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					Spring 2009

Doom, Gloom & Despondency
- & How We Beat It.                                                                                               Doom, gloom &
                                                                                                                  - & how we beat it
                       Right in the middle of one      Finally it reported the impact on families.
                       of the longest, coldest and     Over 200,000 New Zealand children are living               How they helped
                       wettest winters, I received a   in benefit dependent households. There is a
                       depressing communication        significant and ongoing increase in reported family
                       from the New Zealand            violence and the number of children benefiting
                                                                                                                  Brown paper bag
                       Council of Christian Social     from family violence support has increased 27%             time
                       Services. It was their          over the same period last year.
                       quarterly Vulnerability         It makes depressing reading and it confirms what            Mailbox - Your letters
                       Report monitoring the           we at the Mission know from first hand experience.
                       level of economic hardship
                       experienced by a growing
                                                       The queues at our FoodBank are getting longer              Prayerpower
                                                       and longer. Warm winter clothing and bedding
                       number of New Zealanders.
                                                       goes out as soon as it arrives in our Great
                       It reported that essential      Opportunity Shops. The demand for beds in the
                                                                                                                  Pray with the
                       living costs - the costs of     Night Shelter is never ending. And more people
                                                                                                                  Mission Family
necessities such as food, electricity and rent -       are turning to alcohol and drugs to forget the
are rising faster than general inflation.               pain of a miserable existence - with a consequent
It reported that unemployment is rising rapidly.       increase in household violence.
At the end of March 115,000 people were                Then I heard the good news.
unemployed and Treasury is forecasting that
                                                       The bearer of the good news was Dean Peter
179,000 - 8% of the working population - will be
                                                       Beck who preached a mid-winter sermon in
unemployed by this time next year.
                                                       ChristChurch Cathedral.
It reported that growing numbers of New
                                                       He recalled the story of the Feeding of the 5000
Zealanders are relying on hardship assistance to
                                                       in St Mark’s gospel; how late in the day and a
make ends meet and that the number of people
                                                       long way from home the disciples, faced with the
needing Special Needs Grants for food is also
                                                       hungry crowd, urged Jesus to give them a blessing
increasing. During the first 3 months of this year
                                                       and send them off to get some food. But Jesus
114,698 people received Special Needs Grants for
                                                       said, “You do it. You give them something to eat.”
Food; that compares with just 75,432 during the
same period last year. And that was before the         The disciples replied, “Are you serious? You want us
winter set in.                                         to go spend a fortune on food for their supper?”
It reported that the number of evictions due           But Jesus was quite serious. “How many loaves of
to unpaid rent is increasing and that there are        bread do you have?”
9,845 families on the waiting list for State Rental    “Five,” they said, “plus two fish.”
Accommodation. Night Shelters and Emergency            Then, as St Mark records it, he took the five loaves
Accommodation agencies are reporting an up to          and two fish; blessed, broke and gave the loaves
40% increase in demand and a growing number of         to his disciples and they in turn gave them to the
people are sleeping on the streets.                    people. Then he did the same with the fish. The          It costs: $10,200 a day
                                                                                                              to run the City Mission.

271-5 Hereford Street, PO Box 1032, Christchurch 8140. Phone 365 0635 (24 hours) Fax 366 7100
                                  Spring 2009

crowd ate their fill and the disciples gathered      During the winter our own little miracle just     I would love to thank every one of you
twelve baskets of leftovers.                        kept on happening. When the FoodBank              individually but so many of your gifts are
Peter Beck pointed out that our response is         faced bankruptcy the deposits flowed in.           anonymous and, at the end of the day, if I
so often that of the disciples - “There are too     When the blankets were all gone from
                                                                                                      spent my time writing thank you letters I
many. The task is too big. It can’t be done.        the shelves a lady arrived with a car load,
                                                    collected from her neighbours. When a             would never get around to anything else.
Send them away.”
                                                    new baby was born to one of our mothers,          So please take this as a personal thank you
But, he said, Jesus knew long ago what              a pram and a hand-knitted layette appeared        and know that you are in our thoughts and
economists and hunger activists tell us now:        on the doorstep.                                  prayers as, hopefully, we are in yours.
we have everything we need to end
                                                    I want to thank you all for being part of this
the hunger. It will take just $13 billion a year.
                                                    everyday miracle. You, like the boy in the
That’s not even 3% of the United States’            story, provide the loaves and the fishes. We
Defence Budget. That really puts it                 bless them and break them and hand them
in context.                                         out to the hungry crowd and the hungry are
And in the meantime we have a job to do in                                                            Michael Gorman
                                                    fed, the naked are clothed and the lonely are
our little corner of the world.                     comforted. What’s that if it’s not a miracle?     CITY MISSIONER

H w they helped.
We get by with the help of our family and our       hours coaching in beading to a volunteer,

                                                                                                           Brown Paper
Mission family members come in all shapes           who is now able to run classes for residents.
and sizes. These are just a few of the family       The necklaces and bracelets being made
members who have taken responsibility for the       here have particular significance – the start
wider family.                                       of what could be a whole new life after
                                                    completing detox.
                                                                                                            Bag Time
Jonny Schwass and his team cooked up
another great City Mission Lunch on Sunday          A small boy held a stall during “Kidsfest” and         Our Brown Paper Bag Appeal is
30 August and all proceeds went to the              donated a portion of his takings to us in food.        about to go out in the Christchurch
City Mission.                                                                                              Press. Last year our Brown Paper
                                                    The Brown Paper Bag Appeal goes out next
                                                                                                           Bag Appeal was an amazing success.
Westpac Bank in Cashel Street was re-               week and these are the people who volunteer
                                                                                                           It stocked the FoodBank at a time
carpeting one of the top floors in their             their time and talents to make it happen:
                                                                                                           when we really needed it. Please do
building and donated the existing carpet            the people who front the appeal – Simon
                                                                                                           everything you can to support this
to us – we managed to carpet the Bryndwr            Barnett, Hilary Muir, Jason Gunn and Todd
                                                                                                           lifeblood appeal.
Great Opportunity Shop and the lounge in            Blackadder; the man who takes the photos –
the Mt Grey House.                                  John McCoombe; the agency that brings
                                                    it all together – Harvey Cameron Advertising;
The Bank of New Zealand staff volunteered
                                                    The Press distributes the Bag; New World
to help the Great Opportunity Shop end-of-
                                                    Supermarkets provide collection support;
year stock take. We were able to complete
                                                    More FM, The Breeze, AdShel and iSite
stock take by midday - a record!
                                                    sponsor the advertising, and Sue McRae
Beadz Unlimited owner Rowena Watson                 at Immediate helps us to place all
came to Thorpe House and gave several               this advertising.
It costs: $10,200 a day to run the City Mission
                                                                                       Back in May of 2008 I visited Christchurch. I did not have suitable
                                                                                       identification so I was turned away from a couple of places. I had no driver’s
                                                                                       licence, no passport, no credit card on me at the time. Only identification I
                                                                                       truly have is a passport. So being turned away there was a man in Cathedral
                                                                                       Square manning a kiosk or police station. That man put me on to you so I
                                                                                       stayed with the City Mission for a week or so. They fed me, put a roof over
                                                                                       my head, so in gratitude I’ve enclosed a bank cheque to the value of $75 to go
                                                                                       toward my stay. Now does my $75 to you qualify as a donation in the eyes of
                                                                                       the Inland Revenue? You see, if so, I could claim it back on my tax return. I get
                                                                                       one third back. 33.33%. I may send money in the future. That’s all for now.
A few quotes from the many letters we receive from                                                                                                        R. P. Oamaru
friends and family members:
                                                                                       Your little piece about wrapping up in newspaper rang bells for me. I was
                                                                                       a child of the Depression although my parents were better off than most.
I have a large fig tree in my garden. This season it produced a big crop of             Nevertheless I can vividly remember the old men coming to the door for work
fruit. I was not so sure fresh figs would be welcome at the FoodBank so I sold          and food. When I commented to my mother that they seemed fat enough to
some to a local shop and hope you will be able to use the proceeds in the              me, she pointed out that their clothing was bulked up with newspaper.
FoodBank this winter.                                                                                                                                 P. G. Ashburton
                                                             N. L. Beckenham           I’m one of those ‘What Recession?’ people, mainly because my husband
I was one of those people who was asking ‘What Recession?’ - then my 18                and I invested well and we have been lucky. For us the current recession
year old son was laid off. He had been working for a construction company              means business as usual. But I have a close friend who trusted a ‘Financial
for 3 years and he really loved the job. But it was a small company and when           Advisor’ and who seems to have had investments in just about all the dodgy
the work started to dry up he, as the last to join, had to be the first to go. He       Finance Companies. She now has to rely on her pension and I don’t know
is still living at home while he looks for another job - not easy. But I look at       how she does it. With the help of family and friends she probably won’t need
him and I wonder how a man with a family would cope with his situation and             the help of the City Mission but her plight makes me conscious of those
suddenly the things you tell us about the Mission make sense. At least to me.          who do need that help. Please accept the enclosed cheque to help with your
Keep up the good work.                                                                 wonderful work.
                                                                  G. K. Merivale                                                                  A. E. Christchurch

                  Please cut this out and return it to the              $218 pays for 4 emergency family-sized grocery orders
              Mission in the enclosed Reply Paid Envelope               $168 pays for 2 night’s accommodation in the Night Shelter
                                                                        $90 helps replenish our Electricity Subsidy Fund
                                                                        $60 helps replenish the Food Bank in preparation for Christmas
                                                                        $30 pays for a dinner and breakfast in the Night Shelter
                                                                    Or Debit my Credit Card with $
                                                                    Visa               Mastercard                  Diners                   Amex
                                                                    Expiry Date
                                                                    Card Number
                   Cheques should be made payable to :              Address
                      The Christchurch City Mission,
                     P O Box 1032, Christchurch 8140.
                      (Taxpayers can claim back the tax on          Email
                               gifts $5 and over)
                                                                       Please send me information on how I can help the City Mission through my will.
                                                                         As from 1 April 2008, the maximum refund limit has been lifted for charitable donations.
                   Have we got your name and address details
                                                                      Previously, no matter how much you gave to Charity, a $630 refund was the most you could get.
                   right? If not, please correct our mistakes so
                                                                     Now everything you give is eligible for a tax rebate, up to the limit of your income. And remember,
                       that we can get it right in the future.
                                                                       all our Publicity and Fundraising is sponsored so everything you give goes to people in need.
                          Prayerpower  God of abundance, you have showered this earth with blessings.
                                     Open our hearts and our hands to those who are hungry, those in our
                                                neighbourhood, and those in distant lands.
                                                Give us courage and compassion so that all your
                                                          hungry children will be fed.
SUNDAY                                           THURSDAY                                         SATURDAY
We pray for those who face unemployment          We pray for our leaders. For those who hold      We pray for those who live on their own
and those who are seeking for work.              the stewardship of care;                         and who otherwise will have no one to pray
                                                                                                  for them:
For Brian and those who help in the gardens      Michael, the City Missioner;
at Governors Bay and Spencerville.                                                                For the forgotten elderly, living on their own.
                                                 For the members of the Divisional
And for Margaret and the many volunteers         Committee: Fr Peter Williams (Chair),            For those who will come to the Mission for
who will support the Mission.                    Carlisle Jones, Bill Hopkins, Ross McQueen,      medical care and for health advice.
                                                 Dr Sue Peddie, Denny Richardson, The Rev
MONDAY                                                                                            For young people living on the streets.
                                                 Peter Axcell, Paul Straubel, Rhonda Moffitt,
We pray for those who will come seeking                                                           For unemployed people looking for work.
                                                 Cam Moore, The Revd Nelson Kennedy,
sanctuary from violence and abuse, especially
                                                 Jocelyn Richards, Alison Wilkie and Pamela
for the women and children who come to Walsh
                                                 Whitewood (Trustboard Chairman).
House, and for those who care for them:
For Catherine, the two Jennys, Stephanie and
                                                 For our Management, Administration and
                                                 Support Staff: Gray, Fran, Paula, Rachel, Jan,
                                                                                                     Pray with the
for the volunteers who assist them.
For our Crisis and Advocacy team –Margaret,
                                                 Dawn, Sarah, Avis, Marina, Margaret, Tim,
                                                 Frank, John, Brian;
                                                                                                    Mission Family:
Hilary, and Lisa.                                                                                   At 1pm on the first Wednesday of each
                                                 And for the Volunteers who help with the
                                                                                                    month we join together in a service of
TUESDAY                                          office work and fundraising.
                                                                                                    Holy Communion in the Mission Chapel
We pray for those who will spend the winter      FRIDAY                                             in Hereford Street. You are welcome to join
nights in our Night Shelter - and for the
                                                 We pray for those who rely on our Great            us to pray for the work of our Mission.
Night Shelter staff: For Mary the Service
                                                 Opportunity Shops for clothing and furniture
Supervisor; Gabor the Social Worker and for
                                                 - and for those who serve them:
the Night Shelter Attendants Herbie, John,
Willie, Greg, Keith, Alan, Phil, and Tony and    For Sally, Nicholas, Sharon, Manfred and
for the Volunteers who cook the meals and        Christina at Hereford Street; Cathy at
work in the Dining Room. We also pray for        Rangiora; Margret at Bryndwr; Waverley
Alison our Community Mental Health Worker        at Redwood, Judith at Kaiapoi, Robyn at
                                                 Riccarton, Jewels at Sydenham, John at
WEDNESDAY                                        Tuam St.
We pray for those who come seeking the
gift of sobriety and relief from addiction to    For our Relievers Linda, Lauris, Nancy, Fleur,
drugs and for those who are helping them to      Linda, Pam, Yvonne and Esther and the
overcome their addictions:                       Volunteers who work in the shops.

Simon, Louise, Justin, Sandy, Kym, John,         And for those who provide the clothing and
Maureen, Nev, Judy, Peter, Lynne, Judith,        other stock
Heather, Tessa, Angeline, Glenda, Michelle
                                                                                                    Mission Chapel stained glass window
and the Volunteers who assist them.

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