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									  THE STULLER                  winter
  STANDARD                     2011

                think big!
        Contemporary metals debut
navigating the new world of jewelry
  valentine’s day eye Candy… & more
(re)settingthestandard                                          Contents
if you’ve missed us, we’ve been getting a
                                                                 3 from matt’s perspective
makeover. we hope you’ll like the changes                           the challenge of change
we’ve made to the standard, which you can
now expect several times a year. we’ll still                     4 news & notes
bring you up to date on products, services and                      Countersketch studio™ 2.0; ja member perks;
                                                                    customization gets a magazine of its own
stuller news but hopefully in a brighter, easier-
to-navigate format. it’s important that our                      6 reinventing romance
messages to you, our invaluable partner, be as                      small treasures that keep you in the love biz well
focused and helpful as possible. we have great                      beyond valentine’s day
innovations and merchandise to share, but we
                                                                14 navigating the fast-Changing
also aim to amuse and inspire, and maybe get
you talking about the wider story of jewelry as
                                                                   world of jewelry
                                                                    new customers. new product. new technology.
it evolves. this is a work-in-progress and we’d                     new selling. we break it down for you, with great tips
love to hear your ideas for future issues. write                    and lots of encouragement
to us at
                                                                22 style trend: mixmatchables
                                                                    a cozy clash of jewelry on the neck, wrist and fingers

                                                                24 the bold & the beautiful
                                                                    stuller unveils highlights of our new Contemporary
the stuller standard                                                metals jewelry Collection, including Ceramic Couture
             editor-in-Chief                 miriam werquin         and duratungsten™
               assoc. editor                     randi bourg
                  designers                      susan Kiefer   32 the dazzle is in the details
                                                 maria viator       show-stopping bridal rings
             photographers                    john rowland
                                               noelle white     36 a galaxy of gemstones
                                                                    Classics to never-before-seen
           photo associates                   robert lawson
                                           daniel maldonado
                                                                38 40 years young
          Consulting editor                         tim allis       talent and commitment aren’t everything—you’ve
                                                                    got to laugh a little too
                                stuller marketing
         executive director                     Kerry hand
         marketing director                   ashley brown      40 face of stuller
        production director                 shannon guidry          galina stoudenkina pencils her passion for life into
                                                                    every piece of jewelry she designs

                  the tale of the baffled bride cartoon is by   43 product information
                  stuller design associate michael bartlett.

                                                                                                        pricing is based on $1,350 gold,
                                                                                                        $1,700 platinum, $25 silver and
                                                                                                        indicated. gemstone codes and
                                                                                                        additional product information
                                                                                                        available at product

2   |   the stuller standard
i think i would have really enjoyed living in the era of the
industrial revolution because of my love of manufacturing.
it fascinates me. now history is in the throes of another
revolution, this one tied to technological innovations, and i
don’t want to miss it. i don’t want you to miss it either. i
want us to use it, together, to its fullest. i passionately believe
it can provide hugely successful results.

this requires not just changes per se but a belief in
change itself. in our lives and businesses we
are constantly confronting change. do we
fight it, or do we relish and embrace it?
it all depends on the attitude we develop, but
one thing is for sure: change is inevitable. i think
it’s also exciting.

here at stuller we plan to change not just for you, but with
you. our wish has always been to help make you heroes
to your customers. many of you have visited me here, or we
have talked at the shows, and you have expressed how factors as diverse as the rapid rise in the price of gold, in-
ternet competition, even how beads have become a major product category, have all put unusual demands on your
normal methods of doing business. i assure you we listen, and we have worked hard at adding new technologies to
allow us to work together in solving some of your burning issues, to help you serve your customers with the speed,
quality and efficiency they demand. this is change you can touch.

so, in step with the new look of the stuller standard, we are offering up some new thinking about change and how
understanding and embracing change in our businesses can take us to a whole new level as creative partners and
keep you heroes in the eyes of your valuable customers. in the story “navigating the new world of jewelry” (page
16) we put our ear to the ground for what you all are seeing and saying, and we hear a clear refrain: Change isn’t
coming, it’s here. happily, we’re in it together.

                             on the Cover: sizing                 it up
                             product information on page 43.

                                                                                       the stuller standard   |   3

left to right: 84693 posh mommy 3-stone Circle pendant, sterling silver, $109 | 84687 posh mommy mini dog tag pendant, sterling silver, $65 | 84689
posh mommy tall tag pendant, sterling silver, $85 | 84687 posh mommy mini dog tag pendant, 14kt yellow, $379 each | 84682 posh mommy mini
disc pendant, sterling silver, $69 each | 84665 posh mommy medium disc pendant, sterling silver, $79 each (bracelet sold separately)
all items set with imitation stones. visit for more details and more choices.

what’                                             Countersketch studio™ 2.0
• ournewKera™jewelrydesignerletscustomerssee
                                                                                                      along with strategic partner,
    howbeadswilllooktogetherbeforetheypurchasethem.                                                   gemvision®, we’re excited to                                                                    announce the launch of Counter-
                                                                                                      sketch studio 2.0 – the next
• whenpurchasingunsetgoods,younowgetlinksto                                                           generation of the revolutionary
    diamonds and gemstones to fit the settings. this                                                  custom design system. the new
    featurewaspreviouslyonlyavailableforitemssetby                                                    version represents the easiest and
    stuller studio™.                                                                                  most cost-effective way for jewelers
                                                                                                      to implement virtual inventory in
• whenchoosingagemstoneforyourcustomer’ssetting,                   your stores; design and sell custom jewelry; and enjoy speedy delivery
    you can now select not only the shape but also the             in 6-8 business days. updated features include:
    specific stone size.
                                                                   • expanded starting point inventory (spi): the spi now features
• our new 3-day shipping option is available!                        more than 2,000 stylish ring designs, as well as pendants and
                                                                     men’s rings.
                                                                   • matching wedding bands: we have added optional wedding bands to
                                                                     many of the bridal rings found in Countersketch 2.0. when an engage-                                                ment ring is customized, the matching band automatically adjusts to
                                                                     the changes.

                                                                   • customized catalogs: jewelers now have the option to create, manage
                                                                     and print custom catalogs directly from the program.

                                                                   we were recently delighted to learn that the original Countersketch
                                                                   studio was a recipient of the 2010 mjsa thinking ahead award. this
                                                                   recognizes tools, equipment and supplies that are making a difference
                                                                   in the way jewelry is being designed, made and sold. learn more about
                                                                   Countersketch 2.0 at

4   |   the stuller standard
the power of 10
                                                                                                                                                                                               news                 & notes
interactive marketing and more.

“you have an incredible team here. you have
 a wonderful mix of passion, knowledge,
preparedness, friendliness and professional                                                                                                                   Color flash
   courtesy, and all of these things are
        epitomized by this event.”                                                                                                                            there’s pure pink. and pow pink. but we love the new
                 —del Cook, especially jewelry, independence, mo
                                                                                                                                                              pink in town: a paler, softer, more translucent pink,
                                                                                                                                                                             like the watery pink of this checker-
                                                                   Conference dates                                                                                             board rose quartz ring at right and the
                                                       april 11-13                                             august 15-17                                                      pink pizzazz of the morganite ring at left.
                                                       april 18-20                                             august 22-24                                                      emerging variations run the spectrum from vivid to
                                                           may 16-18                                           september 12-14                                                   nearly nude. it’s a fresh counterpoint to winter darks
                                                                                                                                                                               and neutrals, and it moves effortlessly into any spring
                                                       june 27-29                                              september 19-21
                                                                                                                                                                            look. if we say any more it might start blushing.
                                                           july 11-13                                          september 26-28

formoreinformationandtosignup,contactourpremier                                                                                                               left: 68161 genuine morganite & diamond ring, 8mm, .025 ct tw, 14kt rose, 253, 251,
                                                                                                                                                              $1,505 | right: 68160 genuine rose Quartz Checkerboard ring, 16mm x 10mm,
                                                                                                                                                              sterling silver, $119.

mjsa welcomes Custom-designing retailers
MJSA CD Sept10_FINAL_mjsa_CD 9/20/10 4:03 PM Page 1

                                                                                                                             VOL. 1, NO. 2
           Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making & Design

                                                                                                                                             do you have questions about the blossoming custom design movement? are you looking for
                                                                                                                                             trends, technical information, and marketing, sales, and pricing strategies as you develop this
             TIPS FROM
           THE TRENCHES
     Q: How do you ignite the crea-
                                                                The Taste Test
                                                                           How Lee Krombholz jumpstarts the process
                                                                                                                                             profitable new way of doing business?
     tive process, either for yourself or
     your customer, and get the design                                        of discovering a client’s design preferences
     ideas flowing?                                                                                                            SEE PAGE 6

     Lisa Krikawa (Krikawa Jewelry Designs, Tuc-
     son, Arizona): One of the ways we help cus-
                                                                                                                                             mjsa, the u.s. trade association for jewelry makers and designers, has introduced the new
     tomers get inspired is by taking them directly to

                                                                                                                                             mjsa Custom design magazine. sponsored by stuller, this quarterly publication is free to
     visit our newly designed website. There we have
     a variety of categories of rings we’ve designed.                                 Contemporary
     Clients might see a certain metal embellishment
     or finish, for example, and ask us to do something
                                   similar. They might

                                                                                                                                             members and available to non-members for $19.95 a year at the mjsa bookstore at
                                   see our section on
                                   Chinese characters,                                                          Eclectic
                                   astrological or musi-
                                   cal symbols, or tat-
     too-inspired imagery, and it might spur them to
     think of a design motif that represents a symbol

                                                                                                                                             when you join the association, you also gain access to other mjsa benefits, including
     [that’s] important in their lives, which could be
     totally unrelated to our examples! The idea is to
     set off a spark, from which a design will grow.
                                                                                                                           Modern Antique
     Greg Stopka (Jewelsmiths, Pleasant Hill and
     San Ramon, California): In my design area, I
     showcase designs that will probably never sell;
                                     continued on page 3
                                                                                                                                             Custom design info packages and Customized research. the association also offers benefits
        MJSA Would Like to Thank
       the Custom Design Sponsor
                                                                                                                           Period            such as a consumer credit card program and discounts on shipping, jewelry making books,
                                                                                                                                             and premier supplies and services through their buyer’s link. to learn more, visit
          Please see our ad on the back page.                     Trendy

                                                                                                                                                                                                       the stuller standard    |   5
These innovative and attainable
      heart-stoppers say ‘be mine’
 whether it’s Valentine’s Day
          or any day


hung up on you. pendants with charm—and charms! gold
mesh butterflies light enough to fly. rings with zing and more.

a. 67873 diamond heart necklace, 1/2 ct tw, 14kt white/14kt
rose, 33, 17", $3,379 | b. 67154 diamond hoop earrings, 1/10 ct
tw, 14kt yellow, 30, $509 per pair | C. 66125 Cubic Zirconia
hoop earrings, sterling silver, 8, $89 per pair | d. 84893 wire       b
heart necklace & 18" cable chain with 2" extender, 14kt yellow,
$339 | e. 68172 genuine abalone doublet with white Quartz
Checkerboard top ring, 24mm x 10mm, sterling silver, 254, 255,
$129 | f. 84897 wire butterfly necklace & 18" cable chain with
2" extender, 14kt yellow, $315 | g. 84892 wire star necklace &
18" cable chain with 2" extender, 14kt yellow, $339 | h. 68161
genuine morganite & diamond ring, 8mm, .025 ct tw, 14kt
rose, 253, 251, $1,505



        e       h
                             When it comes to Valentine’s Day
                                            pretty is what it’s about…






forget Chocolate. delicious talismans of love and affection range from simple silver heart bracelets to dazzling diamond necklaces.

a. 66122 Cubic Zirconia heart earrings, sterling silver, 8, $89 per pair | b. 67680 diamond initial necklace, K, 1/6 ct tw, sterling silver, 239,
18", $245. mounting #84568 | C. 63763 Cubic Zirconia earrings, 4mm, 14kt white, 8, $175 per pair. Component #22721 | d. 67806
genuine rose Quartz ring, 16mm x 12mm, sterling silver, 204, $245 | e. 68025 genuine amethyst heart with fleur-de-lis design pendant,
13mm x 13mm, sterling silver, 43, $1,649. (shown on Ch12) | f. brC644 triple bangle bracelet with heart Charm, sterling silver, 8" $195

8   |   the stuller standard
                  mementos with meaning. for gifts of comfort and hope,
                      deborah birdoes’ inspirational blessings™ Collection
                  addresses friendship, loss and love in a variety of motifs.

               g. r410018 my treasured friend necklace, 27.5mm x 18.7mm,
              sterling silver, 18", $79 | h. r41693 Cherish necklace, 38.75mm
             x 20.25mm, sterling silver, 197, 18", $75 | j. r42258 embraced by
            the heart™ Couples embrace necklace, 24.3mm x 20mm, sterling
                silver, 18", $75 | K. r410023 the family Key of love necklace,
                                        40mm x 17mm, sterling silver, 8, 18", $89





                               the stuller standard     |   9






perfect matches. Keys. hearts. don’t make us spell it out.

a. 84894 diamond Key necklace with cable chain, 14kt yellow, 251, 18", $429 | b. 67991 diamond
heart leverback earrings, .02 ct tw, sterling silver, 239, $99 per pair | C. 67990 diamond heart
necklace, .005 ct, sterling silver, 239, 18", $55 | d. 67716 freshwater Cultured pearl & diamond
earrings, 5mm-5.9mm, .02 ct tw, 14kt yellow, 39, 239, $95 | e. 66879 genuine brazilian garnet
& diamond heart pendant, .06 ct tw, 14kt white, 104, 33, $499. (shown on Ch12) | f. 66885
genuine brazilian garnet & diamond heart earrings, .08 ct tw, 14kt white, 104, 33, $755 per pair

10   | the stuller standard
             …but a little dazzle doesn’t hurt either.



          who Can resist? going for the ‘wow’ just got easier.

 g. 67136 diamond heart earrings, 1/5 ct tw, 14kt white, 33, $505
  per pair. mounting #84409 | h. 67758 genuine pink sapphire                                   j
       bow necklace, 14kt white, 70, 16", $485. mounting #84158
    j. 67759 genuine ruby heart necklace, 14kt yellow, 102, 16",          g
     $579. mounting #84154 | K. 67071 diamond skeleton Key
 necklace, 1/8 ct tw, 14kt white, 33, 161/2", $395. mounting #84403
l. 66418 diamond Cluster earrings, 3/8 ct tw, 14kt white, 33, $769
    per pair. mounting #24089 | m. brC277 Cable bracelet with
     heart, 5.75mm, sterling silver, 8", $109 | n. 65666 genuine
 amethyst heart & diamond ring, 12mm x 12mm, 1/6 ct tw, 14kt
   white, 43, 33, $989 | p. 66229 diamond earrings, 1/4 ct tw, 14kt
                      white, 33, $509 per pair. Component #23578.



                                                                             the stuller standard   |   11
                                          Offer your customers one-stop-shopping
                                                           Valentine’s Day ease. After he or
                                                                she decides on a gift, you’ve
                                                  got the beautiful box—even the roses.







12   | the stuller standard

                    K                                      l

                                    small things come in good packaging.
                             a. 61-7153 Cherrywood flap earring box, $7.36
                                b. 67026 Created moissanite antique square
                                 earrings, 6mm, 2 ct tw diamond equivalent,
                              14kt white, 1, $1,265 per pair | C. 61-9010 red
                                  magnetic ring box, $5.78 | d. 84708 heart
                            Key locket, 46.5mm x 15mm, sterling silver, $45
                                ("you hold the key to my heart" engraved on
                               back) | e. 61-0555 small white out standard
                               mod rectangle bag (10pk), $11.95 | f. 67346
                              diamond Cuff bracelet, 3/8 ct tw, sterling silver,
                                   33, $1,145 | g. 61-1024 deep red bangle/
                                                             watch box, $2.45

                                    whether he wants to adorn her finger,
                                       wrist or ears, we've got it covered.

            p                  h. 67922 genuine rose de france amethyst
                              ring, 20mm x 20mm, sterling silver, 252, $499
                                 j. 67410 diamond tennis bracelet, 1 ct tw,
                             14kt white, 33, 71/4", $2,655. mounting #brC435
                                 K. 67412 diamond tennis bracelet, 3 ct tw,
                             14kt white, 33, 71/4", $6,415. mounting #brC440
                                 l. 61378 diamond hoop earrings, 1/2 ct tw,
                                              14kt white, 110, $1,315 per pair

                                                      24 Karat flower power.

                                    m. 61-9149 lacquered white rose with
                                  gold trim, $39.50 | n. 61-9142 lacquered
                                         orange rose with gold trim, $39.50
                                     p. 61-9146 lacquered Cream rose with
                                   gold trim, $39.50 Q. 61-9148 lacquered
Q                                         yellow rose with gold trim, $39.50
                                             r. 61-9147 lacquered pink rose
                                                      with gold trim, $39.50

                                      Dig deeper into the treasure chest of
                        r        romance and family jewelry at

                             the stuller standard     |   13
                                                    the new Customer

                                                      it starts with generation Click. millennials are changing every aspect of the industry
                                                      from their brash styles to their shop-til-you-drop energy. despite economic and job-
                                                      hunting challenges, this new generation oozes confidence. they know what they want,
                                                      and they will do the leg work—make that finger work—to research potential purchases
                                                      online. “older consumers visit several stores to comparison shop,” says industry guru
                                                      david gellar of jeweler profit in atlanta, georgia. “the current generation researches
                                                      purchases online at 15 to 20 sites and enters only one or two stores.” jerry northcutt of
                                                      artisan jewelry in sharpsburg, georgia, sees it all the time. “Customers come in and
                                                      say, ‘i want a half carat,’ or name the color, cut, clarity, and say ‘what’s your price?’ ”

                                                      “most millennials are coming in ready to purchase,” concurs doug meadows of david
                                                      douglas diamonds and jewelry in marietta, georgia. “we have to be ready for them.”

                                   Customers today need to be put at ease. “i want
                             them to feel like they’re walking into my living room.
                                                  i want them to feel at home.”
                                                      – doug meadows, david douglas diamonds & jewelry

                                                      based on conversations with jewelers across the country, Claudia evans Zale, director
                                                      of premier services at stuller, notes that “not only is today’s consumer more educated
in today’s world, some customers bring the            as a result of their exposure to modern communication venues, they expect technology
jewelry to the jeweler. they’ll come in with
pictures on cell phones or links to something
                                                      to be incorporated into the sale process.” wow them not just with good ol’ customer
they’ve seen online. an iphone enthusiast (below)     service but with the language they speak—virtual inventory, interactive displays, ipads
has already done her homework with stuller’s          and the like, and custom design programs like Countersketch studio™ (the closest thing
live diamond try on app.
                                                      we’ve got to a jewelry-making video game). and to the Clicksters, speed is everything.
                                                      says Zale: “Quick customer service will be a key to increasing sales within this base.”

                                                      beyond all that, this new crop brings a social and ecological consciousness to the
                                                      table, so be prepared to demonstrate that you too have evolved. websites such as
                                             (jewelers of america–ja) and (world gold Council) can loop you
                                                      in. “Consumers will reward or punish jewelers based on their social and environmental
                                                      performance,” says ja’s david peters. “the jeweler has to ask ‘am i a good citizen?’”

                                                      but before we cede all power to the 20- and 30-somethings, keep this in mind: new
                                                      technology and innovative sales models are affecting everybody across the spectrum.
                                                      grandma surfs too. all of your potential customers except for the stodgiest of the
                                                      stodgy are being exposed to internet info (good and bad) and expect to see a wide array
                                                      of options at competitive price points. so, in that sense, the new customer knows no
                                                      age. the new customer is every customer.

16   | the stuller standard
                                                                                  to tweet or not to tweet?
                                                                                  how to deploy social networking
                                                                                  and grow your business
                                                                        YOU ARE   the early bird we have no problem with,
                                                                         HERE     but the tweety bird that just tweets and
                                                                                  tweets about each little bit of minutia?
                                                                                  pass the bb gun. social media, an
                                                                                  irrefutable force in the culture, is still
                                                                                  a head-scratcher. sure, it’s great to
                                                                                  reach new clients, especially those in
                                                                                  generation Click, great to send instant
                                                                                  updates about your business, get free
                                                                                  advertising and feel pretty hip. but—
                                                 there’s never been               what’s the real yield?
                                          such a wide range of new
                                       products and many of them                  “the key point is that all of your social
                                           pack a lot of punch—like               media programs—facebook, twitter,
                                        this dramatic smoky quartz                youtube, and others—should drive people
                                         ring—at a very customer–
                                                                                  to the landing page on your website
                                               friendly price–point.
                                                                                  where you can convert them from tire
                                           67937 genuine smoky                    kickers (prospects) to paying customers,”
                                      Quartz ring, 28mm x 16mm,                   advised jamie turner, author of how to
                                           sterling silver, 126, $355             make money with social media, in a post
                                                                                  you know the basics: facebook lets you
                                                                                  interact with customers through posts.
                                                                                  twitter sends alerts in 140 characters or
                                                                                  less. linkedin is an online professional
the new merChandise                                                               directory, a business twist on facebook
                                                                                  basically. use your profile on all three
                                                                                  to promote your business and give
                                                                                  highlights of what’s new. Content
   jewelers are seeing their customers embrace new realms                         might include:
   of product. the unique and the unconventional are moving                       • exciting new products
   mainstream. things like south american quartz (way lighter than                • in-store events, such as a sale
   it looks), innovative metals and cause-inspired jewelry have real              • fashion updates, fun trivia, community
   legs now. materials once foreign to jewelry such as wood, leather,               news, quote of the week, etc.
   rubber and carbon fiber are pairing up with white and yellow
   karat gold, giving these precious metals an updated flair. and
   grooms are leaning toward non-precious metals like tungsten,
   titanium and stainless steel to seal their nuptials. “people pre-
   sume millennials purchase contemporary metal jewelry because
   of the low price point, and i think that’s a factor, but it’s not the
   only one,” says meadows. “they want the cutting-edge style.”

   yet, today’s consumers are also putting value before flash, looking
   for pieces that will not only go with last friday’s new outfit, but
   can also last a lifetime. “they are interested in intrinsic value,”            a strong facebook page is essentially a
   says michael Clarke, stuller’s vp of finished jewelry. “as a result,           beautiful, free ad with a lot of pass-around.
   jewelers need to provide customers with a wide assortment
   that is not only accessibly priced but also satisfies their need for           make sure content ties back to your
   perceived lasting value.” luckily new “classics” such as beautiful             business. give the job of maintaining
                                                                                  social media to the person in your shop
   freshwater pearls come in all price points.
                                                                                  who understands it (sometimes that’s the
                                                                                  youngest one) but stay involved. it’s your
   stay on top of trends but look for quality. ask your suppliers                 name being blasted around the world.
   what they’re excited about. and don’t be afraid to gamble a bit.               finally, remember that just because you
   recommends gellar, “save 10% of your buying budget to splurge                  can hit ‘send’ 40 times in an hour doesn’t
   on pieces you wouldn’t normally buy. you never know what you                   mean you should. it’s not quantity that
   might discover.”                                                               counts but quality.
        the new teChnology

               technology has permeated every facet of our industry, includ-
               ing how pieces are created and experienced (virtually), as well
               as how your business is marketed. internalizing it can be a
               challenge, but it’s also your ace. at the most awe-inspiring
               level are the ever-evolving (that is, easier than ever) software
               and online resources, such as stuller’s in-store digital selling
               systems, the web-based browser system that allows jewelers
               to design jewelry with their customers by accessing and
               sorting through thousands of options, all in micro-seconds
               ( it effectively turns stuller’s vast in-
               ventory into your inventory and gives you an easy-to-navigate
               magic wand to hone—down to the last shank—a vague idea
               into a polished dream purchase.

               in marketing, some jewelers are putting a spotlight on their               at paul’s jewelers in lafayette, la, sales associate tom sonnier
               product through video monitors. northcutt uses one to show               finds that some customers really enjoy going beyond the cases
                                                                                   into a deeper inventory via the ipad. fun for them, effective for him.
               off pieces customers themselves have designed. “when they
               see that these are rings we’ve customized, their eyes light
               up. almost on a daily basis, a customer will go from thinking       then of course there’s your website, the first line of marketing.
               about purchasing something out-of-case to deciding to create        “jewelers should create a site that reflects the beauty and
               a custom piece. i don’t think anybody who comes in our store        sophistication of their product,” advises stuller web designer
               buys what he or she expected to buy.” another effective tool for    john rockweiler. “it’s an interactive business card. focus
               expanding your virtual jeweler’s case: the popular ipad. not        should be on showing a variety of product, updated regularly,
               only does this light, easy-to-toggle-with device allow you to       and easy, fun navigation.” some tips for running a site:
               display a huge quantity of product, by passing it to the customer
               to play with, you instantly get them engaged. generation Click      • it sounds like a big ‘duh’ but don’t forget to place contact
               expects this, and older customers are wowed.                          information including street and email addresses,
                                                                                     telephone and fax numbers front and center.
                                                                                   • give your history, biography, philosophy. run a staff picture.
                                                                                     let your store’s personality shine through.
                                                                                   • use professional images of merchandise and mix up the
                                                                                     scale: often a single, bold picture is more effective than a
                                                                                     grid of 20 teensies.
                                                                                   • include educational information, such as the four C’s
           stuller’s in-store                                                        of diamonds, and maybe a note about your store’s social
   digital selling systems                                                           responsibility policy. “educational information is the most
   give you all the best of
  our product under your                                                             important thing on my site,” says bob disinger, disinger
name. it’s jeweler-friendly,                                                         jewelers in jasper, indiana. “if i can get customers to learn
   customer-friendly, and
                                                                                     from me, it helps with gaining their trust.”
getting better all the time.
learn more at

      “with in-store digital selling systems, if we don’t have a piece
in stock, we can go to the web-based program and show our
               customer endless possibilities.”
                                                                                   – aaron Kilman, Kilman jewelers
18   | the stuller standard
                                                                                        jeweler tip:
                       YOU ARE
                                           “we like to change up our showcase
                                                  layout once a year. people memorize
                                            what’s where, so it’s good to surprise
                                          them. take a lesson from car dealers—you
                                             can’t leave the red ford sitting out front
the new selling
                                            week after week.” – jerry northcutt, artisan jewelers

   the very way in which jewelers engage customers          that need to touch is where prototypes come into play—life-like samples
   and sell merchandise is undergoing seismic shifts.       of live jewelry. where they lacked fans in the beginning, jewelers are
   as the advantages of virtual inventory become            quickly warming to them. stuller’s merchandising solution program of
   irrefutable—greatly reduced costs, vastly more           prototypes let consumers visualize a piece and feel attached to it. it is
   options—new tools are available to help jewelers         organized in dramatic and attractive groupings such as hoop earrings,
   stay competitive. beyond the depth-and-breadth           gemstone jewelry, line bracelets and family jewelry.
   of in-store digital selling systems is the even
   gee-whizzier customer-centric Countersketch
   studio™ from stuller. the design program puts the
   keys to the ferrari into the customers’ hands, letting
   them design their own jewelry from the bottom up,                                                                     Countersketch studio™
   changing anything from shank size to side stones                                                                      gives customers the
   and everything in between, and seeing life-like,                                                                      ultimate sense of
                                                                                                                         creativity, allowing
   3-d images of the product-in-progress materialize                                                                     them to essentially
   before their eyes. “we love Countersketch,” raves                                                                     design and build
   aaron Kilman of Kilman’s jewelry in port orange,                                                                      pieces in a virtual
                                                                                                                         world, seeing a
   florida. “within its first week at our store, a client                                                                remarkably life-like
   came in looking to design a piece for herself, and                                                                    image of what they’ll
                                                                                                                         have in their hands
   our staff was excited to use the new tool. the end
                                                                                                                         6-8 days later.
   result was a sale valued at $8,000. the possibilities
   seem endless, and we hear that it’s only going to
   get better.” (indeed it has: see Countersketch 2.0
   on page 4.)

   the interactive experience of Countersketch
   studio seduces even people who aren’t in the
   store to shop. “everyone comes in in pairs, so
   while my associate is showing the client options,
   i’ll invite her friend to play with Countersketch,”
   says northcutt. “we say ‘you take the mouse,’ and
   suddenly the person who’s not even there to shop
   is our new customer!” yet as dazzling as high-tech
   selling devices are, it bears keeping in mind that
   they’re enhancements, not an excuse to neglect
   time-tested truths. “nothing takes the place of
   taking a ring out of a case and showing a customer
   what it looks like, what it feels like,” says paul
   naomi, owner of paul’s jewelers in lafayette,
   louisiana (stuller’s hometown). “it’s an emotional
                                                                     a client’s greatest thrill: to see, feel and try on different pieces. you give
   experience, it’s passionate. the computers can’t            them that opportunity without overextending your buying budget by using
   duplicate that.”                                              stuller’s merchandising solution prototypes, in a large range of categories.

                                                                                               the stuller standard      |   19
                                                             The                         i’m a bride!
the new realities challenge owner and associates
alike to become more creative, to dig deeper into             ta l e
their selling mojo. one high-yielding avenue: add-
ons (the more tasteful the better). “try up-selling                of the
with more add-ons at the point of sale,” suggests
helena Krodel of jewelers of america. this could
include jewelry cleaning products, gift wrapping
services or occasion cards. think of the entire sales
experience as a storyline, from a customer’s first
glimmer of awareness of your business ‘til you sell
that 10-year anniversary pendant. it’s now about
becoming a narrator, a guide, and inviting them to
not only star in the story, but also to help write it too.
                                                               stuller’s integrated selling tools
                                                             ensure that your every answer is ‘yes’
Customer. merchandise. technology. selling. all in                                          the diamond’s great.
transition. so where does this leave you? front and                                          now what about…
center, as always, but now as proud custodian of
a jewelry store that may resemble your old store                                                      a setting?
(and maybe even your grandfather’s store) but is                                                    Coming right up!
discreetly retrofitted for the future and for profit. a
store without borders, where traditional barriers                                          i wish i could
between the jeweler and the customer melt away,                                              try one on.
where diamonds and gold and the classics mix
                                                                                                            right this way
agreeably with exciting new styles and materials. it’s
                                                                                                               my dear.
a place where live jewelry can cohabitate happily with
images of jewelry, and where images of jewelry can
be morphed and re-morphed into endless varieties,
all backed by a deep catalogue of product and service.
your little shop is now a portal to an infinitely wider
world. (Congratulations, you’re here.)

                                                                                                  oh wow, now i’m
                                                                                                     a jeweler!

                                                                                                      i was just
                                                                                                    thinking that.

                                                                                            one more thing.
                                                                                             the wedding’s
                                                                                            week after next.


20 | the stuller standard
                                                my boyfriend popped the question                                          boy do i
                                               and i get to choose the ring! i know                                     understand.
                      i’m a                  exactly what i want. a diamond. round.
                                            or maybe princess. maybe an emerald
                     wreck!               instead… do you think i’m more of
                                                an emerald?                                                            thank goodness

                                                                                                             stuller’s web-based in-store
                                                                                                                  digital selling systems
                                                                        i understand.                        scanstuller’slargeinventory,
                                                                                                                customer’s perfect piece.

doingawaywithmuchofthecostlyoverheadofliveinventory,prototypesystemssuchasstuller’smerchandisingsolutionletyoupresent         don’t tell me.
abroadassortmentofproducttoyourcustomers.thelife-likesamplesgivethemanear-matchideaofthelookandfeeloflivepieces.               show me.

                                          it’s great but it’s not
                                      exactly what i had in mind.
                                      i was imagining something
                                                more like…


                                                      ring—stones, settings, side stones, shank size—to their unique specs.

                                                                    i love my ring! i love you!
                                                           you do catering?


                                                                                                   the stuller standard   |   21
                                                                                               m t
                                                                                               i C
                                                                                               X h
                                                            as you wear your style guru hat



                                    s t yle                 customers:thisishowyouwearit;thisis
                                    tr end                  howyoumixit.thegoalisharmonious
                                                            chaos. it’slayering. juxtaposition.
                                                            surprise. so everybody pile on in.

 top to bottom: 68114 genuine sky blue topaz bangle bracelet, sterling silver/rhodium plated, 75, 8", $119 | 68111 genuine
amethyst bangle bracelet, sterling silver/rhodium plated, 43, 8", $129 | 68115 genuine Citrine bangle bracelet, sterling silver/
    rhodium plated, 48, 8", $135 | brC406 mesh bracelet, 21mm, 14kt yellow, 7", $4,769 | brC677 bracelet with toggle clasp,
  sterling silver, 8", $395 | 67892 genuine multi-gemstone bracelet, 3.5mm, sterling silver, 43, 48, 57, 61, 75, 71/4", $245 | Ch663
     basket weave Chain bracelet, 3mm, 14kt yellow, 71/4", $1,015 each | brC415 Cuff bracelet, 28.75mm, sterling silver, $365
               a. 66366 diamond ring, .06 ct tw, 14kt yellow, 110, $535 | b. 67335 diamond ring, 1/10 ct tw, 14kt white, 33, $785




                                       e                 f

                                                             g                 h


      C. 50539 bridal wedding band, 4.5mm, 14kt yellow, $515 | d. 65462 eternity anniversary band, 14kt white, $549 | e. 67918 genuine flourite ring,
   20mm x 15mm, sterling silver, 256, $375 | f. 67905 genuine amethyst ring, 18mm x 13mm, sterling silver, 43, $465 | g. 67924 genuine honey Quartz
ring, 16mm x 16mm, sterling silver, 181, $295 | h. 66949 genuine sky blue topaz Checkerboard & diamond ring, 1/2 ct tw, 18mm x 13mm, 14kt white, 75,
    110, $2,195 | j. 67962 bridal anniversary band, 14kt white, $915 | K. 67401 diamond ring, 1/3 ct tw, 14kt yellow, 33, $685 | l. 66360 freshwater dyed
      Chocolate Cultured pearl rope, 170, 72", $225 (no clasp) | m. Ch893 fancy link Chain, 16mm, 14kt yellow, 38", $2,195 | n. Ch892 fancy link Chain,
     14mm, 14kt yellow, 38", $2,865 | p. 67745 diamond heart Key pendant, 1/4 ct tw, sterling silver, 239, $425. mounting #84721 | Q. 84701 Key pendant,
       50.25mm x 12.75 mm, 14kt yellow, $539 | r. 84695 fashion Key pendant, 42.5mm x 14.5mm, sterling silver, $375 (key pendants shown on Ch445)
                                 the    bold   and

24 | the stuller standard
                                                              contemporary metals


  compromise: they’re where it’s at.

                                                             a mix of items from the amalfi™, Ceramic Couture™, duratungsten®
                                                        and men’s Collections. see page 43 for product information and pricing.

the              beautiful
 from duratungsten® and titanium to stainless steel and
ceramic, innovative engineering packs strength and style.

                                                                             the stuller standard    |   25
contemporary metals




              Ceramic Couture                     ™






              j                                               shinethatwilllastvirtuallyforever.theyfeelgreat.they
                                                              look great. and they’re like nothing else out there.
                            K           m

        a bright new style. a cool new feel.
        the breath of fresh air your customers are craving.

                                                              Ceramic Couture™ designs:

                                                              a. Cr007 polished beveled dome, $120
                                                              b. Cr001d band with three diamonds in 14kt
                                                                 gold bezel, .10 ct tw, $462
                                                              C. Cr0043 faceted band with tungsten inlay, $240
                                                              d. Cr0020 ridged band, $120
                                                              e. Cr022 band with sterling silver inlay, $240
                                                              f. Cr058 beveled band with tungsten inlay, $200
                                                              g. Cr006 polished faceted band, $120
                                                              h. Cr013 white band with 14kt gold inlay, $369
                                                              j. Cr005 polished faceted band, $120
                                                              K. Cr011 polished pink domed band, $120
                                                              l. Cr047 band with satin tungsten inlay, $240
                                                              m. Cr001d band with one diamond, .05 ct, in
                                                                 14kt gold bezel, $264
                                                              n. w078218 black Chronograph with rose gold-
                                                                 bonded ip Case, swiss isa8171 movement, date
                                                                 function, sapphire crystal, stainless steel clasp, $585
                                                              p. w1000 pink watch, swiss movement, date
                                                                 function, sapphire crystal, stainless steel clasp, $444
                                                     t        Q. w1013 white watch with Cubic Zirconia, date
                                                                 function, sapphire crystal, stainless steel clasp, $540
                                                              r. w1004 black Chronograph, japan os20 movement,
                                                                 date function, sapphire crystal, stainless steel
                                                                 clasp, $589
                                                              s. w1002 white Chronograph with Cubic Zirconia,
                                                                 japan os20 movement, date function, sapphire
                                                                 crystal, stainless steel clasp, $648
                                                              t. w8003 black watch with rose gold-bonded ip
                                                                 Case & Cubic Zirconia, japan vx42 movement,
                                                                 sapphire crystal, stainless steel clasp, $486

                                                                      the stuller standard     |   27
contemporary metals

                                                                               duratungsten                                                          ®

                                                                                                                the power within


                           b                                                           mostdurableandresilienttungstentodate.theseringsare
                           C                                                           really just one word for this stuff: cool.




            f                                                                                                        l



                                                                       j                                   m

duratungsten® designs:

a. tar008 beveled band with satin finish, $152 | b. tar369 band with black Ceramic inlay, $380 | C. tar463 black antiqued grooved band with 14kt
gold inlay, $354 | d. tar477 grooved satin & polished band, $180 | e. tar499 ridged band with bark-finish inlay, $180 | f. tar360 domed band with
black ip & gray laser stripes, $180 | g. tar362 beveled band with gold foil inlay, $180 | h. tar296 beveled band with sterling silver inlay, $200 | j.
tar252 ridged satin & polished band, $152 | K. tar382ds beveled band with .05 ct diamond, $270 | l. tar276 beveled band with black Carbon fiber,
$180 | m. tar393 ridged band with sterling silver inlay, 10mm, $260 | n. tar371 ridged band with gold-bonded ip, 6.3mm, $180.
(ip = immerse plating) visit for more details and more product choices.

28 | the stuller standard
a cheat chart                                                                       metallurgy mojo
                                                                                                                                what your metal
                     what is it?               Characteristics            Cool factor                fact & fiction             says about you

duratungsten         wolframite and            27% lighter than most      without tungsten,          fiction: if a tungsten     “i’m cutting edge,
                     scheelite team up to      tungsten bands.            we wouldn’t have the       band gets stuck, it’s      fashion-forward.”
                     form tungsten.            steel grey to light grey   filament in light bulbs.   impossible to remove.
                                               in color. scratch proof.                              fact: a revolutionary
                                                                                                     new ring cracker aims
                                                                                                     to make removal easy
                                                                                                     and fast.

titanium             the ‘space age’           immerse plating            it’s named after the       fiction: titanium is       “inner strength is fine,
                     metal is derived from     (ip) produces colors       titans, sons of the        new to the market.         but outer strength
                     mineral deposits rutile   from medium blue           earth goddess in           fact: titanium was         matters too.”
                     and ilmenite.             to bronze. Corrosion       greek mythology.           discovered in 1791 in
                                               resistant with a                                      england and has been
                                               lustrous finish.                                      used in various indus-
                                                                                                     tries ever since.

stainless steel      the steel alloy           shiny gray in color,       this 316l stainless        fiction: stainless steel   “iron man has nothing
                     carries at least 11%      lightweight and            is the same material       will never stain.          on me.”
                     chromium.                 hypoallergenic.            as the stent used in       fact: never is a strong
                                                                          medical applications.      word. eventually
                                                                          and it’s 100%              stainless steel can
                                                                          recyclable.                stain, but it takes a
                                                                                                     very long time.

Ceramic              an inorganic, non-        available in a variety     emerging star at the       fiction: Ceramic is        “i’m not just pretty,
                     metallic substance,       of colors from black       milan and tokyo            just for pottery and       i’m pretty cool.”
                     which is alternately      to pink. scratchproof,     fashion shows.             floor tiles.
                     heated & cooled.          lightweight,                                          fact: hi-tech ceramic
                                               hypo-allergenic,                                      is a widely popular
                                               heat resistant and                                    choice in jewelry.
                                               fade resistant.

  energy of youth:
  draw the next generation into your business now

   inthe‘60s,theywerefarout.todaythey’refarflung.young                      become a must-have category. “it’s not about price,
   womenandmen—we’retalkinglateteensthroughdeep                             it’s about choice,” says glenn miller, stuller’s vp of
   twenties(andnotignoringtheage-unspecifiedyoung-at-                              contemporary metals. “it’s about going against
   hearts)—currentlyhaveawide-ranging,anything-goesstyle                               the grain.”stuller’s got a big selection of pendants,
                  ethos.Creditmusicicons,sportsstars,                                    crosses,braceletsandringsthatwillgrabtheattentionof
                     evenrealitytv.or,maybeit’sjust                                      anyyoungercustomerinyourstoreorcheckingoutyour
                       thefearlessnessofyouthitself.                                   website.bytheway,they’renotexpectingyoutobesocool,
                       but they like a lot of different                              so the surprise alone is worth it.
                      looks, and they like them out there. bold.
                     unorthodox.the fact that these rebellious                           left: pja9006 stainless steel & Carbon fiber dog tag with
                                                                                             10kt gold Cast eagle, $162 | Center: pja997 stainless
                                                                                         steel & black enamel Cross, $145 | right: 67492 stainless
                   movement,butthat’shardlytheonlyreasonthey’ve                                 steel ion-plated pendant with 1mm diamond, $177

                                                                                                        the stuller standard       |   29
contemporary metals

                               she’s gotta have it
                              the light and lively amalfi™ line
                                        your customers will swoon over every aspect of the new amalfi line.

                                                                                                                      fn279 36" stainless steel
                                                                                                                      mesh necklace with rose
                                                                                                                      gold-bonded ip, $192.

                                                                             to explore the complete Contemporary metals Collection, go to

30 | the stuller standard
                                                                                     fb270 stainless steel mesh Knot
                                                                                     bracelet with rose gold-bonded ip,
                                                                                     7.5", $104



                                                                                            b878 ladies’ stainless steel with gold-bonded ip, 7", $174.

                                                               a. e194 stainless steel hoop earrings, $23 | b. e194 stainless steel hoop earrings with
                                                            Chocolate bonded ip, $48 | C. e196 stainless steel shrimp hoop earrings with rose gold
                                                            bonded ip, $47 | d. e195 stainless steel twisted hoop earrings with gold bonded ip, $33
        C                                                   e. l887 polished stainless steel Cuff link with Chocolate-bonded immerse plating, $199
                                                             f. b890 polished stainless steel with Chocolate-bonded ip, 8.3”, $126 | g. b407 polished
                                                                                                    stainless steel with black & Chocolate ip, 8.4” $236

modern man                                                                                                                    f

elegance with an edge                                                                       e

offers tailoring with‘tude. Curvilinear polished stainless steel
fashion-consciouscufflinksinchocolateimmerseplating. rich.

                                                               b615 stainless steel polished
                                                               link Chain, 24", $263

                                                                                                      the stuller standard    |   31
                  67584 stunning effect achieved by cathedral center with channel-set shoulders and matching channel-set band.

for pricing and product information see page 43.
                    Clockwise from left: 67799, 68044, 67961, 67789 a quartet of less conventional
                center shapes—diamond-encrusted and enriched by cathedral styling and split shanks.

The Dazzle Is In The DeTaIls
          sparkling bridal rings that redefine opulence

 As a jeweler you don’t take bridal lightly. It’s the center stone really, that ultimate mark of your value. And
 it’s a business that sails through every storm, the one sure thing. Well, this latest selection of rings won’t be
 taken too lightly either, so elaborate in design and robust in diamonds are they. No pared-down trinkets,
 these. They make an entrance. They’re sophisticated. Intricate. Formidable. And maybe exactly what you
 need to put your bridal business over the top.
                            67796 Charming scallop detail
                            carries over to the matching band.

                                                                                           67796 graceful curves frame
                                                                                           the center diamond, offset with
                                                                                           a simple matching band.

                                                     67785 unique design features half-moon side
                                                     diamonds flanking the princess-shape center.

                    67721 Cushion-shape
                    melee frame dramatizes the round center diamond.

                                                                                                       67791 Cathedral styling with diamond accented
                                                                                                       shoulders sets off the princess-shape center.

34 | the stuller standard
34 | the stuller standard
Whether the bride is looking for a modern solitaire or she is more inclined to an eruption of gemstones,
Stuller gives you access to a broad array of exciting new styles and updated classics. Everything from
cathedral styling to micro pavé to Celtic designs, always with the option to switch out diamonds, modify
shank size or add a matching wedding band. Elaborate or simple, contemporary or vintage, white gold,
yellow gold—you name it, we have it. And everything else that’s on a bride’s checklist, from wedding
day jewelry, pearls for bridesmaids, cuff links for the groomsmen, wedding party gifts and engraving.
See more of the collections at

                                                              67851 the matching band echoes the delicate
                                                              flow of melee around the center diamond.

           67577 simply beautiful: a classic princess-shape
           solitaire setting enhanced with diamond accents.

                                                                              67964 soft sweeping lines of this set
                                                                              wrap around the center diamond.

67797 halo effect around the asscher-shape center
spills over to shoulders and matching band.
                                                                             for pricing and product information see page 43.

                                                                                      the stuller standard    | 35
                                                                                     the stuller standard    | 35
                 A GAlAxy of Gemstones
                 Stuller’s already deep inventory of gemstones is a world of surprise and
                 delight. Everything from rubies and emeralds to unusual gems such as
                 alexandrite, purple spinel, moonstone and tourmalinated quartz. Explore
                 these and hundreds more at


                      a                                                                               e



a. black box gemstones® square tanzanite | b. black box gemstones® oval red spinel | C. genuine square moonstone | d. black box gemstones®
oval precious topaz | e. black box gemstones® antique square aquamarine | f. 67673 genuine Citrine, amethyst, swiss blue topaz, pink tourmaline,
peridot & mozambique garnet bracelet, 14kt yellow, 48, 43, 77, 83, 61, 57, $245. mounting #brC616 | g. black box gemstones® oval spessartite garnet

36 | the stuller standard





h. square genuine rose Quartz | j. oval genuine rutilated Quartz | K. 67804 genuine tourmalinated Quartz ring, 14mm x 14mm, sterling silver, 195,
$309. mounting #71479 | l. black box gemstone® antique square Chrome tourmaline | m. 67805 genuine aquamarine ring, 14mm x 14mm, sterling
silver, 206, $555. mounting #71480 | n. black box gemstone® antique Cushion pink tourmaline | p. black box gemstone® round purple spinel

                                                                                                      the stuller standard   |   37
                  40 years young
                              four decades of commitment,
                          camaraderie—and sometimes costumes
it began with one                                                                    hang out with my friends,” says mike melvin,
man’s vision… and                                                                    r&d associate process engineer and a 28-year
a bit of discretion. for many                                                        stuller vet. “we worked 10-, 11-, 12-hour days
of us who have been here                                                             together in our regular jobs, and then we’d pitch
20 years or more, stuller,                                                           in to help other areas finish their work. even after
inc., was once something                                                             work, we would all hang out. it was a family.”
akin to el dorado, the                                                               and a talented family at that. “it’s great to work
legendary lost city of gold—                                                         with folks who are so creative, people you can
people had heard of it, but                                                          really get things done with,” says john butler,
did it really exist? a large                                                         also an associate process engineer. “we are
jewelry wholesale business                                                           always pursuing something we can be proud of.”
tucked away in lafayette,
louisiana? on his first                                                              and the core of that pride comes from stuller’s
visit to the facility, a rather                                                      bedrock commitment to our customers. “it’s
nondescript building at                                                              so strong that if we have to hand walk a piece
the time, Ken dugas, now                                                             of jewelry from one department to the next to
executive director of stuller                                                        make sure it gets to you when we say it will,
overstock, got a good startle.                                                       we do,” says jim hebert, executive director of
“a security officer asked me                                                         maintenance. “i saw the devotion and teamwork
if i had any weapons on me.                                                          during my first holiday season. after the regular
talk about unsettling!”                                                              work day, our engineering team went to work on
                                                                                     a polishing bench, or in shipping, or wherever else
that slight intimidation                                                             help was needed, so we could get the orders out.”
given the value of the cache                                                         yet being driven and focused doesn’t preclude
                                            how sweet it is: matt oversees quality
within—stuller quickly                      control of the 40th anniversary cake.    a little fun, whether it’s an indoor mardi gras
proved to be a convivial                                                             parade for employees who work on fat tuesday
and happy place. “going                                                              or a halloween costume contest where you
to work was like going to                                                            might see the vp of findings dressed as a Kera™

                         stuller founded                           metal mold          moved into new facility.            implemented 5pm
                              1970                                 technology            launched finished                 anywhere-in-your-
                                                                   introduced               jewelry line                    time-zone cutoff
                                                                      1987                      1990                              1994

                                       1st to offer
                                                                                                                                left: Karl Kruger, master
                                                                                                                                diamond Cutter
                                                                                                                                below: the old stuller sales
                                                                                                                                department, adjacent to
bead, or the vp of bridal                                                                                                       matt’s office, circa mid-80’s
playing “frank” in a
bride of frankenstein
tableau. there are a lot
laughs here, and a few
practical jokes including
one metallurgical prank
played on matt when
he unwittingly handled
a silver brick secretly
swabbed with light-
sensitive silver nitrate;
his hands turned purple
and stayed that way for            in-house halloween. Clockwise from top: Craig race,
two weeks.                         vp of bridal; glenn miller, vp of contemporary metals;
                                        michael Clarke, vp of finished jewelry; and
but then again, matt has                     elizabeth brehmer, vp of findings
always been a hands-
on guy, a jeweler first and foremost who, in the early days, parked
himself at the work table alongside everyone else. “in one sense, it
seems i’ve been working a hundred years,” matt says today, marvelling
at the journey in the rearview mirror, “but oddly 40 years also seems so
short.” and he can’t help but add (because he means it): “wait ‘til you
see what we do in the next 40.” —miriam werquin

                                                                                                     above: sheet metal
                                                                                                is guided through metal
                                                                                                 fabrication equipment
                                                                                                 right: feeling the heat
                                                                                                   in our metals division

                                    nothing to fear but
                                    fabrication itself.
                                                                                                                                            diamonds in hand:
                                                                                                                                 matt with harold dupuy, Chief

   stuller timeline
                                                                                                                            merchandising officer (standing) and
                                                                                                                                  stanley Zale, vp of diamonds

      launched                    groundbreaking for                                                                                   Contemporary metals                    new expansion                                                                                            initiative
       1997                              2001                                                                                                   2010

                                                                                               2005                                 2009
                                                                                            became a dtC                    partnered with
                                                                                             sightholder™               gemvision, developed
                                                                                                                        Countersketch studio™
                                                                                                                     and live diamond try on app

                                                                                                             the stuller standard          |   39
                                                                        with       love

designer galina stoudenkina left the soviet
union with little more than her talent; honed
her artistry at tiffany; and imbues every piece
she creates with a passion bordering on fanatical

                                                         galina stoudenkina thinks
                                                         her eagerness to try new
                                                         things may have been inspired
                                                         by her journalist uncle. as a
                                                                                                                                “galina is one
                                                         girl growing up in soviet-era
                                                                                                                             of our strongest
                                                         moscow, she was impressed
                                                                                                                        creative resources
                                                         by how he would take on
                                                                                                                   and always brings a
                                                         different jobs for short stints,
                                                                                                             fresh point of view to our
                                                         to write about the experiences.
                                                                                                     design discussions,” says adrienne
                                                         so by the time she was in her
                                                                                              Keleher, executive director
                                                         mid-twenties, she herself had
                                                                                              of product design & development. “she
                                                         aspired to be a flight attendant,
                                                                                              has a real gift for styling and a true passion
                                                         a waitress, a bartender, a fashion
                                                                                              for jewelry.”
                                                         stylist, a puppeteer and, most
                                                         enthusiastically, an actress.        her design aesthetic, fortified by discipline
                                                         “there are visual people, hearing    and determination, first landed stoudenkina
                                                         people and touching people,          a career in moscow as a graphic designer at
                                                         and i’m a touching person,”          a big publishing house. but in the late 1980s,
                                                         hypothesizes stoudenkina (sto-       the oppression of the petering-out soviet
                                                         den-Kee-na). “i have to              system, the bleakness there, plus a palpable
                                                         touch something before i             anti-semitism around her, compelled her to
“you never stop being a student if you want to keep
pace with the times,” says stoudenkina.               know if it’s for me. i have             take a chance on far shores. a brother-in-law’s
                                                      to burn my wings.”                      brother living in new york helped bring her
                                                                                               over, and she’ll never forget that first glimpse
by her own reckoning she was a distracted actress. “in one play i
                                                                                               of manhattan. “the skyline resembles
was a medieval soldier, and i was always turning opposite of where
                                                                                              sharks’ teeth,” she says. “it’s a beautiful city,
i was supposed to!” so the russian theater world lost a direction-
                                                                                              the capital of the world, but it’s difficult and
impaired thespian, and stuller gained a design star. stoudenkina
                                                                                              it’s biting.” (does everyone in russia speak
creates—from hand, from eye, from her imagination—exquisite
                                                                                              in Chekhovian imagery?) remarkably galina
finished pieces.
                                                                                              took her own big bite out of the apple: within
“if i study something for a long time,” she says, “then i can do it.”                         a year she was signed on with tiffany as a

40 | the stuller standard
graphic designer and in no time worked her way through bookplates,
stationery and on to silver tea sets and such. “then they discovered i
could draw jewelry.” eventually, through drive and good mentoring, she
was creating diamond-and-sapphire necklaces and other top-tier pieces in
what became a 15-year run at the fabled brand. “it was a very protected
world back then,” she says of tiffany. “even rain didn’t reach you.”
(there she goes again.)

     matt stuller lured her to louisiana after seeing her portfolio, and it
        wasn’t a hard sell on his part. “everyone knows this company,” she
          says. “i’d only heard good things and i wanted a new challenge.”
            now having been at stuller, inc. for two-and-a-half years,
              stoudenkina is grateful for the chance to expand beyond
             strictly drawing to learning Cad and more. “if you want
         the end piece to look like the beginning, you have to stay involved
    in the whole process.” she says seeing her sketches pop to virtual life
on the computer “is magic,” but points out that there’s a lot of science
behind the prestidigitation. “jewelry is like architecture. there are rules.                             paper trail: many sketches
                                                                                                          yield one perfect design,
it’s about construction and making connections, yet also making it unique.”
                                                                                                         like the sterling silver and
and no one sets as high a bar as galina herself. “i don’t do one concept,                                    diamond pendant in a
that’s not enough, not even three. it has to be like 15—minimum.” when                                   victorian vernacular, from
stuller design head adrienne Kelleher compliments one of stoudenkina’s                                   the serena Collection, top.
                                                                                                            right, a ring isn’t just a
                                   creations, galina’s wry russian skepticism
                                                                                                          piece of art, it’s a slightly
                                        comes to the fore. “i’ll say ‘i don’t believe                      smudgy math problem.
                                           you.’ then i’ll look at it later and say
                                              ‘not so bad.’ ”

                                                adapting to life in south louisiana
                                                is its own art. gumbo’s a good
                                                bit spicier than borscht, for one
                                                thing, and then there’s the overt
                                                friendliness, which neither moscow
                                                nor new york had prepared her                                      be sure to stop by the stuller booth
                                          for. “if you make eye contact people                                     (1700)whilevisitingthetucsongemfair,
                                    will smile and say hello. it’s nice.” and
colleagues had to adapt to her more-than-lingering russian accent, like the
young guys in her department whom she alarmed when they heard her ask                                              pricing on select items and take a peek
whether lafayette had “a mature theater.” (yes, lafayette supports amateur                                         atsuchnewproductsasstullerprecision
theater). another new adventure for this adventure-embracing woman:                                                melee™diamonds,one-of-a-kindblack
driving. “i’ve already been in several small accidents,” she confesses with
a grin. “i’m an emotional person. my emotions drive me—and sometimes
they drive the car.” if she’s distracted, at least it’s in the service of beautiful
jewelry. “i’ll be thinking ‘how will i connect this gallery to this stem’ and i                                    live-at-the-benchdemonstrationsbystuller
almost miss the yield sign. my mind flies in all these directions!” —tim allis                                     prosatthegem&jewelryexchange(gjX),
                                                                                                                   booths 2305-2306 and 2405-2406.

galina’s glory
left: 67715 multi-gemstone earrings from the susanna Collection, 14kt yellow, $2,729 per pair
Center: 67319 diamond bangle bracelet from the layla Collection, 11/2 ct tw, 14kt two-tone, 33, $8,005
top: 69283 diamond necklace from the serena Collection, 1/10 ct tw, sterling silver, 239, $199

                                                                                                                the stuller standard   |   41
mother’s day, Confirmation, or just because...
a bouquet of fresh new styles

left to right: 71413 3-stone family ring, 14kt white, $735 | 84559 3-stone family pendant, 14kt yellow, $465 | 84562 4-stone family pendant, 14kt
white, $475 | 71406 3-stone family ring, 14kt yellow, $1,065 | r45228 musical locket (plays my girl), sterling silver, $99 | r45226 musical Cross
rocket (plays unchained melody), sterling silver, $105 | r42205 diamond Cross pendant, 3/8 ct tw, 14kt two-tone, $1,185 | r42220 black enamel Cross
with diamonds, 14kt two-tone, $855 | r42254 fancy pierced Cross with diamonds, sterling silver, $185. see details and more selections at

news                 & notes                                                                   saveupto$6,000ayearthroughthenew jewelersof
                                                                                               more details.

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january 22-24: rjo • booth tba • phoenix, aZ                                                   findsupplier/.“withamembershipthatconsistsofsomeof
february 1-6: agta • booth 1700 • tucson, aZ                                                   themostprofessionalbusinessesintheindustry,itmade
february 1-6: gjX • booths 2305-06, 2405-06 • tucson, aZ                                       sensetoconnectretailandsupplierbusinesseswhoshare
february 27 – march 1: ja winter • booths 1130-32, 1159-61 • new york                          jewelersofamerica’scommitmenttoprofessionaljewelry
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march 13-15: mjsa • booth 1000 • new york
march: stuller workshop • Corporate hQ • lafayette, la
april 2-4: instore • booths 1400-06, 1501-07 • Chicago
april 27-30: ags Conclave • (members only) • san francisco
may 26-29: snag • booth tba • seattle

42 | the stuller standard
on the Cover, clockwise from top:               the dazzle is in the details
                                                bridal Collections (all center diamonds sold separately.)
67928 genuine
honey Quartz ring,                              page 32
18mm x 13mm,
                                                67584 round-center                                        67785 princess-shape
sterling silver, $255
                                                semi-mount, 14kt white, 32;                               semi-mount, 1/2 ct tw, 14kt white,
67918 genuine
                                                1/2 ct center, 1/3 ct tw, $955;                           32; 1 ct center, $3,025; 11/4 ct center, $2,999
fluorite ring,
                                                ¾ ct center, 1/3 ct tw, $1,045;
20mm x 15mm,
                                                1 ct center, 1/2 ct tw, $1,235;
sterling silver, $365                                                                                                         67721 round-center
                                                diamond matching band,
67900 genuine                                                                                                                 semi-mount, ¾ ct tw,
                                                14kt white, 1/3 ct tw, 32, $1,055
Checkerboard green-gold Quartz ring,                                                                                          14kt white, 32; 1/2 ct center,
15mm x 15mm, sterling silver, $255                                                                                            $1,645; ¾ ct center,
                                                                                                                              $1,729; 1 ct center,
                                                                                                                              $1,715; 11/2 ct center, $1,755
the bold & the beautiful pages 24-25                                                      C
Contemporary metals jewelry Collection                                                                    67791 princess-shape semi-
                                                                                                          mount for 1 ct Center, 3/8 ct tw,
                                                                                                          14kt white, 32 $1,119
a. e196 shrimp-texture hoop earring
    with rose-gold bonded ip, 5mm x                                               d
                                                page 33
    40mm, $47 per pair                                                                                    page 35
b. Cr006 black faceted dome Ceramic             a. 67799 oval-shape semi-mount for 1ct
    band, 8mm, $120                                Center, ¾ ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $1,745                67851 round-center semi-
C. tar371 ridged duratungsten® gold             b. 68044 pear-shape semi-mount for ¾ ct                   mount for 1 ct Center, 3/8 ct
    ip band, 6.3mm, $45                            Center, 7∕8 ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $1,909              tw, 14kt white, 32, $1,099.
d. Cr013K white Ceramic band with               C. 67961 emerald-shape semi-mount for                     diamond matching band,
    14kt gold inlay, $123                          11/4 ct center, ¾ ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $1,835        1/5 ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $545
e. Cr047 black Ceramic band with satin          d. 67789 marquise-shape semi-mount for
    tungsten inlay, 8mm, $240                      ¾ ct center, 3∕8 ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $1,165
                                                                                                                              67577 princess-shape
f. tar008 beveled duratungsten band                                                                                           semi-mount for 11/4 ct
    with satin Center, 8.3mm, $152                                                                                            Center, .07 ct tw, 14kt
                                                page 34
g. tar276 beveled duratungsten band                                                                                           white, 35, $565
    with black Carbon fiber, 8.3mm, $45         67796 round-center semi-mount
h. tar393 ridged duratungsten band              for 1 ct center, 1/6 ct tw, 14kt white,
                                                32 $649. diamond matching band,                           67964 round-center
    with sterling silver inlay, 10mm, $65
                                                1/6 ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $575                           semi-mount for ¾ ct
j. tar499 ridged duratungsten band
                                                                                                          center, 14kt white, 3/8 ct tw,
    with bark finish inlay, 8.3mm, $180
                                                                                                          32, $1,145. diamond
K. l887 stainless steel Cuff links with                            67864 round-center semi-               matching band, 1/5 ct tw,
    Chocolate-bonded ip, $199 per pair                             mount for 1 ct center, 1/4 ct          14kt white, 32 $609
l. b890-Cip-8.5 stainless steel bracelet                           tw, 14kt white, 32 $1,029.
    with polished Chocolate ip, 8.5" $32                           diamond matching band, 1/8
                                                                   ct tw, 14kt white, 32, $509                                67797 asscher-shape
                                                                                                                              semi-mount for ¾ ct Center,
                                                                                                                              14kt white, ¾ ct tw, 32
                                                                                                                              $1,485. diamond
                                                                                                                              matching band, 1/2 ct tw,
                                                                                                                              14kt white, 32 $1,179

                                                                                          see more selections and complete
                                                                                          product information at



                                                                                                       the stuller standard        |   43
                             In mInIAtURe
                               Introducing Bella Viaggio

                               Today’s world thrives on mass production.
                          Step back in time with Venetian glass artisans
                        who hand form these beads from Effetre Murano
                         glass, embellishing them with 24kt yellow gold,
                      white gold and silver foils with aventurina accents.
                         One at a time. Each is its own small work of art.

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collection of Kera™
 beads, bracelets
  and necklaces,

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