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                        From the HSA Co-Presidents
                        Jeaniene Brownlee & Deborah Lyons

                               elcome, Columbia and Montrose teachers,              pleting the HSA membership form in the September
                        W      staff, students and families!                        envelope or by enrolling on the HSA web site. Make
                                                                                    the HSA web site,, your source for
                        As you may know, the Home & School Association
                                                                                    Columbia updates and late-breaking news.
                        is Columbia’s parent-teacher organization. Our goals
                        include providing a means of communication be-              Each month you will find info-packed newsletter ar-
                        tween home and school, working to improve aca-              ticles from the grade reps to help you keep abreast of
                        demic excellence for all students, and promoting a              important dates and activities for your student’s
                        positive physical and social climate.                                 class. The grade reps pride themselves on
                                                                                              sharing important deadlines, news and tips.
                        Communication                                                             Always feel free to contact them.
                        H.S.A. NEWS, the CHS-HSA
                        newsletter, is Columbia’s communi-                                       The HSA holds monthly board meet-
                        cation cornerstone. It is pub-                                           ings. These meetings are always open to
                        lished monthly and contains                                         the CHS community and are held this year
                        vital information for families                                   on the first Monday of each month, usually at
  September 2008        from the CHS administration,                                     7:30pm in Room A107 (check Calendar.) We
                        guidance, athletics and HSA.                                    love to hear from you.

                        This fall, the Newsletter is going green. We will be        Academic Excellence
                        providing parents/guardians the newsletter via email.       Nothing adds to the growth and success of a student
                        This will result in the more timely delivery of infor-      like getting involved in extracurricular activities. En-
                        mation and lower printing and postage costs. Paper          courage your students to explore interests and pursue
                        newsletters will continue to be provided for those          passions. Columbia has Fall, Winter & Spring sports
                        who are unable to receive email correspondence.             including Fencing, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and
                        Please subscribe to the E-Newsletter today by com-          Swimming. There are numerous groups to fit every
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                        Principal’s Letter
                             ear Parents, Guardians, and Families of Colum-         periods, which provide extended learning sessions
                        D    bia High School!                                       after school.

                        I am excited about the beginning of another aca-            According to the Middle States Association for Second-
                        demic year at Columbia High School. I hope your             ary School, of which CHS is a member, the Accredita-
                        summer was filled with time for family, friends, rest       tion for Growth protocol requires that we implement
                        and fun-filled celebrations. For most of the summer,        educational goals that look toward “our preferred fu-
                        the CHS staff and summer programs were housed at            ture.” We look forward to engaging students with
                        the Jefferson Elementary School, allowing for a range       rigorous, rich curricula that support their diverse
                        of facility improvements at the main campus, which          learning styles. Moreover, we look forward to the
                        will support our educational goals. In addition, the        spirit of collaboration between the school, your
                        administrative staff spent time a considerable amount       home, and the community at large.
                        of time in reflection, preparation, discussions, and
                                                                                    To our incoming 9th graders, the Class of 2012, and
                        anticipation for another opportunity to serve the
                                                                                    their families, we extend a hearty welcome. We un-
                        students of CHS.
                                                                                    derstand the importance of your first year in high
                        On behalf of the high school administration, faculty,       school and we intend to support you individually    and staff, I would like to welcome you as partners in       and to provide you with the personalized attention
                        the educational process. As in previous years, there are    that will enable each of you to be successful at CHS.
 A Publication of the   many learning possibilities, particularly in the areas of
                                                                                    To our returning upperclassmen and their families,
Columbia High School    curricular programming and extracurricular activities.
                                                                                    we look forward to the ongoing partnerships that we
  Home and School       Please encourage your child to take advantage of
                                                                                    have already established. It is our desire to prepare the
                        every learning opportunity, especially the conference
     Association                                                                                                        (continued on page 4)
Freshman News                                                              Dear Junior Parents

          9 11
    s the freshman class representatives, we welcome parents and the           e hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to the
A   class of 2012. We are excited to be the class representatives and
look forward to working with all of you.
                                                                           W   new school year. With many activities and events scheduled,
                                                                           we would like to receive everyone’s email address in order to com-
                                                                           municate late-breaking news to you.
Please stay informed by reading the monthly
CHS-HSA newsletter and by viewing our website www.columbi-                 Some things to remember… There is a section on the CHS-HSA website specifically for       PLEASE JOIN THE HSA. Your membership dues are used to fund
freshman news, which we will update regularly.                             programming that directly benefits your child.
Another important source of information is On              HOMECOMING on October 25th is planned and organized
this website, parents can find student progress reports and other per-     by the Junior parents. We will be contacting you to help us out.
tinent information.
                                                                           MIDNIGHT MADNESS: With all the expenses during Senior
Finally, we are developing a freshman parent email list so that we         year, why not contribute to Midnight Madness now? Send as much
can quickly share important information. If you would like to be           or as little as you can, addressed to the Midnight Madness Commit-
added to this list, please send us your email address.                                          tee with your child’s name and year of graduation.
                                                                                                   They will keep track of your contribution. As
We look forward to meeting all of you. If you have any                                              in previous years, we look forward to working
questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to                                             as your class reps this year. If you have any
contact us via phone or email. Have a wonderful fresh-                                              questions at all, please contact one of us.
man year!
                                                                                                Carmen Morales Acevedo
Angela Bradley                Melanie Leslie                                         
763-9273                      378-2536                                                         Debby DeFreitas                               

Welcome back Sophomores!                                                                     We still need to raise money for the lighting that is
                                                                           part of Phase II. One of the fundraisers is purchasing a brick that

      e trust everyone had an enjoyable summer and is looking
W     forward to another great year at CHS!
                                                                           can be inscribed with 2 lines of text, to be placed in the entrance
                                                                           onto the field. The cost of a brick starts at $1,000.
We are very excited to partner with all of our parents, students, fac-     The class of 2011 is holding a $2 campaign to buy one brick. Each
ulty and administration to make the sophomore experience unfor-            donating student gives a designated freshman class officer $2, to be
gettable! Let’s start by refreshing our email contact list. If you have      collected at the end of each day and held in the Dean’s office for
not been receiving any emails, or have an email address                                safekeeping. If you prefer, your student can go directly
change, please forward your email address to us! We                                         to Dean Taylor’s office to make their contribution.
want to be sure that everyone is apprised of all the                                          Coins and bills are all accepted! This is a great way
news and events at CHS quickly and accurately.                                                 for the students to demonstrate leadership and
We will host our ABC’s of High School on Octo-                                                 community spirit, and to leave a legacy from the
ber 22 at 7pm in the CHS auditorium. Guidance                                                 Class of 2011. We hope that the leadership efforts
will be present along with the faculty and the HSA                                         of the Class of 2011 will encourage other classes to
presidents. If there are any topics you would like covered,                           participate as well!
please let us know!                                                        Please assist your child with this small donation to help us reach the
There has been a tremendous fundraising effort to raise money to up-       class goal! We would like to start the year strong by being the first
date the facilities at Underhill Field. I’m happy to say that we have      class to make a brick donation! You can also help us by asking your
raised the required funding for an artificial turf field, a new track,     employers if they would be interested in making a corporate match!
and a baseball and soccer field, all ready for use this Fall! We are ex-   Wishing Everyone the Best....
cited and thankful to all the wonderful people who donated time,
                                                                           Mary Nieves                             MaryChris Brauchli
     money and energy to make this happen!
                              ACHIEVE                                      SOMEF…For Our Students!
                              Tutors Needed                                The School District of South Orange & Maplewood receives fi-
                                                                           nancial support for grants and programs from the South Orange-
                              The ACHIEVE Volunteer Tutor
                                                                           Maplewood Education Foundation (SOMEF), an independent,
                              Program is a popular community
                                                                           non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds from events,
                              service initiative that enables volun-
                                                                           donations and corporate grants to enhance the educational expe-
                              teers to help students in the South
                                                                           rience of students in all nine of our schools.
                              Orange & Maplewood public
                              schools with their schoolwork.               SOMEF funds Teacher Grants, the ACHIEVE Volunteer Tutor
 ACHIEVE trains adults and high school and college students to             Program, professional development, special equipment and more.
 work with students K-12 on a weekly basis during the school               SOMEF provided $85,000 for programs in our district in 2007-
 year. Volunteers choose the time of day (after school, during the         08, and $655,000 since 2000.
 day, evening or weekend) and the age group they wish to tutor.
                                                                           SOMEF’s role is becoming more crucial as costs go up and de-
 To become an ACHIEVE tutor, you must complete an applica-                 mands on the school budget increase. Please help us continue to
 tion process, attend required training sessions, and make a com-          support educational equity and excellence in our schools by mak-
 mitment to meet with a student for one hour per week for 10               ing a donation today. Use the flyer in your child’s envelope, mail
 weeks or more during the school year. Training workshops are              to PO Box 84, Maplewood, NJ, 07040 or donate on line at
 held several times during the year, beginning in October. For    Our students thank you!
 further information, contact Program Coordinator, Lindsay Scott
 at 973-762-5600, ext. 1847 or                   And…The popular Newstead 5K Run/Walk returns on Septem-
                                                                           ber 27th to benefit SOMEF programs! Adults and children are
 ACHIEVE is made possible by the South Orange-Maplewood
                                                                           welcome. Join in the fun to support education. For more infor-
 Education Foundation (SOMEF).
                                                                           mation, e-mail

 CHS Students Need Your Help!

                            , the
   hrough my hard work
                                                         For 80 years, the Columbia High School Scholarship Fund (CHSSF) has helped
“T                                                       motivated CHS graduates pursue their dreams of higher education at college,
                        in my
investment you make                                      trade/technical school, or graduate school. Need-based scholarships are given to sen-

                      ividends                            iors and recent graduates, often the first in their families to attend college. Last year,
education will pay d                                      we awarded $68,000 to 51 students. Each year, as tuition costs increase, our appli-
                       d the
 to the community an
                                                           cant pool grows larger. Won’t you please consider making a donation
                                                          to the Scholarship Fund?
     rld as a whole.”— CHSS
                           F Recipient
 YES, I’d like to contribute to CHSSF:          $500       $250         $100        $50        $25        Other $____________.
 Please make checks payable to CHSSF. Mail to: CHSSF, P.O. Box 315, Maplewood NJ 07040

 Name _________________________________________________ Phone/Email__________________________________________


 My donation is honoring: _______________________________________________________________________________________

 Send a tribute card to: __________________________________________________________________________________________

 CHSSF is an independent, community volunteer-run 501(c)(3) corporation. Joan Lee, President, 973-763-8246.
 Contributions fully tax-deductible. You can also donate via our web at Please ask your employer about matching gifts.
Senior News                                     MIDNIGHT MADNESS 2009

      elcome back to school and to Senior
W     Year. After three long years, our chil-
dren are finally Seniors and it is both an
                                                W    e are happy to announce that plans are underway for a very exciting year of
                                                     fundraising events to benefit Midnight Madness.
exciting and challenging time.                  Like many other High Schools across the country, Columbia is committed to provid-
Some important dates to remember:               ing a safe, all-night drug-free and alcohol-free graduation celebration called Midnight
Senior Parents Night:       September 18th
Back to School Night:       September 24th      On the night of June 23rd, 2009, our graduates and CHS parent chaperones are taken
Homecoming:                 October 25th        by bus to a secret location where they will enjoy a variety of activities, entertainment,
Financial Aid Seminar:      November 12th       music and lots of good food until the wee hours of the morning, culminating in a fab-
Senior Recognition Night:   June 3rd            ulous breakfast before heading back on the bus for home.
Senior Prom:                June 22nd
Graduation:                 June 23rd           Midnight Madness is very costly and can run as much as $50,000. In the past, parent con-
Midnight Madness:           June 23rd           tributions accounted for about 40% of this, but not all families in this community are
                                                able to contribute for their child, which is why tremendous fundraising efforts are being
PSAT, SAT (given at CHS) & AP Dates:
                                                made this year. Whatever grade your child is in, we welcome your help with these events.
October 18      PSAT
November 1      SAT                             We will be continuing some traditional favorites, such as The Holiday Raffle, Graduation
December 6      SAT                             Announcements, and Graduation Bows. Last year we offered Maplewoodopoly, so…new
March 14        SAT                             this year will be South Orangeopoly, featuring South Orange businesses in the classic
June 6          SAT                             board game format. Look for a few surprises that are in the works!!!!!
May 4-May 15 AP Exams
                                                Whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested, or have
Senior pictures: The students should have
                                                any questions, please contact Meryl Levine - Midnight Madness Chair at 763-6535 or
received a postcard over the summer
scheduling them with a date and time to
have their pictures taken. If you have a
question or need to reschedule, please call     HSA Executive Board
Normandy Studios at 908-755-0431.
                                                      e wish to announce and thank the wonderful new 2008-2009 Executive Board
There is a lot of information in our school
envelopes. Please be sure that the forms are
                                                W     of the Columbia High School Home & School Association (HSA):
                                                Co- Presidents:                 Public Relations:                Programming:
completed and returned. If you have not
                                                Jeaniene Brownlee               Meryl Levine                     Addy Liu
paid your child’s dues for Midnight Mad-
                                                & Deborah Lyons                 Midnight Madness:                Communication, Academic
ness, be sure you do so at this time.
                                                1st Vice President:             Meryl Levine                     and Climate:
Reminder: If your child needs to take the       Patti Coleman                   Webmaster:                       Andrea Marino
SAT’s, please register immediately. The         2nd Vice President:             Joyce O'Connor                   Indoor Beautification:
12th Grade Advisor is Dean Brenda Brown,        Afrika Parks                                                     Linda Karten
                                                                                Freshman Reps:
who can be reached at 762-5600 x1224.                                                                            & Deborah Lyons
                                                Treasurer:                      Angela Bradley
Be sure to visit,                Martha Ash                      & Melanie Leslie                 Outdoor Beautification: and our                    Corresponding Secretary:        Sophomore Reps:                  Chris Czech for important               Amy Klein                       Mary Washington-Nieves           & Camilla Teitelman
information regarding your student.                                             & Mary Chris Brauchli            New Parent Coordinators:
                                                Recording Secretary:
                                                Pam Friedman                    Junior Reps:                     Audrey Winkler
We look forward to seeing you at Senior
                                                                                Deb Defreitas                    & Diane Mathews
Parents Night. Please feel free to contact      Ex-Officio (Past President):
us with any comments and/or suggestions.        Sharon Roerty                   & Carmen Acevedo                 Faculty Brunch & Tea:
Thanks!                                                                         Senior Reps:                     Lara Danmola
                                                Newsletter Editors:
                                                                                Carrie Steinbauer                & Grace Munoz
                                                Dorit Tabak, Tom Riordan,
Carrie Steinbauer                                              & Shelley Weinstock              Directory:
                                                Benita Perkins,
Shelley Weinstock
                                                Stephanie Burgess               Faculty Liaison:                 Donna Smith
                                                & Marian Buck-Murray            Joe Lombardo
FROM THE HSA CO-PRESIDENTS                                             PRINCIPAL’S LETTER
(continued from page 1)                                                (continued from page 1)

interest: Achieve volunteer tutors, Astronomy, Junior States of        upperclassmen for their experiences in higher education and beyond.
America, and Magic Club, to name just a few.
                                                                       Finally, to the new families that have recently moved to the South
Studies also show that parent involvement contributes to school suc-   Orange and Maplewood communities—We welcome you! Please feel
cess. Please become a member of the Home & School Association,         free to stop in at the Main Office to introduce yourselves, for we
Cougar Boosters and/or the Columbia High School Music Parents          desire to acquaint ourselves with you as quickly as possible. Once
Association or get involved in supporting your child’s sports team.    again, welcome!
At CHS, we are proud of the support our parents provide for stu-
dents and teachers.                                                    As in the past, CHS will be offering the use of the Edline technol-
                                                                       ogy to all parents. Information regarding your user IDs and pass-
                                                                       words will be forwarded from the Office of Media and Technology,
                                                                       under the leadership of the new director, Mr. Terry Woolard. This
                                                                       technology will enable you to remain connected to your child’s
                                                                       grades and attendance, in addition to other pertinent information.

                                                                       Our annual Back to School Night will be held on Wednesday, Sep-
                                                                       tember 24, 2008. It will be a night filled with opportunities to
                                                                       meet and greet. As parents and guardians, you will meet your child’s
                                                                       teachers and learn more about the curricula. Please mark your cal-
                                                                       endars and plan to attend.
Two of this Summer’s big undertakings are the renovation of the        Student achievement is our goal. We encourage excellence and we
field and track at the Underhill Sports Complex and the re-grading     need you, the families, to support us as we move forward into the
and reseeding of Ritzer Field behind the high school. The Underhill    2008-2009 academic year. Have a great year!
project, funded by the CHS Alumni Association, should be com-
pleted in time for the Homecoming football game in October.
                                                                       Lovie Lilly, Ed.D.
Ritzer Field will be closed until the Spring sports season, although
the Project Adventure equipment and soon-to-be-installed walking
path will be available for Fall physical education classes.            CA LENDAR
During the Summer, both Columbia High School and Maplewood             SEPTEMBER
Middle School were closed for the state-monitored asbestos abate-
                                                                       4         Freshman Parents Night, 7pm
ment process. No issues of contamination existed at either site, as
                                                                       8         HSA Board Meeting, 7:30pm Rm. A107
abatement areas were sealed as required before the process began
                                                                       18        Senior Parents Night, 7pm
and access was restricted to abatement professionals. Both projects
proceeded according to schedule, allowing construction contractors     24        New Parents Welcome, 6pm
to begin renovations in these buildings in early August.               24        Back to School, 7pm
                                                                       29        HSPA Math Retakes Only
Some construction projects will continue after school hours this
Fall, and some will carry over to the next Summer. But as this         O CTOBER
newsletter goes to press, we anticipate the completion of several      2-3       HSPA Language Arts Retakes Only
building renovations, including CHS gymnasium bleachers replace-       3         Making High School Count Assembly
ment and bathroom renovation. Many completed renovations, in-          6         HSPA Math Make-Ups
cluding cleaning and painting projects, will welcome staff and         6         HSA Board Meeting, 7:30 Rm. A107
students back to an exciting opening of school this month.             7         Yearbook photos
See you on Freshman Parent’s Night Sept 4th, Senior Parent’s Night     7-8       HSPA Language Arts Make-ups
Sept 18th, and Back to School on Sept 24th, when you can visit your    15        Junior Parents Night, 7pm
student’s classrooms and hear from their teachers.                               Progress reports mailed
                                                                       18        PSAT
Jeaniene Brownlee            Deborah Lyons
                                                                       22        Freshman/Sophomore Parents Night/
762-0153                     763-0725
                                                                                 ABC’s of High School, 7pm
                                                                       24        Italian Music Night, 6pm
4                                                                      25        Homecoming

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