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									Record of Conference

                              Client/Project: Cabrillo College
                                              Cabrillo College Space Planning

                              Project No.:     07259.000

                              Regarding:       Natural and Applied Science (NAS)
                                               Environmental Science
                                               Meeting Group 21

                              Location:        Bldg 900, Room 913                  Date/Time: March 6, 2008
                                                                                              3:30 pm – 4:45 pm

                              Attending:       Rick Nolthenius, Astronomy          Copies To: attendees
                                               Dave Swartz, Geology,                          File
                                               Aeronautics, Environmental                     Doug Deaver, Dir. Fac.
                                               Sciences, Oceanography                         Paul Anderson, FDO
    San Jose
    Bakersfield                                Patty Lock, BFGC                               Pegi Ard, VPBS
    San Luis Obispo                            Dean Tatsuno, BFGC                             Joe Nugent, Dir. M&O

                              This memo reflects BFGC’s understanding of comments made and decisions reached. Participants
                              should contact BFGC if clarifications are required.

                              1. Astronomy:
                                 a.     Uses Rooms 705 & 706 plus Observatory (dirt road off of Soquel Dr.).
                                        Photo Lab for Astro-Photography is at the Observatory or uses Photo Lab at
                                 b.      1 full time staff (Rick) + 1 lab assistant currently. Room 706 is the
                                         Department office.
                                 c.     Future expansion may want to add 1 adjunct position.
                                 d.     Fall Semester course, Astro 9A/B/C (Astrophotography) lecture - 1 day, 1
                                        evening; Astro 8A lab – held at the Observatory or 705.
                                 e.     Spring Semester course, Astro 4 lecture - day & evening; Astro 8A lab.
                                 f.     Field trip classes – all off-site except for 1 meeting in Planetarium.
                                 g.     Uses room 828 also for lecture.
                                 h.     Expand Rick’s office in 706 to include lobby space. Have only one exit to
                                        Planetarium. Would also like a window for the space.
                                 i.     Rick uses his office and Observatory for storage. No additional storage
                                 j.     Long, permanent lab tables, preferred for lecture space. What he uses now
                                        in Room 705 is fine.
                                 k.     Planetarium is open for group visits, on lower level of Bldg. 700. Does not
                                        need any special mechanical systems or special lighting systems.
                                 l.      Observatory: Improvements in lab facilities may include an expansion or
                                         addition of another similar building, although not needed immediately..
                                         However, it is very important to retain as a dark greenbelt.
                                 m.     Growth in program will be at the observatory.
    150 S. 1st St Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113
                                 n.     Also uses computers in 706.
    408.924.0844              61602d7e-6f61-4afc-997b-da77cb23bde4.doc
                                                                                   Page 2

Architect’s Project No. 07259.000

2. Geology/Oceanography
   a.     Uses Rooms 705
   b.     1 full time - Dave
   c.     Need to expand computer space from 8 to 12-16 computers in room 705.
   d.     Rock storage – relocate 4 cabinets in 705 to new storage – that would give
          enough room for a second row of tables and computers.
   e.     Need space for 3 adjuncts and 6 student assistants.
   f.     Long, permanent lab tables, preferred for lecture space. Provide power for
          lap top computers.
   g.     Microscope (type with w/exterior light source) is stored in cabinets in the
          classroom. No additional storage required for lab equipment, nautical
          charts, sand charts etc.
   h.     Need secured storage for minerals and field gear, now in general storage
          room 705 used also for oceanography and ES equipment, use for clean up.
   g.     Oceanography needs larger storage area. Current location is shared with
          ES also.
   i.     They currently use the Forum for a large lecture space for Geology and
          Oceanography. 75 per session/2 sessions – at capacity. Room 615 is used
          for smaller lecture, less than 50 students.

3. Common to Astromony/Geology/Oceanography:
   a.   Wanda agrees that Dave & Rick should stay together and remain in existing
   b.   Would like to recover old storage space (math offices) to expand for
        adjuncts and additional storage.
   c.   Their courses interact more with Chem/Bio than math.
   d.   Rick and Dave interact/collaborate together a lot.
   e.   Room 705 needs security system.
   f.   Tiered lecture room 828 is OK

4. Environmental Sciences
   a.     Large program
   b.     Room 5005 (Horticulture Bldg.) is perfect for lecture.
   c.     ES10 is taught at the Watsonville Center
   d.     Students also use 705 for computer work.
   e.     Equipment used for Watershed monitoring project is stored in 705 storage
          room. Combination of salt and fresh water equipment is cleaned in 705,
          sink is not large enough. The wet equipment needs space to dry, without
          affecting other storage.

5. Aeronautics
   a.     1 lecture class, uses room 509 or 712. No additional space needs.
   b.     Instructor: Bob Wagenen?
   c.     Consistently 25 – 35 students.
   d.     Course involves a pilot prep program – required for pilot license/certification.

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