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                           St. Margaret’s
     Volume 2 Issue 2                                                                       May-June 2010

THE RECTOR’S DESK                                             past several days that many of us have been inspired to
Spring Cleaning                                               take spring housecleaning seriously. It is amazing how
                                                              much “stuff” a person can amass in a short while. Not

                                                              only is this true in our homes but it is equally true in our
                                                              spiritual lives. Let us give thought this springtime to a
          t has been suggested that the origins of spring     spiritual housecleaning that will be pleasing to God and a
          cleaning date back to the Iranian Norouz, the Per-  blessing to ourselves. LET US START BY CLEANING
sian new year, which falls on the first day of spring. Ira-   OUR INTELLECTUAL ATTIC: Proverbs 23:7 reads,
nians continue the practice of "khooneh tekouni" which        “As a man thinks within himself, so he is.” Solomon en-
literally means "shaking the house" just before the new       courages us to “get our head on straight.” Sanitize your
year. Everything in the house is thoroughly cleaned, from     “mindset” of all bitterness, wrath, pride, arrogance,
the drapes to the furniture. A similar tradition is the Scot- haughtiness, envy, jealousy, prejudice and an unforgiving
tish "New Year's cleaning" on Hogmanay (December 31),         spirit.
a practice now also widespread in Ireland, New Zealand,
and to some extent North America.                             The writer of Hebrews adds another intellectual blunder
                                                              we need to clean out of our thinking. “Do not be carried
Another possibility of the origin of spring cleaning can be away by all kinds of strange teachings.” Hebrews 13:9.
traced to the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly clean- We are wise, indeed, if we “speak the things which are
sing the home in anticipation of the spring-time holiday proper for sound doctrine.” Titus 2:1.
of Passover. In remembrance of the Jews' hasty flight
from Egypt following their captivity there, during the        In today’s world, we must be careful what we coddle in
eight-day holiday there is a strict prohibition against eat- our minds. John writes, “Beloved, do not believe every
ing anything which may have been leavened. Jews are not spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; be-
only supposed to refrain from leavened foodstuffs known cause many false prophets have gone out into the world.”
in Hebrew as chametz, they are expressly commanded to I John 4:1. How do we test the spirits? Test them by the
rid their homes of even small remnants of chametz for the Word of God. In Colossians 3:1-2, Paul tells us to focus
length of the holiday (Exodus 12:15). Therefore, for the on the truth. “If then you were raised with Christ, seek
past 3,500 years, observant Jews have conducted a thor- those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at
ough "spring cleaning" of the house, followed by a tradi- the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not
tional hunt for chametz crumbs by candlelight on the eve- on things on the earth.”
ning before the holiday begins.
                                                              WE MUST REMEMBER WHOSE “HOUSE” IT
In North America and northern Europe, the custom found REALLY IS! “Do you not know that your body is a tem-
an especial practical value due to those regions' continen- ple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have re-
tal and wet climates. During the 19th century in America, ceived from God? You are not your own; you were
prior to the advent of the vacuum cleaner, March was of- bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”
ten the best time for dusting because it was getting warm I Corinthians 6:19-20. We dare not embrace the carnal
enough to open windows and doors (but not warm                attitude that says, “It is my life, I’ll do as I please.” The
enough for insects to be a problem), and the high winds       children of God must always remember that we “are not
could carry the dust out of the house.                        our own, we have been bought at a price.”

The weather in the Dayton area has been so beautiful the                                  By: Fr. Ben Speare-Hardy ll
                   Who’s Who…                                            SERVICE SCHEDULE

Spiritual Advisors                             SUNDAYS                          FIRST & THIRD WEDNESDAYS
Fr. Ben Speare-Hardy      837-7741
Deacon Jeanie Manning 237-9550                 8:00 am- Holy Eucharist           Noon- Holy Eucharist
                                               9:00am– Adult Formation Bible Study
Staff                                          10:30 am- Holy Eucharist, Sung
Office Hours:                                   Sunday School
10am-2pm Mon-Fri                               Prayers for Healing following
837-7741                                       the 10:30am service
Fax: 837-7970
                                                        PRAYER LIST
Lydia Davis, Office Manager &                      “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”
Admin. Asst. to the Rector                                                                        -James 5:16
Marvin Smith, Sexton
Jill -Ann Bryant, Minister of Music/Organist   Gladys Barker                           Connie Hudgens
Receptionists                                  8212 N. Main Rm. 11                     5790 Denlinger Rd.
Cynthia Kilby         Barbara Scott            Dayton 45415                            Trotwood 45426
Lucille Scott        Judy Wilson               Rawlinson Barriteau                     Helen Jones
Catherine Yancey     Arlana Daniel
                                               6105 N.Main St.                         4555 Gardendale Ave.
                                               Dayton 45415                            Dayton 45427
James Hairston, Jr., Senior Warden
                                               Florence Brown                          Barbara King
James Bolden, Jr.,   Junior Warden
Thomas Clark,      Church Treasurer            609 Emroe Dr.                           5790 Denlinger Rd. Apt. 6061

Arlana Daniel,   Clerk of the Vestry           Dayton 45408                            Trotwood 45426

Judy Battle          Saundra Scott             Troy & Juanita Burns                    Leonard Long
Larry Combs          Darryl Smith              4201 Free Pike                          Ted Robinson
Agnes George         Joyce Stone               Dayton 45416                            1520 Shaftesbury Rd
Carol Prewitt        Dr. Harold Stratton       Dorothy Carden                          Dayton, 45406
                                               1121 S. Union Rd.                       Berthamae Walton
Regular Contributors to the Voice              Dayton 45427                            3500 Shiloh Springs Rd.
Jill-Anne Bryant Brenda Cochran Helen Moss     John Colquitt                           Trotwood 45426
 Fr. Ben Speare-Hardy ll     Judy Wilson
                                                6414 Waywind Dr.
                                               Trotwood 45426
Kim Stovall
                                               Marian Corbin
                                               531 Belmont Park N. Apt. 612
The Voice of St. Margaret’s
                                               Dayton 45405
Phyllis Brunson, Editor
Deadline: 18th of each month.
Articles can be delivered to the
Church office or e-mailed to:

             May                                                      June
 3 Nancy Butler                                     1 Louise Thompson
  3 Jillian Grant                                   1 Aaron McLemore
 4 Ruth Tillman                                     9 Willa Smith
 5 Dolores Walker                                   13 Liz Clark
 6 Juanita Grubbs                                   15 Patrice Roberts
 6 Terry McCann                                     16 Ted Robinson
 7 Helen Moss                                       17 Harry Wise
 9 Jeanie Manning                                   20 Annie Crutcher
 11 Pamela Scott                                    23 Lynne’ Roberts
 19 Helen Jones                                     23 Kountez Moore
22 Angelita Jones                                   25 Beatrice Ramsey
29 Reba Gaston                                      30 Bob Bass
29 Troy Burns
30 Agnes George
30 Marissa McLemore
31 Fr. Ben Speare-Hardy ll

        May                                                        June
 4 Khalid & Helen Moss                             11 Charles & Cynthia Kilby
13 Robert & Barbara Bass                           12 Larry & Jeanie Manning
21 Michael & Maeda Thompson                        14 John & Rebecca Colquitt
25 Lawrence & Willa Smith                          17 Victor & Catherine Yancey
                                                   22 George & Odessa Johnson
                                                   25 Harold & Bette Stratton

           “ However many years a man may live let him enjoy them all”
                                                     - Ecclesiastes 11:8

            Scheduling Meetings and Activities                    IT’S WONDEROUS WHAT A HUG CAN DO
We are pleased that so many of you are comfortable              A HUG CAN CHEER YOU WHEN YOU’RE BLUE
using the church for your meetings and other activi-
ties. It is very important, however, that we know who               A HUG CAN SAY, “I LOVE YOU SO.”
is in and out of the building. So this is just a reminder           OR, “GEE! I HATE TO SEE YOU GO!”
that all activities, meetings, rehearsals, etc. should be
placed on the church calendar prior to the event.
                                                                   A HUG IS, “WELCOME BACK AGAIN!”
                                                                      AND, “GREAT TO SEE YOU!” OR
We ask for everyone’s cooperation by letting the
church office know when you have plans to be at the                     “WHERE’VE YOU BEEN?”
church outside of regular business hours.
                                                                A HUG CAN SOOTHE A SMALL CHILD’S PAIN
               My Mother’s Apron                                   AND BRING A RAINBOW AFTER RAIN
                  By Marie Marshall
              My mother wore an apron,                          THE HUG! THERE’S JUST NO DOUGHT ABOUT
                A clean one every day.                                             IT,

                 A part of daily living,                        WE SCARCELY COULD SURVIVE WITHOUT IT.

                It served in many ways.
           When she hung the wash to dry,                       A HUG DELIGHTS AND WARMS AND CHARMS,

               Her pockets held the pins.                          IT MUST BE WHY GOD GAVE US ARMS.

              The apron was a washcloth,
             That cleaned our dirty chins.                         HUGS ARE GREAT FOR FATHERS AND

           When days were hot and humid,                        MOTHERS, SWEET FOR SISTERS, SWELL FOR
                                                                  BROTHERS, AND CHANCES ARE, SOME
             ‘Twas used to mop her brow.
                                                                 FAVORITE AUNTS LOVE THEM MORE THAN
         When hands were wet from laundry,                                  POTTED PLANTS
                The apron was a towel.
                Her pocket hid a needle,                        KITTENS CRAVE THEM, PUPPIES LOVE THEM.
               To sew the rips we’d get.                         HEADS OF STATE ARE NOT ABOVE THEM.
               In Mother and her apron,                         A HUG CAN BREAK THE LANGUAGE BARRIER,
              Our many needs were met.                             AND MAKE THE DULLEST DAY SEEM
              Sometimes it was a basket,                                       MERRIER.
               For eggs or baby chicks.
               A bag for garden bounty,                         NO NEED TO FRET ABOUT THE STORE OF ‘EM,
              And apples that she picked.                       THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE THERE ARE
               At suppertime the apron,                                        OF ‘EM.
  Protected Mother’s hands when taking bread from
            oven or lifting lids from pans.                     SO STRETCH THOSE ARMS WITHOUT DELAY,
    It was a fan in evening to shoo away the flies.                AND GIVE SOMEONE A HUG TODAY!
            But the apron’s greatest use—
           To wipe tears from childish eyes.                                      Submitted by: Nancy Butler

Remembering St. Margaret’s                              F.Y.I.
                                                  Fish Fry: The Brotherhood Fish fry will be on Friday
                                                  May 7 and Friday June 4, 2010 from 11am –7pm. Tick-
You may make a bequest to St. Margaret’s Episco- ets are on sale now, see any Brotherhood member. The
pal Church by preparing a new will or by adding a ECW will continue to provide baked goods for sale in
                                                  conjunction with the fish fry.
codicil to your present will. To make sure your ex-
act intentions are carried out, wills and codicils
should be prepared by or with the advice of an at- Art Exhibit: Last year the Miami Valley Episcopal
                                                    Russian Network (MVERN) exhibited artwork created
torney.                                             by children from Russia. We have several more pieces
The most useful bequest is an unrestricted bequest      that were not part of last year’s collection. The new
                                                        traveling exhibit will be on display from May18
for the general purposes of the Church. This per-       through June 1, over two Sundays. The artwork will
mits the Church to use your gift wherever it is         travel among the 13 churches that are part of our net-
most needed at the time.                                work.

For more information on making a bequest consult A silent auction book will be available if you would like
                                                 to bid on one of the pieces of art. Winning bids will be
your attorney or estate planner.                 determined in the fall at the end of the show. We are
                                                        planning a second chance to increase your bids at the
                                                        end of the exhibit. Enjoy the beautiful artwork!

                                                        Day of Pentecost: On Sunday May 24, 2010 at
                                                        10:30am the Deanery Churches will celebrate the Holy
                                                        Eucharist and Confirmation in a joint service held at St.
                                                        Margaret’s. The Bishop will be the celebrant for this
                                                        celebration. Invite your family and friends to attend.

                                                        ECW Women’s Weekend Celebration: A Fashion
                                                        Show and Reception featuring clothes from “The Secret
                                                        Ingredient” will be held on Saturday June 12, 2010 at
                                                        11:00am, tickets are $20.00. June 13th’s Sunday Wor-
                                                        ship service theme is “How has Woman’s Role in
                                                        God’s Kingdom Changed Today”. The guest speaker
                                                        will be Attorney Mia Wortham Spells. Every one is in-
                                                        vited to attend this celebration for further information
                                                        and tickets call 937-837-7741.
  Are you planning a wedding or reception, a
  birthday or anniversary celebration or just look- Please contact Phyllis Brunson at 429-2976 if you can
  ing for a place to hold a meeting or musical      contribute baked goods and or volunteer to help at the
                                                    bake sale on May 7, 2010 starting at 11am.
  St. Margaret’s can accommodate your needs.            Church Women United will hold Friendship Day on
  Fine catering available.                              May 7, 2010 at 6pm at St. Margaret’s, Trotwood. Con-
                                                        tact Dolores Walker for further information.
  Contact Lydia Davis, 937-837-7741 for com-
  plete details.
  SMEC Catering contact Harvey Toles 837-
  7741.                                             5
“Making the Best of Everything for May”                          Shut Up! Learn to listen. Say nice things. He
                                                                 who guards his lips guards his soul.
        Now that most of those dreary days that ac-              Proverbs 13:3.
companied the past few months seem to be about over,             Stand Up! – For what you believe in. Stand for
you have probably started and nearly completed your                 something or you will fall for anything. Let
spring cleaning and are looking forward to planting all             us not be weary in doing good; for at the
those lovely flowers.                                               proper time we will reap a harvest if we do
        Spring is, you must admit, such an uplifting                not give up. Therefore, as we have the op-
time of year. Our Easter service was beautiful (as                  portunity, let us do good.
usual) and on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of April St. Marga-         Galatians 6:9– 10.
ret’s was afforded a wonderful opportunity for mem-
bers of our church to meet, greet, hear, and benefit             Look Up! Look up to the Lord – I can do all
from the Liberian Episcopal Clergy USA that attended                things through Christ who strengthens me.
the conference. There were several clergy in atten-                 Philippians 4:13.
dance, but the conference also included lay people.              Reach Up! – For something higher. Trust in
You may not have known that our own “Father Ben”                    the Lord with all your heart and lean not to
was the Dean of the conference. Though there was                    your own understanding. In all your ways
much for Father to accomplish, he was fortunate to                  acknowledge Him and He will direct your
have several members willing to help out.                           path. Proverbs 3:5-6.
        I came by the church on Friday afternoon to              Lift Up! – Your prayers. Do not worry about
find Laura Ogletree assisting by registering many of                 anything; instead, pray about everything.
the people for the conference. The great thing about                 Philippians 4:6.
our church is that there are so many who are always
willing to help out.
                                                       Organization can make every day easier – even down
        For the Conference, our own Jill Ann Bryant to the vitamins and supplements we choose. Take the
played the organ for the Friday night service and Mr. guesswork out of what you need with a few recom-
Harvey Toles, Louise Thompson, Delores Walker, mendations.
Nancy Butler and again Laura Ogletree assisted in the
                                                               In the Kitchen – Find what you need quickly
culinary arts department.
                                                       by storing like items together, e.g. all mixing bowls in
        On Sunday we had beautiful music from our one cupboard and all food storage containers in an-
organist Jill Ann and Percy Jones Director of St. Mar- other.
garet’s Quintet played and directed as the five ladies
                                                               When organizing cabinets- Place heavy items
sang several lovely selections that added a very spe-
                                                       at waist level and light ones on high shelves.
cial touch to the entire service.
                                                               In the Bathroom- Use over the door hooks to
                                                       hang towels, bathrobes, and pajamas, and to keep
Rules for a Good Life                                  clothes up and off the floor while the shower is in use.
        Most of us desire to make the best of each and           Maximize your medicine cabinet by assigning
every day and each month. It is not always easy espe-    one shelf for each person who uses it. Arrange every-
cially when we have challenges that test our faith. Per- day items in the order they’re used, from moisturizers
haps we can use these seven rules that might make our to vitamins.
days a bit better.                                               In the Car- Assemble a just-in-case kit and
        Wake Up –decide to have a good day. Today is     keep it in your trunk. Include a flashlight, extra batter-
            the day the Lord Hath made; let us rejoice ies, first-aid supplies, a blanket, and a bottle of water,
            and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24.            nonperishable snacks and tissues.
       Dress Up! – The best way to dress up is to put         Keep your glove box tide with a file folder that
          a smile on. A smile is an inexpensive way   stores your registration, insurance details, manual, and
          to improve the way you look. Man looks at maintenance records (don’t forget to have a copy of
          outward appearances (But God looks at the each at home.)
          heart. I Samuel 16:7                         6                              (Cont’ on page seven)
Making The Best………..                                                                SPRING FLING
(Cont from page six)

Keep your glove box tidy with a file folder that stores
your registration, insurance details, manual, and       On Saturday, April 10, 2010, St. Margaret's Episcopal
maintenance records (don’t forget to have a copy of Church hosted its 3rd annual Spring Fling at Meadow-
each at home.)                                          brook Country Club.

In the Garage- Take advantage of your wall space.
Use shelves and hooks to keep everything from tools The evening began with cocktails and dinner, accompa-
to gardening supplies visible, accessible, and away nied by the smooth, soothing music of Khalid Moss and
from curious little hands.                          vocalist John Hampton Wagner, followed by the hilari-
                                                    ous comedy of Nelson "Bowtie" Stone. To cap it all off,
       Use a mesh equipment bag to store muddy
                                                    there was dancing to the soulful sounds of DJ Helen
sports gear and outdoor toys. You can easily hose
them down and have them cleaned up before their McCann, while meeting and greeting with friends..
next play date.
                                                               This event coincided with the conference being held by
                                                               the Liberian Episcopal Committee/USA. It was an
                                                               honor to share this evening with our Episcopal brothers
                                                               and sisters from around the country.
A Prayer for Spring
                                                               On Sunday, LEC/USA led the Holy Eucharist at St.
I have everything I need – now and always                      Margaret's and served dinner to the congregation and
                                                               guests following the service.
         In the spring, I have faith that the air will begin
to warm and new sprouts and blossoms will appear. This
has happened every spring before now, and it will hap-         All in all, it was a wonderful weekend for St. Margaret's
pen every spring to come.                                      that held something for everyone.
         With this same faith, I know that when I am hun-
gry, food will be available. When I am thirsty, my thirst
                                                               The Spring Fling Committee wishes to thank everyone
will be quenched. When I am cold, I will have clothing
                                                               who participated in any way and to all who attended.
and shelter. Right now, I have everything I need. As I
                                                               We are happy to report that $5000.00 was raised to pre-
become aware of the truth of this statement, I am able to
drop any worries about what is to come. In this moment,        sent to the church.
I let go of any fear of anxiety about the future and rest in
unwavering faith. All is well. I am at peace knowing I                                               By: Judy Wilson
have everything I need.

      Do not worry, saying, “What will we eat?” of See if you were caught enjoying the evening or dancing
“What will we drink?” or What will we wear?”          the night away at the Spring Fling. Thanks to Valerie
                                                      Jackson for the memorable collection of photos on the
                                      – Matthew 6:31.
                                                      following pages.

                                   By: Brenda Cochran

SAY HELLO TO…...                                           will keep me safe" to sum up her feelings.

                                                           Paula shares with us the challenge her family is under-
                                                           going as her mother struggles with Alzheimer's. But
                                                           showing her spiritual, uplifting nature, she expresses
                                                           her great admiration for the family that has grown
                                                           closer from the experience. She asks for our prayers.

                                                           Paula is a quiet, friendly person who is eager to be a
                                                           part of our church. She ends by saying, "Thank You,
                                                           St. Margaret's for allowing me to become a part of

                                                           your Church family."

        t is my pleasure to introduce you to one of our
        newer members, PAULA CLARK.                     So when you see the bright new face with the pretty

In 1979, Paula and her family left Philadelphia, PA.,
and came to Dayton . The Clarks became employees SAY HELLO TO:                    PAULA CLARK
of Monarch Marking World Headquarters. Paula, who
was born and bred in Philadelphia, has one brother,
                                                                                           By: Judy Wilson
and four sisters. She is the wife of Keith Sr., the
mother of Keith Jr., and Damon, and the proud
grandma of 8, and great grand of 1.

She enjoys sewing and reading, and has a great inter-
est in African-American art and culture. She and her
granddaughter, Laela, share a collection of African-
American dolls that brings them both joy and pride.
As a member of the order of the Eastern Stars, she en- SAY
joys sharing in the activities that take them into the HELLO
community, and their work with charitable organiza- TO…

Paula discovered St. Margaret's on her visits here with
the Eastern Stars. She says, "I felt comfortable with
the service and decided this would be a good church
home for me." Paula, who became a member of St.
                                                           A          rlana was born in St. Louis Mo. To Dr. and
                                                                      Mrs. Reginald Daniel. She is the second of
                                                          four children, 2 sisters and 1 brother. The Daniels
Margaret's in October, 2009, has not found a thing she moved to Dayton where Dr. Daniel set up an OB-
would change. She feels "that everyone is a major         GYN practice and Mrs. Daniel was a nurse.
part in the growth of the church and its service to
                                                          Arlana grew up in Jefferson Township, and was a very
                                                          involved teenager. She was a cheerleader, and a class
Paula longs for peace. She cites the tragic conditions secretary. While a sophomore in high school, she
in Haiti, Chile, Afghanistan, etc. and feels the need for traveled to Europe for six weeks with the Jr. Council
peace in all our lives. She quotes Psalms 4:8 "I will on World Affairs.
lay down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O Lord,

                                                                                          (Cont’ on page nine)
Say Hello To……...
(Cont’ from page eight)                                       So, when you see her coming towards you, with her
                                                              pretty freckled face smile,
She has received a B.S. degree in Education from
Kent State University, and an M.S. degree in admini-          SAY HELLO TO: ARLANA DANIEL
stration from the University of Dayton, where she is
currently pursuing a doctorate.
                                                                                               By: Judy Wilson

Arlana served as a teacher and principal with the Day-
ton Public Schools for over 30 years, though looking                  “Empowered To Empower Others”
at her, one finds this hard to believe.
                                                                The Liberian Episcopal Clergy USA was or-
She is the proud mother of Justin. Justin is a graduate ganized in August of 2006. The first formal session
of the Stivers school of the Arts, and has also earned  was held at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Reston,
his BFA in dance from the Julliard School in N.Y. He Virginia. On Friday, April 9, 2010, the Liberian Epis-
is truly a gifted and talented graphic artist and web   copal Community USA had a joint gathering of clergy
designer, a fact the "Spring Fling" committee recently and Lay people. Although it was the fifth gathering for
discovered first hand!                                  clergy, it was the first for lay people. The Theme of
                                                        the conference was “Empowered to Empower Others.”
                                                                   This year’s gathering was held at St. Marga-
Arlana has attended St. Margaret's for as far back as
                                                           ret’s Episcopal Church under the leadership of the
she can remember. She was confirmed at the age of
                                                           Rector and Conference Dean, Father Benjamin Speare
12, and has been here since then. Currently, she is
                                                           -Hardy on Friday, April 9th and 10th followed by atten-
serving as a volunteer receptionist at the front desk, and
is the director of the Summer Arts Camp.
                                                           dance at a worship service and reception following the
                                                                      The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal, Bishop
Lanny enjoys media of all types; movies, TV, books,           of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio met with
computer science, etc. Traveling and visiting muse-           the group on Friday to discuss the ongoing discern-
ums and other cultural sites around the world, is high        ment process that will hopefully lead to a companion
on her list of hobbies and interests. She says her com-       relationship between the Episcopal Diocese of Liberia
pany, Applied Resource Module- ARM, allows her                and the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Bishop Briedenthal
to "continue my educational calling by providing tu-          also celebrated Mass at the opening Worship Service
toring to children".                                          on Friday evening.
                                                                      The Episcopal Church of Liberia is a product
Asked what she would like to see happen at St. Mar-           of efforts of the Episcopal Church of the United States
garet's, Arlana believes we must be open to all con-          of America in planting Christianity in the Cape Pal-
temporary and various forms of outreach. She feels            mas colonial settlement and in the Liberian State. It
this will "appeal to young, vibrant and diverse parish-       began as a missionary enterprise of the Domestic For-
ioners".                                                      eign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal
                                                              Church of the United States of America.
When Arlana was in college, she envisioned an all fe-         The Sunday morning worship service was one
male mechanic shop, owned and operated by women,      that was engaging and uplifting for the congregation
so women wouldn't get ripped off!!! What a great      that included not only St. Margaret parishioners, but
idea!                                                 also clergy and Lay people. A dinner following the
                                                      10:30 a.m. service was enjoyable and included many
                                                      African dishes prepared by the guests.
                                                                                            By: Brenda Cochran

                                                             Kyrie has been attending monthly meetings to learn
KYRIE’S GOING TO EUROPE!                                     more about each of the countries she will be visiting.

                                                             Kyrie is an avid reader and arts enthusiast. She sings in
                                                             the St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church choir and partici-
            y daughter, Kyrie Harris, has an opportunity     pates in the Women’s Quintet for St. M’s. She was a
            to go to Europe!                                 volunteer for the Art Camp last year also. She sings in
                                                             her high school choir, does the video school announce-
The journey to Europe began when Kyrie starting taking       ments and has a 3.6 grade point average. My daughter
French in the seventh grade. Once she started taking         has been accepted to several colleges: Central State Uni-
French she excelled. Shortly after exceeding in her          versity, University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Ce-
French class, the letters from People to People started to   darville University, Gannon University, Taylor Univer-
arrive. Each year I told her what a wonderful experience     sity and we are waiting to hear from Miami University!
this would be for her. Each year exploring the invitation    She has scored a 24 on her ACT and over 1600 on her
was put aside as other single parenting priorities took      SAT. She plans to major in Foreign Languages or Inter-
precedence such as summer camps, getting a better job,       national Relations with a minor in Theatre.
buying a house.
                                                             Our fundraising efforts include sending out flyers and
As a senior in high school at Trotwood Madison, she has      corporate letters to the Trotwood Chamber of Com-
completed 4 years of French and has co-founded a             merce, VFW, Non-profits, city councils and county offi-
French Club for students. Our school district did not of-    cials, neighborhood grocery stores and businesses, mass
fer French 5 or AP French, so Kyrie is currently master-     email blasts, family and friends and our faith family. If
ing Spanish. When the letter from People to People ar-       you can help, it is appreciated. I am also asking for your
rived at the beginning of the school year, I knew it was     help in referring us to agencies that fund such trips for
time. She was invited by People to People Student Am-        high school students. If your job, church, community
bassadors to come to an informational meeting in Sep-        or non-profit organization, sorority, fraternity, guilds, or
tember 2009. She completed the application process and       outreach groups can help us reach our goal of nearly
was then interviewed in October. We were ecstatic            $6.000.00 we will gladly apply! Our efforts along with
when she was chosen to go to England, France, Belgium        my income tax refund have brought us to $3, 600.00.
and the Netherlands! What a wonderful educational op-        We are almost there! We still need your prayers and
portunity. I am determined that she will go and we are       help!
leaning on faith to get her there!
                                                           There is no deadline for giving! Her tuition must be
       The People to People movement dates back more      paid by May 15th. Traveling money is also needed.
       than half a century to its founding by President   Thank you so much for your help, your support, and
       Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. Eisenhower was your interest in making a difference in a young person’s
       acting on his firm belief that direct interaction  life. For more information please contact Kyrie Harris or
       between ordinary citizens around the world can Tammy Tucker at 937-389-7946.
       promote cultural understanding and world peace.
       For over 40 years, People to People Ambassador
       Programs has served as People to People Interna-
       tional’s global educational travel provider, orga-
       nizing and promoting opportunities for bridging
       cultural and political borders through direct in-
       teraction, unparalleled access, and unique experi-
       ences. That proud legacy of hope lives on in
       People to People Ambassador Programs on
       seven continents. http:/

Our People to People Delegation consists of 45-50 stu-
dents and teacher leaders from Illinois, Indiana, New
Jersey, and Dayton, OH. They will depart June 18,
2010 and return July 1, 2010.                                10                      Kyrie Harris
         May 2010 Mon            Tue      Wed            Thu             Fri          Sat

     2                3           4          5        6Bible Study         7            8
Bible Study                      6-8pm                  12:30-2pm       Fish Fry
    9am                                                Confirmation     Bake Sale
                                                      Choir Rehearsal   11am-7pm

     9              10            11        12        13Bible Study       14           15
Brotherhood                                           12:30pm-2pm                   Food Pantry
    9am                                                Confirmation                  9am-12n
ECW 9:15am                                            Choir Rehearsal
Mother’s Day                                             5:30pm

    16               17          18         19             20             21           22
Bible Study                                             Bible Study                 Vestry 9am
    9am                                  DOK 12:00n   12:30pm-2pm                   Food Pantry
                                                       Confirmation                  9am-12n

    23              24           25         26             27             28           29
 Bible Study                                            Bible Study
    9am                                               12:30pm-2pm
  Pentecost                                           Choir Rehearsal
  Deanery                                                5:30pm
Churches Visit

    30               31
 Bible Study     Memorial Day

    9am          Office Closed

  June 2010
   Sun            Mon   Tue      Wed            Thu             Fri          Sat

                         1         2         3Bible Study         4            5
                                               12:30-2pm       Fish Fry
                                             Choir Rehearsal   11am-7pm

      6            7    8          9              10             11           12
 Bible Study                                  Bible Study                 Women’s Day
     9am                                      12:30-2pm                    Luncheon &
                                                 Choir                    Fashion Show

                                               Rehearsal                    11:00am


     13           14    15         16             17             18           19
 Brotherhood                   DOK 12 noon    Bible Study                 Food Pantry
     9am                      Church Quartely 12:30pm-2pm                   9am-12n
Women’s Day                    Meeting 6pm        Choir
Worship Service                                Rehearsal
   10:30am                                      5:30pm

     20           21    22        23              24             25           26
 Bible Study                                   Bible Study                 Vestry 9am
     9am                                     12:30pm-2pm                  Food Pantry
 Father’s Day                                    Choir                      9am-12n

     27           28    29        30
 Bible Study

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church
5301 Free Pike
Trotwood, Ohio 45426
937-837-7741, office
937-837-7970, fax e-mail

                            The Episcopal Church Women
                                  Saint Margaret’s
                       The 2010 Women’s Weekend Celebration
Sunday’s Theme: “How has Woman’s Role in God’s Kingdom Changed

        Saturday June 12, 11:00am                    Sunday Worship June 13,

                    The Saturday Fashion Show and Reception
                        Fashions by: “The Secret Ingredient”
                                  Tickets: $20.00
     Sunday Worship Guest Speaker: Attorney Mia Wortham Spells

          Call 937-837– 7741 for further information and/or tickets

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