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									                         L. MICHAEL HEATH, JR
            1719-D BIRCH TRAIL CIRCLE ●CHESAPEAKE●VA ●23320
                      L.MI CHAEL.HEATH@GMAI L.COM

                 To utilize my technical, creative, and interpersonal skills to
                 increase the profitability of the right organization while
                 maintaining professional and personal growth.


                 Available for travel and immediate placement.

                         15+ years experience in Network Support and Monitoring
                         CompTIA A+ Certified since 2000
                         Proficient in Windows/NT and Linux/Unix operating
                          systems and Servers like Apache and MS-IIS, Exchange
                          and MS-SQL.
                         Thorough knowledge of the TCP/IP/SNMP/MPLS and other
                          networking/monitoring protocols.
                         Supported Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, NetScreen,
                          Ericsson, Nortel, Huawei, ADVA Optical, 3Com, F5
                          (including BIG-IP), CheckPoint, Arris, SonicWALL, Fortinet
                          and others.
                         Desktop Software and Hardware support (including
                          Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook
                          and SquirrelMail etc.)
                         Support for standard network technologies and services
                          including IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, IP-VPN, ATM, frame
                          relay, T1, T3, OC3, OC12, OC48 and OC192, mobile
                          data(MMS, CDMA, GSM, Global) CMTS, DSL and WiFi.
                         Proficient working knowledge of NetQos, InfoVista,
                          Netscout, What'sUpGold, ManageEngine, OpenView,
                          Solarwinds and others. Anayzing network traffic for
                          guaranteed up-time, SNMP monitoring of hardware, QOS
                          were all part of my job description with several employers.
                         Experienced with virtual environments and cloud
                          computing as well as applications/appliances that create
                          and enhance them like Citrix XenServer and XenApp,
                          VMWare ESXi and vSphere, VirtualPC and others.
                         Solid background in web/graphic development knowledge
                          of Dreamweaver, Flash, ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 PHP,
                          HTML and Photoshop.
                         I have made formal presentations to managers, decision
                          makers, and users to inform them of program plans,
                          instructions, schedules and training.
                         I am available to travel and have a current US Passport.

               1979-1983           Northwest Cabarrus High School
               Concord, NC

               1985-1987      Western Carolina University
               Cullowhee, NC
                     College Radio Morning Personality

               1989 - 1992     Rowan Cabarrus Community College
               Salisbury, NC
               Business Computer Programming
                     Secretary /Treasurer Student Body

               2011 - 2012         DeVry University
               Chesapeake, VA
               Network Systems Administration


                   2008 - 2010              Web
                   Owner and Administrator/Senior Webmaster
                          Personal IT consultant and professional website
                           developer. Internet domain name and website hosting
                           server sales with over 4000 customers. Personally
                           developed this site with a payment gateway and
                           multiple database and search engines. MHC has
                           served as my primary source of income since June
                           2008. Optimized web performance and functionality
                           with products like F5WebAccelerator, Citrix/Netscaler,
                           NetQos, InfoVista and other performance monitoring
                           and enhancing applications.

                   2003 - 2008     BiCOM, Inc.                     Charlotte, NC
                   Senior Network Administrator/Senior Webmaster
                          Responsible for secure transmission of data for
                           imaging statements for over 1400 Banks and Credit
                           Unions, a host of state and municipal governments,
                           and many fortune 1000 companies. Maintained and
                           developed new technologies, processes and
                           procedures. Personally responsible for managing 10
                           to 15 websites at any time.          Developed and
                           implemented BiCOM’s Electronic Bill Presentment and
                           Payment web based solution, which included a
                           customer console and profile management module
                           along with a administrative console for CSRs. Utilized
                           several network monitoring and QOS tools to
                           maintain uptime. Served as technical advisor and
                           consultant in matters pertaining to the goals and
                           concepts to support the corporate mission.
2001 - 2003      Heritage EnCon Group, Inc.   Charlotte, NC
IT Manager (Full-Time)
      Personally    responsible    for   all    connectivity,
       maintenance, and purchasing of all Computer
       technology for this $60,000,000 parent company with
       over 400 employees. Responsibilities included
       establishing new 256k point to point frame relay
       connections from remote locations as far south as
       Miami and as far north as Atlantic City. Configured all
       routers, CSU-DSU, switches, hubs, servers and
       desktops and printers. Maintained all racks and
       physical wiring. Created software with Microsoft
       Access migrating General Ledgers between
       accounting packages (Timberline and MAS90).
       Established secure remote connectivity via VPN with
       Triple DES encryption and a Citrix and Windows
       Terminal Server portal.

2002 – 2003 Grasshopper Communications, Inc.      Charlotte, NC
Chief Operating Officer, Executive VP (Part-Time)
     Oversaw all operations for 8 wireless cellular phone
        retail locations scattered throughout North Carolina.
        Information Technology Professional since 1992.
        Extensive background in sales, data and Internet
        connectivity, firewalls, servers, and creative web
        programming and design, marketing, e-Commerce,
        business and project management and advanced
        windows programming.

1999 - 2000      CT Communications., Inc.       Concord, NC
Network/Security Specialist
    1 of 4 high level IT Team Members helping oversee
        the monitoring, support, and security of an extensive
        800+ node NT Network. Projects included the design
        of a web based terminal services remote access
        server and the internal migration to a new firewall.
        Also rewired CAT5 connectivity to multiple hardware
        racks, connecting hundreds of desktops to the
        network, without any downtime. Participated in the
        Y2K Prep needed to bring CTC to 2000. Discovered
        and plugged potential security risks in connectivity
        between LAN and WAN. Worked in the
        Telecommunications and Information Systems
        Directorate in the home office in Concord, North
    My purpose was to support the Information
        Technology Department providing assurance and
        quality of service. I assisted in the protection of
        Information systems and stored information, storage
        facilities, processing, or transit from unauthorized
       access or modification; the denial of service to
       unauthorized users; and the service provision to
       authorized users. My responsibility was to provide
       those measures necessary to detect, document, and
       counter threats to this goal. I am familiar with
       NetQos, InfoVista, Netscout, What'sUpGold, VMWare,
       ManageEngine, OpenView, Solarwinds and others.
       Anayzing network traffic for guaranteed up-time,
       SNMP monitoring of hardware, QOS and bandwith
       modeling were all part of my job description. I also
       evaluated new technology and devices and assessed
       the security features and configuration requirements
       and made recommendations for new policies and
       procedures or changes to existing policies and

1997 - 1999      Heritage EnCon Group, Inc.    Charlotte, NC
Information Systems Specialist
     Migrated Network, Equipment, and Software from
        AS-400 (Mainframe) Environment to NT (Intel
        Server) based network. . Designed and
        maintained Websites for multiple companies.
        Designed and maintained Corporate Intranet Site.
        Responsible for access control and application
        control security.

1995 - 1997      Internet of Concord, Inc.       Concord, NC
Senior Project Manager /Chief Engineer/Webmaster
     Created this Secure Internet Service from ground
        up. Engineered, Designed, and Marketed this
        Company until, with 6000 customers, it became
        the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in
        Cabarrus County North Carolina.
     Managed this entire project through the sequential
        development process, Conception, Initiation,
        Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing and
     CT Communications, Inc. purchased IOC in 1999.
               30yr. Studio Musician, Charlotte, NC

               President/Founder 1994-1995 Cabarrus County Computer Club

               Founding Member of the Carolina IT Professional Group

               Proud Sponsor Cabarrus Youth Soccer League

               Proud Coach Cabarrus Youth Basketball League

               Missionary to Caracas, Venezuela

               Missionary to Brussels, Belgium

               Missionary to Amsterdam, Holland

               Missionary to Paris, France

               Missionary to New Orleans, Louisiana

               Michael Warren   Computer Specialist
               Piedmont Behavioral Health - Concord, NC 980-621-5667

               Ron Stewart   CFO
               Heritage EnCon Group - Charlotte, NC 704-588-1366

               Dean Thomas    President
               BiCOM Incorporated - Charlotte, NC 704-599-1100

               Personal references available upon request.

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