3rd Grade Research Projects by teacherkp


									3rd Grade Research Projects: The Amazing Planet Trip Congratulations! Your group has just won a trip to one of the eight planets in our solar system. You will travel in style aboard the GPS Bears Speed Shuttle to the planet of your choice. You will have a once in a lifetime experience of guided surface tours, rock hunting and planet hopping. Your group must research three planets and make the best choice depending on your interests. Create a bubble map for each planet to help you make your choice. Your web will be your map. It will lead you to the good information. Your web must have four little questions for each category. (See example) Example of Question Web

Which planet should we visit?


Surface Features

What is the temperature?

Are there storms?

Are there active volcanoes?

Are there mountains to climb?

Gathering Information The next step is to use books from the library or classroom that will help you locate information to put on your bubble maps. (Another place to look for information is NCWise Owl. )

Analyzing Information Are you ready to make your choice? Look at your bubble sheets and ask each other these questions:     Have we completed three bubble maps? Is it full of interesting information? Is the information clear? Is your group able to explain your choice?

Presenting Your Decision To persuade your parents to give you permission to go on the trip, your group will create a presentation using Power Point! Make sure that you include a slide that explains where you found your information.

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