenorthcarolina.org
     2010 Azalea Century Bike Ride
     Location: Lake Park, GA                             April 10-14, 2010
     Presented by:Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks          Texas Hill Country
     & Recreation Authority                              Location: Texas
     www.vlpra.com                                       Presented by: Adventure Cycling Association
     March 12-16, 2010
     Moab Skinny Tire Festival                           April 16-18, 2010
     Location: Moab, UT                                  Spring Tune up Ride
     www.skinnytireevents.com                            Location: Georgia
                                                         Presented by: Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG)
     March 13-19, 2010                                   http://www.brag.org
     Southern Arizona Road Adventure
     Location: Arizona                                   April 17, 2010
     Presented by: Adventure Cycling Association         Redbud Ride
     http://www.adventurecycling.org/tours               Location: London, Kentucky
     March 14-May 2, 2010
     Coast 2 Coast                                       April 17, 2010
     Location: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida,    Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride
     Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas                        Date: Saturday April 17, 2010
     Presented by: Bubbas Pampered Pedalers              Location: Murphys, CA
     www.BubbasPamperedPedalers.com                      http://www.mrfrogswildride.org

     March 27-29, 2010                                   April 17, 2010
     Wheels O’Fire Cycle Tour                            Moritz Ride for Heroes
     Location: Hamilton, GA                              Location: Aledo, TX
     www.cycletour@harriscountychamber.org               Web site: http://www.rideforheroes.org/

     april EvEnts                                        April 18 - 25, 2010
                                                         Pedal Llama 3
     April 3-9, 2010                                     Location: Peach County, Georgia
     Texas Hill Country                                  Cycling Logistics
     Location: Texas                                     www.cyclinglogistics.com
     Presented by: Adventure Cycling Association
     www.adventurecycling.org/tours                      April 17-May 14, 2010
                                                         Fast America South Ride
     April 5-11, 2010                                    Location: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California,
     Vacation Bicycling’s Natchez Trace in Mississippi   Georgia, Mississippi , New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
     Location: Mississippi                               Presented by: America By Bicycle, Inc.
     Presented by: Vacation Bicycling LLC                http://www.abbike.com
                                                         April 17-24, 2010
     April 6-11, 2010                                    Hawaii – Island Dreams
     Ride 2 Recovery -                                   Location: Hawaii
     Don’t Mess With Texas Challenge                     Presented by: Pedalers Pub & Grille
     Location: San Antonio, TX                           http://www.pedalerspubandgrille.com/bikerides
                                                         April 24, 2010
     April 7-11, 2010                                    The Alpine Challenge
     Cycle Zydeco                                        Alpine, CA
events                                                                                          march.2010

 April 25, 2010                                 Location: San Francisco, CA
 Ride for the Children - 13th Annual            http://www.aidslifecycle.org
 Location: Scottsdale, AZ
                                                June 7 - July 1, 2010
 MaY EvEnts                                     The Great Alaska Highway Ride
 May 1, 2010                                    Location: Alaska and Yukon
 Ghost Town Century                             http://www.pedalerspubandgrille.com/bike_
 Location: Tooele, UT                           tours/alaska/Great_Alaska_Highway_Ride.htm
                                                June 12, 2010
 May 6-9, 2010                                  The Black & Blue: Double Century Relay
 “Historic Triangle” Tandem Rally               Location: Asheville, NC
 Location: Colonial Williamsburg, VA            http://www.blackandbluerelay.com
                                                June 13-18, 2010
 May 8, 2010                                    Cycle South Carolina
 Salt Lake Challenge                            Location: Southeast South Carolina
 Location: Salt Lake City, UT                   http://www.cyclesouthcarolina.org
                                                June 18-June 27
 May 15, 2010                                   State Games of North Carolina
 25th Annual Seacoast Bike Tour                 Location:Charlotte
 Location: Portsmouth, NH                       http://www.ncsports.org
                                                June 22-27, 2010
 May 16, 2010                                   Swiss Cheese & Spotted Cows Bicycle Tour
 Tour de Cure                                   Location: Mineral Point, WI
 Location: Atlanta, GA                          http://www.scscbiketour.com
                                                JUlY EvEnts
 May 19, 2010                                   July 3rd to 10th, 2010
 The Ride of Silence                            The 3rd Annual Great Waterfront
 Location: Hundreds of locations world wide     Trail Adventure
 http://www.rideofsilence.org                   Location: Niagara-Quebec
 May 22 - June 6
 2010 Bike Ride Across Southern Utah BRASU      July 4 - 16, 2010
 May 22, 2010                                   BEARS - Bicycling Extraordinary Alaskan RoadS
 Location: St George, UT                        Location: Anchorage
 http://www.Bike2Bike.org                       http://www.pedalerspubandgrille.com/bike_
 May 28-31, 2010
 Great Western Bicycle Rally                    July 4-15, August 8-19, 2010
 Location: Paso Robles, CA                      Golden Ring of Russia Bike Tour
 http://www.greatwesternbicyclerally.com        Location: Moscow
 May 29-30, 2010
 Mountains of Misery & Wilderness Road Ride     July 15 – July 18, 2010
 Location: Blacksburg & Radford, VA             Greene Trails Cycling Classic
 http://www.cyclingdoubleheader.com             Location: Greene County, Ohio
 JUnE EvEnts                                    July 12-17, 2010
 June 5, 2010
 Pioneer Century                                July 18, 2010
 Date: Saturday June 5, 2010                    RAINSTORM: Ride Across INdiana-
 Location: Portland, OR                         Same Thing, Only Ride More.
 http://www.pwtc.com                            Location: Terre Haute to Richmond
 June 5-12, 2010
 Bicycle Ride Across Georgia                    July 25 - 31, 2010
 Location: Fayetteville, GA                     RAGBRAI XXXVIII
 www.brag.org.                                  Location: Brown County, Spring Mill,
                                                and Clifty Falls State Parks
 June 5-12, 2010                                http://ragbrai.com/
 Bicycle Tour California,
 Location: San Francisco, Napa Valley & More!   July 27 - Aug 6, 2010
 http://www.bikeandthelike.com                  Klondike Gold Rush Ride
                                                Location: Dawson City to Juneau
 June 6-12, 2010                                http://www.pedalerspubandgrille.com/bike_
 Tour de Kota™ 2010                             tours/alaska/Klondike_Gold_Rush.htm
 Location: Iowa and North Dakota
 http://tourdekota.com/                            Send your rides and events to:
 June 6-12, 2010

     Spring is nearly here, and for many of us that      step in these tips for tuning up your green-machine.   • Tighten lose bolts and screws
means hauling out our bicycles. Whether you’re           • Pump it up!                                          • Clean the bike
riding for fun, or commuting to work, a bike in          • Check for wear and damage                            Once you’ve completed the tune up, you’re ready to
good repair is essential to your safety and comfort.     • Check break lever and cali                           hit the road. Hopefully everything runs smoothly,
     Experts recommend a bike tune-up every year.          per action                                           and we found that this cut and keep guide to tuning
Done professionally, this will cost you about $40,       • Check break-pads                                     up your ride bike is a great resource for diagnosing
but you can easily do it yourself.                       • Check cables                                         and fixing common issues.
     Here are important things to do before heading      • Lube the chain                                                                 Courtesy SeattleTimes.com
out on your first ride. You’ll find details about each
health & wellness                                                                                                                                           march.2010

Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Cyclists
After a ride on your bike, have you experienced numbness, tingling, or pain in your
arm, hand, wrist, or little finger? If you have, you could be suffering from an overuse
injury. Approximately one-third of all bicycling overuse injuries involves the hands. The
2 most common are handlebar palsy and carpal tunnel syndrome. By making some
adjustments to your bike and by wearing some protective equipment, you can prevent
these injuries from occurring.

Handlebar palsy
Ulnar neuropathy, known to cyclists as handlebar palsy, is caused by compression
of the ulnar nerve at the hand and wrist (Fig. 1). The ulnar nerve controls sensation
in your ring and little finger and controls most of the muscular function of your hand.
Compression of the ulnar nerve is a common problem for competitive and recreational
cycle enthusiasts, alike. Compression is the result of direct pressure on the ulnar nerve
from the grip on the handlebars. Often, the nerve may be stretched or hyperextended
(extension beyond its normal limit) when a drop-down handlebar is held in the lower
position. The pressure placed on the ulnar nerve results in numbness and tingling in
the ring and little fingers or hand weakness, or a combination of both. Symptoms can
take from several days to months to resolve, but surgical treatment is rarely neces-
sary. Rest, stretching exercises, and anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin,
usually help relieve the symptoms. Applying less pressure or weight to the handlebars
and avoiding hyperextension can help to prevent a recurrence.

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Although it is less common than handlebar palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome (compres-
sion of the median nerve at the wrist) is another overuse injury that cyclists often
experience (Fig. 2). Injury often occurs when a cyclist holds the handlebars on top
and applies pressure directly on the median nerve. Symptoms include numbness and
tingling in the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers and weakness of the hand. Symp-
toms usually resolve quickly once you stop cycling for a short period of time. Although
handlebar pressure contributes to these symptoms, there can be other causes for
hand pain and numbness; therefore, an evaluation for other possible causes of carpal
tunnel syndrome should be performed by your health-care professional.                                                                     Images courtesy: www.hughston.com

    1. Ensure that you have a proper bike fit. Positions resulting in                         7. Bend your elbows. Keep at least a 10 degree bend in your
    your weight not being distributed correctly throughout the bike                           elbows. This dramatically reduces road shock. Keep arms and
    can put you at high risk. If your saddle is tilted downward, this                         shoulders relaxed.
    can put additional weight on to your hands.                                               8. Do hand and wrist exercises. Perform these quick, simple ex-
    2. Vary your position on the handlebars at least once every 15                            ercises two to three times per day:
    minutes. By changing your position, you reduce the risk of com-
    pression. Avoid putting too much pressure from the bars on the                            Isometrics: Make a loose fist and use the opposite hand to
    carpal tunnel.                                                                            press against the clenched hand. Hold for 10 seconds with palm
                                                                                              up, palm down, and thumb up.
    3. Wear cycling gloves. Invest in a good pair that has a lot of
    padding or gel in the palm.                                                               Wrist circles: Hold the second and third fingers up and close
                                                                                              the others. Draw five clockwise circles in the air with the two fin-
    4. Use good handlebar tape. You may even want to install gel
                                                                                              gertips. Draw five more counterclockwise circles.
    bar pads under the tape.
                                                                                              Stretching: Keeping hand open and wrist relaxed, press on fin-
    5. Switch to a carbon bar. Carbon fiber reduces road vibration. A
                                                                                              gers for 10 seconds up, down, and to both sides.
    carbon fiber handle bar may be just the trick.
    6. Stay light on the bars. Keep a loose grip. Beginners suffer                            Most often, overuse injuries experienced by cyclists stem from a
    from CTS more frequently because they are less confident and                              lack of specific preparation. With the proper training and equip-
    grip the bars too tightly.                                                                ment, you can minimize the risk of these hand injuries.

Yoga and Cycling
There is no question that frequent and long-distance cycling can tighten key muscle         apart, heels turned slightly out. Press the wall away from you and feel as if you are
groups in the legs, the back, the neck and the arms. Yoga stretches can really help this.   lengthening your spine.
Here are some basic yoga poses that will help with stretching affected muscle groups.       Alignment
Quads                                                                                       It is essential that the cyclist maintain physical alignment on the bike. This means
Quadracepts are prone to over-working and tightness in cycling. Keeping them lim-           that the hips, the thighs, the knees and the ankles all need to be on track. Alignment
ber is key. One easy and gentle way to work this is to lie on the belly. Rest the fore-     is equally important in yoga. Yoga really helps the individual to get an inner sense
head on the right forearm, spine lengthened. Grad the left ankle with the left hand         of alignment in the body. It also trains the muscles and bones to move toward align-
and draw the ankle toward the left buttocks. Draw the knees together and gently             ment which then makes it easier for the body to emulate this in other more active
draw the tailbone down. If the knees hurt, back off a little, allow the leg to move away    movements, such as cycling.
from the buttocks. Hold and repeat on the other side.                                       Breathing
Lower Back                                                                                  Breathing exercises can be an invaluable complement to any sport. Practicing any
Gentle side body stretching and forward bending can help to relieve the low back.           number of breathing exercises will help to train the breath, strengthen the diaphram,
It is helpful to lie on the back and draw the knees into the chest. Another good back       calm the mind, expand the lungs and send oxygen to needed parts of the body.
and side body stretch is to come to standing, place your hands against a wall, shoul-       Breathe deeply, hold and release slowly, feeling the breath enter and leave the
der-height and shoulder-width apart. Acitvely spread the fingers. Step the feet back        lungs.
enough so that the legs are perpendicular to the ground. Step the feet hip distance                                                                    Courtesy wikihealth.com
march.2010                                                                                       across the pond
Golden Ring of Russia Bike Tour - Picturesque Russia
      Golden Ring of Russia                          (some of them are little known). You                    monasteries. The bicycling part starts    in Russian history. The towns have
           Bike Tour                                 will meet friendly village dwellers and                 in Rostov (north of Moscow) and ends      been called “open air museums” and
                                                     our dinners are cooked from home                        in Vladimir 10 days later.                feature unique monuments of Russian
            July 4-15 and                            products grown by local Russians. The                       The Golden Ring is a ring of cit-     architecture of the 12th–18th centu-
          August 8-19, 2010                          menu promises to give you the oppor-                    ies northeast of Moscow, the capital of   ries, including kremlins, monasteries,
                                                                                                             Russia. They formerly comprised the       cathedrals, and churches. These towns
     For those avid cyclists anong you                                                                       region known as Zalesye.                  are among the most picturesque in
who take the phrase “Gett outta town”                                                                                 These ancient towns, which       Russia and prominently feature Rus-
as meaning, “Get outta the country”,                                                                         also played a significant role in the     sia’s famous onion domes.
this is the bike tour for you.                                                                               formation of the Russian Orthodox
     The bike tour is designed for for-                                                                      Church, preserve the memory of the                       Courtesy www.rctc.ru/
eign cyclists, and it will introduce you                                                                     most important and significant events
to the real Russia! Bicycling is an ideal
way to explore this fascinating coun-

                                                     A school provided lunch to the hungry cyclists. Onion
                                                     and dill covered the table in a colorful and tasty

                                                     tunity to taste authentic Russian food
                                                     that is unlike anything you’ve tasted
                                                     before! We also visit a Russian bath
                                                     house (“banya”) and see how Russians
                                                     really live.
                                                          Route. The Golden Ring of Rus-
The Russian Cycle Touring Club starts their tour
near a gazebo, an interesting glimpse into Russian   sia (the region northeast of Moscow)
architecture and a taste of what’s to come.          is the most famous tourist route in the
                                                     heart of Russia. It goes through numer-
try. Our informal tour is very comfort-              ous picturesque and ancient Russian
ably paced and you will enjoy biking in              towns: Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl,
the quiet Russian countryside. You are               Kostroma, Uglich, and others known
not our customers – you are the guests               for their ancient history and inspiring
of our club. In addition to cycling, we              architecture. We will see the beautiful
offer a special culture program. We                  Russian countryside and Volga River,
visit a lot of museums and exhibitions               magnificent Orthodox churches and

    Explore that palmetto state of mind...
    Cycle South Carolina
    June 13-18, 2010

                                                                     To benefit
                                                                     United Methodist
                                                                     Relief Center
gadgets & gears                                                                                                                  march.2010

Fahgettaboudit U-lock
Protect your investment!
                                                                               • Best at resisting attacks
Experts agree that all bike locks can be broken eventually, so the
                                                                               • Suitable for high-crime areas
test of a good lock is whether it is time-consuming and difficult to
hack. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock is one of                  • One-year, $4,500 anti-theft
the best at repelling attacks - it holds up longer than other U-locks
in tests with hand and power tools. It comes with a $4,500 anti-               • Heavy (5 pounds)
theft warranty and three flat keys, one of which is lighted. Although          • Expensive
it weighs close to 5 pounds and is pricier than some other locks,
the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock is worth it if you
live in a high-crime area. You will also like its compact size (3.25
inches by 6 inches on the inside), which means less room for le-
verage by thieves, but it might be a little small for some bikes with
a beefy frame and thick wheels. BikeRadar.com (from the publish-
er of Cycling Plus magazine) also rates the Kryptonite New York
Fahgettaboudit U-lock after testing, giving it a near-perfect score.

                                                                      VholdR Contour HD Wearable Camera
                                                                      Tape your adventure!
                                                                      VholdR ContourHD wearable camcorder
                                                                      The ContourHD records high-definition video at 720p. Laser sights and a
                                                                      rotating lens help to aim the camera while mounted without the need for
                                                                      a viewfinder. Simple, one-handed operation and included 2GB MicroSD
                                                                      card and rechargeable battery make this one of the most user friendly
                                                                      helmet cams. The ContourHD is a sleek mountable action camcorder
                                                                      that is the smallest and lightest HD wearable camcorder around. It has a
                                                                      water-resistant aluminum body and is shock and impact proof. It records
                                                                      to a MicroSD card (2GB supplied, maximum 16GB) and has a removable
                                                                      3 hour lithium battery. It also records audio via an internal microphone.
                                                                      The camcorder has dual laser lights that emits from the front lens barrel
   www.vholdr.com.                                                    to show if the lens is aligned properly. The ContourHD has the ability to
                                                                      rotate the lens 180 degrees so as to mount anywhere with its supplied
                                                                      flat surface mount or goggle mount. Other mounts are available such
                                                                      as windshield mounts, handlebar mounts, roll bar mounts and more at

Knog Bullfrog Lights
Light up your life and your ride!
This cute yet highly functional Bullfrog light from our friends at
Knog comes in tons of colors and has a flashing or constant
light function. Lightweight enough to have as many as you
want to light your way and it snaps off easily to take with you
when your bike is parked. The impressive thing about the Bull-
frog is its visibility. The whole silicone body more or less lights
up in the dark, making it highly visible from all angles. The
Bullfrog has a water resistant silicon casing, built-in mounting
latch and runs for 30 hrs. constant and 220 hours if flashing.
Check out knog.com/au for other cool lights.

   If you would like a product featured on our Gadgets and Gears page, send high res images and product descriptions to: Jill@biketournews.com
march.2010                                       bike back
             AIDS/LifeCycle - Ride to end AIDS
             By Hannah Rexroth                                     every 15-20 miles,
                                                                   and cyclists are in-
                          AIDS/LifeCycle                           structed to reach cer-
                            June 6-12                              tain checkpoints by
                                                                   set hours. “Moving
                      AIDS/LifeCycle has it all. Ev-               that many cyclists
             ery June, approximately 2,500 cyclists                can be hectic,” says
             gather in San Francisco for a seven-day,              Sarah Sypniewski,
             545-mile ride up the coast of California.             Associate Director
             The ride, which ends in Los Angeles,                  at AIDS/LifeCycle. “We have to keep
             raises millions every year to support the             them going.” The route closes for the
             cause of ending AIDS. “It’s an amaz-                  day around seven p.m.
             ingly transformative ride,” says cyclist                  Participants come from a wide
             Chris Eisenberg, who has participated                 range of backgrounds, from wealthy
             in the event for the past five years. She             businessmen to broke college students.
             is eagerly awaiting the 2010 tour, which              The minimum age requirement is 18,
             will take place June 6-12.                            and nearly every age group is repre-
                  The event was birthed into exis-                 sented. “We usually even have people
             tence in the 90’s, when the San Francis-              in their mid-eighties along with us as
             co AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay                   well,” Sypniewski says. “It’s truly in-
             & Lesbian Center decided to join forces
             and do something that would have a
             positive impact on the virus that was
             having such a destructive effect in their
             communities and around the world.
                  The practical requirements of such
             a large-scale ride are huge. The cyclists
             are accompanied by “roadies”, volun-
             tary crewmembers who travel with the
             equipment and supplies. A full medi-
             cal team of doctors, nurses, EMTs, and                A string of cyclists are all smiles as they near the end
                                                                   of the 545 miles they rode over 7 days.
             chiropractors also accompanies the cy-

                                                                   spiring.” Cyclists come from all over
                                                                   the country and world.
                                                                        Fundraising is one of the core as-
                                                                   pects of the event. Every cyclist is re-
                                                                   sponsible for raising $3000. “It can be
                                                                   intimidating to people at first,” says
                                                                   Sypniewski. “But when people register,
                                                                   they are assigned a staff member who is
                                                                   called their ‘participant representative.’
                                                                   That person is basically their mentor,
                                                                   and assists them in any way they need.”
                                                                   Workshops are hosted throughout the
                                                                   year to help participants with fundrais-
                                                                   ing ideas, and each person is provided
                                                                   with a page on the AIDS/LifeCycle
                                                                   website where people can track their
                                                                   fundraising progress and donate elec-
                                                                   tronically. In 2009, 11.6 million dollars
                                                                   was raised. Combined proceeds from
                                                                   the past eight years reach over sixty
             A cyclist celebrates completing all 7 days of AIDS/   million.
             LifeCycle 8 in 2009 while wearing the incentive
             jersey he earned for raising more than $5,000.             Funds raised from the ride are used
                                                                   to support the work of the San Fran-
             clists, as well as two ambulances. Al-                cisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A.
             though there are typically some minor                 Gay & Lesbian Center, as well as to
             accidents, serious accidents are rare.                help communities that the cyclists trav-
                  The group camps along the way in                 el through, such as a tiny town of 200
             large fair grounds or state parks. Dur-               people that is a yearly lunch spot along
             ing the day, the roadies travel ahead and             the ride. It’s not just about HIV/AIDS
             set up camp-- a sleeping tent area, a full            awareness and fundraising, it’s literally
             kitchen, and semi trucks that are con-                about some towns’ survival.”
             verted into showers and bathrooms.                         Eisenberg says that the AIDS/Life-
                  The same route is followed from                  Cycle ride is set apart from other bike
             year to year, with slight variations de-              tours that she’s done because of the
             pending on construction and traffic is-               cause—a cause that brings together
             sues. Participants ride an average of                 people from every walk of life. “You’re
             80 miles a day. The route is opened                   not just riding for yourself, you’re rid-
             as soon as it gets light every morning,               ing for other people,” she says. “It
             and people can begin the day’s ride at                builds a spirit of being in it together that
             their own pace. Rest areas are set up                 makes it just a little extra magical.”
sag pride                                                                                     march.2010

Who has the most FUNctional SAG bus?
                     These workhorses of the bike tour don’t need to be
                     boring. Here are some fun ones spotted at RAGBRAI.
                                                                                 What is a SAG Bus?
                                                                                 “SAG” (most commonly written
                                                                                 in all uppercase) may derive
                                                                                 from a rider “sagging” off the
                                                                                 back of the group, or it may
                                                                                 be an acronym (or a backro-
                                                                                 nym) for “Support And Gear”
                                                                                 or “Support Aid Group.”
                                                                                 Most sponsored tours will have
                                                                                 a SAG bus carrying medical
                                                                                 supplies and personnel, bike
                                                                                 repair mechanic and his/ tools,
                                                                                 extra water and snacks, and
                                                                                 perhaps a radio operator and
                                                                                 his equipment.
                                                                                 Many tour groups will gave
                                                                                 their own SAG busses, like
                                                                                 the ones pictured here and
                                                                                 paint them to reflect the spirit
                                                                                 and personality of their group
                                                                                 of cyclists. These busses or
                                                                                 vans provide a mini home
                                                                                 away from home and carry the
                                                                                 groups gear, riders and per-
                                                                                 sonal equipment.

                                   Send us your SAG bus pics!
                                   A prize will be rewarded of $100 from Bike Tour News to
                                   the favorite charity of the sponsor of the winning bus.The
                                   winner will be announced in the next’s month’s issue.
                                   Email hi res images to: jill@biketournews.com. Be sure to
                                   name your group, location and contact info.

                                     Ride the
                                     Island Way
                                     Trek Tri-Island
                                     and raise funds for the
                                     American Lung Association
                                     September 11-13, 2010
                                                 Join us in the San Juan Islands!
                                      Magnificent scenery • Lots of fun • Professional support
                                   To register, learn more about this incredible event check out our
                                        website at www.cleanairadventures.org/trek_tri_island
                                     Register and enter discount code ‘earlybird’ before March 31
                                                    for $25 off the registration fee

                                    Make a difference
march.2010                                                                                                             ride away
So You Wanna Ride a Bike.
By Tara Dunn                       one of the most bicycle friend-     them all. After maybe half an
     The last time I rode a bike   ly communities in the US.           hour of warm-up and practice
I was nine. It was a sweet pink         Just after my move, be-        I suggested a slightly longer
and purple Huffy with white        fore I could even totally un-       ride; it was time to take it on
training wheels flanking the       pack my underwear, my               the road. The cool air washed
rear tire, announcing my in-       friends were begging me to          over me while I slowly lost the
ability to balance and lack        ride with them. Of my core          feeling in my toes and cheek-
of coordination to the whole       group here, I would estimate        bones, but I didn’t even care. I
neighborhood. My brother,          that about 50% ride bikes, and      was riding a bike again!
three years younger than my-       they are passionate. Most of              I will have to say that my
self, had long lost his trainers   them own vehicles, but I never      first turn onto a street with traf-
and was cruising our cul de        see them drive. We all live and     fic was frightening. The heat
sac with ease while I stuck to     work downtown, so cycling is        and noise of vehicles right be-
the driveway and front walk,       convenient, clean, efficient,       side me rattled my nerves and
mortified of vehicles and other    and fun, not to mention a good      made me second-guess myself           My bike ride lasted until nightfall and the Carolina skies rewarded me with a bril-
                                   workout. It seemed like a rea-      more than once. Luckily, my           liant sunset over the creek and salt marsh
     When we moved into            sonable argument and soon           friends are seasoned cyclists
our new house across town I        an open Sunday rolled around        and knew what to watch out            aren’t there, but it helps for              day, even if for just a little
decided to kick off the train-     bearing favorable weather and       for: car doors opening, passing       me to think of them as benign               while and I’m in the market
ing wheels and take on the         quiet streets; a perfect day        vehicles, large trucks (there         entities, mostly staying out of             for a bike more fitted to my
driveway with just two tires       to ride. Ah cycling, we meet        is a suction that is created by       the way as long as you do the               height and purpose, which
beneath me. I always felt a bit    again.                              passing multi-wheel trucks            same.                                       will be mostly commuting to
forlorn watching the other kids         My instructor and friend,      that can be very intimidat-                We ended up at a park on               my downtown job for a while,
drift by on the road in front      Dirt (no, her Mama didn’t           ing), pot holes/cracks, and, of       the Ashley River right at sun-              with hopes of adding distance
of my house, myself still too      name her that, but it fits, trust   course, pedestrians and other         set and it was breathtaking. If             and touring soon. My friends
afraid to cross from the white     me) was kind enough to lend         cyclists. I faltered, I wobbled,      not on a bike, I never would                and I often travel in packs,
concrete lip of my parents’        me her spare bike for practice      I sweated, I stopped; again pa-       have known about this place                 trolling the downtown streets
property onto the blacktop of      and riding until I could pur-       tience. After a few false starts      and I learned about discov-                 for sustenance (nachos), ad-
the open road. So, defeated, I     chase one of my own. It is a        we were going solid and I was         ery: one of the many benefits               venture (Spring St. at 5:30)
put the Huffy away forever,        vintage road bike, circa 1980,      invigorated. I did my best to         of riding a bike. The ride back             and beautiful views (bridg-
never again to grip its black      and far too small for my lanky      listen to Dirt’s verbal instruc-      was infinitely easier and felt              es!).
rubber handlebars or kickback      frame, but manageable. Pa-          tion and pay attention to the         almost natural. I was amazed                     As my confidence grows,
brakes. There was no way for       tience, I’ve learned, is key for    lights, trying not to stress the      at how quickly I had grown                  so does my strength and
me to know that in a mere fif-     the new as well as seasoned         cars too much, instead focus-         to trust this two-wheeled ma-               knowledge of cycling and I
teen years (it doesn’t seem that   cyclist, and it was needed.         ing on keeping right and brak-        chine propelling me ever for-               can’t wait to get a bike of my
long ago) I would be moving        Driveway to sidewalk to Dirt’s      ing slow. It’s not safe to sim-       ward into a new passion.                    own.
to a city pushing to become        empty street, I conquered           ply pretend the other vehicles             Now I try to cycle every
advocacy                                                                                                                                               march.2010

Continued from page 1
                                                                                        You can change                              world,” says the book’s editor Eug-
                                                                                                                                    enie Harvey. “Each of us, through the
for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC). According to CDC, physical
                                                About the Alliance: Alliance for          the world.                                hundreds of tiny actions we take every
                                                                                                                                    day, shapes the world we live in.” In
                                           Biking & Walking is the North Ameri-                                                     other words, small actions x lots of
activity can reduce your risk of dying                                                     That’s what the people behind the        people = big change. “This project car-
                                           can coalition of over 160 grassroots
early from the leading causes of death,                                               movement “We Are What We Do” be-              ries a much-needed message of hope
                                           biking and walking advocacy organiza-
like heart disease and some cancers.                                                  lieve. People like you taking small ac-       for people everywhere,” says Harvey.
                                           tions. The Alliance works to strengthen
     The report also ranks states and                                                 tions that add up to big change.              “Love yourself, cherish life, protect
                                           state and local organizations through
the 51 largest U.S. cities in biking and                                                   It started with the question, “What      our future.”
                                           research, sharing best practices, train-
walking levels, safety, funding, advo-                                                would you ask one million people to
                                           ing, resources, and grants. For more
cacy, and policies. It further compares                                               do to change the world?” Thousands
                                           information or to find a local organiza-
U.S. cities to their international peers                                              of ideas from around the world came
                                           tion visit www.PeoplePoweredMove-
finding that overall, U.S. investment in                                              in. The ideas weren’t sweeping policy
biking and walking lags far behind that                                               changes — they were small and unex-
of other developed nations. This may                                                  pected everyday actions that anyone
explain why the U.S. has fewer people                                                 can do:
who bike and walk than its internation-                                                    —Keep a promise.
al peers.                                                                                  —Read a story to a child.
     Miller says, “our data show that                                                      —Learn something new.
increasing investment in biking and                                                        —Run an errand for an elderly
walking could lead to more people                                                              neighbor or single parent.
biking and walking. The more people
                                                                                          Fifty of the best suggestions were
bike and walk, the safer it is and the
                                                                                      published in the book “Change the
healthier the community. It’s a virtu-
                                                                                      World for Ten Bucks” (Chronicle
ous cycle.”
                                                                                      Books 2009). This little book has had
     Bicycling and Walking in the
                                                                                      a big impact, selling over 1,000,000
United States was funded by the Cen-
                                                                                      copies in the U.K., Canada, Germany,
ters for Disease Control and Prevention
                                                                                      Spain, New Zealand and Australia, and
and made possible through additional
                                                                                      now this will be the first time it’s avail-
support from Bikes Belong Coalition
                                                                                      able in the U.S.
and Planet Bike. For more information
                                                                                          “Because it’s not just politicians
and to download the report visit http://
                                                                                      and business leaders who change the

  The MUTCD is the bible         for state Departments of Trans-
  portation for all traffic control devices. This manual defines
                                                                                       One man’s mission
                                                                                         To create a sticker that delivers one consistent message using one
  a standard placement, size, colors, and guidance pavement                                million cars so that millions of drivers will get the message.....
  markings, signs, and signals on the road. By law, the MUTCD                                   “Bicycles Allowed Use of Full Lane, Change To Pass
  is the national standard for traffic control devices any street,
                                                                                           In December, 2009, the US Fed-           of millions of drivers.Why a bumper
  highway, or bicycle trail open to public travel. State DOTs are                     eral Highway Administration pub-              sticker? Simple.. Bumper stickers are
  required to adopt the new MUTCD within two years.                                   lished a new edition of the Manual            universally known to be effective ways
                                                                                      on Uniform Traffic Control Devices            to communicate and advertise. What
  States are not required to use every traffic control device men-                    (MUTCD). The December 2009 Edi-               better way to be heard by millions?
                                           tioned in the MUTCD                        tion of the MUTCD contains a number
                                                                                      of new standards that apply to bicycle            THE MILLION CAR CHAL-
                                            -- for example, states                    facilities. One of the more important         LENGE is to get 1 million cars to dis-
                                             are not required to in-                  additions to the manual is the “Bicy-         play his bumper sticker. The stickers
                                             stall “Bikes May Use                     cles May Use Of Full Lane” sign. The          are available at www.baufl.org.
                                                                                      2009 MUTCD says the “Bicycles May
                                              Full Lane” or shar-                     Use Full Lane” sign may be used on
                                              row markings on                         roadways where no bicycle lanes or
                                               substandard width                      adjacent shoulders usable by bicyclists
                                                lanes. They do now                    are present and where travel lanes are
                                                                                      too narrow for bicyclists and motor ve-
                                                 have the option to                   hicles to operate side by side.
                                                 use these signs,                          For support, the MUTCD refers
                                         however, without having                      to the Uniform Vehicle Code, which
                                                                                      “defines a ‘substandard width lane’ as
                to file a request for experimentation or running                      a ‘lane that is too narrow for a bicycle
  afoul of Federal transportation law.                                                and a vehicle to travel safely side by
                                                                                      side within the same lane.’”
  The new edition of the MUTCD is a powerful tool for cycling and                          With the new regulations in mind,
  cyclist advocates. Cycling facilities and markings are no longer                    one cyclist decided to take matters
                                                                                      into his own hands and start his own
  an afterthought but an integral part of the National MUTCD.                         campaign to let drivers and cyclist
                                                                                      know the new regulation exists. His
  Go to: http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/ for more information and                          challenge, called the THE MILLION
  http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/kno_2009.htm for a download-                              CAR CHALLENGE CAMPAIGN can
  able pdfs of the manual and noted revisions.                                        be found on http://www.baufl.org/ in-
                                              Bike sign art poster                    volves putting a bumper sticker repre-
                                            courtesy: www.popartmachine.com           senting the new regulation sign in front
    Cycling is a means by which we discover our true inner selves. Each bicycle
                journey, no matter how short, is also a journey within.

we are

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 we             vironmentalists, advocates who share a common inter-
                est... a love of bike touring, cycling and its impact.

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                review, opinion, commentary, bike tour events, profiles
                and images; written, photographed and submitted by
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