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									 Simple Past Tense
To express what already happened.
    What is the simple past?
•    To create the simple past, add –ed to most
     simple present verbs.
     Verbs: watch, start, live, move, study, stay.
1.   Yesterday Kahn __ English for two hours.
2.   Mayra __ a video on elephants last night.
3.   Last year Ana __ in Chicago for a week.
4.   Roberto __ in the library all day yesterday.
5.   Kim __ in China before she __ here.
6.   Jo __ to learn French when he __ in France.
7.   Alan __ to our community at age fifteen.
 Why use the simple past?
• Use the simple past
  for activities and
  situations already
  started and ended.
• Example: Last week,
  the ISA went camping.
• Example: Our class
  took a quiz yesterday.
• Both the time adverb
  and the verb typically
  indicate past tense.

          Did the man know that he
          didn‟t have enough blocks
         before he started building?
What is the past of be?
                         •    Were matches you
                              we, and they.
                         •    Was is for I and he.
                         1.   Where __ you last
                         2.   I __ at home!
                         3.   __ you up or in bed?
                         4.   I __ up until late.
                         5.   I __ on the phone to
                              call you many times.
                         6.   Sorry, I __ not near
                              my cell phone.
       Is Bob still on
      a low-cost diet?
Can you pronounce past endings?

1.  After strong
    consonants, say /d/
   – /calld/ /livd/
2. After soft
    consonants, say /t/
   – /talkt/ /washt/
3. After /t/ and /d/,
    say /ed/
   – /waited/ /needed/

             Did the man hear
            the woman clearly?
Do you use irregular past verbs?
                       1.  Most irregular verbs
                           change vowels.
                          – Begin/began,
                       2. Some irregular verbs
                           end in “t.”
                          – Build/built,
                       3. A few irregular verbs
                           don‟t change.
                          – Cost/cost, fit/fit,
              Is the past form of
            „understand‟ irregular?
 Which is the past form?
1.   Sylvia blow/blew the odd guy off.
2.   Alfredo drew/drawn a cool picture.
3.   Minh kept/keep his place in class.
4.   The bank lend/lent Foram $5,000.
5.   The professor tore/tear the paper.
6.   Krupal stood/stand in the back.
7.   The girl wear/wore red lipstick.
     Can you fill in the verbs?
     Verbs: finish, get, put, want, use, forget, find,
     talk, be, lose, call, do, and remember.
1.   Poor Carmen __ her cell phone inside her own car.
2.   She __ that it __ in her car just the day before.
3.   She __ her friend Abdul to talk about their date.
4.   When she __ speaking, she __ the phone down.
5.   She __ out of the car, leaving the phone in there.
6.   She __ busy in her house and __ think about it.
7.   Then she __ to call someone, and __ it again.
    Do you know the past verbs?
     present   past       present   past
•     begin    ___    9. know       ___
•     buy      ___    10. leave     ___
•     drive    ___    11. lose      ___
•     fail     ___    12. mean      ___
•     feel     ___    13. pay       ___
•     go       ___    14. sell      ___
•     grow     ___    15. sit       ___
•     hear     ___    16. think     ___
          Can you use the
        academic vocabulary?
•    Words to use: achieve, effect, approach,
     chapter, and context.
1.   How do you complete or __ your goals?
2.   How do you __ change in your life?
3.   How do you __ the way of learning?
4.   What division or __ are you reading?
5.   In what situation or __ can you study?

                 Watch for these words
                   on the next quiz.

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