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					                                                                              NOVEMBER 2007

                      TORRANCE WOMAN’S CLUB
                                                   Marina District #18
                      California Federation of Women’s Clubs General Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                   1422 Engracia Ave., Torrance, Ca 90501 310-533-9116

                         President Kathleen Davis                                           DATES TO REMEMBER
                                                                                            11/3    Hoe Down                  6:00 pm
                         Dear Friends,
                                                                                            11/6    Meeting Set-Up            9:30 am
                           Are you looking forward to the Hoe                               11/7    General Meeting          11:00 am
                         Down? I’m sure we will all enjoy a fun                                     Honor Past Presidents
                         evening that Barbara Freeman and her                                       Program - “Cup of Water”
                         committee have put together to benefit                             11/12 NO HELPING HANDS
                         the Calle Mayor Middle School music                                11/12 Blue Star Mothers          10:00 am
                         program. Thank you, Barbara.                                       11/14 Griffith Observatory       10:45 am
                                                                                            11/16 District, Hermosa Bch 9:45 am
  This month, we are pleased to honor TWC Past Presi-                                       11/17 Torrance Sr. Craft Fair
dents (who are current members) at our general meeting.                                     11/17 Blue Star Mothers Packing Day - 10:00 am
These ladies, as well as the past presidents before them,                                           Coast Christian School, Redondo Beach
deserve our thanks for all their dedicated efforts on behalf                                11/21 NO BUNCO
of our club. Under their leadership and guidance, com-                                      11/23 - 11/25 Decorating the tree for the Holiday Festival
mittees worked on projects similar to the ones we con-                                              on one of these dates.
tinue to be involved with today such as conservation and
beautification, health improvement, volunteering in                                         UPCOMING EVENTS
schools, military personnel support, and most important                                     12/5 Reports are due
making lifelong friendships because “Together We Care.”                                     12/9 Sr. Crafts - Torrance Cultural Center
  Additionally, at the November 7 meeting, the Helping                                      2/9/08 Rummage Sale
Hands Committee, chaired by Bette Herbst, will have a                                       2/12/08 Palm Springs Follies
table filled with lovely knits and crafts to help us get
ready for the fast approaching holidays. This year, these                                   KITCHEN DUTY - NOVEMBER MEETING
talented ladies decided to host the bazaar at our Novem-                                      It’s the “D”s this month with Gloria Debelak as your
ber and December meetings for TWC members and                                               leader. If your last name starts with a “D”, it’s your turn
guests. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.                                            to be at the Club House on Tuesday, November 6th at
                                                                                            9:30 am,to help set up. You will also be serving at the
  Remember to bring canned food items for Anita Dini-
                                                                                            General Meeting lunch on November 7th and taking the
cola, who volunteered to take food items to needy fami-
                                                                                            linens home to wash. We appreciate all of the members
lies. Thank you, Anita.
                                                                                            who help out at the meetings.
  May each of you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with
your family and friends.                                                                    Happy Birthday - November Birthdays
With love,                                                                                  Fran Glauber, Louise Herbison, Barbara Howland,
Kathleen                                                                                    Marlys Judd, Jeanne McRae, Carol Quinn,
                                                                                            Lou Schumacher, Jean Townsend.
                                                                                 Executive Officers
President-Kathleen Davis, First VP-Deanna Hanson, Second VP-Membership-Beverly Greeno Co-Chairman-Darlene Payne, Third VP - House Chairman-Fran Day Co-Chairman-Pam Sheerin,
Recording Secretary-Lynn Robinson, Corresponding Secretary-Sharon Dorin, Treasurer-Mary Linn Coleman, Auditor-Natalie DiMercurio, Ways & Means Chairman-Judy Burrow, Programs
(Gen. Meetings)-Lenore Ulrich, Press-Louise-Lowery, Co-Chairman-Barbara Austin, Yearbook-Frances Demeules Co-Chairman-Mary Alice Platz, Newsletter-Barbara Freeman Co-Chairman-
Barbara Crochetiere, Reservations-Jeaninne Glomboske Co-Chairman-Velta Lanham, Parliamentarian-Barbara Bounds, Historian-Fran Glauber Co-Chairman-Barbara Crochetiere,Director-
Madonna Davenport, Director-Sharon Hooper,
First Vice President - Deanna Hanson                           Bernadette Kociemba, Marguerite McConnell, and Mar-
  On October 6, 2007, Kathleen Davis, Mary Linn Cole-          gie Mooney. Thank You! Names of the mentors and new
man, Barbara Bounds and I, together with 194 other Area        members shall be entered and included in the Marina Dis-
C Woman's Club members, attended the Area C Confer-            trict membership contest. The more new members, the
ence at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro. The day was spec-         more ticket entries and the better chance to win $100.00
tacular starting with the weather (beautiful sunny day in      in April, 2008.
So. Calif.), the location (Grand Ballroom overlooking the         Mentors, you are so very important to involve new
gorgeous Pacific Ocean), the food (to die for) and the         members in the future and leadership of TWC. Please
program (it tickled our ears).                                 keep in touch with the new member you sponsor. Let her
   Tammy Guensler, CFWC President, in period dress,            know the real advantage of being a TWC member and
told us how in 1868 Mrs. Jane Cunningham Crowley, a            how she may volunteer a few hours. Let her know the
newspaper woman in New York whose Pen Name was                 date of our next meeting and lunch, also, our extra cur-
Jenny June, was denied access to a banquet honoring            ricular activities. Ask them to be involved... there’s a va-
Charles Dickens simply because of her gender.                  riety of interests such as recycling, coupons, crafts and
   A short time later she organized the first Woman's Club     sewing at Helping Hands and November/December ba-
"of women only" and "for women only." The first meet-          zaar; the fun and friendship at Bunco afternoon, day trips,
ing was attended by 5 ladies; the second meeting was           hoe down, annual rummage sales, spring fashion show...
attended by 2 ladies but in one year there were 86 mem-        plan ahead. Let that special person know that on the day
bers. Now there are thousands of clubs in the United           of her introduction she’ll receive a complimentary TWC
States and globally in more than 20 countries.                 lunch, a “flower power” tote bag to carry her year book, a
   Tammy announced that Elizabeth Romero, from the             TWC membership pin and a TWC green ribbon. It’s “hit
Norwalk Woman's Club, is the Area C winner of the              the jackpot” time at TWC at 1422 Engracia.
Jenny June Award for volunteerism excellence. She will            I suggest we all start wearing our membership pins (the
proceed to move forward for National consideration.            little round pin with our very own TWC logo). Wear it
   The other featured speakers were Jeri Boone, CFWC           everywhere you go; all the time to show we are proud to
Parliamentarian, who provided lots of information on           be a part of the Torrance community. And, don’t forget to
"Empowering Woman in Parliamentary Procedure" and              wear your new, green ribbon with it’s dual message:
Tom Bellows, a noted authority on Domestic Abuse and           TWC = Torrance Woman’s Club and Together We Care.
author of "Happiness In The Family." We had a truly            What better way to emphasize and support President
awesome day!!                                                  Kathleen’s year long theme “Together We Care”.
  REPORTS are due by the December meeting but pref-               Thought for the month: November is family time; also,
erably turned in at the November meeting. Remember,            Big Feast Month (meaning Thanksgiving). As we gather
turning in your report at the November meeting will earn       at our family dinner tables this month, lets give thanks for
you a free raffle ticket.....and a load off your shoulders     our men and women in the military who are dedicated in
and the freedom to enjoy the Holidays with this task hav-      giving their faithful service to their country.
ing been completed.
  And, coincidentally, there will be a Report Writing
Workshop at the District Meeting in Hermosa Beach on
November 16th. Sign up to attend at the November Gen-          Third Vice President - House Chairman
eral Meeting even if you are one of the early birds who        Fran Day    Co-Chairman-Pam Sheerin
has finished her'll very likely pick up point-     October 11th found the Torrance Woman’s Club mem-
ers making your next year's report even better and easier.     bers Barbara Jarvice, Beverly Greeno and Lee Large
                                                               working at the Torrance Expo. They were assisted by
                                                               Pam Barnett, Deanna Hansen and Fran Day.
                                                                 The PTN Halloween Ball was held on October 21st
Second Vice President - Membership                             with Joyce Gehata, Millie McFadden, Sandra Burchell,
Beverly Greeno Co-Chairman-Darlene Payne                       Deanna Hansen, Jeaninne Glomboske, Barbara Jarvis and
   We, the TWC, “Grow and Bloom”                               Fran Day from TWC helping out.
with the help of our friends and mem-                            TWC members Barbara Jarvis, Deanna Hansen, Jean-
bers. We have eight new 2007-2008                              inne Glomboske, Sandra Burchell, Barbara Freeman, Na-
members and we are anxious to add                              talie DiMercurio, Barbara Crochetiere, Barbara Bounds,
more names to our year book.                                   Lynn Robinson and Fran Day volunteered at the Switzer
  Special recognition to you, our                              Learning Center’s Golf Tournament on October 22nd at
MENTORS, for introducing guests and                            Rolling Hills Country Club.
friends to TWC. MENTORS are: Bar-                               As you all can see, Fran has again put TWC out there so
bara Bounds, Sandra Burchell, Barbara                          the community is aware of us.
Freeman, Patti Fuchs, Fran Glauber,
Ways and Means - Judy Burrow                                   ter Senior Craft’s Fair is November 17th. Please come
  There will be a 50/50 Prize Drawing at the Novem-            and bring your friends to support this fund raiser as well.
ber 7th meeting. Tickets are seven for $2.00 and three
for $1.00. You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket!! Pro-
ceeds go into our Scholarship Fund.                            Hoe Down - Barbara Freeman
                                                                 The Hoe Down is almost here. Saturday,
  NO BUNCO on November 21st as this is the day be-             November 3rd at 6:00 pm. This is a fund
fore Thanksgiving. The two ladies who were to bring the        raiser for the Calle Mayor Middle School
dessert will be changed to another month. Have a Won-          Music Program. Hope to see you all there.
derful Thanksgiving Holiday.                                   We’ll be eating, dancing, and winning
  Griffith Observatory                                         prizes.
Wednesday, November 14th, is our day to visit the Grif-
fith Observatory. There is no waiting list now so if you
want to go on the trip please contact Judy Burrow. We          Reservations - Monthly Meeting
will be leaving from the Torrance Civic Center parking         Jeaninne Glomboske
lot at 10:45 am. Some parts of the parking lot are posted
for 2 hour parking, so park close to the corner of Torrance    Co-Chairman Velta Lanham
Blvd. and Madrona behind the swimming pool. We hope              The next meeting will be November 7th. Please call
to be home to Torrance by 6:00 pm. Bring a lunch or            Jeaninne if you are bringing a guest, or if you cannot
snack to eat on the bus if you want to spend the maximum       attend the meeting.
time touring. There is a cafe at the Observatory and there
will be time to grab a bite to eat there. No food or drink
is allowed to be brought into the facility. The Planetar-      A Job Well Done - Fran Glauber
ium shows are at 12:45, 1:45, and 2:45. Be sure to buy           On October 10th Fran Glauber organized a donation
your ticket to the show when you first arrive at the Ob-       drive for the Blue Star
servatory. Tickets are sold in the Rotunda and are Adults      Mothers. When Pam
- $7.00 and Seniors - $5.00.                                   Sheerin and Joan Gil-
  Palm Springs Follies                                         lum arrived at Fran’s
                                                               apartment complex,
The date for this trip is Tuesday, February 12, 2008. The
                                                               Fran was passing out
cost is $65.00 for the bus ride and the admission to the
                                                               Christmas cards to eve-
Follies. There is a waiting list, so call Judy Burrow if you
                                                               ryone that entered the
can’t make the trip or if you wish to be added to the wait-
                                                               room and asking them
ing list. Please check the roster at the November meeting
                                                               to write letters to the
for your name. Payment is due by the December 5th
                                                               soldiers. Joan and Pam
meeting. Lunch is on your own in Palm Springs before
                                                               left Fran’s apartment
the Follies.
                                                               with 49 letters. When people told Fran they forgot about
  The Paper Bag Auction will be in March. Thanks               the donations, she told them “We take cash or checks”.
to Lillian Albanese for offering to Chair this fun event!      She managed to collect $126.00.
                                                                 And that is not all. Pam’s van was packed with bags
                                                               loaded with toiletries, lotions, books, magazines, socks,
Helping Hands - Bette Herbst                                   batteries, cameras, Christmas ornaments, and lots of good
                                                               food which included Godiva hot chocolate mix and 5,000
   Helping Hands will not have a meeting on Novem-             packets of sugar. Needless to say it was a very successful
ber 12th, however, club members may participate in sev-        day. We love you Fran. Thanks for all your hard work
eral activities. There will be a Blue Star Mothers’ project,   putting this event together.
Natalie DiMercurio and Beverly Greeno will be placing            Joan Gillum and Pam Sheerin
soaps in wash cloths for needy women and there are al-
ways cuddle blankets to be tied. To date our members
have made 84 cuddle blankets. Thank You to all of you
who have worked on this project.                               Clem Pennigton
Our club bazaar will be held at the                            and Jeanne at
November 7th TWC meeting. In-                                  October General
vite your friends to join us as this is a
fund raiser for Helping Hands which                            Meeting
will support next year’s activities.
  The Torrance Recreational Cen-
Philanthropy - Pam Sheerin                                        GFWC Convention in Chicago.
  We will be bagging articles for the Blue Star Mothers to          Here’s what we know about Nona. She was born in
be included in the boxes sent to Iraq. The date is Mon-           Saskatchewan, Canada and grew up in a small town.
day, November 12th. If you care to join in, the time is           She graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from
10:00 am at our Club House.                                       the University of Saskatchewan and taught high school
  You can also bring articles you have collected to our           mathematics, English, and French for six years.
November 7th General meeting or with you on November                In 1958, she married Archie Kozak and headed south to
12th. There is a collection box available at all general          begin 42 great years of marriage. He died in 2000. In
meetings. This is a very worthwhile activity where we             1960, they bought a house in Torrance, and she has lived
can do a small part to help the military while they are in        here ever since.
Iraq.                                                               They raised four children, and she is now the proud
                                                                  grandmother of eight. Little League, girls’ softball, and
                                                                  soccer all needed their parental involvement. One year
                                                                  ,she was drafted into the position of Purchasing Agent for
                                                                  Little League. She began coaching soccer when her
Rainbow House Wish List - New or                                  younger daughter was seven, and continued coaching up
                                                                  through the Varsity girls’ soccer team at North High.
Unused - Louise Lowery                                            When her youngest daughter was in high school, she be-
The Rainbow House is one of the Charities TWC                     gan ten years of selling real estate.
contributes to....                                                  In 1966, a friend at her son’s preschool suggested she
CHILDREN - pajamas, sweaters & jackets, sweatshirts,              join the Torrance Junior Woman’s Club. She was able to
school uniforms, backpacks, shoes & slippers, T-shirts,           spend only two years as a member before being forced to
underwear, children’s videos, diapers (sizes 4, 5 & 6)            “graduate” into the General Club at age 35. She was,
toys, english/spanish dictionary, english dictionary, the-        however, a member of the vocal sextet representing our
saurus,                                                           club.
WOMEN - sweaters & jackets, wrist watches, day plan-                TWC offices she held were 1970 - Dean of Chairmen,
ners, accordian file folders, hair dryers, umbrellas, sleep-      1971-72 - President, 1973-75 - Coordinator to the Junior
wear, bathrobes, and slippers                                     Woman’s Club, 1980 - Dean, 1980-82 - President.
TEENAGERS - sweaters & jackets, sweatshirts, shoes &              In other years, she served as Treasurer, Auditor, Ways and
slippers, pajamas, hair care products, hair dryers, back-         Means Chairman, and even Newsletter Chairman, as well
packs, wrist watches, T-shirts, sports equipment, wallets,        as Parliamentarian. When she had no regular office, she
portable CD players, clock radios, nail polish                    served as a Director on the Executive Board.
FAMILIES - kitchen appliances (blenders, toasters, cof-               District Offices include 1984-86 Treasurer, 1996 -
fee makers, etc), night lights, bus passes, phone cards,          Dean of Chairmen, 1997-98 President, 2000-02 - Member
disposable cameras, laundry detergent, laundry baskets,           of the “Dean’s Trio” for then President Jean Lombardo,
alarm clocks                                                      2002-04 - President, 2004-06 - Parliamentarian. She also
GIFT CERTIFICATES - Target, Best Buy, Mervyn’s,                   served as Conservation and Beautification Chairman sev-
Borders, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, Barnes &          eral terms. This was an area she felt very strongly about.
Noble, hair salons, etc                                           Her theme, when she was District President in 2002, was
INFANTS & TODDLERS - diapers, baby wipes, baby                    “Bless the Beasts and the Children”.
lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo & wash, single & double              For CFWC she attended State Conventions, State Board
seat strollers, booster seats for chairs, bottles, clothes, age   meetings, and Area Conferences. In 1998-2000 she was a
appropriate toys, high chairs                                     member of the State Bylaws Committee. For GFWC she
For more information contact Judy Hessick, Director of            attended the National Convention in Las Vegas. She is a
Development at 310-548-5450 Ext. 102                              worthy selection by TWC.

                                                                  The Torrance Woman’s Club is consider-
NONA KOZAK is TWC’s 2008 L.E.A.D.S.                               ing having the Newsletter on the TWC
candidate. LEADS is Leadership Education and                      Web Site. Please let us know if you
Development Seminar. Our District is soliciting one               would like to receive your newsletter on
nomination from each club for this opportunity. The Ma-           the TWC Web Site. It could be read on
rina District Executive Committee will select one nomi-
nee to represent Marina District at state. Then, one can-         the site or you could print it off.
didate is chosen to represent California and attend the
one-day L.E.A.D.S. seminar prior to the International
Past Presidents to be recognized for their                 7. Short stories must not exceed 2,000 words.
                                                           8. Entries of poems may be any style, with a minimum of
TWC service at the November 7th General                    eight lines and a maximum of 50 lines.
TWC PAST PRESIDENTS                                        YOUTH CONTEST - CATEGORIES:
Barbara Austin                                             Category 1 - Grades 1, 2, and 3
Barbara Bounds - also Past President Junior’s              Category 2 - Grades 4, 5, and 6
Judy Burrow                                                Category 3 - Grades 7, 8, and 9
Marlys Judd                                                Category 4 - Grades 10, 11, and 12
Kathleen Klocke
Nona Kozak                                                 YOUTH
Loeta Louvier                                              SHORT STORY AND POETRY CONTESTS:
Flora Mathews                                              Youth may enter no more than ONE short story and ONE
Lenore Ulrich                                              poem for club contests.
Shirley Walker
Sharon Broadbent                                           Prose Short Stories
Madonna Davenport - also Evening Past President                  Essays
Connie Hedde - also Evening Past President                       Memoirs
Sharon Hooper - also Evening Past President and current          Inspirational
                District President                               Skits and Plays
                                                                 Stories for Children
Lee Large                                                  Poetry! Haiku
Linda Lescoe                                                       Whimsical
Janet Payne                                                        Limericks
Carol Quinn                                                        Inspirational
Conniv Vassie                                                      Poetry for Children

Marlys Judd - Co-Chairman Sharon Broadbent
All entries from members and youth must be received by
the District Chairman before or during the January Dis-
trict meeting.

1. Entries will not be returned. Authors should retain a
2. All writers must be amateurs.
3. Entries must be original works by the author.
4. Entries must be written during the contest year.
5. Entries must be typewritten, double-spaced, 1” mini-
mum margins, one side only and on 8 1/2” X 11” paper.
6. Entries must have the following at the top right-hand
corner of each page:
        Author’s Name
        City, State, and Zip Code
        Telephone number (with area code)
        Name of Local Club, District, and State
        Title of Manuscript or Poem

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