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					       The Art and Science of

    A Complete Guide to Leadership
o   Concepts of Leadership (definition, principles, factors, process, etc.)
o   Leadership Models (Four Framework Approach and the Managerial Grid)
o   Human Behavior: Part I (Hierarchy of Needs, Hygiene and Motivation Factors, Theory X/Y)
o   Human Behavior: Part II (ERG and Expectancy Theory)
o   Leading (goal setting, supervision, inspiring, learning, powering and relationships)
o   Direction (planning with the Shewhart Cycle, problem solving)
o   Communication (active listening, feedback, speaking, nonverbal behaviors)
o   Motivation (drive, counseling, value-based self-governance, performance
o   Character (traits, attributes, principles)
o   Leadership Styles (authoritarian, participative, delegative, forces)
o   Growing A Team (teamwork, team leadership)
o   Matrix Teams (cross-functional teams, forming, storming, norming, performing)
o   Team Leadership Model (Hill's Team Model, interventions)
o   Diversity (Diversity Continuum)
o   Time Management (planning, big picture)
o   Change (acceptance, leading the change)
o   Learning Organization ( The Fifth Discipline, includes Learning Organization Profile)
o   Meetings (preparing, conducting, follow-up)
o   Mentoring (types of mentoring, finding a mentor, development, creating a mentorship
o   Organizational Behavior (elements, models, Organization Development, action learning)
o   Presentations (preparing for, voice, body, nerves)
o   Strategy & Tactics (command and control)
o   Visioning (creating visions, examples)
o   OODA (observe, orient, decide, act)
o   Ethos and Leadership (Warrior Ethos for organizations)
o   Horizontal Leadership: Bridging the Information Gap (moving beyond vertical leadership)
o   After Action Review (steps, guidelines, and strategies for conducting an AAR)

                   Learning Activities
The Leadership Development Outline contains the leadership guide listed above, plus it has learning
activities for each section.

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