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The Grapevine


									                          Northkirk Presbyterian Church

                          The Grapevine
                                                                                         April 2010

    From Pastor Karen……
                “He has risen! He is not here.” Mark 16:6
    Have you ever heard words that changed your life forever? “Congratulations,
    you got the job.” “It’s a boy!” “You’re fired.” “Will you marry me?” “I’m
    sorry, it’s cancer.” Such words can have profound effects upon our lives. And
    yet there is no more powerful phrase in all of history than the words of the an-
    gel, “He has risen!”

    These words changed everything. When all hope seemed lost, when death
    seemed to have the final say, as the promise “the Kingdom of God is at hand”
    seemed a cruel joke, a few terrified women heard an angel confirm Jesus’
    promise that on the third day he would rise from the grave. “Tomb, thou shalt
    not hold Him longer; death is strong, Life is stronger. Stronger than the dark,
    the Light; stronger than the wrong, the right. Faith and hope triumphant say,
    Christ arose that Easter Day.” Phillips Brooks, one of America’s greatest
    preachers, wrote those words to remind every follower of Jesus that even when
    life seems at its darkest, we can be assured that not even death has the final say
    in our lives. For “just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the
    Father, so we too may life a new life” (Romans 6:4).

     We live in challenging times. Yet we are able to look at every challenge
                          through the lens of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; we
                             are able to avail ourselves of the same power through
         Inside this          the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead! We
            issue:            need to remember that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
                               happened before the sun rose. Those who first heard
Worship and Music           2 the stunning news that Christ had risen had come to
Session Highlights          3 the tomb wracked with grief and despair. Yet God
                                had been at work in the dark. It is important to rec-
Financials                  3
                                ognize that miracles and hope sometimes happen
Here at Northkirk           4 before we can see or imagine them. God is indeed

Vacation Bible School       5 always at work, way ahead of us, often while it is
                                still dark and long before we can see the evidence. In
Dinner 8                    6 one of his Easter addresses to those gathered in St.
Mission Page                7 Peter’s Square, Pope John Paul II exhorted, “Do not
                                abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter
April Calendar              8
                                people and hallelujah is our song.” We are indeed
Prayer Calendar             9 the Easter people, and may those wonderful words,
Presbytery Happenings      10 “He is Risen!” fill our hearts with hope and joy
Within the Congregation    11
                                throughout the year!

The Grapevine                                                                               Page 1
Worship and Holy Week at Northkirk

    Pre-Easter Prayer Walk!                      Sermon Series for
                Please join us on Saturday,         April 2010
                March 27, at 9:30 am to
                pray through our neighbor-
                hoods prior to Holy Week.
                We will be walking through         Thursday, April 1
                the neighborhood around
                                                Maundy Thursday Service
                Northkirk distributing flyers
                highlighting all of our Holy      “The Upper Room”
                Week Services and the
                Easter Egg Hunt and pray-
                ing for each household as             Friday, April 2
                we walk. Please come join         Good Friday Service
                us at Northkirk, or take fly-
                ers to distribute as you        “At the Foot of the Cross”
                prayer-walk through your
                own neighborhood. How ex-
                citing it would be to have
                new folks from our commu-
                nity come experience the
                joyful reality of our Risen
                Lord on Easter!

                                                    Sunday, April 4
                                                  Easter Celebration
                                                “The Return of the King”

                                                     Sunday, April 11
                                                    “Got Heartburn?”
            ATTENTION KIDS
                                                      Luke 24:13-35
              OF ALL AGES!!!
 Please join us for the Northkirk’s Annual
 Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 3 at
                                                     Sunday, April 18
 10 AM. This is a great event for the kids         “Always in Season”
 and a great outreach to the community.             Galatians 5:16-26
 Please come and bring the kids, the
 grandkids, the neighbor kids and any
 other kids you can find for this fun event.        Sunday, April 25
 If you have any questions, please
 contact: Glen Gonzales at 909-899-9219              “Love in Action”
 or 909-773-2570 or email him at:                I John 3:11-18, 4:7-12

The Grapevine                                                                Page 2
Northkirk News...
      Session has approved a promotion to Saw Shein to full time Worship and
       Arts Director effective April 1, 2010.
      Jeff Paulus has agreed to be the second Elder Commissioner to
       Presbytery for 2010.
      Rev. Mickie Choi presented rebate checks from the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Pro-
       gram (PILP) at the recent Presbytery meeting. Northkirk was given a check for $2,399.09.
       Session is considering how these funds are to be used.

                "THANK YOU          FOR YOU PER-CAPITA GIVING"
  Once again, you have really helped the Church and our budget. Thus far, you've donated over
  $2,000 to help pay the Per Capita dues for 2010. Per Capita is based on the number of mem-
  bers on the roll and this year, the Per Capita amount is $33 per member. If you have already
  donated "THANK YOU!" and if you haven't yet written your check, please consider paying
  your share of the Per Capita. Please be sure to write "Per Capita" on the memo portion of the
  check! Again, thank you.

                        FEBRUARY FINANCIAL SUMMARY
   The following is a summary of the finances of the church for the month of February 2010.

   Please note, every month, we pay two mortgages that total $4,125.66. To pay the mortgages,
   we take $2500 from the Building Fund, and the rest is budgeted in the General Fund. We real-
   ize that many people are struggling in this economy, but we also need to faithfully trust in a
   God who faithfully provides for us.

   In February, giving wasn’t enough to cover the expenses. And as we are changing to a fiscal
   year, we are really depending on everyone to continue their giving. .

   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Margaret Merhoff (909) 946-1720 or
   Emily Scholz (909) 985-7150

                                                    February     Year to Date Totals
                 Monthly Income                   $17,935.42             $33,978.32
                 Monthly Expense                  $21,661.28             $42,695.45
                 Net Income or Expense            ($3,725.86)           ($8,717.13)

   Total value of the Building Fund including memorial giving and Northkirk’s investments in
   the Presbyterian Investment Loan Program: $37,995.59

The Grapevine                                                                                 Page 3
  Here at Northkirk
                     WE NEED EASTER EGGS!                              CALLING
     Northkirk’s annual Easter egg hunt is coming up quickly           ALL
   (April 3), and we need many plastic Easter eggs filled with         GRADUATES!
   your choice of goodies (usually candy, but you can include
  anything you think appropriate). This is one of our great out-       We're trying to
  reach programs into the local neighborhood for our church.           determine all the graduates
                                                                       from Junior High (Intermediate),
 Please drop off your filled eggs, and place them in the plastic       High School, College, and
          basket, in the back of the church. Thanks!                   Graduate School. If you have
                                                                       any upcoming graduates in
                                                                       your family, please email the
                                                                       church office the graduates
                                                                       name, date of graduation,
                                                                       school, major, and future plans
                                                                       by May 15. Northkirk’s email is:
       WOMEN’S RETREAT — SEPT 17-19, 2010                     You
 The retreat will begin with dinner on Friday night and will con-      may also call the church office
 clude after worship service on Sunday. We encourage those             at 909-989-4919. Graduates
 who cannot not stay overnight to carpool with others and              will be recognized in our June
 come for the day. Oak Glen is an easy 1 hour drive from               edition of The Grapevine.

                   WINDSONG SOUTHLAND CHORAL                              30th ANNIVERSARY
                           PRESENTS:                                         SAVE THE DATES!
                     SACRED AND CLASSICAL FAVORITES                    Please mark your calendars for
                                                                       NORTHKIRK'S 30th ANNI-
                           SUNDAY, APRIL 18, 4 PM                      VERSARY CELEBRATION on
                         Northkirk Presbyterian Church                 Saturday evening, May 22
                 Featuring twentieth century sacred works by John      and Sunday, May 23! On Sat-
                Ireland, Gilbert Martin, Paul Sjolund, Jane Marshall   urday evening, we will enjoy a
                 and Marty Haugen, and much-loved spirituals by        concert celebrating Northkirk's
                       Moses Hogan. They will also perform             30 anniversary (more details to
                       Samuel Barber’s beloved “Agnus Dei”             come!) and on Sunday we will
                   (The melody of his famous adagio for strings)       celebrate throughout our morn-
                                                                       ing service (again, more details
                          Advance ticket prices $15.00                 to be announced!). Save the
                         Children $10.00/Family $30.00                 date and join us in celebrating
                          All tickets at the door $20.00               30 years of ministry!

The Grapevine                                                                                    Page 4
                                       Vacation Bible School
                                             June 28 – July 2, 2010
                                          We will be going to the
                                            SonQuest Rainforest!
    This summer, bring your kids to SonQuest Rainforest VBS—an experience of discovery
    they’ll never forget! Based on five key Bible verses that will change a child’s life—including
    John 3:16—SonQuest Rainforest VBS transports young minds into a vivid rainforest envi-
    ronment of jungle sounds, sights and smells, where they’ll dig into the Bible and meet Je-
    sus in every day’s story.

    Five Bible verses, five days of discovery and an experience that can last a life-
    time: Gospel Light’s SonQuest Rainforest VBS will bring your kids closer to Jesus, every
    day. Theme Verse: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that
    whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. —John 3:16

    Students beginning K through 6th grade in the Fall are WELCOME! We need many wonder-
    ful volunteers to make this happen! If you are available to help, please contact Debby Bal-
    ders at 909-989-3476.

    Types of volunteer help needed:
    Music leaders – to help lead kids in songs
    Tech support – to run sound board and screen
    Camera crew – to take photos each day and transfer to disk
    Teen and adult group leaders – to take kids through the centers
    Storytellers – to share Bible stories and lead kids in activities
    Craft help – to prepare materials ahead of time
    Game helpers – to help set up and run games safely
    Registration helpers – for the first two days to get kids signed in
    Drama team – actors and director to rehears and put on skits daily
    Decorators and set builders – to create SonQuest Rainforest
    Snack center helpers – to shop and serve daily snacks
    Donations helper – to go to grocery and hardware stores in May and
    early June

The Grapevine                                                                                        Page 5
Here at Northkirk

    DINNER 8
    Do you like to have FUN?
    Do you enjoy GOOD FOOD?
    Do you like to meet NEW PEOPLE?
    Are you looking for a way to FELLOWSHIP
    outside of Sunday mornings?

    Then DINNER 8 is just for you!
    Your Membership Committee has found a way to combine
    monthly social event.
    Here’s how it works. We put 8 people into a group. The 8 people can be individuals
    or a couple; they can be church members or visitors. Starting in May each group
    will get together for dinner every four to six weeks until the end of the year. Each
    month it will be one person’s turn to host the meal in their home for the group. We
    even have other choices. There are “Restaurant Dinner 8” groups for those folks who
    don’t like to deal with the fuss and muss of preparing and cleaning up a meal. And
    there are groups that can go out after church together instead of an evening

    For those of you who have participated in Dinner 8 in the past, you know how much
    fun you can have hanging out with other Northkirk folk. If you have never partici-
    pated in Dinner 8, or if you are new to the church, this is an excellent way to get to
    know people and make life long friends. Sometime the opportunity to really get to
    know people is hard to do on a Sunday morning at coffee fellowship time. This is
    also a fun and non threatening way to reach out to new people.

    Look for the Dinner 8 sign up in each week’s bulletin – you can sign up as an individ-
    ual or as a couple. Just indicate on the sign up which group you would like to be a
    part of – home cooked meals in each other’s homes, a dinner out at a local restau-
    rant or meeting after church.

    The deadline to sign up is May 1, 2010. At that time the groups will be formed and
    everyone notified of their groups. If you have any questions, please call the church
    office at 989-4919 or Diane Vaughn at 980-3012.

The Grapevine                                                                         Page 6
Mission Page
                                                     Mission Corner
In support of Inland Valley Hope
Partners Food Program you may
bring your donation any Sunday
in April. We have selected SOVA
to receive our donations.                        Support One Great
            Dry Cereal                            Hour of Sharing
  (please no Oatmeal, as it           The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering will be received
                                      on 28 March, Sunday; 36% of this Offering goes to Pres-
     needs to be cooked)
                                      byterian Disaster Assistance Program.
Please join the fun, and help feed
                                      The following is from PCUSA website:
people that are in need!
                                      "Recent strong earthquakes have affected the nations of
                                      Chile and Haiti. Your generous gifts to the One Great
                                      Hour of Sharing offering allow an immediate response to
                                      disasters such as these.

                                      PDA is responding in Chile: Presbyterian Disaster Assis-
                                      tance is working with our ecumenical partner Church
                                      World Service (CWS) in Chile to provide basic humani-
                                      tarian assistance and to help local partners in assessing the
                                      PDA continues to respond to the needs of the disaster af-
                                      fected population in Haiti.
                                      You can support immediate response to earthquakes and
                                      other disasters by giving to One Great Hour of Sharing."

                               Meals for the Homeless
Northkirk continues our mission project of feeding the homeless at Calvary Presbyterian
Church. This is an ongoing commitment on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Please consider
volunteering on Sunday, April 11, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Calvary Presbyterian Church is located at 4495 Magnolia Ave, Riverside. We will be serving
meals to the homeless. Instructions will be given by Calvary Presbyterian Church. Please call
Marion Mildon, 909-948-9649 for more details.
  The Grapevine                                                                                       Page 7
        Sun                 Mon             Tue            Wed             Thu            Fri          Sat

                                                                                  1             2            3
                                                                          9:30 AM       7:00 PM     10:00 AM
                                                                       Women’s Bible     GOOD       EASTER
                                                                       Study (Bree’s)   FRIDAY        EGG
                                                                                        SERVICE      HUNT
                                                                         4:00 PM
                                                                        Girl Scouts
                                                                         7:00 PM

                    4              5                6              7               8            9         10
 EASTER SUNDAY           6:30 PM (FH)     7:00 PM       7:00 PM (FH)      9:30 AM
 9:30 AM Worship          Windsong        Session           Men’s      Women’s Bible                 8:30 AM
                                         Committees      Fellowship    Study (Bree’s)                Church
    11:30 AM              7:00 PM
                                                        7:00 PM (FH)                                Work Party
  Korean Service          East-end                                       7:00 PM -
                                           8:00 PM      Wed. Evening
                         Small Group                                     Bell Choir
                                         Praise Team    Small Group
                                          Rehearsal      (Vaughn’s)    8:00 PM Choir
                        7:30 PM (Rm 5)
                         Grief Support

                11               12              13              14             15          16            17
     8:00 AM             6:30 PM (FH)                   7:00 PM (FH)      9:30 AM
 (Brauns’ home)           Windsong                          Men’s      Women’s Bible
Lenten Bible Study                                       Fellowship    Study (Bree’s)
                          7:00 PM
 (9:30 AM Worship         East-end                      7:00 PM (FH)      4:00 PM
                         Small Group                    Wed. Evening     Girl Scouts
    11:30 AM              (Entlers)                     Small Group
  Korean Service                                                         7:00 PM -
                        7:30 PM (Rm 5)                                   Bell Choir
      5:00 PM            Grief Support                                 8:00 PM Choir
    Meals for the

                18               19              20              21             22          23            24
 9:30 AM Worship         6:30 PM (FH)                   7:00 PM (FH)      9:30 AM
                          Windsong       6:30 Session       Men’s      Women’s Bible
    11:30 AM                                             Fellowship    Study (Bree’s)
  Korean Service          7:00 PM
                                                        7:00 PM (FH)     7:00 PM -
                                                        Wed. Evening     Bell Choir
 Windsong Concert        Small Group
                                                        Small Group
     4:00 PM              (Entlers)                                    8:00 PM Choir
                        7:30 PM (Rm 5)
                         Grief Support

                25               26              27              28             29          30
                         6:30 PM (FH)     7:00 PM       7:00 PM (FH)      9:30 AM
 9:30 AM Worship
                          Windsong        Deacons           Men’s      Women’s Bible
   Palm Sunday
                                                         Fellowship    Study (Bree’s)
                          7:00 PM
    11:30 AM              East-end                      7:00 PM (FH)     7:00 PM -
  Korean Service         Small Group                    Wed. Evening     Bell Choir
                          (Entlers)                     Small Group
                                                                       8:00 PM Choir
                        7:30 PM (Rm 5)
                         Grief Support

The Grapevine                                                                                             Page 8
                                                                        Apr il
    Sun               Mon             Tue            Wed              Thu             Fri             Sat

                                                                                1                2                3
                                                                      Daniel          Dean            Robert
                                                                      Evelyn         Dawn            Christine
                                                                       Katie         David           Christian
                                                                      Joshua         Collins          Harlow
                 4               5               6               7              8                9               10
    Entler             Sherri        Margaret         Jeff             Lee            Claire         William
    Small               Rich         Merhoff         Cyndee           Nancy          Amanda           Emily
    Group              Wyatt                         Paulus           Rash           Julianne        Scholz
                       Hunt                                                          Schlegel

                11              12              13              14            15                16               17
   Vaughn               John           Don            Gary           Lenard          Donald           Marta
    Small             Sheehan         Kathy           Kim            Williams        Karen            Bilbao
    Group                            Verburg          Eric                           Smith

         18                  19                 20              21            22              23                 24
  Braun                Rick           Audrey          Walt            Ron            Patricia          Eli
Small Group           Jenny          Crabtree        Patricia         Maud          Huntsman         Jennifer
                     Benjamin                        Cripps           Holly                          Cordero
                      Braun                                           Hart

          25                 26                 27              28          29                  30
  Women’s             Robert          Boyd           Eugene           Edwin           Marie
  Thursday           McNamara        Barbara          Pyu            Rugh, Jr       Simpkins
    Bible                             Pierce

                                         L u k e 1 8:1
    Th e n Je s u s t ol d h is d is c ip le s a p ar a ble t o s h ow t h e m t h at
                t h e y s h ou l d a lway s pr ay a n d n ot g i ve u p.

The Grapevine                                                                                           Page 9
     Presbytery Happenings

        Report on Presbytery Meeting at 1st Presbyterian, San Bernardino
                               March 13, 2010

  On March 13, 2010, the Presbytery of Riverside met at 1st Presbyterian Church in San Bernardino. The
  meeting was held in connection with the Leadership, Education and Development (LEaD) event. People
  attending from Northkirk - Rev. Karen Greschel, Dean Collins, Carol Entler, Margaret Merhoff, Claire
  Schlegel and Saw Shein.

  The following are “highlights” from the LEaD event and the Presbytery meeting.

  LEAD Event – March 13th – (Leadership, Education and Development Training)
          The keynote speaker that morning was The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, Moderator of the Gen-
             eral Assembly! He is pastor of Mission Bay Community Church in San Francisco, Califor-
             nia. He is considered the most accessible moderator in our history due to his participation in
             and promotion of Twitter, Facebook, and the use of email. He has served at all levels of the
             Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) over the past 20 years and has provided leadership at a variety
             of events and conferences. He spoke of our need to reach out to the community around our
             churches and answered questions from the audience.
          There were some wonderful workshops. Northkirk’s Carol Entler led a session on “Elders:
             More than Session Members.” She reminded everyone that the Book of Order lists 19 things
             that Elders are responsible for. Session meetings are not even listed! Only three items even
             remotely address the business part of the church. Rev. Anita Hendrix with help from Claire
             Schlegel, Dean Collins and Saw Shein led “Welcoming the Neighborhood to Worship.”
             Claire, Dean and Saw also led the praise music that was part of the Presbytery meeting.
  Presbytery Meeting Highlights:
          Over thirty young people were commissioned to attend the Triennial this summer.
          The Presbytery approved the call of Palm Desert Community Presbytery Church to the Rev.
             Julie Hodges to serve as Associate Pastor.
          Rev. Mickie Choi presented rebate checks from the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Pro-
             gram (PILP). St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Indio was given $5,353.58. Northkirk was
             given a check for $2,399.09 and Grace Presbyterian Church in Temecula was given a check
             for $6,234.26. The amounts varied based on the outstanding loan balance and the amount
             invested in PILP in the name of the specific church. Northkirk’s rebate check is 0.75% of the
             loan balance.
          The Rev. F. Sue Berry, H.R. was appointed as the new Stated Clerk.
          The Executive Presbyter’s report contained the following highlights:
                 a. There are nine churches in transition, moving from one pastor to another and other
                     four churches with “significant problems.”
                 b. Nine churches cannot afford full-time pastors.
                 c. Rev. Hendrix notes that instead of seeing ourselves as the laborers for the harvest of
                     the Lord, we are more likely to be like the spies sent into the land of Canaan. The
                     spies saw the bounty but focused instead on the people being strong and towns being
                     fortified.” She challenged the Presbytery – “God calls us to be the laborers of the har-
                     vest, not huddled in our houses of worship feeling helpless”.

The Grapevine                                                                                          Page 10
Within the Congregation

                   Military Care Packages
 Dawn Collins is going to join with her sister Heather Barratt in
 sending monthly care packages to military men & women serv-
 ing in Iraq. Heather has been doing this for the past 6 years. If
 you have any personal care items, snacks, magazines, books,
 music etc. that you would like to donate please see Dawn. A
 complete list of items can be picked up on Sunday from Dean                April Birthdays
 or Dawn Collins.
                                                                       Norm Balders           04/02
                                                                       Myrtle Jones           04/05
                     Calling all Veterans
                                                                       Julia Noble            04/05
 Calling all Northkirk Veterans, Do you have a photo of yourself       Margaret Merhoff       04/07
 during your time in the service? It could be a formal photo in
                                                                       Thomas Stahl           04/08
 your uniform or casual/action shots taken during your tour of
 duty. Please give them to Dawn Collins by May 1 to be included        Joshua Beauvais        04/11
 in a special Memorial Day presentation. You photos will be            Grace Gonzales         04/11
 scanned and returned to you quickly. Thank you for your pho-          John Gonzales          04/12
 tos and for your service to our country.                              Julianne Schlegel      04/23
                                                                       Bree Noble             04/28
          Ink Cartridge Recycling Program Update                       Frank Ramirez          04/29
 First I would like to thank everyone who has donated used ink         Sarah Emick            04/30
 cartridges for recycling. The Church earned a total of $ 622.00
 from Office Max in 2009. The funds were used to purchase                    Anniversaries
 many office supplies along with supplies for the music Ministry
 program. We also purchased a new monitor, wireless key                          April 2
 board and mouse for the audio visual system. In the coming            Dr. Don and Susan Zabrinskie
 year we will continue to use the funds from Recycling to pur-
 chase supplies for the office, VBS, music ministries, and spe-                  April 4
 cial programs. Office Max has made changes in the recycling             Nancy and Eric Michalski
 program and have added to the list of cartridges they will ac-
 cept. Here is the updated list. Max Perks members can earn                      April 6
 $3 in rewards for each qualifying visibly undamaged HP, Dell,            Don and Kathy Verburg
 Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Kodak, Sharp or Canon
 ink or toner cartridges. Please continue to use the recycle box
 located in the church office.
 Thank you for your participation in the recycle program.

                         CD MINISTRY
 If there is a sermon that you would like to hear again, refer to      All ARTICLES FOR THE
 later, or share with a friend, you may purchase a copy on CD.            MAY GRAPEVINE
 The price is $2. per CD and $3.00 per DVD.                                   MUST BE
 Please, complete the form available at the back of the sanctu-             RECEIVED BY
 ary. Include your payment in the envelope provided. Your CD                MAY 21, 2010
 (s) will be available for you to pick-up the following Sunday after
 you order them.
The Grapevine                                                                                Page 11
Northkirk Presbyterian Church
9101 19th Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

                              VISITORS are WELCOME
                          Sunday Morning Worship Service at 9:30 AM
                     Sunday School for Preschool through Jr. High School
                   and nursery care is available at the Sunday worship service.
                                      Rev. Karen Greschel
                                Patricia Quam, Church Secretary
                             Saw Shein, Worship and Arts Director
                                   Harold Willome, Pianist
                                      A Publication of
                              Northkirk Presbyterian Church
                            (909) 989-4919 FAX (909) 989-0921
                             E-mail address:

     If you would like to receive the Grapevine via email, please contact the church office.

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