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www.weahunter.com.au Ph 4925 4200    SPRING 2011 OCTOBER
                                             WHO WE ARE
                                             The Workers’ Educational Association                                    HOW TO ENROL
                                             Hunter is an adult education organisation                               Choose your course carefully, noting fees, times and dates and
                                             established in 1913.                                                    enrol in one of the following ways:
                                             The Association has no party-political                                  ON-LINE Complete your enrolment form with credit card
                                             or sectarian ties and welcomes all those                                details on-line.
                                             who wish to join its activities or assist in
                                             the pursuit of its objectives. This Code
                                                                                                                     FAX Complete and sign your enrolment form including credit
    Our Term 4 brochure has proved                                                                                   card details and fax it to (02) 4929 6845.
                                             of Practice sets out the guidelines for the
    to be one of our most popular            ethical conduct of the Association.                                     PHONE (02) 4925 4200 and have your brochure and course
    editions each year. One of the                                                                                   code handy, with credit card details. Enrolments are accepted
    main reasons is that it heralds the      OUR VISION                                                              from 8.30am until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am until
    thawing of the winter chills and         WEA Hunter is quality learning.                                         4.00pm Friday.
    releases the creative soul within us
                                             MISSION                                                                 EMAIL ENQUIRIES enrolments@weahunter.com.au
    all in readiness for venturing out and
    learning something new.                  WEA Hunter enhances people’s lives by                                   MAIL Complete and sign your enrolment form and send it,
                                             delivering quality learning, accessible to all.                         together with either a cheque, money order or credit card details,
    The other reason is that in this
                                                                                                                     to: WEA Hunter, PO Box 1791, Newcastle NSW 2300
    edition, we give potential 2012          CORE VALUES
    students the chance to enroll in         Integrity - Innovation - Inclusion.                                     CALL IN to our office and pay by cheque, money order, cash,
    some courses with a significant                                                                                  credit card or eftpos.
                                             SPONSORS OF WEA HUNTER
    discount; some of these will be
                                             Amalgamated Pest Control      150 King Street Newcastle (Cnr King & Brown)
    available online in a very flexible                                    Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm
    learning environment; so check them      Custom Fluid Power
                                             GCT Lasertech                 Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm
                                             Greater Building Society
    Also have a careful look at some of      HunterNet
    the new Lifestyle courses for 2012       Mission Australia Employment
    and get in quick.                        Newcastle City Council
    Ben Grushka                              PMP Limited
    Executive Director                       RapidClean
    BA Dip Teach                             RTC Group
                                             Silo Restaurant & Lounge
                                             Stuart & Dunn Office Choice
                                             Tri Benedict
                                             University of Newcastle      No classes on public holidays
                                             Villa Clone
                                                                          Term 4 Monday 10/10/11 till 16/12/11

                                                                                                                    n Personal Development & Wellbeing ..............3 - 6
                                                                                                                    n Creative Arts ......................................................6 - 8
                                                                                                                    n Professional Development .....................................9
                                                                                                                    n Home, Garden & DIY ...........................................10
                                                                                                                    n Languages.................................................................11

                                             WEA Hunter gratefully acknowledges the support of the Federal Department of Education, Employment and Workplace
                                             Relations, the NSW Association of Independent Schools and the Department of Education and Communities.

2                                            The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of printing (September 2011), but may change without notice.

                                                           PE RSONAL D EV EL O PMEN T AN D W EL L B EIN G

                                                            Pilates                                                  The Philosophy of the Dalai
            PERSONAL                                        Pilates is the ultimate mind/body exercise for           Lama
          DEVELOPMENT                                       those wanting to realign, streamline and tone            The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, of Tibet
.............................................               their bodies. Pilates is a series of movements that      is a figure of respect, wisdom, humility and
                                                            originate from your core but provide a whole             compassion. In a world of violence, loss of faith
Hair Secrets and Success                                    body workout, improving posture, flexibility and         and environmental disasters, he offers hope
If you want fabulous looking hair without spending          balance, enhancing your emotional wellbeing and          and serenity. So what does he believe that
too much time, effort and money, then Hair                  reducing stress and fatigue. Pilates can and does        informs his peace of mind and good humour,
Secrets and Success is not to be missed! This               change the way you relate to your body and mind          and why is Buddhism Australia’s fastest growing
                                                            and how you carry yourself in the world. A pre           philosophy? Discover the esoteric symbols and
course is run by a professional Hairdresser, who
                                                            exercise questionnaire is to be filled out prior to      tools of Tibetan Buddhism. Experience simple, yet
will provide you with all the tips and trade secrets                                                                 powerful meditation practices. Buddhism teaches
for getting gorgeous results at home. We will               enrolment.
                                                                                                                     that no matter our background, we are each the
also explore what styles suit your face shape and           8 x Thur 13th Oct                  6pm - 7pm             creator of our own destiny. Our thoughts, words
lifestyle; with personal attention on colour, updating      Full $145.00                     Code:1D660E             and deeds create the experience that is our
your look, styles for special occasions, and how                                                                     future. True practice seeks to integrate spirituality
to talk to your stylist. A practical demonstration          Tai Chi for Total Wellbeing                              and happiness into your everyday life.
will be given on how to do foils, and provide tips          This 6-week course will give you an introduction         1 x Sat 12th Nov                   10am – 3pm
on low maintenance styles and how to care for               to the ancient and unique form of exercise for           Full $ 88.00                     Code: 1D927D
children’s hair.                                            the mind and body. The practice of this art will
1 x Sun 16th Oct                  1pm - 4:30pm              help relaxation and develop a peaceful frame of          Beating Emotional
Full $65.00                      Code:1D082W                mind, while at the same time exercising the body,        Eating
1 x Wed 30th Nov                  5pm - 8:30pm              making it beneficial in improving overall health.        Your head might know what’s healthy for you, but
Full $65.00                       Code:1D082E               Come along and have a little fun while you gain          maybe your heart is involved in another agenda.
                                                            some new vitality. Please wear loose, comfortable        Anyone can get stuck in the pleasure and pain
“I Karen gave us be trying at home. Well
   will definitely
                   some fantastic tips which                clothing.
                                                            6 x Mon 24th Oct         6pm - 7:30pm
                                                                                                                     of using food to manage feelings – eating as a
                                                                                                                     distraction, to ease boredom, to feel rewarded, or
            worth the price” VK                             Full $119.00 Con $114.00 Code:1D664E                     to comfort yourself in an emotionally fragile time.
                                                                                                                     Discover how you can release yourself of the
Natural face treatments and                                 Reiki 1                                                  chains of an emotional eating cycle.
DIY makeup                                                  Reiki is a soft ‘hands on’ healing technique which       6 x Tues 11th Oct                   7pm - 9pm
                                                            can create an overall feeling of wellbeing. It can       Full $129.00                    Code:1D626E
Learn how to apply makeup for that special day
                                                            reduce stress, anxiety and create a balance in our
making it simple and fun. This course will show
                                                            lives. It has also been known to assist in physical
                                                                                                                     Feng Shui for Everyone
you the correct application of make-up, the                                                                          Learn the areas of your home or office for health,
                                                            and emotional healing. This is an introductory level
use of a variety of techniques to enhance your                                                                       wealth, career, luck and family. Every area holds a
                                                            which will give you the tools to work with this
features, and how to use colour compatibility. An                                                                    key and you can learn how to enhance these
                                                            amazing healing art. Your facilitator Ric Marley has
additional fee of $15 to be paid to the tutor for                                                                    areas with success. Discover how easy Symbolic
                                                            been sharing in Reiki for many years.
use of her make-up (optional), and a list of extra                                                                   Feng Shui can be. Please bring a pen and paper.
requirements are available upon enrolment.                  1 x Thur night 17th Nov      6pm - 9pm                   A gift will be given to all participants attending.
5 x Tues 15th Nov         11am - 2pm                        1 x Sat 19th Nov (inclusive) 9am – 3pm
                                                            Full $160.00               Code:1D911E                   1 x Sat 6th Aug                     9am - 4pm
Full $154.00 Con $149.00 Code:1D944D                                                                                 Full $95.00 Con $90.00           Code:1C913W

              WELLBEING                                             “aRic is truly professional and
                                                                       wonderful Reiki Master.
.............................................                          I learnt so much!” JT
Meditation                                                  Massage
Meditation supports our physical, mental and
                                                                                                                     Psychic Awareness
                                                            Learn the basics of massage and you have the             In a relaxed group environment Susanna, an
emotional wellbeing. Learn to cultivate mindful
                                                            power of relaxation in your own hands. By                experienced psychic-medium, will help you tap
awareness, equanimity, inner calm and compassion.
                                                            relieving tension in muscles, the mind can also be       into your intuition to enhance psychic ability. Just
Also discover some interesting information about
                                                            set free from stress and this will allow complete        as with any other talent, intuitive or ‘psychic’ talents
meditation philosophy and how meditation affects
                                                            rest for your whole body. Includes some discussion       may be developed to help awaken your own inner
the brain. Throughout the afternoon, Karen Nicoll
                                                            on anatomy for practical purposes and the                voice. To assist we will be using simple exercises
will introduce you to a variety of meditation
                                                            application of massage techniques. Bring 2 towels,       and visualisations to open up the inner knowing
techniques and different traditions. Please bring a
                                                            massage oil, sheet and pillow.                           lying dormant
                                                            7 x Mon 10th Oct           6pm - 8pm                     within us.
1 x Sun 16th Oct                    2pm - 5pm
                                                            Full $174.00 Con $169.00 Code:1D952E                     4 x Wed 9th Nov               6.30pm – 8.30pm
Full $55.00                      Code:1D910W
                                                            Foot Massage                                             Full $100 Con $95                Code: 1D960D
Meditation for Wellbeing
                                                            Do you like having your feet massaged? Do you
In our modern world, we seek the ability to live            like to massage feet? This course is an introduction
a stress free existence. Through this course, we            to learning some techniques to help you learn the
look at simple steps to assist in living a life of peace    art of foot massage. Soothing, relaxing, invigorating.
and wellbeing. Meditation can assist in balancing           Come along and learn the benefits of this course
all aspects of our life to enable us to live a life of      to improve your lifestyle. Please bring along a
natural beauty.                                             pillow and two towels.
4 x Tues 18th Oct                 6pm - 7:30pm              1 x Sat 19th Nov                 9.30am -1 pm
Full $79.00 Con $74.00            Code:1D915E               Full $55.00                     Code:1D953W
                      P ER SON A L D EV EL OP MENT AND WELLB EI NG

       OUT AND ABOUT                                    Abseiling at Glenrock                                  Sea Kayaking on Newcastle
.............................................           In partnership with Out and                            Harbour
                                                        About Adventures WEA Hunter                            In partnership with Out and About adventures,
Sea Kayaking at Norah Head                              presents an abseiling skills                           WEA Hunter presents a Sea Kayaking experience.
In partnership with Out and About adventures,           development session. This half                         Come and try paddling in our double sea kayaks
WEA Hunter presents a Sea Kayaking skill                day program introduces                                 on beautiful Newcastle Harbour and view the
development session delivered by qualified              participants to the activity of                        city from a different perspective. All paddling gear
instructors at Norah Head. Try paddling on              Abseiling on Cliffs up to 15 metres high.              supplied and you will be accompanied by qualified
the open ocean at a sheltered launch site. All          All activity and safety gear is provided and           guides following a safety briefing/ instruction
paddling and safety equipment is supplied and           qualified guides will provide instruction and          session. Participants to meet at Horseshoe Beach
you will be accompanied by qualified guides. Skills     ensure good technique and procedures are               Carpark (Harbour side of Nobby’s beach) at
include paddling technique/launching, landing and       followed. Morning Tea will be provided. Students       8.45am. Morning tea included.
fitting, releasing sprayskirts. Morning Tea included.   are to meet opposite the Maintenance Shed,
Participants to meet at the boat ramp just off                                                                 HORSE SHOE BEACH
                                                        Camp Rd Kahibah at 8.45am
Maitland Street, Norah Head at 8.45am.                                                                         1 x Sun 13th Nov                  9am - 12pm
BOAT RAMP OFF MAITLAND ST                               GLENROCK LAGOON                                        Full $80.00                      Code:1D667X
NORAH HEAD                                              1 x Sun 16th Oct                 9am - 12pm
1 x Sun 4th Dec                        9am - 3pm        Full $75.00                     Code:1D669X            Outrigger Canoeing -
Full $119.00                       Code:1D661X          Rock Climbing at Anna Bay                              Level 1
Abseiling in the Watagans                               In partnership with Out and About Adventures           This enclosed waters paddle in a 6 person
                                                        WEA Hunter presents Rock Climbing at Anna              Outrigger Canoe will familiarise you with the craft,
In partnership with Out and About Adventures                                                                   basic instruction, and safety procedures. Enjoy a
WEA Hunter presents an introduction to the              Bay. Come and try rock climbing on Sea Cliffs in
                                                        the Tomaree National Park. All activity and safety     90 minute paddle in Throsby Creek and on the
activity of abseiling conducted by qualified guides                                                            Harbour Waters: experience a new view of
in Watagans National Park. Suited to those who          gear (including climbing shoes) will be supplied
                                                        and you will be accompanied by qualified Guides.       foreshore. Necessary paddling and safety
wish to try this recreation activity under close
supervision, participants will be encouraged to         Skills in climbing and belaying will be developed      equipment supplied. This activity is delivered by
develop good descending technique, basic knots,         on cliffs up to 15m. Participants are to meet at       qualified OC paddlers and the length of the
and the use of appropriate calls to communicate         the Iris Moore Reserve, just off Morna Point Rd,       session is suited to those with little experience or
with belayers. Sections of cliff will vary from         Anna Bay at 8.45am.                                    limited time. Meeting place is on the grass area in
6 to 45 metres with participants determining            IRIS MOORE RSVE MORNA POINT RD,                        front of Waterways/Water Police building Cowper
their own level of challenge. Belaying and safety       ANNA BAY                                               Street Carrington. Activity is weather dependant.
procedures will be strongly developed and all           1 x Sun 20th Nov                      9am - 3pm        OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB
necessary equipment is provided. Participants           Full $110.00                     Code:1D665X           1 x Sat 12th Nov   9am – 12pm
are to meet at the corner of Mt Faulk Rd and
                                                        Rock Climbing in the Watagans                          Full $25.00       Code:1D670X
Freemans Drive (north of Cooranbong) at
8.45am.                                                 In partnership with Out and About Adventures           Outrigger Canoeing -
WATAGAN NATIONAL PARK                                   WEA Hunter presents a Rock Climbing
                                                        experience. Come and try rock climbing on              Level 2
1 x Sun 6th Nov                        9am - 3pm
Full $105.00                      Code:1D662X           the sandstone cliffs in the Watagans National          Enjoy a 2 hour paddle in Newcastle Harbour
                                                        Park. All safety gear (including climbing shoes) is    waters from Carrington through to Horsehoe
Abseiling at Gap Creek                                  supplied and you will be accompanied by qualified      Beach and back experiencing a new view of the
In partnership with Out and About Adventures            Guides. Participants will be taught basic climbing     shipping and foreshore in a 6 person Outrigger
WEA Hunter presents an abseiling skill                  techniques and will operate on sections of cliff up    Canoe. Necessary paddling and safety equipment
                                                        to 15 metres high. Belaying and safety procedures      supplied. This activity is delivered by qualified OC
development session conducted by qualified
                                                        will be developed. Participants are to meet at         paddlers where you will run through crew roles, a
instructors. This activity is for those requiring a     the corner of Mt Faulk Rd and Freemans Drive
higher level of abseiling challenge and involves a                                                             safety review, safe water exit and entry, off beach
                                                        (north of Cooranbong)at 8.45am.                        introduction to single and double craft water
small section of canyon, several swims and finish
with a 45m abseil over Gap Creek falls.                 MEET CNR MT FAULK RD AND                               drills. Meeting place is on the grass area in front of
All necessary activity and safety equipment will be     FREEMANS DRIVE                                         Waterways/Water Police building Cowper Street
                                                        1 x Sun 30th Oct                      9am - 3pm        Carrington. Activity is weather dependant. Pre-
provided. Participants are to meet at the corner
                                                        Full $105.00                     Code:1D665X1          requisite Outrigger Level 1.
of Mt Faulk Rd and Freemans Drive (north of             1 x Sun 11th Dec                      9am - 3pm
Cooranbong) at 8.00am                                   Full $105.00                     Code:1D665X3          OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB
Prerequisite: Students must have attended an                                                                   1 x Sat 19th Nov   9am – 12pm
abseiling program in previous 12 months.                Sea Kayaking on Lake                                   Full $40.00       Code:1D671X
GAP CREEK FALLS                                         Macquarie
1 x Sun 27th Nov                   8am - 4pm            In partnership with Out and About adventures,
                                                                                                               Outrigger Canoeing -
Full $119.00                     Code:1D668X            WEA Hunter presents a Sea Kayaking experience.         Level 3
                                                        Come and try paddling in our double sea kayaks         Review crew roles, safety review, around 2 hours
                                                        on beautiful Lake Macquarie. All paddling gear         paddle time. This activity is delivered by qualified
                                                        supplied and you will be accompanied by qualified      OC paddlers and weather dependant. Paddle
                                                        guides on your trip around Pulbah Island. The          to a sheltered beach Hulie (capsize) drill and an
                                                        length of the session is suited to those with little   OC6 paddle into open water (venturing into
                                                        experience or limited time. Participants to meet
                                                                                                               deeper water if conditions allow). Solo OC 1 &
                                                        at the Boat Ramp, Dobell Memorial Park, Dobell
                                                        Drive, Wangi Wangi at 8.45am. All necessary            2 paddling off safe Beach 50 metres shore. Pre-
                                                        paddling and safety equipment supplied. Morning        requisite: Outrigger Canoeing Level 1 and 2.
                                                        tea included.                                          OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB
                                                        DOBELL PARK, DOBELL DRIVE WANGI                        1 x Sat 26th Nov   9am - 12pm
                                                        WANGI                                                  Full $40.00       Code:1D672X
                                                        1 x Sun 23rd Oct                    9am - 12pm
                                                        Full $80.00                      Code:1D663X
                                                   P ER S ONAL DEVELOPMENT AND WELLB EI NG

                                                                                             STOCK MARKET
Tennis - Adult Clinics                                          Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Traded Options (ETOs)
Improve your knowledge and skills in tennis.
Technical development playing drills and game          This introductory ETO course will start by explaining the basic characteristics of Call and Put options, and
play for all standards. Improve current or learn       how they can be used to make money from shares moving up or down. Other strategies covered will
new skills with your serve, forehand and backhand      include hedging (insuring) your share portfolio from downward movements, passively selling Put Options
drive, volleys, smash and more in a friendly relaxed   to either lock in a lower than current market buying price into blue-chip shares or to gain income($), as
environment. Associated competitions available.        well as writing covered calls to gain extra income from existing shares held in your portfolio. Please bring a
Bring your own racquet or one can be supplied.         pen and paper.
6 x Mon 17th Oct                 6pm - 7:30pm          1 x Tues 29th Nov     6pm - 9pm
Full $120.00                    Code:1D666X            Full $54.00        Code:1D026X

      TOURS & TALKS                                       WEA Sydney have a Discussion Group Program which is based
  .............................................           around the formation of small friendly home-based groups
 Wine, Cheese and                                         of people wishing to discuss, learn and enjoy the active
Chocolate Tasting Tour                                    exchange of ideas online. If you live somewhere remote but
                                                          have access to the internet you may wish to join one of these
Sample the delights of the Hunter Valley with a
variety of wines including red, white, sparkling and      groups and participate. Please visit
dessert. Pick up and drop off is at Newcastle, so         www.weasydney.nsw.edu.au for more information.
leave the car at home and enjoy the scenery and
atmosphere of the vineyards. Tasting and lunch
NEWCASTLE BUS TERMINAL                                                                                                                     Are you
1 x Sat 15th Oct
Full $75.00
                 9.15am – 5.15pm
                                                          WEA Hunter has rooms available for hire                                        looking for
                                                          during school holidays and other occasions.                                   a Classroom
                                                          Rooms available include:
                                                                                                                                         or Meeting
                                        A                 1. Sophisticated IT labs
                                      Great               2. Small and large classrooms                                                    Space?
                                      Day                 3. Meeting rooms
                                                          4. Hall
                                      Out!                For details please call Tanya on 4925 4200 for our competitive rates.

                                                          Out & About Adventures                                                               Great
                                                                n Abseiling                                                                     Day
                     EXAM                                         n Hiking                                                                      Out!
                 SUPERVISON  at
                                                                                                                     WEA Hunter will
                 available ve                                   n Kayaking                                         be running some fun
                  co mpetiti
                      rates.                                   n Cartooning                                         Programs
                              W                            n Cooking and more!                                    for kids aged
                   CALL US NO00
                   ON 4925 42
                                                                       Contact our office
                                                                                                                       during the next
                                                                    for further information
                                                                                                                       School holidays.
                                                                         on 4925 4200.
                   P ER SON A L D EV EL OP MENT AND WELLB EI NG

                                                        Attend one or more of these courses for $54 each OR
                                                             save money and attend them all for $180

             MONEY                                   Wealth Creation and Accumulation
               AND                                   How often have you heard someone say: ‘I just don’t know where my money goes’? Shane will show
           INVESTMENT                                you how you can create wealth and achieve financial independence. Issues that will be covered
                                                     include: tax efficient saving; higher performing investment alternatives; negative gearing; salary sacrifice
              SERIES                                 and tax minimisation. Suitable for people who are employed and looking to save and/or invest
 By Fiducian Financial Services                      existing monies more efficiently, and for those in small business. This session, a self-contained module,
                                                     complements the session on ‘Understanding Investments’.
  Understanding Investments
                                                     FIDUCIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES
 .............................................       1 x Mon 14th Nov      6pm - 9pm
Before you make important decisions about            Full $54.00         Code:1D023X
where your money is placed, you need to ensure
that you have a sound understanding of some
                                                     Stock Market Investing
basic investment principles. You need to know        Shane will clarify common perceptions and misconceptions about the stock market and give you a
how different investments work, why you need         sound understanding of the issues involved in buying and selling shares, understanding financial pages,
to spread your investments, how to choose an         taxation aspects including negative gearing, dividend imputation and how it can lower your personal
investment adviser, financial jargon and product     tax. This session is a self-contained module, however, most benefit from the session is gained if
knowledge. All of this will be addressed by          participants have attended the sessions on both ‘Understanding Investments’ and ‘Wealth Creation and
Shane, so that you leave this session with the       Accumulation’.
confidence to make those important decisions         FIDUCIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES
about your hard-earned savings. This session is      1 x Mon 21st Nov      6pm - 9pm
suggested as an excellent prerequisite to ‘Wealth    Full $54.00         Code:1D030X
Creation and Accumulation’.
                                                     Successful Money Management
1 x Mon 7th Nov       6pm - 9pm                      Shane explores various investment strategies and their appropriateness to differing stages of life
Full $54.00         Code:1D033X                      through a number of case studies. If you are just starting out, trying to reduce your mortgage,
                                                     exploring greater investment opportunities, getting close to retiring, already retired or looking at
                                                     retirement accommodation issues, this course is for you. Shane covers all ages (16 to centurions) in
                                                     a course that perfectly supplements ‘Understanding Investment’, ‘Wealth Creation and Accumulation’
                                                     and ‘Stock Market Investing’.
                                                      FIDUCIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                                     1 x Mon 28th Nov       6pm - 9pm
                                                     Full $54.00         Code:1D032X

              C R E ATIVE ARTS

   MUSIC & MOVEMENT                                  Belly Dancing
 .............................................       An introduction to the exotic and beautiful art of
                                                     belly dance. Discover the mysteries of the dance
Harmonica for Beginners                              of the Middle East. A fun and low impact activity
Have you ever wondered how those harmonica           suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Come and         Moving Along With Your Guitar
players get those soulful sounds that touch          get your shimmy on! Requirements list upon                 There is more for you to achieve. If you have
the heart? This beginners’ course will take you      enrolment.                                                 completed the beginners’ course or have basic
through the techniques and styles used by Sonny      6 x Wed 19th Oct                  6pm - 7:30pm             knowledge of chords, then this is the course for
Boy, Little Walter and James Cotton and skills       Full $109.00 Con $99.00           Code:1D305E              you. Enhance your technique in strumming, various
needed to play blues, folk, country and rock.                                                                   rhythm patterns to different time signatures,
Please bring ‘Hohner Special 20’ brand harmonica     Guitar for Beginners                                       finger picking and arpeggios. Learn to read
in the ‘Key of A’ (approximate cost $55 inc GST      For people who have no experience in playing               tablature and transpose chords. Experience the
and is available from tutor). Please bring pen and   the guitar. A guide to the most useful chords              challenge of playing along with various Artists,
paper.                                               in every key; easy to read picture chords,                 with original CD. Enjoy your learning in a happy
8 x Tues 18th Oct          6pm - 8pm                 understanding and reading tablature, how to tune           relaxed atmosphere. You will need: plectrum, capo,
Full $169.00 Con $164.00 Code:1D287E                 and restring your guitar, and simple movement              notebook, pen, pencil, display book and $30 to
                                                     for learning finger picking and various styles of          purchase song book from tutor.
   “I can’t believe that in the first                strumming. Ensure your guitar is intact and do
                                                     not change the strings around - 6 strings and
                                                                                                                8 x Thur 20th Oct        6:30pm - 8pm
                                                                                                                Full $155.00 Con $150.00 Code:1D325E
   couple of weeks I was actually                    keys able to be moved are essential. Guitar with
         playing a tune.”                            nylon strings (classical) is preferable for beginners.
                                                     Students need a very soft plectrum, capo,                      “Marg was patient and helped
                                                                                                                     the class to go from ‘noise’ to
                                                     notebook, pen and display book.
                                                     8 x Tues 18th Oct        6:30pm - 8pm
                                                     Full $155.00 Con $150.00 Code:1D329E
                                                                                                                            actual ‘music’.
                                                                                                                      CREATI VE ARTS

                                                         Silver Jewellery Making -                                    Acrylics - Painting in
                                                         Introduction                                                 the fields ‘Wetlands’                    NEW
                                                         Enjoy learning basic jewellery techniques with               Learn how to paint using acrylics        COURSE
                                                         Joanne Herbert. These techniques use simple tools            on canvas to take home ready to
            ART & CRAFT                                  to create individual items of jewellery without              hang on the wall. Your picture can
  .............................................          soldering. The skills you will be shown are basic            be abstract or traditional style, and our
                                                         design, sawing, riveting, wire work and finishing.           tutor will take you through all the steps to creating
Leadlight Suncatcher - Angel                             Information on workshop set up as well as tool               a masterpiece. A requirement list is available on
                                                         and material suppliers will be provided. A variety           enrolment.
Learn how to make your own decorative sun
catcher. You will be shown how to leadlight, cut         of metals will be available for you to use i.e.              THE WETLANDS (SHORTLAND)
glass and solder. A kit will be available for purchase   sterling silver, brass, copper and nickel silver. Joanne     1 x Sat 19th Nov         9am - 5pm
the tutor on the day, approx cost $30 for materials      will supply the tools and will have metals available         Full $99.00 Con $94.00 Code:1D715X
and use of equipment. Materials list supplied upon       for purchase. There is a tool hire and operating
enrolment.                                               fee of $15 per student to be paid at first lesson.           Pastels
                                                         Cost for materials will depend on what metal you             During the day you will learn how to use and
1 x Sun 20th Nov                9am - 12:30pm            choose and how much is used (May range from                  create a finished work using soft pastels and pastel
Full $60.00 Con $55.00          Code:1D442W              $2 to $100)                                                  pencils. Instruction demo will also be shown on
Mosaic Terracotta Pot - Butterfly                        6 x Tues 18th Oct                  9:30am - 3pm              the use of oil pastels. You will be assisted with your
                                                         Full $315.00                       Code:1D460D               own choice of study.
You have seen them in the streets of Hamilton

                                                            “This course is for those people
now you can make your own mosaic pot to dress                                                                         1 x Sat 3rd Dec                  9:30am - 5pm
up your garden, home or for that special gift. You                                                                    Full $94.00 Con $89.00          Code:1D716W
will learn how to cut, glue and put your design             wishing to learn the art of quality
together and finish off by grouting. You will use
                                                                                                                      Oil Painting for Beginners
                                                         jewellery making techniques to create
tiles, glass beads and mirror to create a great                                                                       Learn this technique in a surprisingly short space of
design. Requirements list upon enrolment.
                                                             your own individual pieces.
                                                                                                        ”             time and create professional, interesting works of
                                                                                                                      art. Complete one large painting. Wear old clothing.
1 x Sat 12th Nov
Full $60.00 Con $55.00
                                   1pm - 5pm
                                                                        DRAWING &                                     Requirements list on enrolment.
                                                                         PAINTING                                     2 x Sat 29th Oct          9:30am - 5pm
Mosaic Glass Stepping Stone-                               .............................................              Full $149.00 Con $144.00 Code:1D727W
Glass, beads and glass stones. Learn how to cut          Life Drawing - A Brief Discovery                             Water Colours - Birds
glass and glue and grout to produce a magical            A series of life drawing classes designed for the            This class will cover most aspects of water colour
decorative stepping-stone. List of requirements          absolute novice as well as students with previous            technique, while creating a finished work on the
upon enrolment. Glass and beads to be purchased          life drawing experience. During this course you              day. You will learn brush techniques to create
from Tutor on the day.                                   will learn to ‘see’, as opposed to ‘look’. Utilising         feathers and colour washes as well as perfecting
                                                         your sense of sight with at least one other sense            the art of detailed work. Instructions on “how to”
1 x Sat 12th Nov                9am - 12:30pm                                                                         frame your masterpiece will be included.
                                                         will enable you to draw the figure as it is and
Full $60.00 Con $55.00          Code:1D444W
                                                         to free yourself of pre-conditioned ideas and                1 x Sat 10th Dec                 9:30am - 5pm
Leadlight Mirror                                         symbols associated with the human figure from                Full $94.00 Con $89.00          Code:1D728W
Learn simple techniques to create your own               earlier drawing days. This is an enjoyable and
decorative mirror. You will be shown how to              illuminating course employing a life model each              Landscape Art for Beginners
leadlight, cut glass and solder in this workshop. A      week. Participants must be 18 years or older                 Students will study the essentials of design
kit will be available for purchase from tutor. Small     because nude models will be used for portraiture.            to create their own Landscapes. On course
mirror (about A4 size but smaller) - approximate         Requirements list upon enrolment.                            completion student’s will have developed their
cost $45. Requirements list available upon               5 x Mon 17th Oct                    6pm - 8:30pm             own individual style. Course requirements will be
enrolment.                                               Full $175.00                        Code:1D701E              discussed in the first session.
1 x Sat 26th Nov                   9am - 5pm                                                                          8 x Wed 12th Oct                   10am - 1pm
                                                         Mystery and Magic of Drawing                                 Full $235.00                       Code:1D452D
Full $99.00                     Code:1D445W              Have you ever watched an artist pick up a pencil
                                                         or brush and with a few lines create a wonderful
Mosaic Workshop - Table Top                              life-like image on a piece of paper or canvas? At
You will learn in one day the basic skills required      first, it looks like magic, but this ability is not always
for making a table top and all your mosaics, how to      a gift but something that can be learned. Come
cut, place, glue and grout the finished item. You are    and develop your own ability and learn away
welcome to bring in any unfinished projects to get       the mystery so you can create your own magic
help with. List of requirements upon enrolment.          and become an artist. No previous experience is
                                                         required. Materials will be discussed at the first
1 x Sat 22nd Oct                   9am - 5pm
Full $89.00                     Code:1D446W
                                                         6 x Mon 10th Oct       6:30pm - 8:30pm
                                                         Full $144.00 Con $139.00 Code:1D711E

                                                         Room Hire Available for
       ROOM                                                 n SEMINARS n MEETINGS

                                                           n COMPUTER TRAINING etc.
                                                              For further enquiries please
                                                              call our office on 49254200.
                  C R E ATIVE ARTS

                 WRITING                                          PHOTOGRAPHY
.............................................            .............................................
Travel Writing                                           Digital Photography - SLR
Do you love to travel, within Australia or overseas?     Gain confidence using your SLR digital camera to
You can write about your experiences and tap             obtain the best possible shots in this 3 hour fun      Photography as an
into the large market for good travel writing. This      course. Learn how to use your camera and what          Art Form 2 - Level 2
practical course looks at planning, construction,        the different controls and settings can actually do!
presentation and sale of your writing, whether           You will also discover the basic camera functions      Take it to the next level. This self directed course
you write about your local area, the national            as well as how to navigate the camera’s menus.         will take a deeper look into the technical aspects
scene or more exotic locations. We also focus            Bring your camera and instruction book.                and concepts looked at in Photography as an
on researching your story to ensure accuracy                                                                    Art Form allowing for a better understanding of
and interview techniques. You’ll discover which          1 x Tues 11th Oct                  6pm - 9pm           photography from a digital aspect learning it is not
newspapers, magazines and book publishers may            Full $55.00                      Code:1D825E           only technical ability but artistic inspiration and
be interested in your writing and how to approach                                                               conceptual thinking. Bring the images you love to
and work with them. You’ll have opportunities and        Digital Photography -
                                                         Aim and Snap                                           life! Pre-requisite Photography as an Art Form -
inspiration to work on your own ideas, so please                                                                Level 1.
bring along some work in progress or the planning        Using a ‘point and shoot’ digital camera, you can
stages.                                                  attain the best possible shots in this 3 hour fun      5 x Thur 10th Nov          6pm - 8pm
                                                         course. Learn how to use your camera and what          Full $125.00 Con $120.00 Code:1D826E
4 x Mon 10th Oct           6pm - 9pm

Full $144.00 Con $139.00 Code:1D780E                     the different controls and settings can actually do!
                                                         You will also discover the basic camera functions             His (Tutor) passion comes
Creative Writing                                         as well as how to navigate the camera’s menus.           across to his class…, was fantastic.
Have you always wanted to write but not known            Bring your camera and instruction book.                  Would love to go to the next level
how or where to start?
This course offers carefully designed exercises
which will fire up your creative imagination,
                                                         1 x Tues 18th Oct
                                                         Full $55.00
                                                                                           6pm - 9pm
                                                                                                                         to learn more     TB  ”
                                                                                                                Photo Editing
transform your experiences into words, and show
you skills to give energy and clarity to your writing.           “Really enjoyed it money.
                                                                   Great value for                              This course will enable participants to learn the
There will be opportunities to read and discuss
your work in class and look at where to go from
                                                                                   ” JP                         skills of basic photo editing. By course completion
                                                                                                                students will be able to create abstract to surreal
here.                                                    Photography as an Art Form -                           artworks.
4 x Mon 24th Oct          6pm - 9 pm                     Level 1                                                5 x Tues 11th Oct         10am - 12pm
Full $144.00 Con $139.00 Code:1D782E                     Great photography is not only technical ability        Full $165.00 Con $160.00 Code:1D827D
                                                         but artistic inspiration and conceptual thinking.      Basic Photography
“ Karen’s knowledge, experience and
enthusiasm gave me the motivation to
                                                         This self directed course will allow you to bring
                                                         the images you love to life! In the style of your      Our tutor will teach you the basic concepts
                                                         favourite photographer/photograph our tutor will       of photography. By course end you will have
  start writing the book I have always                                                                          created a set of photographs and have a better
                                                         assist you to study and learn their compositional
     wanted to write.Thank you                           methods to increase your level of visual               understanding of the basic concepts of camera
                                                         sophistication and understanding to gain practical     handling, composition, exposure and creative
Creative Writing II                                      experience.                                            control of camera settings. You will also learn the
                                                                                                                valuable techniques of appraisal and critique. Bring
How can you make your creative writing express           5 x Thur 13th Oct                  6pm - 8pm           your camera and have fun with this ‘hands on
your ideas with freshness and clarity and enthral        Full $125.00 Con $120.00          Code:1D824E          course’.
your readers so they will want to read on?
Through exercises and discussion you will dig
                                                            “ I felt that the Tutor was highly                  5 x Wed 12th Oct                 10am - 12pm
deeper into your imagination and develop new
skills to enhance your writing. You will examine
                                                           experienced and knowledgeable
                                                                                                       ”        Full $125.00
                                                                                                                5 x Wed 12th Oct
                                                                                                                                                   6pm - 8pm
works by published authors and look at structure                                                                Full $125.00                    Code:1D835E
and plot design. Emphasis will be on developing
your projects.                                                                                                  Basic Photography 2
                                                                                                                Take a deeper look into camera techniques and
4 x Mon 21st Nov                    6pm - 9pm
                                                                                                                gain a better understanding of photography from
Full $144.00 Con $139.00           Code:1D783E
                                                                                                                a digital aspect. Bring your camera and have fun
                                                                                                                with this ‘hands on course’. Pre-requisite is Basic
                            NEW COURSES
                                                                                                                5 x Wed 9th Nov                  10am - 12pm
                                                                                                                Full $125.00                    Code:1D836D
             What’s coming up in                                                                                5 x Wed 9th Nov
                                                                                                                Full $125.00
                                                                                                                                                   6pm - 8pm

              WEA Hunter will have some fantastic and                                       •	 Ghost	tours	including	Newcastle	East	End,	Historic	
              innovative courses coming up in 2012, so keep                                    Watt Street Day Tour & Minmi Cemetery Tour for
              an eye on our website at www.weahunter.                                          a spot of ghost hunting.
              com.au or look out for our Term 1 Summer                                      •	Latte	Art
              brochure in January. Some of these include new                                •	New	tours
              and interesting courses such as:                                              •	Courses	for	the	guys
                                                                                            •	 Make	your	own	natural	face	treatments
                                                                                            •	Much,	much	more
                                                                                    PROFESSI ONAL DEVELOPMENT

                                                                                                                        Senior First Aid Certificate -
                                                          Buying and Selling on Ebay                                    Workcover Approved
                                                          Learn how to buy and sell locally,                            Learn all aspects of routine first aid in this
Small Business Bookkeeping                                nationally or globally on Ebay. We all have                   enjoyable and informative course. Topics covered
Designed to assist business decisions by developing       something to sell millions of people just like                include CPR for adults to infants; fractures, sprains,
practical skills in financial management for small        you are making money on Ebay. You don’t need                  and strains; bleeding control and burns, and what
business operations. Topics range from setting            any specialised knowledge learn how to buy,                   to do in a medical emergency like a heart attack,
up and maintaining accounts, reconciliations,             how to list an item for sale and how to avoid                 epilepsy, asthma and exposure to heat or cold.
preparing and understanding financial statements,         disappointment. Buy and sell with confidence.                 When you successfully complete the exam, you
to budgeting and some taxation. Please bring              Please note: Some basic computer competence is                will hold a WorkCover and VETAB-accredited
calculator and A4 notepad.                                required.                                                     First Aid Certificate valid for three years (CPR
                                                          1 x Sat 22nd Oct                      9am - 4pm               component to be renewed annually).
5 x Mon 24th Oct           6pm - 9pm
Full $175.00 Con $170.00 Code:1D071E                      Full $85.00 Con $80.00             Code:1D011W                1 Sat & Sun 15th / 16th Oct 9am - 4pm
Starting a Small Business                                 Buying and Selling on                                         Full $154.00             Code:1D595W
                                                          Ebay- Advanced                                                STAT Preparation Workshops
Thinking of starting a business? Don’t know where
to begin? Test your readiness and improve your            Designed for people who are
                                                                                                  COURSE                STAT is a series of related tests designed to
chances of success by attending this information          experienced in selling on Ebay                                assess a range of competencies commonly
session. At the end of this workshop you will             or have attended Buying and                                   considered important for success in tertiary study.
be able to identify the steps in researching your         Selling on Ebay with WEA.                                     Many tertiary institutions in Australia use STAT
business idea, its structure, legal issues, finances,     Learn what’s popular by researching the market.               results as part of their admissions procedure for
and viability, competitors, customers and business        Explore Ebay tools for sellers. Drop Shipping                 certain categories of applicants. WEA Hunter
operations. You will also understand why planning         explained. Tips on using couriers. For those who              has developed a series of special workshops
is so important and address the legalities required       want to take selling from a hobby to a money                  to help students prepare for the STAT Multiple
to establish a legally compliant enterprise.              making venture.                                               Choice. Offered as whole-day Sat workshops,
Remember: most businesses don’t plan to fail, they                                                                      the sessions are aimed to help students develop
fail to plan.                                             1 x 5th Nov                           9am - 4pm               the skills, confidence and strategies to meet the
2 x Wed 26th Oct                    6pm - 9pm             Full $85.00 Con $80.00             Code:1D012W                test requirements. The workshops involve group
Full $84.00 Con $79.00            Code:1D073E                                                                           discussions, tutor guidance and practice questions.
                                                                                                                        Time management is also addressed, as well as
Customer Service - Training and                           Speed Reading                                                 specific techniques for answering particular types
Development                                               At least double your present reading speed whilst             of questions. Information is also available on UAC’s
This course will motivate, strengthen and reinforce       improving your comprehension, concentration and               website at www.uac.edu.au or call (02) 9752 0200.
acquired skills, encourage the development of new         retention of information. An enjoyable, practical             1 x Sat 12th Nov                 9:30am - 4pm
skills, minimize complaints, increase job satisfaction,   course which alters your outlook on reading. All              Full $89.00                     Code:1D324W
build confidence and reduce stress. Topics covered        participants work at their own pace. Workbook                 1 x Sat 26th Nov                 9:30am - 4pm
include: customer perceptions and expectations;           and use of specialised equipment included in                  Full $89.00                    Code:1D324W1
rapport building; complaint handling procedures;          course fee.
body language; jargon; listening skills; feedback;
lateral thinking; stress and more. Please bring
                                                          4 x Mon 10th Oct                     6pm - 8pm                Basic Counselling
notepad and pen.
                                                          Full $154.00                       Code:1D018E                Skills for Everyday
 2 x Mon 24th Oct                   6pm - 9pm
Full $94.00                      Code:1D006E                                                                            In order to be able to offer safe and constructive
1 x Fri 28th Oct
Full $94.00
                                10:30am - 5pm
                                 Code:1D006D                          Quick                                             help as an employer, service provider, friend, family
                                                                                                                        member or a volunteer, it is essential to have an

                                                                                                                        understanding of the counselling process and to
Public Speaking                                                                                                         develop the key basic skills. This course will focus
                                                                                                                        on developing awareness of what counselling is
                                                                     Easy Job
Practise impromptu speech making, proposing a
vote of thanks, introducing a guest, preparing and                                                                      and is not, learning about the communication
                                                                                                                        skills essential to counselling and exploring the

delivering speeches. Emphasis will be placed on
overcoming nervousness and the development                                                                              application of the problem solving approach.
of self-confidence. The last class, which will be on                                                                    1 x Sat 29th Oct          9:30am - 5pm
a Mon night, will be conducted at a Toastmasters                                                                        Full $115.00 Con $110.00 Code:1D619W
Club meeting (to be discussed in class).
8 x Wed 19th Oct         6:30pm - 9pm
Full $189.00 Con $184.00 Code:1D015E
                                                          Come along to WEA Hunter to LEARN and PRACTICE
                                                          those important skills that will help you get that job.
                                                          • Customer Service / Telephone Skills • Safe Food Handling
                                                          • Restaurant Skills: Table Service, Table Setting, Prepare and serve coffee
                                                              Cost: $99
                                                                  Age Group          Code       Start      Structure        Time
                                                               14 – 17 year olds    1DJOB1     10.10.11    Monday      9.00am – 5.00pm
                                                               18 years and older   1DJOB2     17.10.11    Monday      9.00am – 5.00pm
                  H O M E GAR D EN & D IY
                                                                                                 Back by
                                                      Home Made Pasta                            popular
                                                      Learn how to make fresh pasta from         demand!
                                                      start to finish with some amazing
                                                      sauces to compliment your dishes. Gain
                                                      knowledge of the different types of pasta from
                                                      Fettuccine to ravioli and you will soon be making
                                                                                                             Sewing Techniques Level 2
                                                      pasta like a professional.                             This course will follow on from Basic Sewing
                                                      Pre-requisite: Practical cooking skills to advanced.   Techniques allowing you to develop and enhance
         IN THE KITCHEN                                                                                      your skills. Learn to construct garments, including
                                                      1 x Sat 29th Oct                   10am –2.00pm
.............................................         Full $105                              1D365W
                                                                                                             garment fitting and finishing skills. For more
                                                                                                             information please phone 4925 4200.
Indian Dinner Party - Moughal                         Italian Dinner Party                                   5 x Wed 16th Nov           6pm - 9pm
Mysteries                                                                                                    Full $195.00 Con $190.00 Code:1D436E
Kebabs, Beef Vindaloo, Ric Naan nad Kulfi
                                                      Astonish your friends and family      Back by
                                                      with this 4 course Italian dinner
                                                                                            popular          Lawn Mower/Whipper Snipper
(dessert), the dishes to tempt everyone!              menu. Learn how to make the
Experience the variety of flavours brought to         perfect Rissotto and top it off       demand!          Maintenance and Repair
India by the numerous travellers who decided to       with a classic Tiramisu for dessert.                   Sick of paying out to have your mower repaired
stay and make it their home. The chef will work       Kate’s recipes will be shared with                     - Learn how to DIY quick and easy diagnosis
with you in a team to make it easy and simple to      you in this hands on class for you to then host        and repairs for 2 and 4 stroke engines, covering
master these world famous dishes.                     your own dinner party.                                 problems with mowers, brush cutters, chain saws
1 x Sat 22nd Oct        9:30am - 2:30pm               Pre requisite: Practical cooking skills to advanced.   and pump motors. Course covers operating
Full $140.00 Con $135.00 Code:1D373W                                                                         principles and care of small engines.
                                                      1 x Sat 12th Nov                10am –3.00pm
                                                      Full $125                           1D362W             5 x Wed 12th Oct           6pm - 8pm
Indian Dinner Party - Exotic                                                                                 Full $130.00 Con $125.00 Code:1D465E
Try your hands on this scrumptious meal under           Fees reduced…enrol now!                                          ANIMAL CARE
the able guidance of an authentic Indian chef. This                                                          .............................................
meal comes from the desert part of India and
consists of Handi Meat, Kadi and Gatta. Finish the                           DIY                             Basic Dog Grooming
course with Dal Ka Halwa.                             .............................................          Learn basic dog grooming for short and long
1 x Sat 26th Nov         9:30am - 2:30pm                                                                     coated dogs. We will cover brushing, washing,
Full $140.00 Con $135.00 Code:1D373W1
                                                      Basic Sewing Techniques                                drying, clipping coats and nails, cleaning ears, flea
                                                      This course will cover learning to use sewing          and tick protection and much more. Student
                                                      machine, reading and understanding pattern             participation will include clipping on small dogs
                                                      catalogues, basic sewing skills, simple garment        provided by the tutor. Course not suitable for
                                   NEW                construction and learning basic repairs and
                                                      alterations to garments. For more information
                                                                                                             people with allergies to dogs.

                                  COURSE              please phone 49254200.                                 1 x Sun 20th Nov
                                                                                                             Full $89.00
                                                                                                                                               9:30am - 1pm
Barista                                               6 x Tues 11th Oct          6pm - 9pm
                                                      Full $195.00 Con $190.00 Code:1D435E                   Dog Grooming - Stage 2 -
WEA Hunter is proud to announce                                                                              Clipping your dog
it’s partnership with Ona Coffee.                                                                            You will be grooming your own dog under
This brand new course will be run by a Head                                                                  supervision in a small group environment. Dog
Trainer who is the Number 2 Latte artist in                                                                  must be washed and come to this class clean
Australia!.                                                                                                  and dry. People enrolling in this class will be held
Being a barista can be technical and complex                                                                 responsible for the behaviour of their dog and
but with the right knowledge it can be an                                                                    must be able to keep it under effective control
exciting and diverse experience where discovery                                                              at all times. Students wanting to clip their dog
and problem solving are at the forefront. This                                                               will need to bring their own clippers, otherwise a
course is designed to open your eyes to the                                                                  hire fee will be charged. Please notify staff upon
world of coffee.                                                                                             enrolment.
                                                                                                             Prerequisite is Basic Dog Grooming.
The beginner course is perfect for the home
                                                                                                             1 x Sun 20th Nov                    2pm - 4pm
or (soon to be) professional barista. When you
finish this hands on course you should be able                                                               Full $69.00                      Code:1D481W
to make a good coffee straight away. We equip you
with the technical skills to competently operate an
espresso machine. However, it’s not all technical.
The beginner course will teach you the basics
about how coffee makes it from the tree to the
café. Because if you know the ‘why’ the ‘how’ is        “ Thank you for your organisational help for today.The
                                                      workshop went well, and I was able to cope with parking, etc.
easy!                                                  I am really so impressed by the ladies at WEA King Street.
1 x Sat 29th October           9am - 4.30pm           Once again, my heartfelt thanks to them.The premises were
Full $159                     Code:1DCoffee              wonderful and the computers very impressive.     Jill L  ”
                                                                                                                              LANG UAGES

                                                           Sign Language 1I                                             French - Intermediate level 1
                                                           Sign Language 2 continues the unique and fun                 8 x Tues 18th Oct                    6pm - 8:30pm
                                                           experience of communicating visually using                   Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D508E
                                                           Australian	Sign	Language	(Auslan),	the	natural	
Sign Language I                                            visual-gestural	language	used	by	the	Australian	             French Continuing
                                                           Deaf Community.                                              8 x Tues 18th Oct                   12.30pm - 3pm
Sign Language 1 offers you the unique and fun              Taught by deaf teachers only.                                Full $199 Con $194                  Code: 1D511D
experience of communicating visually using                 The students will:
Auslan, the natural language of the Australian Deaf        •	Improve	communication	skills	in	Auslan	                    Learn German in a Month!
Community.                                                 •	Further	develop	visual-gestural	communication		            4 x Mon & 4 x Thur from 10th Oct
Taught by both deaf and hearing teachers, by the             strategies.                                                                             6pm - 8:30pm
end of Sign Language 1 students will be able to:           •	Extend	your	ability	to	adapt	signs	for	use	in		 	          Full $199.00 Con $194.00     Code:1D514E
•	Use	basic	communication	skills	in	Auslan                   different contexts
•	Use	visual-gestural	communication	strategies             •	Cover	topics	including	occupations,	suburbs,		 	           Indonesian - Intermediate
•	Identify	the	deaf	community                                directions, families, time, appointments, countries
•	Explain	effective	ways	of	communicating	with		 	           and many more.
                                                                                                                        Level I
  deaf people                                              You will:                                                    6 x Wed 12th Oct                        6pm - 8pm
Pre-requisite.	Nil                                         •	Develop	an	appreciation	for	Auslan                         Full $179.00 Con $174.00              Code:1D523E
These courses are for people who:                          •	Access	genuine	Auslan	with	deaf	teachers	
•	Want	to	be	introduced	to	Auslan	(Australian			           •	Further	develop	practical	Auslan	skills                    Italian - Beginners
  Sign Language) and deaf culture and want a               •	Learn	through	fun	and	informal	classes                     8 x Tues 11th Oct                    2:30pm - 5pm
  short course at a relaxed pace.                          •	Receive	a	good	introduction	before	committing	             Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D525D
                                                           to accredited courses                                        8 x Tues 11th Oct                    6pm - 8:30pm
•	Are	managers,	employers,	teachers,	health		 	
                                                           7 x Thur 18th Oct                       6pm - 8pm            Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D525E
  professionals, friends and colleagues of deaf
  people                                                   Full $210.00                          Code:1D501E
                                                                                                                        Italian - Intermediate Level 1
•	Are	interested	in	working	with	deaf	people
You will:
                                                           BEGINNERS                                                    8 x Thur 13th Oct                    2:30pm - 5pm
                                                           Introduces	basic	language	skills	for	                        Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D526D
•	Develop	an	appreciation	for	Auslan
•	Access	genuine	Auslan	with	deaf	teachers	                use in a variety of social settings.
                                                           For	beginners	and	those	wishing	
                                                                                                                        Italian - Intermediate Level 2
•	Develop	practical	Auslan	skills
•	Learn	through	fun	and	informal	classes                   to	revise	basic	skills.                                      8 x Thur 13th Oct                    6pm - 8:30pm
•	Receive	a	good	introduction                                                                                           Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D527E
                                                           INTERMEDIATE Level 1
7 x Thur 20th Oct                    6pm - 8pm
                                                           For	those	who	have	completed	the	
                                                                                                                        Japanese Beginners
Full $210.00                      Code:1D500E
                                                           introductory stages of vocabulary and                        8 x Wed 12th Oct                     6pm - 8:30pm
                                                           grammar and are ready to start improving their               Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D534E
                                                           communication	skills.	The	emphasis	will	be	on	
                                                           day-to-day	situations.                                       Japanese Intermediate -
                                                                                                                        Level 1
              LEARN                                        French - Beginners                                           8 x Tues 11th Oct                    6pm - 8:30pm
              & GROW                                       8 x Mon 17th Oct                    12:30pm - 3pm            Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D535E
                                                           Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D506D
                                                           8 x Mon 17th Oct                     6pm - 8:30pm            Spanish - Beginners
                                                           Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D506E             8 x Mon 10th Oct                     6pm - 8:30pm
                                                                                                                        Full $199.00 Con $194.00             Code:1D536E
                                                                                                                        8 x Tues 11th Oct                    6pm - 8:30pm
                                                                                                                        Full $199.00 Con $194.00            Code:1D536E1

                                                                                                                        Mandarin – Beginners
                                                                                                                        8 x Wed 12th Oct                     6pm - 8.30pm
                                                                                                                        Full $199 Con $194                        1D504E


1. Classes are open to adults 16 years and over. 2. Please advise us if you have a medical condition or disability which may affect your involvement or safety in a course, as
we may be able to assist.. 3. A	fee	must	accompany	your	enrolment.	Please	complete	all	credit	card	details	or	enclose	a	cheque/money	order.	We	regret	we	cannot	save	
you a place without payment. 4. A	Health	Care	Card,	Austudy/Abstudy	letter	or	full-time	student	travel	concession	card	will	enable	you	to	obtain	a	concession	on	courses	
as shown. 5. Concession	and	all	special	offers	can	only	be	given	at	the	time	of	enrolment.		To	enrol	in	a	Literacy	Government-	subsidised	course	you	must	be	a	permanent	
resident of Australia. 6. Upon	acceptance	of	your	enrolment,	you	will	be	sent	an	enrolment	confirmation.	If	you	do	not	receive	it	within	one	week	of	enrolling	please	call	the	
office	on	4925	4200.	7. Your	enrolment	confirmation	is	also	your	receipt	and	shows	course	venue,	date	and	starting	time.	Students	can	only	join	after	the	course	start	date	
if they meet all prerequisites, it is acceptable to the tutor and they pay the full price of the course on enrolment. 8. Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled and
refunds	will	only	be	given	when	WEA	Hunter	cancels	a	course.	Every	effort	will	be	made	to	contact	students	so	please	ensure	we	have	your	home	and/or	work	telephone	
numbers.	Requests	for	transfer	or	credit,	as	a	result	of	changed	personal	circumstances,	will	only	be	considered	5	working	days	or	more	before	the	course	start	date.		9.
Each	course	has	a	set	fee	at	enrolment,	but	some	courses	require	extra	materials	for	which	a	list	will	be	sent	to	you	upon	enrolment.	If	details	are	not	given	in	the	course	
description,	you	will	be	advised	by	your	tutor	at	the	first	session.

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