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United Presbyterian Church by yaofenji


									                         United Presbyterian Church
                                   Washington, Iowa
 September 2011                                                                     2011

Mailing address
 P.O. Box 32                                          BUILD YOUR FAITH!
 Washington, IA 52353
                                                          COME TO
Church Office                                          SUNDAY SCHOOL!
 319-653-6588    Sunday Morning, Sept. 11th , will be a special day as we
                               kick off our new Sunday School year! On that morning
                               during the worship service, we will be recognizing
                               those children who learned their memory verses last
Web site                       year and will be receiving their plaques. Bibles will be               given to this year’s 3rd graders. Join us for this very
                               special day in the life of this church family!
 Bob Wollenberg

Music & Arts Director                   Look inside for articles about:
 Butch Zwicki
                                                   Church Picnic
Youth Director
 Karen Trotman                                Fall Sunday School News

Kingdom Kids Preschool                        Crew 79 Drive-In Diner
 Brenda Miles                           The Great Kid Mission
                                                          Have any of you ever wondered what Synod
   The Paiva family                                       School is all about, where 8-10 of us trek up to
Missionaries to Paraguay                                  Storm Lake almost annually to attend?---well , next
                                                          year you need to include it in your summer plans
                                                          (July 22-27)! Pastor Bob is the new Dean for the
 Sunday School Offering Project                           school of 600+, and I think it would be wonderful
         2010 – 2011
                                                          to have a large contingent of folks from our church
                                                          cheering him on. I was so pleased last week to say
Totals: for the Paiva family                              "yes, that is my pastor" as Bob carried out his du-
$3929 — 174 boxes for HACAP
                                                          ties this year with such grace and conviction. I al-
We are wrapping up our Paiva family offering pro-         ways come home spiritually renewed, excited to
ject at the end of the month. It has been wonderful       jump in to the fall program with energy, and privi-
to support a missionary family with a connection to       leged to have the opportunity to worship, learn, and
our congregation. In addition to sending our offering     play with Presbyterians from around the world.
dollars, the children of Jam Kids sent Valentines to
the family and the students in Son City made over 50        It was also neat to reconnect with John and Ruth
kites for Wendy and the girls to share with the chil-     Morris`s daughter, Marilyn, her husband George,
dren at the park. Each card and every kite carried a      daughter Sara and the two granddaughters that are
message of love and encouragement from this
church. Many people in our church family have sup-        twins that Ruth had us all praying regularly for
ported the Paivas with their daily prayers. Thanks for    who had many prenatal abnormalities. They are
your commitment to this great project.                    now 6 years old, and very lively and healthy.

The selected offering project for this coming Sunday        Check out the web site for Synod of Lakes and
School year is Presbyterian Disaster Assistance or as     Prairies- Synod school.
it is commonly referred to PDA. Currently, the PDA                                   —Mary Atwood
response is supporting areas of the 2011 spring
storms, the continuing efforts from the hurricane and
tropical storms in the south, Iowa flood effort of
2008, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the areas of this
summer‘s wildfires, international response for global
disasters in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and
the Middle East. PDA also is working side by side        Circle Meetings
with Church World Service in the creation of kits for    Circle 1 Sept. 1, 1:30 p.m., church
disaster areas. More information is coming as to                  Hostess: Etta Wakeland
what the focus of our offering will be.                           Study: Jeanette Miksch
                                                                  Devotions: Joyce Letts
We are continuing to support HACAP in the effort to      Circle 3 Sept. 13, 9:00 a.m., church
feed the hungry families of Washington. Our youth                 Study: Thelma Wagner
are even involved and contributing                                Devotions: Phyllis VanGerpen
their efforts to this cause. Just this                   Circle 4 Sept. 14 9:15 a.m. UP Home Campbell
summer the Jr. Hi. GO MAD program                                 Rm.
did a scavenger hunt and a shopping                               Hostess: Dorothy Soucek
trip and packing session for this ef-
fort. They were able to pack 13                                   Study: Addy Sents
boxes. Beth Dillon continues to stop                              Devotions: Julia Gamon
in as she can to pack the food that is                   Circle 5 Sept. 20, 7:30 p.m.
placed in the shopping carts in our                               Hostess: Betty Colby—home
church building. Last week she was                                Study: Betty Colby
able to pack another 12 boxes.                                    Devotions: Vivian Griffith

Please continue to give generously to these 2 mission    PW Coordinating Team will meet on Thursday,
projects. It really does allow us to help serve others   August 31, at 9:30 a.m. at the church.
in Jesus‘ name!
.                                                        Please continue to bring cancelled stamps — over
                                                         $2000 has been collected for mission work with this
                                                         project. Also bring your used medicine bottles
                                                         (without labels or advertising) as those are given to
                                                         free clinics to be reused.
Sympathy to the family of:                              The adults are planning a mission trip to Little
   Linda Henderson, deceased July 20.                   Rock, Arkansas. The vans will leave Washington
   Karen Murphy, whose brother Lyle Docken-             around 1:00 p.m. on September 7th and arrive back
   dorff, died on August 10 in Portland, OR             home sometime Sunday night September 11th. They
                                                        will be unpacking, sorting, counting, and repacking
                                                        disaster boxes to be shipped all over the U.S. and
Congratulations to:                                     abroad, in addition to School packs for an Interna-
   Barry Johnson and Heidi Oliver, who were mar-        tional Church World Service effort. They would like
   ried on July 23 in Winthrop, IA                      anyone interested to join them on their adventure. If
                                                        you have ever been interested in going on a mission
                                                        trip, this is the one. You will have a bed to sleep in
Thank You to:                                           every night. You can call the church office to regis-
   The Gerots for donating a freezer to the church.     ter. If you can‘t join us, there are some other ways to
                                                            Have them in your daily prayers (Most impor-
Many Christians pray each day for the Mus-                  Maybe bake some cookies for the long ride
lims during Ramaddan, their annual month of fast-           Donate some money (each participant will have
ing. There is a very helpful prayer guide available              to pay $200 to go volunteer)
in the rack beneath the bulletin board in the short         Add to the bins in the Fellowship Hall (or donate
hallway near the bell. This year the dates are Au-               $$$ for items)
gust 1-30. Please take a copy. As well as a prayer
guide, it contains a lot of helpful information about
Islam.                                                  If you‘d like to donate items, please follow the lists
                                                        School Kit: pair of blunt scissors, 70 count spiral
Connecting to the Church on the Web                     notebooks, 12‖ ruler, hand held pencil sharpener,
WEB SITE: The church‘s website,                         large eraser, NEW pencils with erasers, box of 24, has much useful information           crayons (ONLY 24!)
 including the current newsletter and church calen-
 dar.                                                   Hygiene Kit: hand towel (16‖ x 28‖), washcloth,
FACEBOOK: The church also has a group on                wide tooth comb, nail clipper, bar of soap (bath size
 Facebook. If you look up ―United Presbyterian          in wrapper), toothbrush (in package) and band-aids.
 Church, Washington‖ you should find it.
EMAIL: Call the church office if we don‘t have
 your email so that you can get the newsletter sent
 to you and other important announcements.
PRAYER CHAIN: Maxine Martin hosts a prayer
 chain by sending emails of prayer concerns to
 anyone who would like to prayer for concerns of
 our church. To get on the prayer chain, e-mail

                                                        ‗Read and Feed‘ Book Club meets on the third
Spreading the Word – As you probably know               Thursday of each month at 11:45 in the church.
by now, our church‘s newsletter has gone elec-          Bring a sack lunch and enjoy discussing the book,
tronic. It is available on our web site                 Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin. The next meet-
( or by email to anyone who has         ing is Thursday, September 15.
given their address to the office. Anyone who still
wishes to receive the newsletter by ―snail‖ mail
simply has to notify the office or extras will be       Adult Social Fellowship will meet on Sun-
available on the information table in the fellowship    day, September 11, at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Bob
hall. We pray that we not only spread important
information to every home, but the Good News of         & Pat Johnson.
Christ as it comes alive amongst us.
Excerpts from an article by Mike Ferguson, a regu-     Worship and the Church Picnic                will be
lar contributor to the Presbyterian News Service and   held on Sunday, August 28, beginning at 10:30 a.m.
a reporter for the Muscatine Journal. Mike is a mem-   at the Lake Darling Lodge. Bring a dish to share for
ber of the Lone Tree, UP Church.                       the meal–tableware, meat and drinks provided. If
                                                       you‘d like a ride to Lake Darling, come to the
                                                       church parking lot at 9:45 a.m. Other activities and
Hands down, Mr. Methuselah was the crankiest man       games will be held in the afternoon. Bring your
at the Synod of Lakes and Prairies‘ Synod Lake held    lawn chair!
at Buena Vista University the end of July. The wise-
cracking, flannel-wearing latex puppet was given
voice by maybe the least-cranky person among the
625 in attendance, the Rev. Bob Wollenberg, our
pastor and Synod School‘s associate dean.

                                                       As the chair of the Stewardship Team, I
                                                       have been doing a lot of thinking and praying about
                                                       how God is at work in our congregation. I want to
                                                       share these thoughts with you:

               4—Frances Batterson                     God has slowly been changing my heart so that I no
                4—Martha Witthoft                      longer think of stewardship is just ―fundraising.‖ It
                  5—Marissa Gaal                       is about being faithful disciples and caring for all
                                                       that God has given us. Stewardship isn‘t just about
              6—Betty Beenblossom                      one part of our lives. It involves our whole being
              8—Peyton Cuddeback                       throughout all the stages of our lives. It requires a
                  11—Jerry Flory                       consideration of how our choices affect us and oth-
                 13—Phyllis Hardy                      ers in the world.
                13—Karen Murphy
                14—Vicki Brinning                      I have found it helpful to think of stewardship as ―a
               14—Megan Strabala                       grateful response to God‘s grace and goodness in
                19—Jim Cuddeback                       the world.‖ I can respond in many ways—certainly
                 21—Betty Gipple                       in using my material possession, but also in the way
                                                       I spend my time and use my talents. Every day I
                  21—Steve Liebe                       like to believe that God has come ‗divine appoint-
                   21—Nick Reed                        ment‖ for me—a person I‘m supposed to meet or a
              24—Lindsay Crawford                      need that I‘m supposed to act on. Stewardship is
                  26—Clay Easton                       how we listen and respond to what God is going
                27—Martha Chabal                       right now among all of us. — Jim Hanshaw
                 28—tom Bollman
                   29—Mary Case
               29—Maridee Woods
                 30—Abram Gady
                 30—Brett Johnson
                         KINGDOM KIDS                      About 30 wonderful ―angels‖ have signed
                                                           up so far to straighten, clean and keep things running
                          PRESCHOOL                        when we no longer have a paid custodian in Septem-
                         Brenda Miles, Director            ber. The Property Team has been hard at work orga-
                                                           nizing volunteers into small teams in charge of each
                                                           of the tasks. This is a great way to get to know the
                                                           ministries of our church and to be a good steward of
                                                           the gift of this building. If you would like to be a
The class for next year is filling up, but we still have   part of this work, call the office. We still need peo-
a few slots left. The program will continue to be          ple to clean, take out trash, shovel snow and all the
state funded. Registration paperwork is being distrib-     little things that help us be about God‘s work here in
uted, and we will have home visits in August. Meet         Washington.
the Class Night will be Thursday, September 1.
School begins on September 6.                              The following people have indicated a willingness to
                                                           help with custodial duties at the church starting in
                                                           September: JoAnn Torpey, Helen Thorne, Mary Sa-
                                                           forek, Steve Liebe, Marianne Hanshaw, Leland Sa-
                                                           forek, Jane Fehr, Randy Fehr, Holz girls, Melissa
                                                           Kaufman, Mary Atwood, Tanya Stalder, Joyce Letts,
                                                           Bev Young, Judy Moore, Krista Gall, Karen Trot-
                                                           man, Diana Henry, Clem Griffith, Dick Hendrickson,
                                                           Kathy Hunt, Mindi Reese, John Thorne, Jane Cudde-
                                                           back, Brenda Miles, Julie Zahs, Kevin Caldwell,
                                                           Tom Hunt, Jim Cuddeback, Tim Trotman, Bob Wol-
                                                           lenberg, Butch Zwicki, Tyler Rees, Dale Torpey,
                                                           David Bruns, Billie Bruns, Tork Whisler, Joe
                                                           McConnell, Marde McConnell, Linda Boston, Jacob
                                                           Thorius, Geoffrey K.

                                                           If we have omitted your name or
                                                           you would like to have your
                                                           name added to the list, please
                                                           contact the church office. Please
                                                           include your name, telephone
                                                           number, and e-mail address. Also
Listen up all JAM Kids and Jammers!                        indicate tasks that you would be
We will start meeting on September the 14th after          willing to help with. We will be
school. All first through third graders will be picked     contacting all of the volunteers in
up after school with the church vans. All fourth           the next few weeks to set up work teams.
through sixth graders will be invited to walk over to              —The Property Team
the church after school.

We have great snacks, games, music and a program
about kids and mission all over the world lined up
for you. During this school year there will be early
dismissal from school every other Wednesday. We
will meet on the days when there is no early dis-          One Day Conference
missal. We will send home a note with the dates            On Saturday September 17 , The Iowa Religious
that we meet and we are also asking all kids to sign a     Media Services (Karen Trotman is on the board) is
registration sheet so we can get parent contact infor-     sponsoring a one day conference called, ―Re: Im-
mation for telephone, email or text reminders.             age.‖ Karen, Butch and Bob will be traveling to Des
                                                           Moines that day to attend and would love to have
The registration sheets will be available on Sunday        others come along. The Keynote speaker is Rev.
September 4th and 11th in the Fellowship Hall and          Paul Nixon who wrote a book called, ―I Refuse to
September 14th in the church parking lot.                  Lead a Dying Church.‖ He talks about how to rein-
                                                           vigorate the spiritual lives of congregations. There
We look forward to seeing you all very soon!               will also be a variety of workshops that are of inter-
                                                           est to anyone. If you would like to come, call the
                                                           church office.
Bob, Jean, Butch, Brenda, April and Jane
The 9:00 – 10:15 Sunday School hour provides
classes for all ages under 1 to over 100! We know       **Our congregation is blessed with 5 different adult
that we have just the right class for you!              education classes every Sunday morning. Each one
                                                        offers a chance for good discussion and spiritual
** Small children will attend the nursery Sunday        growth. Please feel free to visit several to find the
School class for 2 and 3 year olds taught by Ann        one that fits you the best!!
Moore, Judy Moore and Heather Anderson.
                                                        Library Class – This group of friendly adults meets
**Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will       in the library and is led by Bob Wollenberg.
meet in our Pre-school room for class. They will be
taught by Barb Schreur and Carolyn Bollman.             Inquiry Class continues to meet in the lounge and use
                                                        the Standard Sunday School Quarterly as a basis for
**Children in grades 1 – 6 will attend Son City, the    a weekly Bible discussion. The class shares the lead-
Sunday School town which provides experiential          ership.
learning through the Workshop Rotation Model. The
children will learn through video, song, drama, read-   The Soul Searchers Class, which meets in the Fel-
ing, art, games, maps, cooking, wood working and        lowship Hall classroom, will be using the Wired
science experiments. The 9 unite this year include:     Word, a current event weekly study that stimulates
Creation, Moses, Psalm 100, Christmas, Saul to          great discussion. This class is led by Lynn Loula.
Paul, Esther, Easter, the Prodigal Son and Pentecost.
                                                        The Pathfinder Class, meets in the chapel and has a
City guides and officials this year are:                wide variety of study topics. It is taught by Karen
Erin Smith, Pam Holz, and Tracy Strabala - City         Trotman and Bill Pim.
Kathy Knutson – Banker and Census Taker                 Our Family of Faith class, meeting in the Promise
Julie See, Krista Gaal, Julie Zahs, Jane Cuddeback,     Park downstairs, will continue great discussion and
Karen Trotman – SC Council.                             challenging lessons on faith growth, marriage and
                                                        child raising. If you are a young adult – give it a try!
**Students in 7th and 8th grade will meet in the Back
Alley with David and Billie Bruns and Kim Miller.
                                                        Make attending a Sunday School Class a family
**The Rat Pack, our confirmation class for all stu-     priority! Along with meeting others of this church
dents in 9th and 10th grade, will be taught by Bob      family, you will find great opportunities to increase
Wollenberg, Karen Trotman, and Sandy Dunlap             your knowledge and thoughts about what God has to
This group will be meeting on Sunday afternoons         say to you in 2011 and 2012.
and the students will be attending the High School
Sunday School class on Sunday mornings.

**Senior High Youth will find a great Sunday
School class in the youth room led by Krista Gaal
and Tork & Tricia Whisler.

                                                        The Deacons would like to thank the following
                                                        persons for going to Camp Reece on Tuesday, July
                                                        26, for the evening to give the counselors a break.
                                                        Those who attended include Kevin Caldwell, Judy
                                                        Moore, Wayne Brock, CJ Griffith, Jim & Jane Cud-
                                                        deback, Joe & Marde McConnell and granddaughters
                                                        Ellie & Maisie Martinez and Gary & Karen Murphy.
                                                        Thank you also to the following Deacons who baked
                                                        cookies: Ethel Moothart, Sandy Dunlap and Ericka
CREW 79 Meets every other Sunday 4:00 –             Tuesday Morning Moms group will begin
5:30 in the Youth Room.                             meeting once again on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of
                                                    each month. Starting on the 13th of September, this
Sept. 11th   Kick off Event 4 – 6 PM                fun group of young mothers will meet in the church
                                                    library from 9:00 – 11:00 am and will begin a study
Sept. 25th Drive – In Diner 4 – 6 PM                of a book by Cheri Fuller, The Mom You Were
                                                    Meant to Be. Please feel free to call April Cudde-
                                                    back at 591-0859 if you‘d like more
INSIDE OUT          Meets every Sunday 6:30 –       information.
8:30 in the Youth Room

Aug. 26th , Sept. 9th , and 23rd ~ Pre-Game Tail-   We are looking for a cou-
gating at Jake‘s Place!!                            ple of women who would
                                                    be willing to babysit sev-
Sept. 11th   Kick off Meeting                       eral children so the moms
                                                    can take part in this won-
Sept. 18th Regular Meeting
                                                    derful opportunity! Please
Sept. 25th Climbing Experience, 3:15 p.m.           call Karen Trotman at the
Details coming!                                     office if you are willing to
                                                    serve the church in this way.

                                                    Parent Meeting         - Sunday, Sept. 11, 6:00 PM
                                                    All parents of teens in one of the youth groups (Crew
                                                    79 & Inside Out) are encouraged to attend this very
                                                    important meeting. Lots of info will be shared
                                                    and ?? answered.

                                                    Mt. Pleasant Presbyterians
Wednesday, August 24                                Every fall, the Presbyterian Church in Mount Pleas-
 8:30 a.m. Staff Meeting                            ant sponsors a prominent Christian scholar to come
 7:00 p.m. Adult Mission Trip                       and give a talk. This year, The Rev. Nanette Sawyer
           Meeting                                  will come on Saturday October 1st to speak on,
                                                    ―Discovering the Hidden Spiritual Power of Hospi-
Thursday, August 25                                 tality.‖ If you would like to attend, please call the
 9:30 a.m. PW Coordinating Team                     church office. Bob will be traveling to this event and
Friday, August 26                                   would be glad to bring others.
 6:00 a.m. Men‘s Breakfast/Study Group
 6:00 p.m. Choir Workshop

Saturday, August 27
 8:30 a.m. Choir Workshop
 2:00 p.m. Farewell Reception for Miranda See,
           until 4 p.m.

Sunday, August 28
 10:30 a.m. Worship & Church Potluck (see arti-
                                                         At first, the massive rocks and canyons that make
Sunday Morning, Sept. 11th , will be a spe-              up the terrain of Utah give an impression of perma-
cial day as we kick off our new Sunday School year!      nence – symbols of immoveable consistency. But a
                                                         deeper look actually gives just the opposite impres-
On that morning during the worship service, we will      sion – of how everything is always in motion. The
be recognizing those children who learned their          Grand Canyon itself is a demonstration of constant
memory verses last year and will be receiving their      movement. The Colorado River is still, to this day,
plaques. Bibles will be given to this year‘s 3rd grad-   carving the rocks at the rate of about the thickness
                                                         of a piece of paper every year. The layered rock
ers and the ‗Rat Pack‘ ~confirmation class will be       formations give testimony to a tumultuous history
introduced. Join us for this very special day in the     of upheaval, sedimentation and erosion. The land
life of this church family!                              never sits still. Hiking up one trail, I was amazed to
                                                         read the trail-marker which explained that the rocks
                                                         we were standing on had, at one time, been located
                                                         near the equator. They had, over the eons, moved
                        CREW 79‘s 7th                    to their present location in the southwestern United
                                                         States. Such radical movement of seemingly im-
                        Annual ‗DRIVE~IN‘                moveable objects is almost too much to compre-
                                                         hend and gives new meaning to the Biblical idea
                        Come for supper on               that faith can ―move mountains.‖
                        September 25th!!
                                                         From the vantage point of our short life-times we
                                                         often become frustrated and impatient when things
                                                         seem to change so slowly. Within the seemingly
Our parking lot will become Washington‘s fund rais-      permanent structures of the church sometimes we
ing drive-in. Crew 79 youth will be taking your or-      wish that God would simply make things happen in
ders, grilling your food, and serving you in your car    an instant. But perhaps God‘s Spirit works like the
~ all with a smile! Come and enjoy a hot dog or a        powerful Colorado River whose steady presence,
                                                         over time, creates masterpieces that last through the
burger basket with all the trimmings for only $5.        ages. God is at work in us over a lifetime and at
each or $20 for a family. Plan now to ‗Drive-In‘!        work among all of humanity in a lifetime of life-
Serving will be from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.                     times. Christians might benefit from the same kind
                                                         of long-view of the Spirit that geologists give to our
                                                         perception of mountains.

                                                         We need patience, not because God is slow to get
                                                         moving, but in order to perceive the wisdom in the
                                                         deep movement of the Spirit. Psalm 27 says, ―Wait
                                                         for the Lord. Be strong and let your heart take
                                                         courage. Wait for the Lord.‖ Even when it seems
The Search Committee for the Director of                 like God is sitting around doing nothing, trust the
Youth Ministry has read over a dozen resumes and         powerful persistence of God Spirit which is always
has conducted several phone and personal inter-          in motion creating masterpieces.
views. Please continue to be in prayer for this im-
portant group in our church which includes: Tanya        May the Peace of Christ Dwell Deeply in You,
Stalder, Tyler Rees, Barb Schreur, Jacob Thorius,        Bob
Pam Holz, Megan Schiebel, Dale Spencer, Katie
McCall, Garth Rustan, and Brenda Miles.
Our fall season is approaching quickly now, so this is a great time to post opportunities for all in our Music
and Arts Ministry. This is a list of ministries, opportunities and times. If you would like to be a part of one or
more of these ministries, please contact Butch in the church office, email or text

Chancel Choir
Fall Music Workshop
Friday       Aug 26 6:00 p.m.         Potluck Dinner
                    7:00 p.m.         Fall Music Session I
Saturday     Aug 27 8:30 a.m.         Continental Breakfast
                    9:00 a.m.         Fall Music Session II

Regular Choir Rehearsals Resume
Wednesday Aug 31 7-8:30 p.m. Rehearsal Room

Handbell Choir
Regular Wednesday rehearsals resume
Wednesday Aug 31 5:30 p.m.        Sanctuary

Worship Band
Regular Rehearsals Continue
Thursdays            4:30 p.m.        Sanctuary

Wind Ensemble
Monthly participation in worship begins. (For future dates, contact Butch)
Sunday                Sept 11       9:30 a.m.       Warm-up        Sanctuary
                       10:30 a.m.   Worship         Sanctuary

Youth Band (Crew 79 and Inside Out)
Regular Rehearsals resume
Sunday                Sept 11    5:30 p.m. Rehearsal Room (Crew 79 musicians join us at 6:00)
Drama Ministry NEW THIS FALL                               Festival of Arts 2012 - Our second annual Festival
Monthly participation in worship begins this fall. If      of Arts will be held in January 2012. The theme for
you are interested in being a part of this new and im-     this interdisciplinary arts event will be announced in
portant ministry, please contact Butch or Lynn             our next newsletter. Whatever artistic discipline you
Loula. Watch closely for more information.                 choose will be a great addition to this month-long
                                                           arts celebration. Please plan now to share your crea-
Photography Event NEW THIS FALL                            tions with our congregation in January.
November 13, photographers in our congregation
have the opportunity to present a photography gal-         Scrapbooking / Card making - If you enjoy work-
lery in the sanctuary during worship. The title of the     ing in either scrapbooking or card making, please
event is ―In Living Color‖. The focus of this event is     contact Butch on the church office. There are possi-
a celebration of God‘s creation during the height of       bilities for events and ministries using these skills
our beautiful fall colors. Photos may be submitted         and passions here at UP Church. Please contact
beginning October 25 through Nov 9. If you use a           Butch soon!
digital camera, beyond entering a physical photo-
graph, please consider also entering your photograph       Prayer - As you read the lines above which list and
on a thumb drive or through email attachment.              describe ministries, events and activities, we hope
Many of these digital photos will be displayed on the      you are stirred to participate in worshiping through
screens during worship as well. Let‘s celebrate            the arts in one way or another at UP Church. There
God‘s creation in living color this fall by capturing      are many arts opportunities within our congregation
the beauty of His handiwork and sharing it with our        where you‘ll be able to really connect with others
congregation on November 13.                               and contribute to something much bigger than we are
                                                           individually. We feel God is moving in this minis-
                                                           try, and we covet your continued prayers. Please
                                                           pray that our ministry would be vibrant, connective,
                                                           and inspired as we strive to create worshipful and life
                                                           -changing moments with Christ and with each other.
                                                           Thank you.

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