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					PresidenYs Letter                                    November 1994

Well the warm summer months are gone and along with them the long
days. Gee what a bummer. The up side though is cooler weather that's
great for long runs. So marathons are the order of business. Tom Kaisersatt
did the double of Marine Corps in Washington DC and NYC two weeks
later. Maybe next year we can get someone to go for the big triple, Marine
Corps, Chicago, and NYC. Any takers?

When you get this newsletter the holiday season will be in high gear. So a
couple of important things to think about. First, reserve Saturday
December 17th for the Striders holiday party at the Mt. View YMCA. A
catered dinner and dancing are planned along with a special comedy rou-
tine performed by a couple of talented (we hope!) Striders. Second, we
have a ballot for the "Big L" and "Strider of the Year" awards in this
newsletter. l'lease take a moment to fill it out and return it to a board
member. The awards are presented at the holiday party.

Best wishes to you all for a great holiday season.


                  Club Events

    Holiday Party
    YMCA - Mtn. View
    6:00 p.m., cocktails; 7:00 p.m. dinner

            Metro Sports New
            Discount Program
     Effective January 1,1995, the following
     discount will be in effect at both the
     Cupertino & Palo Alto stores:

1    10 O/o discount off any merchandise in the
     store . . . or

     15%merchandise credit (for example,
     purchase $100 shoes, receive $15 credit
     toward any item in the store (Metro

                          . . . ..
                         . . ... .
                     A Brief Histoy o the "Big L" Awards
                       Or as much as memory permits (by Jim Bordoni)

            The scene is the first Stevens              But, the best part about the "Big
    Creek Striders Christmas party, back in     L's" was Lirio's presentation. This was
    1982. Everyone is crammed into Sandy        often the highlight of the evening's
    Kane's living room after having made a      entertainment. Perhaps presentation is
    mess of her kitchen devouring the           not the correct word. "Roast" might be
    potluck offerings brought by attending      more appropriate. Especially if Lirio
    members. When everyone is seated            knew you well. I remember Liz Ross
    Lirio Guevara stands up and announces       taking heat for winning her age group
    he is awarding the 1st annual "Big L"       because she was the only runner we
    awards, and unveils numerous trophies       had who was old enough to qualify.
    he has made up and paid for out of his      And you could always expect the unex-
    own pocket. "Lirio, stand up!" some-        pected: I remember Lirio naming a
    one hollers. "I am!" is the response.       long list of nominees for a category
            For those of you who never met      then awarding it to someone not even
    him, Lirio (rhymes with Cheerio) is not     on the list! In any event, it became a
    big. He drives a big pickup, he has a       beloved ritual, looked forward to by all,
    big heart, but he is not big in stature.    and used for inspiration by many.
    So, his use of "Big" along with his ini-            By the 1986 Christmas party,
    tial was very tongue-in-cheek, and          your Board of Directors decided it was-
    appreciated as such.                        n't fair for Lirio to continue footing the
             For the first four Strider         bill personally for club awards, while
    Christmas parties he would present          recognizing the need to require more
    "Big L" awards to members based on          input to accurately reward the efforts of
    his awareness of club achievements (the     a growing club. After a few refine-
    club was smaller back then and he actu-     ments the current system settled in.
    ally did a pretty good job of keeping       The major changes were 1)the club
    tract of all the races and times). He       paid for the awards, 2) an "Awards
    would pay for the trophies himself,         Committee" voted on recipients; and 3)
    occasionally passing the hat on the         age and gender categories were trashed.
    Saturday before the party (an unwritten             This is how it works. Six awards
    rule was if you won one the year before     are presented: five "Achievement"
    you felt obligated to donate).               awards and one "Strider of the Year."
    Categories for awards were very much        Achievement is intentionally defined
    like at races: age groups, male and         vaguely to encourage nominations
    female.                                     based on effort, not just raw times.
Generally speaking, we are looking at       charges us, but you could never get him
athletic achievement, but not necessari-    to admit that).                           d

ly restricted to running.                           It may not be a perfect system,
        The "Strider of the Year" award     but it seems to work. Recent winners
was designed to acknowledge a mem-          are:
ber's personal contribution to the club
over a period of years. Generally we're     1992 Achievement Mark Goldman
looking at members who have continu-                         Tom Kaisersatt
ally worked overtime for the benefit of                      Janine Hernandez
us all and who have made this club the                       Pat Koren
friendly one it is. Nominations are                          Jerry Hill
solicited in the November newsletter,
requesting as much documentation as         1993 Achievement Maxine Adler
possible, not just names. People are                         Tom Kaisersatt
encouraged to nominate themselves as                         Keith Corbin
well. Whoever you're nominating, the                         Gregg Ferry
more elaborate documentation, the                            Frank Shuman
more the Awards Committee is
impressed.                                  Strider of the Year:
        The "Awards Committee," con-
sisting of this year's and last year's                    George Black
Boards of Directors, meets in December                    Jim Bordoni
to review nominations. The thought                        Tom Williams
was that board members were the peo-                      Jerry Hill
ple who should best know the member-                      Hilary King
ship as a whole, especially the new                       Martha Landis
members who might be too bashful to                       Mary Belknap
broadcast their accomplishments. After                    Bob Campbell
all committee members have reviewed
all nominations, ballots are distributed
and filled out in secret, with each mem-
ber voting for his/ her top seven choices
for "Achievement" (choices earning 10-
8-64-3-2-1 points) and top four choices
for "Strider of the Year" (choices earn-
ing 5-3-2-1- points; the point system is
designed to minimize the chance of a
tie). The current club president collects
the ballots and later tabulates the
results, keeping everything secret until
the awards' presentation at the party.
Jerry has the awards themselves made
up, charging the club his cost (I think
they actually cost lum more than he

SCS- 4
                13th Annual

        Stevens Creek Striders

           HOLIDAY PARTY

         Saturday, December 17, 1994

            YMCA El Camino Center
        2400 Grant Rd., Mountain View

            Cocktails at 6:00 p.m.
              Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

            Music will be provided

Cost:   $20 for members and $25 for non-members
   If you are not a member, join us for $lo!
            Babysitting not provided

      Send your check bv December 12 t o
   Stevens Creek Striders, c/o Jim Bordoni
     478 Sequoia Way, Los Altos, CA 94024
          1994 "Big L" Award Nominations
Six "Big L" awards will be presented at our holiday party on Saturday, December 17th.

                           One "Strider of the Year" Award
                      Five "Outstanding Achievement'' Awards

Past recipients of these awards are listed in the accompanying "Brief History" article
by Jim Bordoni.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee composed of this year's and
last year's Board of Directors. Recipients will be determined by a secret ballot of the
Committee. Please nominate as many Striders as you think are deserving. Provide as
much information as possible to assist the committee in making the selections. Include
achievements, race times, and PRs, if available.

Place your nominations in the box labeled "BIG L AWARDS" on Saturday morning or
mail them to Jim Bordoni, c/o Stevens Creek Striders, 478 Sequoia Way, Los Altos, CA
94024. Nominations must be received before December 12,1994.


What has this person done in terms of athletic achievements? Please be specific.

What has this person done in terms of contributions in a non-athletic way to the well-
being and enhancement of the club? Please be specific.
                                   BOSTON 1996

                                 By Steve Forman

                                           Getting a Number:
            The word "Boston" con-               Two ways: run a
    jures up different images to dif-      marathon and qualify by
    ferent people: beantown lob-           December 31, 1995
    sters, tea partyI "the Curse of the
    Bambino." To runners, the word           Men                 Women
    "Boston" has a special meaning,
    the "Holy Grail," the "Super
    Bowl," the grandfather of all
    marathons. "1996 Boston" will
    elevate this race to a new level of
    prestige; with its 100th year edi-
             What makes "Boston" so
    great? Is it the huge supportive
b   and adoring crowds? Is it the
    course winding its way through
    colonial village? Is it the world      Lottery
    class field? A field that will                 Take your chances in a lot-
    include some Stevens Creek             tery beginning the day after the
    Striders members? What a great         1995 marathon. Applications
    idea it would be if our club could     available 5 / 18/ 95 (get them in
    send a large contingent of quali-      early).
    fied runners to this event.
                                           Training Together:
    To Request an Application:                     It would be nice if we
           Requests for applications       could plan a program of group
    can be made now. The BAA will          training; weekly or bi-weekly
    hold your request on file and          training runs, coaching, etc.
    will begn sending out the forms        Some of us may need to plan for
    the day after the 1995 event.          the easiest marathon qualifier,
    Send a SASE to the BAA, P. 0.          i.e., Cal International, Napa, etc.
    Box 1996, Hopkinton, MA 01748.         We need to develop a qualifying
                                           strategy and find an experienced
coach and someone to coordinate
the qualifier training

Coaching Position:          Open

Qualifying Race
Coordinator / Strategist:   Open

       Anyone interested in
training together or taking one of
the open positions please contact
me at (415) 965-6471 (day) or
(415) 855-9475 (evening).


        This writer faces a dilem-
ma: how to justify all the pave-
ment pounding to qualify for
and run Boston. It's a special
dilemma; a dilemma brought on
by my previously written state-
ments of the deleterious effects
that training has on 50 year-old-
plus bodies. How will this
writer counter all the questions
about my backpedaling on long
distance running and the long
term physical wear and tear? I
do hope (no guarantees) I can
swallow my pride and keep this
frail body together as I try to go
for the gold.
                                                Race Results
     Race             Name              Distance        Time      Location     Comments

Bass Lake Triathlon   Susie Ferry       1Mi. Swim       3:04:58                3rd in age group
                                        24 Mi. Bike
                                        10K Run
                      Gregg Ferry                       2:27:38
                      Rich Poliak                       2:46:58
                      John Felde                        3:25:41
                      Julia Carpenter                   3:52:17

w               n     Hilary Williams           10K     4424
                      Jim Bordoni
                      Doug Riggle
Kids 2K               Mike Bordoni               2K     7:12                   1st Boys 8-10 yrs.
                      Matt Bordoni               2K     7:37

Big Sur 10K           Diana Schultz             10K     52:15     Big Sur
                      Pete Letchworth                   47:OO
                      Rob Greenlee                      45:05
                      Bob Downs                         56:OO
                      Sharon Carroll
                      John Felde
                      Martha Landis
                      Darryl Denton
                      Hens1 Lise
                      Margaret Wagenet

Ft. C o l l k         Bev Walter        450 yd swim     1:26:04   Colorado
Triathlon             Jim Geis          31 mi. bike     1:06:52                2nd Clydesdale
                                        10K run

                      Jim Geis          .9 mi swim      2:41:42   Colorado
Triathlon                               31 mi. bike
                                        10K run

                      Steve Forman              5 Mi.   36:OO     Palo Alto    3rd place overall
Ribbon                Jim Bordoni                       28:45
                      Mike Bordoni                      45:20

                      Pat Coren                 15K     71:OO     Santa Cruz
                                         Race Results (continued)
    Race               Name              Distance       Time      Location       Comments

Pistance Classic       Carin Corbin                                              2nd in age group
                       Dick Wedge

Buffalo Stamvede       Andrew Ruff              1Omi.   1:14:38   Sacramento

Great America 10K      Charles Roberts         10K      38:45     Santa Clara    3rd in age group

Portland Marathon      Sharon Carroll          26 Mi. SDF         Portland, OR
                       Jackie Carroll                 SDF

Portland 5 Mi.         Bob Downs                        48:45

NaDa50K/50M            Tom Kaisersatt          50K      4:40      Napa           2nd in age group;
                                                                                   3rd overall
                       Jim Magill              50Mi     7:44                     3rd in age group

Ponv Exvress           Jim Magill              50K      5:04

M          m           Ron Weston           13.1 mi.    1:29:02   Morgan Hill
                       Eileen Goldman                   1:30:08
                       Tom Ross                I,
                       Vicki Cull              ,,       1:56:32

Morpan Hill            Carl Cull            26.2 mi.    3:09:04   Morgan Hill
Marathon               Keith Corbin

Washington DC          Carl Cull            26.2 mi.    3:16
Marathon               Mark Goldman            I,
                       Eileen Goldman                   3:57

M a n n e n            Tom Kaisersatt        26.2 mi.   3:36

N        e         w   Tom Kaisersatt        26.2 mi.   5:03

Clarksbur~             Charlie Roberts                  2:04      Sacramento
                                      Race Results (continued)

    Race              Name            Distance      Time     Location        Comments

Primo Run for         Andrew Ruff     112 Marathon 1:40:21

Half Moon Bav         Darryl Denton           10K   49:29    Half Moon Bay
Pumvkin Festival      Diana Schultz                 54:29
                      Jannine Grant
                      Tony Grant

Santa Cruz Sentinel   Susie Ferey     1mi. swim     2:40
Triathlon             John Felde      24 mi. bike   2:59
                                      10K run

Quicksilver           Dick Wedge      112 Marathon 2:12

Hi 5 on 85            Tom Kaisersatt       5K
                      Gregg Ferry
                      Rob Greenlee
                      Marv Kausch
                      Ron Weston
                      Meredith Corbin
                      Pete Letchworth
                      Darryl Denton
                      Susie Ferry
                      Martha Landis
                      Robin Weber
                      Jessie Corbin
                      Janine Hernandez
                      Carol Borders
                      Ileen Dranchak
                      Marsha Levy
                      Marilynn Mehew
                      Nancy Brown
                      Jerry Hill
                      Carl & Vick Cull
                      Ramona Rose
                      Jim Bordoni
                      Walt Walters
                       Mark & Eileen Goldman
                       Barb Bowie
                       John Guerino
                       Marcella Themman
                       Irene (Scup) Smith'
Board of Directors:

President          Rich Poliak   408-248-4557
Vice President     Ann Petersen 415-965-4429
Secretary          Bob Campbell 415-96%7738
Treasurer          Jim Bordoni 415-968-5074
Newsletter         Diana Schultz 408-267-4545
Events             Steve Forman 415-965-6471
Sergeant at Arms   Gregg Ferry   408-255-6326
Internet Address     STVCRKSTRD@AOL.COM.

The Stevens Creek Striders Board of Directors typical-
ly meets every second Tuesday of the month.


The runners meet every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at
Kennedy Junior High School, on Bubb and
Hyannisport in Cupertino. Members meet to run
walk, bike and socialize. After each Saturday run,
members meet at Hobees Restaurant in the Cupertino
Oaks Plaza.

Next board meeting is January 17,1995, at 7 p.m.

Stevens Creek Striders
P. 0.Box 1176
Cupertino, CA 95015-1176

                                                         Carol Borders 6/95
                                                         19945 Price Avenue
                                                         Cupertino, CA 95014

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