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					                                                                          ADM 05.04
                                                                       Effective 22 JUL 04
Revised (4/9/2010):                                                     Revised   9 April 10

                  International Student Admission
      The student needs to do the on-line application and not the quick application
       (Only F-1 Visa holders pay a $75 application fee. Everyone else pays $25)
      The following information is required when the International Student Services
       office (ISS) reviews an international student’s admission profile:
            o E-mail address and phone number;
            o Country of birth;
            o Country of citizenship;
            o Classification as an International student;
            o VISA information;
            o Educational background and history.
      Once the student has applied, and made contact, please forward by email the
       student information and ID number, if the application has the following marked or
       if the student has given the following information:
            o International citizenship (Permanent Residents are still citizens of another
                country until they become US citizens/passport holders)
            o Resident Alien
            o VISA holder
            o International birthplace
            o International education

   Permanent Resident and US Citizen Born Overseas
   1. For verification purposes, all US citizens born overseas and Permanent Residents
      should be directed to ISS.
         A. The student is required to submit the necessary document/s for ISS review.
             Once a student has made contact with the campus center, ISS should be
         B. An admission and registration HOLD will be put on student’s account
             pending receipt of the necessary documents.
                  1. US Citizen born overseas: Color Copy of the US passport, or
                      Certificate of Neutralization, or Certificate of Citizenship, or
                      Certificate of Birth Abroad

Foreign Nationals cannot be enrolled and/or matriculated into the School for
Extended Learning except under the following conditions:
2. Resident Aliens (or Permanent Residents): the Resident Alien Card must be
   kept on file. (Please scan in color the front and back of the PR card under
   document type Permanent Resident. Faxed copies are not accepted).
3. F1/International:
      A. Visiting Students: International Students enrolled full time at another
          institution may take classes at the School for Extended Learning. These
          students however, must submit the following:
               1. A Visiting Student form signed by the International Student
                   Advisor at their host school permitting them to take the desired
                   courses. The ISS needs to be notified upon receipt of the form in
                   order for a review of the document. A visiting student form must
                   be submitted for each term of enrollment and kept on file at the
                   campus the student wishes to attend and must be reviewed by ISS
                   each term. A HOLD will be placed on the student account upon
                   enrollment in the desired session.
               2. A copy of the current I-20
               3. A copy of the passport, VISA and I-94
               4. Application Fee of $75 (F-1 Visa Holder)
      B. F1 students transferring from American institutions:
               1. ISS should be contacted upon first contact with the student.
               2. An email will be sent from ISS requesting the following
                   documents to be collected from an F-1 transfer student and
                   submitted directly to ISS for review and scanning:
                       a. Completed On-line Application
                       b. College Transcript/s
                       c. Supporting Bank Statement
                       d. Affidavit of Support Form
                       e. Copy of I-20
                       f. International Student Transfer Form (filled out by the
                           student and signed by the international student
                           advisor/DSO at the current US school)
                       g. Color Copy of Passport, Visa and I-94
                       h. Application Fee of $75 (F-1 Visa Holder)
               3. Upon the receipt and review of all necessary documents for F-1
                   admission, a clearance email will be sent to the campus center.
               4. The student will receive a new I-20 from ISS after being admitted,
                   which ISS will mail directly to the student.
               5. F1 students have a minimum enrollment requirement enforced by
                   DHS of 12 semester hours per 16-week academic semester (6
                   hours per 8-week session), so once an F1 student has been cleared
                   by ISS, please confirm the student's full-time enrollment and alert
                   ISS immediately to any withdrawals or change to "full-time"
                   enrollment status.
4. ALL other Visa holders – must be referred to ISS for a case by case review of
   eligibility for enrollment as a student. Many other Visa holders are eligible for
   enrollment, but they are not subject to the rules and enrollment requirements of
   the F1 Student Visa holder.
5. Military Personnel: Some military personnel have diplomatic Visas which will
   permit them to enroll for a limited number of classes. These decisions will be
   made on a case by case basis. Contact the International Student Office at 816-741-
   2000, extension 6820.

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