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					Dear Student,

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the summer courses and programs that
might be interesting to follow during your long summer break! To make a choice,
it might be good to inquire well with yourself what kind of course you’d like to
take. Some of the universities offer ‘regular’ courses during the Summer Term
and give you all opportunity to choose the courses that you like. Other
universities offer a set program within one specific field. Combining a program
with your exchange, e.g. doing a Summer Course at the university where you’ll
later stay for a semester is of course a perfect option.
Another possibility is to spend some weeks on learning a new language (and
country) or to opt for a program that is not organized by a university, but by an
independent educational organization, e.g. Humanity in Action.

   - Always consult your tutor in advance if you want to have the credits of
      your summer course transferred to your UC degree. If this overview tells
      you that a course is worth a certain amount of ECTS, this does not
      automatically mean that UCU has agreed upon credit transfer!
   - If you are going to a Summer School of one of UC’s Exchange Partners,
      always inquire with your tutor or the exchange officer what fees you need
      to pay. It is very well possible that UC has an agreement with the
      university that includes participation in the Summer program or gives you
      at least a discount. If you’re an exchange student who want to participate
      in the Summer program prior or following to your exchange, this would
      even more likely be the case.
   - Currencies have been converted according to the rates in April 2011. Don’t
      forget that these rates are subject to constant change. Moreover, all fees,
      contents of the programs and dates have been noted for the year 2011.
      In 2012, things can and will have changed!

Summer Schools from UCU Exchange Partners

   - University of Exeter - Summer School
   - University of Leeds – Leeds International Summer School
   - University of Utrecht – Summer School
   - Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Summer Schools

   - Nanyang Technological University – Summer Research Internship
      Programme (SRI)
   - Hanyang University – International Summer School (HISS)
   - The Chinese University of Hong Kong – International Summer School
   - Xiamen University – Summer Programmes
   - The University of Hong Kong – Summer Programme
   - Yonsei University – Yonsei International Summer School

  -    University of California – Berkeley Summer Sessions
  -    Boston College – Summer Session
  -    University of Washington, Seattle – Summer Quarter
  -    University of Wisconsin, Madison – Summer Session
  -    University of New Hampshire – Summer Session
  -    Binghamton University – Summer Session
  -    University of Connecticut – Summer Session
   - Rhodes University International School – Environment, Development and
       Sustainability in [South] Africa

Summer Schools from non-UCU Exchange Partners and independent

   - University of Cambridge, Pembroke & King’s College – Summer School
   - Université Nice Sophia Antipolis – International Summer School (UIEN)
   - Humanity in Action – Fellowship Program
   - The Phoenix Institute – Summer Seminars (Vienna)
   - Helsinki Summer School
   - University of Potsdam – International Summer Academy Sans Souci
   - Freie Universität Berlin – FUBiS
   - The Dutch Institute in Sint-Petersburg – Russia for Beginners

  -   Harvard Summer School

   - Singapore Institute of Management, Global Eduation – Summer Institute

Mid-America & South-America:
   - Universidad del Golfo de Mexico – Summer project
   - University of Alabama in Huntsville – Research & Study Abroad Program in

   - Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) – Summer course Moroccan Arabic
Summer Schools from UCU Exchange Partners

Name                 University of Exeter - Summer School
Dates                2011: 16 July – 6 August (3 weeks)
Courses offered      Courses are offered in 5 pathways:
                         -   Climate change: Technology and Society
                         -   Life and Environmental Sciences: Living with
                             Global Change
                         -   International management
                         -   Law
                         -   Shakespeare and His World
                     Students choose only one pathway; it’s not possible to
                     make combinations.
Amount of credits    Having followed a 3-week pathway gives you 10 UK
                     credits or 5 ECTS.
Costs                2011: The costs for the program are £1,875 (about
                     €2150). This includes housing, two meals a day,
                     participation in the Orientation and an extensive activities
                     program, e.g. a trip to Oxford, barbecues and beach trips.
                     Travel costs not included.
Other                    -   Summer Schools students are housed in single-
                             rooms in ‘Holland Hall’, Streatham Campus.
                             Walking to town takes about 15 minutes, but the
                             campus has many facilities too.
                         -   Classes at Exeter Summer School are a
                             combination of lectures, discussions and case
                             study analysis.
Deadline             Unknown

Name of University   University of Leeds – Leeds International Summer School
Dates                2011: 3 July – 30 July (4 weeks)
Courses offered      The four week program is divided in two 2-week blocks.
                     Both blocks have two courses, of which you choose one.
                     You have to attend both blocks.
                     Block 1: The English Country House: A Social History or
                     British Popular Music in the North of England
                     Block 2: British Literature and the Brontës or The Olympic
                     Games – Sport in the UK.
Amount of credits    Credit transfer is subject to the approval of the home
Costs                2011: The costs of the program are £2525. This includes
                     accommodation, tuition, social activities, excursions and a
                     sports membership. It does not include meals (no meal
Other                plan available), except for a few special occasions.
                         -   Accommodation is organized in the center of
                             Leeds, with single bedrooms and shared kitchens
                             (with 5 or 6 others).
Deadline             2011: April 30.
Name                University of Utrecht – Summer School
Dates               2011: 4 July – 25 August (8 weeks)
Courses offered     Courses are offered in different field, but the focus is on
                    the Netherlands: Dutch language courses in different
                    levels, Dutch art and history and etcetera. But also
                    English and Spanish language courses, science, law,
                    statistics and more.
Amount of credits   Between 3 and 12.5 ECTS, depending on the length of the
Costs               This too, depends, on the length of the course(s) that
                    you’re taking. The longest courses are 6 weks and cost
Other               about €1800.
                        -   Although very few UCU students so far have taken
                            courses at the Utrecht Summer School, it’s an
                            ideal opportunity to take courses off-campus, to
                            experience Utrecht during the summer and to get
                            some extra credits! It might be possible to arrange
                            an extended stay in your UC room.
                        -   During the Summer School term, the city is full of
                            international student, for whom numerous (Dutch)
                            activities are organised. Knowing Utrecht already,
                            you cannot only participate but also assist and
                            help them out, if you want to. Moreover, as a
                            Summer School student you can get access to all
                            sport facilities for (nearly) nothing.
Deadline            Depends on the course and its popularity.

Name                University Pompeu Fabra – Summer Schools
Dates               2011: June 6 – July 14 (6 weeks)
Courses offered     The Summer School offers two programs: ‘Culture,
                    Identity and Nationalism in Barcelona’ and ‘Barcelona
                    Movie Set: the City on Films and Audiovisual Production’.
                    Both programs consist of three courses, of which you
                    have to take at least two, but taking all three is possible
                    too. Apart from that, you can take a Spanish language
                    course. Beginner to proficiency levels are offered.
Amount of credits   Depends on whether you take two or three courses. One
                    courses is worth 3 US credits, so about 1.5 ECTS.
Costs               2011: Not yet known, will be published soon.
Other                   -  The programs are mainly aimed at those
                           interested in Hispanic Studies, Audiovisual
                           Communication and the Issue of Nationalism and
                           Identity. At least two of the courses in both
                           programs are taught in English, so you don’t need
                           to know any Spanish – but it would be very
                           practical have at least some basic knowledge.
                        -  Both programs include a 3-day field trip.
Deadline            2011: March 1.
Name                Nanyang Technological University – Summer Research
                    Internship Programme (SRI)
Dates               2011: 6 June – 29 July (8 weeks)
Courses offered     No courses are offered: the SRI is a program that wants
                    to stimulate research among undergraduates. On the
                    website, you can find a list of professors and their
                    researches. You can then apply to work assist in this
                    research for the time of the program; after eight weeks
                    you’ll give a presentation of your wor. Researches in
                    several fields are open, but engineering, communication
                    and science form the majority.
Amount of credits   No credit transfer possible (although an exemption for the
                    xxx 301 could be considered), but you’ll receive a
Costs               All those participating in SRI receive an allowance that
                    covers at least the tuition fees and part of the housing
                    costs. (You can either live on-campus or off-campus.) But
                    of course, costs for travel, food and insurance still have to
                    be paid.
Other                    -  Only open for those who have finished 4 semesters
                            in a bachelor program. I.e. not for first-years.
                         -  Because of the nature of the program, it’s quite
                            competitive and you’ll have to apply already in
Deadline            2011: November 15, 2010.

Name                Hanyang University – International Summer School
Dates               2011: 28 June – July 22 (4 weeks)
Courses offered     There’s a large variety of courses to choose from. They
                    are divided in the following fields:
                        -   Korean Studies
                        -   Humanities/Cultural Studies
                        -   Business/Economics
                        -   International Relations
                        -   Media & Communication
                        -   Design/Fine Art
                        -   Science
                        -   Sports (Taekwondo)
                        -   Korean Language
Amount of credits   HISS advises you to discuss credit transfer in advance
                    with your home university, using their syllabus as a
                    reference. See link above.
Costs               The total costs for tuition and application fee for the 4-
                    week program are 2,900,000 KRW (about €1800). Apart
                    from that, you can opt for accommodation, which costs
                    about 250 euro. However, students from partner
                    universities of Hanyang (which we are) get a discount
                    that reduces the price by more than half!
Other                   -   Residing on-campus means sharing a room with a
                            roommate and following the dormitory regulations,
                            which might be stricter than what you’re used to.
                            Dinner can be purchased in the campus canteen,
                           but is not included in the accommodation fee.
                       -   Various trips are being organized for the HISS
                           student, e.g. visits to the rural areas, Korea’s
                           largest swimming pool, the beach, a Korean
                           musical and etcetera.
Deadline            2011: June 2.

Name                The Chinese University of Hong Kong – International
                    Summer School (ISS)
Dates               2011: 27 June – 1 August (5 weeks)
Courses offered     The courses offered are (throughout the academic year)
                    part of the regular curriculum. They are in the following
                        -   Business
                        -   Engineering
                        -   Humanities and Social Science
                        -   Chinese language (both Putonghua and Cantonese,
                            only open to Internationals)
Amount of credits   Every course is worth 3 (Chinese) credits and you can
                    take 6 credits (= 2 courses) at a maximum. Classes meet
                    at least three days per week for about 3 hours.
Costs               If you’re already an exchange student with CUHK, you
                    don’t have to pay the tuition fee. Otherwise, the tuition is
                    $800 (about €550) per 3-credit course. Apart from that,
                    you’ll have to pay the administrative fee ($400) and the
                    (optional) accommodation fee ($400). These fees include
                    a student visa for Hong Kong, orientation and cultural
                    programs and a few formal dinners.
Other                   -   After the final exams, students can opt for a four-
                            day ‘China Tour’, i.e. a long visit to Beijing and
                            visits to the major attractions. Another option (for
                            native-speakers of English) is to volunteer in a
                            summer teaching program in mainland China.
                        -   Opting for housing on-campus is highly
                            recommended as it will be hard (and a waste of
                            time) to find a place to live for such a short
                            amount of time. You’ll share a room with one or
                            two others. Meals can be purchased in one of the
                            many campus canteens.
                        -   As said, the courses of the ISS are part of the
                            regular curriculum, which means that about one
                            quarter of the participants is a regular student
                            from CUHK. The other 75% is international, which
                            means that you can meet both Chinese natives
                            and people who are also new in China.
Deadline            2011: April 30.

Name                University of Hong Kong – Summer Programme
Dates               Differ extremely. Some of the courses are already in mid-
                    May, but most of them take place in late June and July.
Courses offered     Courses are offered in many fields: Chinese (Mandarin),
                    Journalism, Literature, Music studies, Engineering.
Amount of credits   Be aware that many of the courses are not for credit!
                    Some are designed specifically for high-school students or
                    have as the only prerequisite that one is ‘aged 16 or
                    above’. But, there are too some courses that bear credit
                    (up to 12 US credits) and that could possibly be very
                    interesting. These courses tend to be full very quickly, so
                    sign up in time!
Costs               Differs a lot. A 6-credit Mandarin course costs only about
                    €750 whereas some of the more special programs can be
                    a lot more expensive. Apart from that, one needs to pay a
                    registration fee, but only for the credit-bearing courses.
                    Accommodation in a double room on campus costs about
                    €10 per night.
Other                   -   For Overseas students, a range of visits and social
                            activities will be organised on weeknights and in
Deadline            2011: May 16.

Name                Xiamen University – Summer Programmes
Dates               2011: early May – Late July. Courses have a different
                    length: between 3 and 8 weeks.
Courses offered     Xiamen University offers firstly several Chinese language
                    courses. One is very intensive (8 weeks, only aimed at
                    the language), whereas another is only three weeks long
                    and combines language lessons with cultural information.
                    Again another (4 weeks) aims at improving oral
                    proficiency for those who have already some basic
                    knowledge of Chinese. Apart from that, there is a financial
                    course in cooperation with Wang Yanang Institute for
                    Studies in Economics (WISE).
Amount of credits   No information to be found, so ask in advance!
Costs               The four-week language course costs 3,200 RMB (about
                    €350); the other courses are priced proportionally.
Deadline            Eight-week Chinese course: April 15. Four-week oral
                    Chinese class: June 17. Others: unknown.

Name                Yonsei University – Yonsei International Summer School
Dates               2011: June 28 – August 4 (6 weeks)
Courses offered     Courses are offered in various fields: Arts & Humanities,
                    Korean Language and Culture, East Asian Studies, Social
                    Sciences, Management & Economics and Science,
                    Technology & Environment. All courses are taught in
                    English, except for the Korean Language courses.
Amount of credits   You have to take at least two courses, but taking three or
                    four is allowed too. All courses are worth 3 US credits.
Costs               The cost for the six-week program (it’s not possible to
                    stay for a shorter time) is 3,700,000 KRW (about €2350).
                    On-campus housing for six weeks costs around €450 in a
                    double room.
Other                   -   Those who wish can attend a 3-day field trip prior
                            to the start of the Summer School. It’s an
                            excellent introduction to the country and culture of
                        -   Apart from that, one-day trips are being organised
                            as are, free of change, extra-curricular activities
                            like Taekwondo, Korean cooking, Korean
                          percussion and etcetera.
Deadline            2011: May 13.

Name                University of California – Berkeley Summer Sessions
Dates of Summer     2011: The summer courses at Berkeley can be followed in
School              five different sessions (A-E), with different lengths (three,
                    six, eight, ten or twelve (two times six) weeks). The
                    earliest starting date is 23 May and all sessions end at 12
                    August. You can make your own choice on what sessions
                    to attend.
Courses offered     The amount of summer courses offered is too long to list
                    here, but be assured that courses in all kinds of fields are
                    available in the summer. Of course, this also depends on
                    which session you decide to follow.
Amount of credits   The University of Berkeley doesn’t work with ‘credits’ but
                    with ‘units’, which are the equivalent of UC credits.
                    Courses can have 1 up to 10 units.
Costs               Visiting international students pay $350 per unit taken,
                    plus $385 Enrollment fee and $300 International Service
                    fee. Like an exchange student, you have the choice
                    between living on-campus (where different residences are
                    available), off-campus and with a host family. Depending
                    on your choice and the length of your stay, costs will
Other                   -    Of course, you won’t be bored in your free time.
                             Especially in the summer, making daytrips to e.g.
                             San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and the
                             wine country of northern California will be
Deadline            2011: Depends on the Session that you want to
                    participate in, but usually signing up is possible until two
                    weeks before the start of the course.

Name                Boston College – Summer Session
Dates               2011: two 6-week sessions. May 16 – June 23 and June
                    27 – August 5.
Courses offered     A large amount of courses is offered in many different
                    academic fields. There is a slight focus on the fields of
                    Biology, Theology, Chemistry and History.
Amount of credits   Most courses are worth three US credits (i.e. 1.5 ECTS),
                    but there are exceptions.
Costs               The costs of a regular, 3-credit course are $1980 (about
                    €1375). Apart from that, you will need to pay for housing
                    if you want to reside on campus. This costs $942 (€650)
                    for six weeks, in a shared room.
Other                   -   Housing on-campus is only available for the second
                            session, in June-August.
                        -   The Boston campus offers all needed facilities: a
                          store, dining facilities, a well-equipped library and
Deadline            Unknown

Name                University of Washington, Seattle – Summer Quarter
Dates               In 2011, the Summer Quarter runs for 9 weeks, from
                    June 20 to August 19. You can stay for the whole period
                    or come for the first or second 4.5 weeks. (A term and B
Courses offered     Over 2000 courses are offered in about 100 fields of
                    study. So, plenty of choice.
Amount of credits   The number of credits can vary a lot, also depending on
                    whether the course runs for 4.5 or 9 weeks. An average
                    course may be worth 5 US credits. (2.5 ECTS.)
Costs               Depend on how many credits you want to take. As a non-
                    resident of the US, fees can be quite high. E.g. taking 5
                    credits as a non-resident costs $4,202. (€2900)
Other                   -   On-campus housing is available, as is a card for
                            cheaper public transport.
Deadline            2011: June 1.

Name                UW Madison – Summer Session
Dates               In total, the summer session runs in 2011 from May 17 to
                    August 21, i.e. a period of 14 weeks. Within this period,
                    there are over 90 different ‘sessions’ with lengths varying
                    from 1 to 14 weeks.
Courses offered     Courses on all levels and in all kinds of fields.
Amount of credits   Depends, obviously, on the length of the course. Can be
                    anything between 1 and 9 credits.
Costs               Hard to find out, but in any case dependent on the
                    number of credits that you want to take. Apart from that,
                    it might be more expensive for International students as
                    they are non-residents.
Other                   -   All facilities are available at UW Madison: on-
                            campus housing, sports, an on-campus bus system
                            and etcetera.
Deadline            Unknown

Name                University of New Hampshire – Summer Session
Dates               In 2011, the Summer Session runs from May 23 to
                    August 5. Within this period, you can take courses for 5, 8
                    or 10 weeks.
Courses offered     Everything: from Animal Behaviour to Women Studies.
Amount of credits   Can vary a lot. From non-credit courses to 8 US credits.
Costs               For undergraduate summer courses, the costs are $359
                    (€250) per credit taken. Moreover, there are some
                    additional registration costs and of course the costs for
                    on-campus housing and food.
Other                   -   Summer Session students can make use of all of
                          New Hampshire’s facilities.
Deadline            2011: Depending on which session you take – between
                    May 19 and June 23.

Name                Binghamton University – Summer Session
Dates               2011: May 31 – August 12. (11 weeks.) Most courses are
                    either given in Term I (May 31 to July 1) or Term II (July
                    11 to August 12).
Courses offered     In all kinds of fields. Archaeology, Chemistry, China
                    Studies and etcetera.
Amount of credits   Usually 4 US credits per course, but there are exceptions.
Costs               As a non-resident of New York State, you’d pay $558
                    (about €385) per credit taken. The costs for housing
                    during one of the two terms are $800.
Deadline            2011: June 3 (Term I) and July 14 (Term 2)

Name                University of Connecticut – Summer Session
Dates               2011: May 31 – July 8 (6 weeks, Session 1) and July 11 –
                    August (6 weeks, Session 2)
Courses offered     Lots of choice. From Accounting tot Urban and Community
Amount of credits   For most courses, you’ll get 3 US credits, but sometimes
                    there are more.
Costs               The course fees: TBA. The housing is, however, half-
                    priced and also the dining costs are reduced. Moreover, it
                    might be possible to get a little campus job during
                    Summer Session.
Deadline            Unknown

Name                Rhodes University International School – Environment,
                    Development and Sustainability in [South] Africa
Dates               2011: 25 June – 22 July (4 weeks), in Grahamstown
Courses offered     The 4 weeks are a set program that deals with
                    environmental and developmental, but also political,
                    historical and social issues in Africa. These modules are
                    compulsory and will be followed in the first two weeks:
                        -   African Political Economy
                        -   The Right to the City in South Africa
                        -   Africa in Crisis
                    During the 3rd and 4th week, you can choose one of the
                    three following modules:
                        -   Exploring the Changing Social-Ecological
                            Landscapes of the Eastern Cape
                        -   Building a Habitable Planet – a Workshop on
                            Climate Change
                        -   Information
                    All modules include field trips and community
Amount of credits   The school advises you to discuss this with your home
                    university in advance. There are 60 contact hours during
                    the program, excluding time that should be spend on
                    writing and reading.
Costs               2011: 30.000 South-African Rand (about €3000). This
                    includes full board accommodation and local
Other                   -  Don’t forget that you’ll be south of the equator and
                           that it’ll be winter! 
                        -  The School only accepts 30 participants, so it
                           might not be very easy to get in.
Deadline            2011: April 15
Summer Schools from non-UCU Exchange Partners and independent

Name of University   University of Cambridge, Pembroke & King’s College –
                     Summer School
Dates                2011: 3 July – 27 August (8 weeks)
Courses offered      Courses are offered in 9 subject groups:
                         -   Arts and Architecture
                         -   Creative Writing
                         -   Economics and Finance
                         -   English Literature and Linguistics
                         -   Business and Management
                         -   History
                         -   International Relations
                         -   Philosophy, Law and Political Theory
                         -   Sciences
                     Courses are at three different levels and students have to
                     combine several levels. (So you cannot take only level 3
                     courses.) Apart from that, you can substitute one of the
                     courses for ‘Supervision’, a format in which you write
                     several essays or one bigger thesis, while having a
                     supervision meeting with a teacher once a week.
Amount of credits    One course at Cambridge Summer School is the
                     equivalent 3-4 US credits. Students take 4 courses during
Costs                their time at the
                     2011: Tuition fee for the entire program is £2,245. (About
                     €2500) This includes a day-trip to Londen, a four-day trip
                     to Edinburgh and a partial meal-plan. It does not include
                     the accommodation fee, which is £1500-2000, depending
Other                on which housing you choose.
                         -   You’ll have to take the entire program – doing only
                             one or two courses is not possible.
                         -   Program is aimed at undergrads with good
                             academic standing (GPA 3.2 or higher).
                         -   Of course, many relaxing activities are organized.
                             Apart from the trips to other cities and additional
                             weekend trips, there’ll be river walks, high teas,
                             theatre trips and formal dinners in ‘Cambridge
Deadline             2011: May 20

Name                 Université Nice Sophia Antipolis – International Summer
                     School (UIEN)
Dates                2011: There are two sessions of four weeks. First session:
                     5 – 28 July. Second session: 3 – 26 August, in Nice
Courses offered      The UIEN offers only language courses in French and
                     English and courses for teachers of French. The French
                     courses (which are probably most interesting for UC
                     students) are a combination of language/culture classes
                     (mornings) and workshops (afternoons). All levels are
                     welcome, even true beginners.
Amount of credits    One session is the equivalent of 6 ECTS.
Costs                The costs for the 4-week English or French course are
                     €700, taking both sessions costs €1200.
Other                  -  As is common in France, the university has no
                          campus where you can stay. The website of UIEN
                          does provide links to private residences, but be
                          warned that these can be more expensive than
                          Dutch housing.
                       -  Of course, Nice is a brilliant place to stay in the
                          summer. Apart from the Côte d’Azur and proximity
                          to Cannes, Monaco and Italy, you’ll live in a town
                          with many (art) museums, historical buildings and
                          an intensive nightlife.
Deadline            Unknown

Name                Humanity in Action – Fellowship Program
Dates               2011: 2 June – 3 July (5 weeks)
Courses offered     Humanity in Action is an international educational
                    organization that is continuously concerned with
                    developing a network of students, young professional and
                    leaders committed to the promotion of human rights
                    around the world. One of their activities is the ‘Fellowship
                    Program’, a five-program organised simultaneously in
                    several European capitals (Warsaw, Amsterdam, Paris
                    Berlin, etc.) in June. In all these places, ten students
                    (‘fellows) from the own country form a group together
                    with ten American students and ten students from
                    another country. This group will discuss the ways in which
                    Dutch society developed politically and socially after
                    1945, having a particular focus on the treatment of
                    minorities. Fields of discussion are for example: slavery,
                    colonialism, immigration, religion, refugee and
                    xenophobia. During the first three weeks of the program,
                    the group will have many meetings with recognized
                    leaders in HR organisations, politicians, diplomats,
                    journalists, scholars and artists. The last two weeks,
                    groups of two or three participants will write a report on a
                    specific topic and present it before the group.
Amount of credits   Credit transfer is not automatically organised; you’ll have
                    to organise this in advance with your home organisation.
Costs               All costs for participation and accommodation are
                    covered! You’ll need approximately €500 for food and
                    social activities.
Other                    -  Being a ‘Dutch’ participant does not mean that you
                            need to have the Dutch nationality. You only need
                            to be a second-year student (or higher) at a Dutch
                            university and reside permanently in the
                         -  Getting into the program is really hard, as there is
                            a very competitive admission procedure. Be
                            prepared for reference letters, an essay and an
Deadline            2011: February 7.
Name                The Phoenix Institute – Summer Seminars
Dates               2011: 25 June – 23 July (4 weeks, USA), 7 July – 29 July
                    (3 weeks, Austria)
Courses offered     The Phoenix Institute is an international educational
                    organization that seeks, since its foundation in 1987, to
                    promote a deeper understanding of Western Civilization.
                    Amongst other activities, they organise summer courses
                    in both the USA (University of Notre Dame, Ind.) and in
                    Vienna (Trumau-Vienna). The courses obviously focus on
                    Western history, philosophy and politics. The course titles
                    for 2011:
                        -  Heroism Reconsidered (USA)
                        -  Philosophy of Law (USA)
                        -  The Politics of Reconciliation (USA)
                        -  Negotiation Workshop (USA)
                        -  The Ethics of Rhetoric: Morality and Persuasion
                        -  Thomas Aquinas as a Political and Legal
                           Philosopher (Vienna)
                        -  The Bulwark of the West. Christianity, History and
                           Culture in Vienna at the Crossroads between West
                           and East (Vienna)
Amount of credits   Courses in the USA are all worth 3 credits; courses in
                    Vienna have 2 credits.
Costs               USA: $2,665 (about €1900). Vienna: €1545,-. Fees
                    include tuition, accommodation (double or triple rooms),
                    cultural events and most of the meals.
Other                   -  Jeroen Bons, fellow of the Humanities department,
                           teaches the Rhetoric course in Vienna!
Deadline            2011: March 18.

Name                Helsinki Summer School
Dates               2011: 9 – 25 August (2.5 weeks)
Courses offered     The Helsinki Summer School is a cooperation between
                    several universities in and around Helsinki. The School
                    offers about 20 courses in all kinds of fields: history,
                    business, bioethics, ecology, and etcetera. You can only
                    take one course at a time.
Amount of credits   Most courses are worth 6 ECTS, a few only 3 or 5.
Costs               Difficult to estimate. International students (that are not
                    on exchange with any university within Finland) have to
                    pay €150 registration fee. The costs for the course are
                    between €395-450 and accommodation will be between
                    €390-770, depending on where you want to stay. Then
                    you still have the living costs, which are, unfortunately,
                    quite high in Finland. Most social activities, however, are
                    free of charge.
Other                   -   Students get in on a ‘first come, first served’ base,
                            so sign up early on.
                        -   There are a few scholarships available for the
                            Summer School, but these are extremely hard to
                        -   As said, social activities are being organised: a city
                            tour, a Finnish game tournament, a Finnish movie
                            night, etcetera.
Deadline            As said, first come, first served. The most popular courses
                    will be full by May.

Name                University of Potsdam – International Summer Academy
                    Sans Souci
Dates               2011: 3 – 25 August (3 weeks)
Courses offered     Since a few years, Sans Souci does not only offer courses
                    in the German language (two levels, intermediate and
                    advanced), but also seminars and project courses on
                    history, literature and politics.
Amount of credits   Depends on how many projects and seminars you want to
                    take and how much free time you want to have left. At a
                    maximum you can get 9 ECTS in the 3-week program.
Costs               The costs for the course are €590. If you want, housing in
Other               a student room close to the Potsdam campus can be
                    organised for €250. With both bus and train, you can
                    reach both Potsdam and Berlin easily.
Deadline            Unknown

Name                Freie Universität Berlin – FUBiS
Dates               2011: May 28 – July 9 (Term II, 6 weeks), July 16 –
                    August 13 (Term III, 4 weeks). Term I is in Winter.
Courses offered     Apart from German language courses in all levels, FUBis
                    offers courses on (German and European) history,
                    literature, politics and more.
Amount of credits   Most ‘culture’ (non-language) courses have 4 or 6 ECTS.
                    These courses are not very intensive, so that you could
                    combine two of them. Language courses can be combined
                    with a ‘culture’ course or can be the only course followed.
                    In that case, the course is more intensive and has 9
Costs               An average 4 ECTS course costs €800; one with 6 ECTS
                    costs €1200. The intensive German courses costs €1800.
Other                    - As most German universities, die Freie Universität
                            owns no housing. They are, however, willing to
                            help you in finding a temporary space to live.
                            Everything, from hostels or a shared apartment to
                            a German host family, is possible.
                         - Many extracurricular activities are organised. E.g.
                            daytrips and weekend trips to other German cities,
                            a visit to the Reichstag…
Deadline            2011: April 30 (Term II) and June 18 (Term III)

Name                The Dutch Institute in Sint-Petersburg – Russia for
Dates               2011: 15 – 26 August (1.5 weeks), in Sint-Petersburg
Courses offered     As mentioned, the name of the course is ‘Russia for
                    Beginners’, which means that you’ll get a general
                    introduction to all aspects of Russia during the two weeks
                    of the course. The mornings will be filled with learning the
                    basics of the Russian language, whereas the afternoons
                    will be devoted to city trips, history lessons, discussions
                    of literature, museum visits, etcetera.
Amount of credits   If you write an essay after your return to the Netherlands,
                    it should be possible to receive 5 ECTS for this course. Of
                    course, you’ll to discuss this in advance at UC. In any
                    case, you’ll receive a certificate.
Costs               2011: €767, for the course and the materials. You’ll have
                    to organise housing and food yourself, but the
                    organisation is happy to assist you in this.
Other                   -   Beware that part of the program is in Dutch.
                        -   Students and employees of UU get a 20%
Deadline            Unknown

Name                Harvard Summer School
Dates               2011: 27 June – 12 August (7 weeks)
Courses offered     Like at Berkeley, the courses at Harvard Summer School
                    are the same as those offered during the semester. The
                    list is enormous and contains courses from all academic
Amount of credits   Differs per course, but usually 4 (American) credits per
Costs               Unfortunately, it seems impossible to stay only a few
                    weeks at the Summer School. This means that you’ll have
                    to stay for the entire 7 weeks, which makes the Summer
                    School highly expensive. Only the stay on campus costs
                    $4,590 (about €3200, incl. food) and then you’ll have to
                    pay an extra sum of money per course that you’ll take.
                    See the webpage for specifics.
Other                    -   Apart from visiting Boston and exploring the
                             Harvard campus, you can join any of the offered
                             activities: the Summer Band or Choir, lectures by
                             famous authors, volunteer work, etcetera.
Deadline            Unknown, but registration opens on March 1.

Name                Singapore Institute of Management, Global Eduation –
                    Summer Institute
Dates               2011: 27 June – 5 August (6 weeks), in Singapore
Courses offered     In 2011, the theme of the Summer Institute is ‘Economic
                    Competitiveness, Innovation and Creative Cultures’. The
                    course focuses obviously on Asia and on Singapore
                    specifically. It could a very interesting program for
                    students of economics!
Amount of credits   The entire program is worth 12 ECTS.
Costs               2011: $3800 (about €2700). This fee includes all
                    expenses, except for travel costs and food. Apart from
                    that, you can apply for one of the 5 partial scholarships
                    offered by the UU. More information:
Other                   -   Apart from interactive classes with many
                            discussions, debates and presentations, there will
                            be ‘dialogues’: visits from CEO, business leaders,
                            designers, performers, etc.
Deadline            2011: May 1.
Name                Universidad del Golfo de Mexico – Summer project
Dates               2011: 14 July – 14 August (4 weeks)
Courses offered     This program offers only language courses in Spanish and
                    is thus interesting for those wanting to learn/improve
                    their Spanish, and especially for those (afterwards) going
                    on exchange in Latin-America. Language courses are
                    given from beginner to
Amount of credits   No credit transfer possible, but you’ll receive a diploma.
Costs               The 4-week program costs €1145. This includes 63 hours
                    of language education and 21 hours of culture course, 2
                    weekend Field trips and much more. Accommodation in a
                    host family is also included. If you prefer living in a
                    bungalow with three or four other students, you’ll have
                    somewhat higher living costs as you’ll have to pay for
                    your own breakfast and dinner.
Other                   -   The Spanish language and culture course is taught
                            at the university’s newest campus in Oaxaca. It
                            has all facilities needed, e.g. a cafeteria and a
                            beautiful garden.
Deadline            2011: May 31.

Name                University of Alabama in Huntsville – Research & Study
                    Abroad Program in Panama
Dates               2011: 5 June – 31 July (8 weeks)
Courses offered     The Research Program in Panama is a cooperation
                    between the University of Alabama in Huntsville and
                    CATHALAC (Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin
                    America and the Caribbean). CATHALAC owns the largest
                    geospatial and satellite information database in the
                    Caribbean and students will be able to profit extensively
                    from their knowledge and experience.
                    In the first weeks of the program, students will follow a
                    seminar on ‘Climate Change and Sustainable
                    Development in Latin America’, in which they will acquire
                    basic knowledge and skills in the field of climate change
                    and all disciplines linked to this phenomenon. The second
                    part of the Program will be devoted to doing a group
                    internship, under supervision of CATHALAC experts, in the
                    field of climate and environment in Panama. The results
                    of the internship will be presented to the staff and other
                    interested parties. So, at the end of the Program you’ll
                    have done a real research.
Amount of credits   You can get a total of 6 (US) credits for the entire
                    program, but you’ll have to organise the transfer with
                    your home university.
Costs               For non-Alabama residents, the costs for the Program are
                    $9,127. (About €6500.) This includes everything, except
                    the travel costs.
Other                   -   To apply for the Program as a non-UAH student,
                            you first have to sign up as transient student at
                        -   You don’t have to speak Spanish, but it is a plus if
                            you do know the basics already.
Deadline            2011: March 15.
Name                Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) – Summer course
                    Moroccan Arabic Dialect
Dates               2011: 4 – 29 July (4 weeks), in Rabat
Courses offered     The courses offered are:
                        -   Beginner level Moroccan Arabic Dialect
                        -   Intermediate level Moroccan Arabic Dialect
                    Classes are 4 hours per day, five days a week.
Amount of credits   No information found, so probably impossible to receive
                    credit transfer. But you can always talk with your tutor
                    whether there are options.
Costs               The costs for the courses (both beginner and
                    intermediate) are €250. If you decide to live with a host
                    family, this costs and additional €425, but food is then
Other                   -   Apart from the language lessons, many social
                            activities are organised, e.g. film and debate
                            nights with Moroccan students, city visits and a
                            workshop Arabic calligraphy. You can join at a
                            voluntary base.
                        -   Beware that this program is in Dutch.
Deadline            2011: May 1.

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