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 April 2011

 Volume 56 Issue 4 4
 Volume 56 Issue
                          The Bethany Presbyterian
                                                           PNC FINAL REPORT
The Pastor Nominating Committee has completed the job for Bethany and we were finally able to
present our candidate on March 6 to the congregation. The Reverend Sarah Wiles and her husband
Joseph Childers were introduced to the Session members on Saturday, March 5 with an informal
lunch at the church and a time to ask questions of each other. On Sunday we introduced Pastor
Wiles and Joseph to the congregation and were then able to hear a sermon and a children‟s sermon
and share in communion with Pastor Sarah and Pastor Melody serving. Following the service the
congregation voted unanimously to hire Sarah as our new pastor. Pastor Sarah and Joseph will ar-
rive in Washington from Ann Arbor, Michigan in May and she will begin her work with Bethany on
May 16.

The committee wants to thank everyone for the support and prayers you extended to us and we
want to share that this has been a most rewarding experience for each of us. It has been a real joy
to do the work for Bethany and find such a wonderful candidate that is just as excited about being
our new pastor. We look forward to the coming year and the new direction we are headed with the
new leader God has chosen for us.

                                                           Lynn, Doug, Janet, Jean and Aaron

Inside this issue:                                                     One Great Hour of Sharing
 Pastor                                                2       In the past year since the earthquake
                                                               disaster in Haiti, Presbyterians have
                                                               contributed more than $11.3 million in
 Christian Education                                   3       response. Presbyterian Disaster Re-
                                                               sponse (PDA) has committed half of
                                                               that to specific projects in that country
 Announcements                        2,3,5,7                  and the remaining amount will be
                                       8,9,11                  spent on long term recovery. Many are
                                                               now giving to relief for Japan in the
 Bethany Bulletin Board                                4       aftermath of their disaster and giving
 Birthdays                                                     is possible through PDA but on Easter Sunday churches will
                                                               receive the OGHS offering which enables PDA to respond to all
 Calendar                                              6       the communities and nations that experience tragedy. The
                                                               money and assistance is available for immediate response.
                                                               OGHS money is also used by the Presbyterian Hunger Pro-
 “The King‟s Speech”                                   7       gram for its work and the final third of the offering is used for
 and Feminism                                                  the program Self Development of People which helps start
                                                               small business efforts in the USA and abroad.
 Getting to Know You                                  10,11
                                                               We receive the OGHS offering on Easter Sunday. Please give
 Paul Hartman                                                  so others might live.
The Bethany Presbyterian                                                             Page 2
                                                commitment, and visioning. Your leadership
                                                team has grappled with a variety of issues in
                                                response to the demands of transition and
                                                changing times. Bethany has a rich history,
                                                but I believe you are ready to move into a fu-
                                                ture that will undoubtedly bring many surpris-
                                                ing changes. As you move forward, may
                                                God‟s call and mission remain clear and
                                                compelling in all you undertake. I am truly
                                                excited for you!
                                                As you know, when a pastor (interim or oth-
How do I begin to say good-bye to a congre-     erwise) leaves a church, he or she must dis-
gation that has been such a joy to walk with?   engage completely from all involvement with
I have fallen in love with you all and will missthat church. This is so the congregation can
you as we go our separate ways. We have         move in a healthy and appropriate manner
done much together…. worshipped well,           from one pastorate to another without inter-
grown in faith, explored new ideas, been gra-   ference. Personal friendships may continue
cious with each other, and honored the value    if totally separate from the church. We will
of each individual and all creation. I hope we  honor this principal.
now know more clearly the blessings as well
as the very real challenges of being Presby- I do hope that I have been helpful to Betha-
terian Christians, in all our diversity and idio- ny. Of course no one‟s perfect (I‟ve never
syncrasy.                                         harbored any self-delusions about this), and I
                                                  thank you for accepting me anyway. We sel-
Looking back over the last two-and-a-half dom fully understand why God calls us to
years…I feel pleased with the journey we specific ministries, but I‟m grateful that I got
have taken. Together we‟ve sailed the good the one to Bethany.
ship Bethany in both calm and choppy seas,
keeping her from foundering on the shoals of         Grace and joy as you sail into the future,
nostalgia or disappointment, remembering
the experience of past journeys while chart-                Pastor Melody
ing a course toward new territory. And now,
to continue the metaphor, it is time for one        Calling all Bethany Chimers!
skipper to step down and another to take the Remember all the fun we had chiming during the
helm, while the wind of the Spirit keeps the Christmas Services? Let's get together again on
sails in full bellow. But more important than Wednesdays for one hour at
the change at the helm is the skill with which 5:30: March 30, April 6?,
the crew has navigated the waters. OK, and April 13 to prepare one
enough metaphor already.                          or two songs for Palm Sun-
You are a strong and loving church! In the day. Call Gwen Sailer at
                                                  927-2770 for more infor-
time I‟ve been here I think you have been re-
                                                  mation.     You've never
alistic about who you are and where you feel chimed before?            Come
God is leading you. The process has been a Wednesday at 5:30 for an
challenge in discernment, prayer, honesty, interesting and fun experi-
 April 2011
 The Bethany Presbyterian                                                                 Page 3
                                                                                         Page 6

                        Lenten Bible Study
Our Lenten Bible Study continues each Sunday morning at 9:15
through April 17 with the theme "Biblical Models of Discipleship" led
by Linda Gaines. We had a good, productive discussion for the first
session and would love to have others join us--we've been talking
about the meaning of discipleship and learning from each other. We
meet in the classroom at the top of the stairs.

                                            Small Group Book Study
                                We are reading the book "Christianity for the rest of us" by Diana
                                Butler Bass. We meet after coffee hour on Sundays in the church

                            SCHEDULE OF CLASSES
      There are no classes or meetings on Easter. Classes will resume on May 1.

The Christian Ed team is preparing a survey. We need to know what you want
to study and how you want to study it. You'll hear more later. Meanwhile, dream
a bit. If you could order up a course of study that would speak to your most
burning religious concerns and interests, what would be the title of this course
and how would it be taught?

         Save Thursday, May 19th To Show Your Support!
                             There have been many steps taken to find and call our new pastor.
                             These steps are not yet complete. At the Presbytery Meeting on Thurs-
                             day, May 19th, Reverend Sarah Wiles will be introduced to Olympia
                             Presbytery. It would be very nice to have as many people from Bethany
                             as possible attend the meeting to show our support.
                          Have you visited Sound View Camp recently? Here is a wonderful op-
                          portunity to see the gem we have in Sound View while showing support
                          for our new pastor. The May meeting starts at a special time of 1:00
                          pm. Carpools can be arranged for everyone interested in attending the
meeting. Stay tuned for additional information as the date approaches.
The Session
The Bethany Presbyterian
The Bethany Presbyterian                                              Page 4
                                                                     Page 6

                                       Welcome to our newest members:
                                        Marlene (Vern) Gibson
                                        Paul Hartman

             From Italy (Sailers)

                                            4      Jim Peterson
                                            9      Frank Kempton
                                           13      Linda Gaines
                                           14      Jan Stacy
                                           17      Dick Buxton
                                           18      Walt Woodall
                                           26      Rory Greenfield

                                        DIRECTORY CHANGES
                                         Add:    HARTMAN, Paul
                                                 2602 Westridge Ave. W
                                                 University Place WA 98466
          January Presbytery Meeting
 April 2011
 The Bethany Presbyterian                                                                   Page 5
                                                                                           Page 6

                                 A Simple Way to Help
Did you attend the Fair Trade Christmas Market in December? Did you get one of the RE-USABLE
SHOPPING BAGS? If your answer to both of these questions is „yes,‟ you are equipped to help
Bethany with publicity.
The bags were a gift from HOT. They were given with two ideas in mind. First, we want to be envi-
ronmentally responsible. Second, we would like your help with publicity. Please use your bag,
whenever you go shopping.
I have seen some people using their bags for church related items. I know, I did that, at first. Then
I started thinking about the purpose of the bags. Everyone that I see when I go to a church function
already knows about Bethany. I needed to use it when I was out and about, other places. So,
I changed what bags I use for what. Now, my Bethany bag helps me with the grocery shopping.
Please consider this suggestion when you are shopping. Thank you, from H.O.T. - Cynthia

                                        A New Name
We are changing the word we use for something we see almost every time we attend worship at
Bethany. Think about it for a minute. If you are a visitor and you are asked to sign the pew pad,
what do you think about? Some people think of the pad they are sitting on. Session decided a more
welcoming name for that pad of paper was appropriate. You will now see in the bulletin, you are be-
ing asked to sign the FRIENDSHIP pad. It will take some retraining of ourselves, especially worship
leaders, to call it the friendship pad, but let‟s work together to make it happen. Thank you!

                             Remembering, with love,
             past Bethany members who have recently passed away
           Shirley Daun Bangert, 57, died on February 26th at her home in Vancouver WA.
           Shirley was the daughter of one of our previous pastors, Grenville Daun.
           She was an active member at Bethany during her high school/college years.
           Shirley Dellplain, 90, passed away in Port Gamble WA on February 20th.
           Shirley had been an elder and clerk of session at Bethany
           Dorothy Derby, died in Poulsbo, WA in March, one month before her 98th birth-
           day. Dorothy was one of the first women to be an ordained elder at Bethany.
           Betty Hosfield, died in Tacoma on March 5th, at the age of 88.
 The Bethany Presbyterian                                                                             Page 6

          Sunday             Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday          Thursday       Friday       Saturday
                                                                                     1            2
3                           4          5            6                    7           8            9
Sunday School 9:15                     Deacons 7:00 Food Bank                                     Food Bank
Worship 10:30                                       Noon to 4:00                                  Noon to 4:00
Workshop 12:30-2:30                                   Interfaith Bible
   “The Care and Feeding                              Study 7:00
         of a Pastor”                                 No Choir
10                          11         12             13                 14          15           16
Nativity House Cooking 8:30            Quilters 10:00 Chimers 5:30                                Dinners-for-8
Sunday School 9:15                     Session 7:00   Choir 6:30                                  6:00
Worship 10:30
Small Group Bible Study
Serving at Nativity House
Drum Circle 6:00
17                          18         19             20                 21          22         23
Sunday School 9:15                     Book Club 7:30 Choir 6:30         Maundy      Tenebrae
Worship 10:30                                                            Thursday    Service
                                                                         Service     8:00
Small Group Bible Study                                                  7:30        St. Luke‟s
24 EASTER                   25          26            27                 28          29         30
Worship 10:30               Last day to Team Night    Choir 6:30
                            turn in BP 7:00
OGHS Offering               articles

            COFFEE HOUR
 April 3 Marcie Walsh and Kay Hoke
 April 10 Session - Celebration of
             Pastor Melody‟s Ministry
 April 17 Virginia Priest
 April 24 Any Volunteers?
 April 2011                                                                                               Page 7

                                   An offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity
                                   Call & Response blog

March 4, 2011
Melissa Wiginton: "The King’s Speech" and feminism
I can‟t remember the last movie I saw about a man finding his voice. That phrase -- “find your own
voice” -- helped save me, but I learned it as a rallying cry of feminism. But “The King‟s Speech” is a
story about men.
“The King's Speech” recently won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2010. It is the story of King
George VI of Great Britain, a man who stammered terribly and unexpectedly became king, and the
speech therapist who helped him find his voice.
“The King‟s Speech” is a wonderful story about the triumph of courage and friendship. But movies
are like dreams for the culture. They show us things we don‟t yet know about ourselves. They reveal
realities that can‟t be acknowledged in daylight.
This story reveals the anxiety of white men in this time and place, and of white women who want
men to make the world right again. The world as we have known it is cracking apart. Barack Obama
is the most powerful man in the world. On a visceral level that scares a lot of white people, whether
they want it to or not. Leaders of color around the world are falling every day. It may be a move to-
ward justice, but we don‟t know and the situation is anxiety-producing. Beyond the political realm, as
the U.S. economy changes, it is harder and harder for the regular guy to find a way of making a liv-
ing that holds respect and generates enough income to support his family. This is emasculating --
and nobody likes that.
“The King‟s Speech” has a happy ending: The King speaks beautifully, the speech therapist is a he-
ro, the Royal family walks onto the balcony to wave to throngs of cheering subjects. But to read the
movie too literally would be to celebrate patriarchy -- a good white man is back on the throne.
There is another way to read it. Director Tom Hooper, in his acceptance speech at the Oscars,
talked about the "triangle of man love" between himself, Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth. Living the
story made the story come true. Isn't that kind of intimacy, which generates creativity and new life,
what we all long for? And isn't it what men have been warned against?
To see it as a story of men dealing with difficulty through mutual vulnerability that brings transfor-
mation begins to suggest something other than patriarchy. It points to the possibility of new arche-
types, metaphors, models and ways of being through which men of all colors can flourish, for their
own souls and for the vitality of our common life.
Melissa Wiginton is Vice President for Education Beyond the Walls at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Posted by Melissa Wiginton

To the Bethany Congregation,
My heartfelt thanks to all of you for all your loving sup-
port during my recent hospitalization. Your cards
calls, prayers, visits and gifts of flowers and food were
such a blessing. I know your support of me helped
with my recovery. I am so grateful to you all!
Pat Warner
 The Bethany Presbyterian                                                                  Page 8
 COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE – if you haven’t participated before now…COME AND JOIN US!

Where: Bethany Presbyterian Church (Verde Street entrance)
When: Sunday, April 10th - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
Cost: FREE

We only have 2 more Drum Circles scheduled for this
spring. If you have not yet participated, now is the
time. No musical talent required. No pressure to per-
form. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just do
whatever feels right for you, and just have some fun. Let
your inner child emerge. Bring your children, grand-
children, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Children
12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. There
are so many fun and innovated rhythm instruments and a
variety of drums to choose from. Try one, try them all. If
you have your own drum, bring it along.

In order to get a 50% discount we made a commitment to our Drum Circle Facilitator for 6 classes.
We appreciate the financial support that we have received thus far. As of right now, our funding
has run out. In order that the remaining $200.00 does not fall on the shoulders of just 1 or 2 people,
I‟m asking that those who have not yet donated, please consider a donation of any amount, to fulfill
our commitment to our facilitator. Please indicate “Drum Circle” on your donation.


Questions? Contact Trish Sanders 759-7690

We had a very enjoyable gathering of Dinners for Eight in January. Let's have another one.
Would you like to become better acquainted with a few people at Bethany over a delicious meal?
Of course! Here's how it works:
1. People sign up.
2. Participants are grouped in eight (or ten or twelve.)
3. Each group gets together for dinner at a home.
4. Hosts for the dinners rotate.
5. Hosts provide entrees and assign others for appetizers, salads,
desserts, etc.
6. It is equally acceptable to host dinners in restaurants.
7. It is all right to come to dinners and choose not to be a host.
The next Dinners-For-Eight will be on Saturday, April 16 at six p.m.
Please: 1. Sign up at the coffee hour on Sunday, April 3rd or 10th or
        2. Contact Marcie Walsh by Sunday, April 10th (253-861-6763).
--Hospitality and Outreach Team
April 2011                                                                                 Page 9

Jews and Christians: Looking at Scripture Together…
                 You are all invited and encouraged to take part in an interfaith Bible
                 study along with our sisters and brothers at St. Luke Episcopal and
                 Temple Beth El. What a rich and unique chance to get to know folks
                 in these other faith communities while articulating your own faith!
                 We meet on Wednesday, once a month from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, at the
                 following locations, hear a brief presentation and break into small
                 groups for discussion.
Date         Topic                                     Leader                Location
Apr 6        The Outsider                              Pastor Melody         Beth El
May 4        Suffering Servant                         Rabbi Bruce           St. Luke
June 1       Sin & Forgiveness: Comparing &            Father Paul           Bethany
             Contrasting Views
Looking forward to sharing this remarkable experience.
Pastor Melody

                             BETHANY BOOK CLUB
Anyone interested in reading and discussing books is invited to attend Book Club on the 3rd Tues-
day of the month, 7:30 PM. The schedule for the next three months is as follows:
                                 April 19th: "The Rhetoric of Death" by Judith Rock,
                                   meeting at Lynn Riegel's, 2910 North 20th
                                 *May 17th: "Guernica" by David Boling, meeting at Bethany
                                 June 21st: "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown, meeting at Pat Warner's,
                                   2120 North Ferdinand
                                 *Please Note: In May, News Tribune columnist, David Boling will be
                                 with us to discuss his book along with helps for aspiring writers and
                                 ideas on how to get a first book published.

                        FOR SALE!!!
Two members of our family at Bethany have their houses for sale:
    Carolyn Crain has a three story house with a view of the Sound on
    Huson Street.
    Margaret Walsh has a four bedroom rambler with a family room on
    Orchard Street.
If you know of anyone interested, please contact either of these ladies
and they will put you in touch with their realtors!

                 QUILTERS                                                 WOMEN’S CIRCLE
                 Quilters will meet on April 12th                         Women's Circle will sponsor
                 from 10-1 in the basement.                               a luncheon on May 12th.
                 Bring a sack lunch and enjoy                             All women and guests are
                 fellowship at the lunch table.                           welcome.
 The Bethany Presbyterian                                                                    Page 10
                                                      Paul‟s next position was speech and drama
                                                      teacher at Lakes High School and he added the
                                                      role of husband in 1968 when he married Linda
                                                      Lou. They have two grown sons and a daughter,
                                                      as well as two grandchildren, and remain
                                                      friends although they are no longer married.

                                                      Paul decided to pursue a masters degree in ra-
                                                      dio, TV and film, and moved to San Diego to
                                                      study at San Diego State University in 1974.
                                                      One highlight of his educa-
        Getting to Know You                           tion there was serving as
           Paul Hartman                               graduate TA for Desi Arnaz
                                                      who was a visiting lecturer at
                By Carolyn Crain                      that time. He says that was
                                                      an interesting experience,
This tall, slender man walked through our doors       which I think might be an un-
as a newcomer a couple of months ago, and has         derstatement! Upon comple-
been here just about every Sunday since. In his       tion of his studies, he says
work with the PCUSA, Paul knew about Bethany,         that he tried to bargain with
and was drawn to our openness, liberal and af-        God, convinced that the church should be using
firming stance and our “other-directness.” He         media to teach the parables of Jesus, and hop-
also knows and loves Russ and Anita Calhoun.          ing to find a position in which to make that hap-
He is one of our newest members.                      pen. Without success in that endeavor, he then
                                                                       assumed what he calls his “fall
Paul was born in Pendleton, Oregon. He was                             back” position, working in public
one of four brothers born into a strong Lutheran                       radio and TV: PBS and NPR.
home. The boys names were, Peter, Paul, David                          The first position took him to
and John. His Dad had a sense of humor and                             Fairbanks AK in the spring of
always told people, “I wish we had named them                          1974 when there were wild flow-
Matthew, Mark, Luke and Ralph.” His father was                         ers there to welcome him. He
working as an insurance agent. His mother was                          enjoyed working for PBS there
a teacher, and his father decided that he wanted                       before moving south to Anchor-
to teach as well, so returned to school at age 50                      age for another 2 ½ year stint in
to complete his degree, moving the family to El-                       the Great Land.
lensburg where he studied at Central. That is
where Paul grew up through his sophomore year         An opportunity to become General Manager took
in High School, then moving to Port Townsend          Paul south to Springfield MO, thence to Ken-
where his Dad began a new career teaching de-         tucky, and finally to Yakima in 1984, where the
linquent girls. Paul always loved student politics,   family lived until the divorce in 1989. At that time
and the media, working on newspapers and              Paul moved east to work in Buffalo NY, strug-
yearbooks and being student body president his        gling with the extended times away from his chil-
senior year.                                          dren, ‟though he found satisfaction with his work
                                                      and eventually stayed there for nine years. By
In 1963 he entered PLU to study education,            then the children had outgrown scheduled time
speech and English. Upon graduation he was            with him, so he moved back to Washington
appointed to the faculty and taught Speech            where they could visit often and he could be part
which included Producing and Directing Instruc-       of their adult lives.
tional TV programs.
 April 2011                                                                                   Page 11
Back on the west coast, Paul first taught at          life of Jesus. He was ordained an elder in 1991.
Bates, and then moved to Issaquah where he            He enjoys lay preaching on Stewardship.
became Director of Development at Trinity Lu-
theran College, a position which challenged           Out of his theological thinking has come a novel
him for about seven years. Paul then returned         written over a 19 year period, titled The Kairos, it
to Tacoma and became a consultant with PCU-           deals with the experience of God breaking into
SA. He also worked closely with the president         chronological time with the words “fear not”. He
of TCC and enjoyed working with students              hopes to have it published to share with others in
there in a program designed for folks returning       the near future. When not writing or consulting,
to school to fill holes in their education and        Paul can be found reading, going to movies, meet-
move ahead with their lives. He especially            ing with his many good
loved that work.                                      friends, and having fun
                                                      with his grandchildren.
Paul says that his passion now is presenting to       In quiet moments he
churches a program called New Consecration            can enjoy a great view
Sunday, designed to help local congregations          of the Tacoma Nar-
grow. He feels called to minister through this        rows Bridge from his
process and is regularly involved with other          cozy U.P. apartment.
Having grown up in a “pietistic” Lutheran             Paul is thankful for good health and proud of his 70
household, Paul found himself in a spiritual cri-     pound weight loss over the past 20 months. Start-
sis when the “God is dead” movement of the            ing with Nutrisystem, he has changed his way of
60‟s was strong. He credits a wise pastor with        eating, consumes more fruits and vegetables,
helping him to see his struggle as a spiritual        does less home cooking and feels good being
birth, and enabling his process of being born         less of a (self-described) “whale.” We will be hap-
again. He now espouses a more liberal faith,          py to have Paul with us, no matter his size, and
calling it “radical” in the sense of holding to the   look forward to his contributions as we move for-
roots of the Christian faith demonstrated in the      ward in ministry together.

              Help Peace Community Center’s Mission
Peace Community Center is committed to empowering Tacoma‟s Hilltop neighborhood children,
youth and young adults to reach their God-given potential. The center provides programs that sup-
port students through in-school, after-school and summer academic tutoring and mentoring.
One of these programs is the „Hot Meal Program.‟ In April and October (the 2 months during the
year, a similar program is not in operation) Peace Community Center with the help of local churches
provides a hot meal for low income residents and the homeless. This is where you come in to the
On Friday, April 15th, Bethany is going to prepare and serve dinner for the Hot Meal Program. The
meal will consist of homemade macaroni and cheese, cornbread, salad, milk or juice and fresh fruit
for dessert. The food will be prepared at Bethany in the afternoon and served at the Community
Center from 5:30 – 6:30. A lot of help is needed. If you have any questions or can volunteer your
time please talk to Janet Groefsema at 627-0289 or Kelly Anne Merry at 759-3375.

                     Have you heard of the 2 Cents a Meal mission? What do you know
                     about it? Why would you want to consider participating in this mis-
                     sion? Look for details next month!
                             Bethany Presbyterian Church
                             4420 North 41st Street
                             Tacoma WA 98407

                              (253) 752-1123

Articles for The Bethany Presbyterian should be submitted to the
Church office (emailed) no later than the 20th of each month.

                ‘We are an inclusive faith community, we welcome all people’

Bethany Presbyterian Church Staff                                     Elders                     Deacons
Interim Pastor              Rev. Melody Young                     Sally Alger - CE      Jean Bone
Pastor Emeritus                         Ed Keener              Cynthia Flores - HOT   Anita Calhoun
Director of Music                 Erin Cronshaw               **Jim Greenfield - SG   *Linda Gaines
                                                             Gina Groefsema - RES Andrea Greenfield
Organist                          Louise Ulbricht
                                                              *Virginia Priest - RES   Kay R. Hoke
Child Care Provider           Dezerae Overman
                                                                *Lynn Riegel - SG    Kelly Anne Merry
Custodian                               Ann Bailey
                                                                Meghan Toso - CE     Joanne Peterson
Office Administrator                   John Kopp                Pat Warner - HOT        Coy Priest
                                                             * Personnel
                                                                                      Jackie Sweany
                                                            ***Clerk of Session             *Moderator
Office Hours: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, M-F                         CE = Christian Education
Worship Time: 10:30 am                                       HOT = Hospitality & Outreach
                                                             RES = Resources
                                                             SG = Spiritual Growth

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