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"I used to have a terrible taste in my mouth. I was told it came from liver problems. Since drinking energized water I have very little problems
and I can eat almost anything at bedtime and don't have much problems with a terrible taste in my mouth anymore. It's just great not to have
problems and a terrible mouth taste anymore. Thanks so very much for a super great product. " Sincerely, Salome Fisher, CA
"Dear Sir, Some time in February 2000, I ordered a mug that spins electron molecules in water counter clock-wise. I did not want to start to be
your sales person before I know anything about it. I wanted to be a guinea pig myself to know what I was talking about. Now that almost four
months is passing, I have some experience on what it did for me. It not only makes you younger looking, it also eliminates some sickness that
we did not know we had. My breathing was not up to par, but when I started to drink from the 'mug' in 3-4 nights, my breathing was much
easier. Somewhere in my early 80's, I had a hip replacement that caused quite some damage because they cut my nerves, and I had no control
and feeling in that leg. Pain was increasingly getting stronger and stronger. I was waking up through the nights from the pain. But when I started
drinking from that mug I started to see a gradual difference. The pain started to diminish slowly. Also my digestive system feels better. Also I
have, like so many people have, what they call liver spots or old age spots on my hands and face. That does not harm you, only looks bad. The
doctors say that once we have them on our hands we also have them on our brain. The difference is that on the brain they are not small, they are
in size of a silver dollar. I also have an itchy scalp with scabs, they are so bad that even doctors could not find a cure for it. And now that I am
drinking from the mug, I see a big difference on my scalp. Also my teeth were sore on one side, on the lower jaw I had a bump and it was sore.
I could not put any pressure on my teeth, and now the pain is gradually disappearing. Thanks to the 'mug'. Thank You!" Stefan Kurylo, NY
"I am so excited about my 'energy mug'. I have used it and the water tastes so fresh and clean, I even did a taste test with my mother and a
friend, and they also tasted a difference in the water. I was injured on my job in 1994 when milk crates fell on my right leg and had to have knee
surgery to remove a cyst there. And I was diagnosed with a mild form of rheumatoid arthritis about 3 years ago. I tell you your letter about the
energy mug and other products came just in time as I decided to get in shape. Now I don't need more leg surgery. I'm praying that I will be
reinstated on my job as a NYC Corrections Officer before the end of the year. Can you just see me running past those new recruits if I have to
attend the academy as I grow stronger drinking my super energy water! Thank you." Battisheba, NY
"Dear Sir; I want to tell you how pleased I am with your Energy Wand. I have iron water and it leaves rusty stains in my toilet and sink. Now
since I strapped the wand to my water line, the water is clear and no more stains! I know it works! Thanks again." Virgil Holman, GA
"Most all my life I had a lung problem where I would spit up phlegm a few times a day. To my surprise and delight, after just about 2 or 3
months of using the Energy Mug, one day I went to spit up and nothing came out! That was in 1999 and to this day, this clearing and healing has
remained permanent. " John Pulfer, Phoenix, AZ
"I ordered from you about a month ago. I'm a 76 year old diabetic (Type II). I try to control by diet & exercise. My Blood Sugar was 160-190.
After a couple weeks, my sugar was 115-135. Nothing changed except I drank only out of the mug. I also quite putting on shaving cream.
Just water out of the mug. My wrinkles seem to be getting less. Hope my white hair changes! Thanks." Don Flowers
"I am very happy with my mug. I had ordered one just to try it out and I love it. I drink all my water from my filtered tap water. Now my
water tastes great. I have more energy, feel better and I'm 53 years old. I really enjoy the benefits you said I'd get, so I want another one, so I'll
have one for my water and one for my soups and other drinks. Thanks so much for such a great product. Now I can show all my friends with
proof that it works! I sleep lots better and I find I need less sleep and my memory is getting better also. Thank you for that." Wilbert Abshire
"My husband and I each got an Energy Mug, and we're so happy we did. Our water tastes better by far and other drinks like tea and coffee taste
much smoother with less bite. My husband smokes, so he puts his cigarettes in the mug when it's dry and he says they taste smoother too. And
I know that it's not as bad for him because I understand that when the spin changes, the things become healthier. I still want him to quit
smoking, but at least it's not so bad for him now. We both have more energy and are feeling better and can work the whole day without fatigue.
On days when we don't use it, we can really feel the difference - we're getting spoiled with feeling better! Thanks for telling us about it!"
Lorraine Fittery
"I got two Energy Mugs from you about a month and a half ago. That mug is really helping my pain go away. I've had extreme pain for 28
years. It's nice to finally get rid of the hurt from my body. Thank you!" Stephen A. Bayless
"I am very pleased with the mug you sent to me. Every one I give a drink to says the same as you do... I am very impressed with your research.
I was a chemistry major in college so I know a little about the ionization of water. I would like to get all the info you have... Also, can I sell
these mugs out of my office???" LeRoy I. Nelson, DDS
"I just wanted to say thank you. We just love it. It is so easy. Now we all have peace of mind. We think it is the simplest and best way to get
healthy water without spending a fortune." Joseph E., Cambridge, OH
"This is just to let you know that we greatly appreciate the water filter that we got from you. You can use my testimony anytime you like. My
wife and I have bought the odd bottled water while away from home, but it does not compare to the water that we get from our tap using your
water filter." Rudy G., BC, Canada
"I bought my water filter 3 months ago. Now I’m ordering one for my sister. Everything is great, including the price." Lynette M., Atlanta, GA
"I had XXXXXXX water filter before. I had to buy replacement cartridges almost every week. Now with your water filter system I am very
comfortable. It is also very easy to use." Michael B., Raleigh, NC
"I love that Energy Egg. It prolongs the life of my fruits and veggies like you wouldn't believe. I tested a head of lettuce and it last six weeks.
Just a tiny bit of brown on the outside and the inside was nice and crisp. And yes, the Mug changes the taste of your drinks. Wine, OJ and so
forth. Takes the acid taste away." Patricia
"I had sugar diabetes for 40 years. It was at what they call the last stage where my Diabetic Count (DC) was very volatile and every day it
alternated from very high to very low. My doctors told me I had less than a year to live, and that both my feet had to be amputated. And
because of the diabetes, I was going blind. At the end of this period, there were occasions when I would go into coma. At that point, I told
myself to let go of all my skepticisms of alternative remedies. I was receiving various cures in the mail, and I decided to try the first one that
came along – one that was supposed to normalize insulin levels produced by the liver. The only problem was this was supposed to take 6
months or more. Fortunately, only days after, I got your ad in the mail about the Energy Mug, and ordered one that day. I've got equipment that
measures the DC. Even after just the first day of using the mug, my DC was down the next day. And after only a few weeks of using the mug
to put all my water and food in, incredibly, my diabetes was very nearly normalized. My sight has recovered, and both my feet were saved.
I love sweets but because of the diabetes, I had to give them up. But now because of the mug (I own 6 mugs), I can still indulge. I did an
experiment and filled up the mug with ice cream, another mug with strawberries, and another with my dinner roll, all for 10 minutes. I first
checked my DC, then ate all the ice cream, strawberries and roll. I then immediately checked my DC - it actually went down 1 point! I don't
know what the mug does, but it seems to render the sugar content totally harmless. But it must do more, because before using the mug, I didn't
eat anything with sugar, but still had diabetes. Like you say, it must energize the water and food to allow the body to heal. You people don't
really know what you have with this mug! I can't thank you enough. Like me, my friends were all skeptical of miracle cure promises, but I'm
now ordering mug after mug for friends who know of the diabetes I used to have, but now don't.
I recently went on vacation to Costa Rico for 6 weeks. Of course I took a couple of my Mugs with me. However, I had to take them on the
airplane with me, without getting them x-rayed, as you tell people not to x-ray them or they will be discharged. I showed the airline officials the
Mugs and asked them not to put them through the conveyor belt at the security check-in as it would ruin them. At first they looked at them and
said OK, but while my back was turned, my son, who was behind me, saw the officials quickly put them on the conveyor belt and through the
x-ray. When I got to Costa Rico, I had completely forgot about this incident, and for the beginning of my vacation, I went about my normal
activities, without noticing anything adverse in my health. But after about 4 weeks, I suddenly started to get very sick and my diabetes was
back. I felt whose than ever before and so devastated I could barely move and get on the airplane when returning. All my son’s doubts about
the validity of the Mugs vanished when he met me at the airport and saw my pitiful condition, since he had seen that the Mug’s were x-rayed and
ruined at the airport. I was so sick when I returned, that I went into coma again. Thankfully, I'm using good Mugs again and my health has
returned. " Everett Ulrich, Monroe, WI
"I lost 20 pounds drinking 8 mugfuls of water a day. I love the mug and just couldn't live without it." Mary Kontis, San Francisco, CA
"I am really enjoying my water filter, very convenient and looks really good in my kitchen. Thanks for your efficiency." Jim H., Arlington, TX
"I'm a farmer and before using the refrigerator egg, my goat's milk usually lasted only 2-3 days in the refrigerator. Now, with the Egg it lasts for
over a month!" S. Hubor, Thompkinsville, KY
"The expiration date on my carton of milk is 4/24 and I just had some tonight (5/4/01). Before I put the energy egg in my frig, my milk would be
sour within 2 days after expiration date." L.H. Nako
"As well as joint pain being relieved in one of our friend's elbow and shoulder in ten minutes or so, another friend had stress buildup on her neck
giving her a lot of pain. After 5 minutes with the egg directly on her neck it was completely gone. She bought it on the spot. One more thing
also, with a blood pressure machine you can take you heart rate before and after holding the egg or the hand in the mug and it will be about ten
beats higher without the egg or mug. My wife also sleeps with it and keeps her from tossing and turning. It is great." Scott & Helen Christie
"I am really happy with your water filter system. I definitely recommend it to all of my friends. Very pleasant experience!! Thank you!"
Jane F., S Palm Beach, FL
"I use the energy mug for water all the time. Water tastes smoother and seems more refreshing. I also filter all our water. My 15-year-old son
notices and likes the taste of water from the mug. The egg is very good at keeping food fresh longer." Bill
"WOW! Our Energy Egg has paid for itself many times over. Not only does our milk last from 10-14 days longer...BUT.....The boys went to
eat some yogurt last night before bed. The date on the container was DECEMBER 14, 2000! We couldn't believe it!" Tim & Julie Brown
"After receiving the mug I decided to try it that night. I drank from the mug 3 separate times within an hour and a half. This took place after 9:00
PM, by 1:00 AM I was not tired as usual and I had the energy to stay up longer than that, but I decided it was a good idea to go to bed so I would
get up and go to work the next morning. I also noticed that my filtered water had a sweeter taste to it. Wow this mug is incredible!!!" Jesse
"The water tastes absolutely delicious! When I drink from my Energy Mug, I am tasting something very clean, refreshing, and HEALTHY. As
a reverse aging researcher I can, with qualification, assure you that cellular rehydration is the first essential step in the age reversal process. The
taste of left spin water is unlike anything else!" W. Dennis
"After about 2 months using the mug, I started noticing my hair turning darker, my skin color is better, my hands are smoother, I abound with
energy, a chronic stiffness on the left shoulder and back area is subsiding, and I have a much better outlook on life, the way it should be. A
health practitioner said everyone should have one of these, I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks, Jack Payne." Jack Payne
"I used to wake up in the morning, still tired with the joints in my arms and legs aching. After using the energy mug for about four weeks the
aching has disappeared and I awaken rested and ready to go." Glen J.
"Energized Water, also called Energy Water, is like the water God makes in a thunder storm and it seems to be helpful in detoxifying the body. I
know it helps me. I have also used it on my organic vegetable garden with astonishingly wonderful results. I notice that my laundry is cleaner
too." Francis Goode
"I just received my energy mug and I'm happy with it. I can really feel the energy from the mug. Thank you very much."
"The Lifeforce Aloe Vera Gel which I used on my sore ankle continues to improve and heal. Thank You for your concern and caring, I appreciate
it! " Ray G. Port Charlotte, Fl
"My wife & I were the recipients of an Essential Energy Pyramid on August 5 th of this year. I must say, I was somewhat skeptical as to what to
expect from having the Pyramid in our home. Within a matter of three or four days, we noticed an increase in our energy levels. We added two
more evening hours a day. At the same time, my wife noticed that she was sleeping much better. As time progresses other things became
apparent. Our skin became softer, lotions were no longer necessary to improve our skin condition. Our hair texture also improved. " Vern T.
"Hardly ever could I get myself to drink one gallon a day that the health experts recommend. With the Mug I heartily enjoy easily drinking 1.5
gallons of water everyday. Profoundly simple and invaluable tool. " Aaron W.
"This was the first time I’ve written a testimonial for a nutritional or a health product. I’ve never experienced such dramatic results as I did with
this High Energy Water. " Fred V.
"The group of people I went through radiation with did not do as well as I. For thirty days of radiation I drank ½ liter of Super Energy Water
before treatment and ½ ltr. immediately after treatment. I couldn’t believe how well I felt compared to the other women. " Ms. M.W.
"I am a truck driver. For the last four years I have been using my mug to take energy water. I drive nights and am fresher than any of the other
driver friends. They think I am fooling them but I don’t care if it works for me. " Macon, GA.
"I have been using Essential Energy products for two years in my practice. These products are not a “CURE” for any disease but support the
body’s energy needs and correct the energy drain that normally accompanies the intake of processed water, refined foods, and chemicals, or
sleeping or working in an area that is below that which is required for support of human life. People consistently report greater levels of energy
when consuming High Energy Water. I have observed this benefit in individuals with conditions as varied from chronic fatigue, fibromylagia,
chronic viral illness, and cancer. " D.H.P., MD, Edmond, OK
"My experience with the EnerGel Water Wand. After the simple installation of the wand, I would notice our water does not smell of strong
chorine, it’s also soft and clean looking coming out of the faucets." Suzanne H., New Port Fichey, FL.
“I have cancer, and I slept with a target pain eraser over a tumor that had grown back in my breast where it was originally removed, and the very
next morning it had reduced in size by over 1 half! And the lymph node lumps that are under my arm continue to shrink also! God Bless You.”
L. Lavoie, Coconut Creek FL.
“I’ve had kidney problems for a long time and my urine always smells terrible. After just 24 hours of using the mug (4 mugfuls), my urine no
longer smells!” N. Ali, Charlott NC.
               Note: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration
                       has not evaluated these products. As in all health situations, qualified professionals should be consulted.

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