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									Chapter 12: Nutritious Meals                                       name_____________

A.Canada’s Guidelines for Healthy Eating
How do you choose (from the thousands of foods in your grocery store) which items
should go into your meals to give your body the nutrients it needs?
That’s the reason Health Canada developed Canada’s Guidelines for Healthy Eating for
Canadians over the age of _____

Five main recommendations
   1. Enjoy a ____________ of foods
   2. Emphasize __________, breads, other _________ products, ________ & ______
   3. Choose __________________ products, ______________, and food prepared
      with little or no fat
   4. Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight by enjoying a. ______________
      activity and b. ______________
   5. Limit _______, ________ and ______________

1. Enjoy a variety of foods from each food group every day
    • ____________ is a good way of making sure your body gets al the (_____
       different identified)______________ it needs
    • No single food can supply all the ________ in the amounts you need
    • Eating many different foods, prepared in different ways, not only keeps you
       interested, but also gives you a chance to enjoy foods from different ethnic and
       cultural groups. Foods then also become a ____________ and
       _____________part of life you share with others
There are no ‘_________’ or ‘_____’ foods
    • Any food that supplies nutrients can be part of a healthy diet. But
       ____________and _______________ you eat certain foods is important!
    • Filling up on high-calorie and high-fat foods may cause _____________
    • Key is to ____________ your food choices so you maintain good health
    • _____________ and ___________ (avoiding extremes) are the key terms

2. Emphasize cereals, breads, other whole grain products, vegetables & fruit
    • These are key sources of _______________ that your body needs for
      ___________ – remember carbs should supply about ___% of your calorie intake
    • Dietary ______is only found in plant sources. Since different foods contain
      different types of fibre, choose a ________ of _________ products
    • Remember these are low in ____ but a _______ of vitamins & minerals essential
      to good health

3. Choose _________dairy products, leaner meats, and food prepared with little or no fat
High-fat eating pattern is linked with various _______________, illnesses that relate to
how a person _________ & choices s/he makes
Health experts recommend following goals regarding fats in daily food choices:
    • _________ fats (found in animal fats & tropical oils): __% or less of your calories
    • Cholesterol: limit amount of cholesterol eaten (_________l sources)
   •   Total fat: ___% or less of daily calories

Visible and invisible fat
Visible fat: easily seen e.g. ________ on potato or _____ on pork chop
Invisible fat: part of __________ composition, cannot be seen e/g/ _______milk, some
cheeses, egg yolks, nuts, avocados, _______ foods and some _____ goods

Lowering fat
   • Controlling amount of fat in food reduces risk of lifestyle diseases & other health
   • Remember gram of fat has __ calories, gram of protein or carbs has __ calories
   • One way to reduce fat is to __________ low-fat foods for high-fat ones

4. Achieve and maintain a healthy _____________ by a. enjoying regular
________________ and b. healthy ___________
Key is to find a form of __________ you enjoy!
Generally a few extra pounds don’t do much harm, being ___________t poses serious
health risk or lifestyle diseases. Diseases include: high blood ___________, ______
disease, stroke, _________, certain ________
Being too thin can also be a problem – not meeting body’s __________ & _______ needs

5. Limit _____, __________ and __________
According to Dieticians of Canada limit caffeine (in coffee, tea, cocoa, cola drinks) to
_____ mg/day (__ cups)
Most people eat too much salt. Hints to cut salt:
    • Add little or no salt when ______
    • Choose salty snacks – chips, crackers, pretzels, nuts – __________________
    • Go easy on _______________ foods – more sodium than fresh ones
    • Check __________ and choose lower sodium
Importance of healthy eating
Good nutrition is:
    • important for ______ & development
    • Key factor in _______________ of developing nutrition-related problems
    • Key to feeling__________ about yourself & helps you do your_____

For your Health:
Because there are many different kinds of sugars, you may not be aware that a product
has been sweetened. Examine ingredient lists carefully. There are at least _____terms for
    • ____________                  • High-fructose                  • ______________
    • Raw sugar                        corn syrup                    • ______________
    • ______________                • Fruit juice                    • Syrup
    • Maltose                          concentrate                   • Molasses
    • Honey                         • Brown sugar
    • Corn sweetener                • ____________
B. Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating
A picture is worth a _____________ words, that’s why Health Canada used a ________tool –
the rainbow- to help people understand how to plan healthy meals
    • The rainbow-shaped food grouping system is designed to help Canadians choose a
        variety of foods in moderate amounts, including plenty of grains, vegetables and fruits
Who is it for?
    • Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating meets the nutritional needs of all Canadians
        ________years of age and over
    • Not appropriate for those under _________ because the numbers of servings and the
        serving sizes are too large for toddlers and preschoolers

C. The Purpose of Food Guides
Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating is :
    • A tool developed to help you make ___________________ daily
    • Not a rigid set of rules but rather a flexible set of _______________ to help
       individuals or groups plan healthy meals

1.Meal planning
Planning meals using the food guide helps you:
   • Provide ______________ meals & snacks
   • Meet the ______________ of family members
   • Include foods from different ethnic & cultural ____________
   • Prepare foods in different __________
   • Use money & time __________ when shopping for groceries
   • Provide interesting meals with _________ in colour, flavour & texture
   • Prepare many different kinds of foods

2.The rainbow suggests the kinds of foods to choose for healthy living
   • Enjoy a ______ of foods from each group every day
   • Choose _________ foods more often
   • Choose _________ and enriched products more often
   • Choose _________ and orange vegetables and orange fruit more often
   • Choose ________ milk products more often
   • Choose_________ meats, poultry & fish, as well as legumes and lentils more often

D. The four food groups

1. ___________s: ___________servings/day
    • Include all kinds of grain products
    • Supply complex carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals
    • To get the fibre you need, choose as many whole-grain foods as you can
2. ___________ & _____: ______ servings/day
    • Provide be__________which your body uses to make vitamin A
    • Also supply vitamin C, folate (a B Vitamin) & minerals
    • Contain _____ (skins) & _____ carbohydrates & are low in fat
    • Different types provide different nutrients, eat a ____
3. ____________:
    • High in ________, vitamins, minerals
    • Best source of ____________
    • Children 4-9 years old : _____servings/day
    • Youth 10-16 years old : ______ servings/day
    • Adults: _______ servings/day
    • Pregnant & breastfeeding women: __________ servings/day
4. _______ & ___________________ _______ servings/day
    • Important source of __________ vitamins & minerals
    • To limit fat in your diet, select lean meats, fish & poultry without skin
    • Have legumes & peas often – high in ______, low in fat
    • Eat nuts & seeds in _____________n – high in fat

______________ foods
    • Are made from foods of more than one ____________
    • Always be careful to see how _________ servings each food item provides
e.g. tacos:
        ______- grain products,
        _____________ filling – meat & alternatives
        _________– milk products
        _________________ – fruit and vegetables

“____________” foods
   • Fats, oils, sugars, tea, coffee, alcohol, caffeine, herbs & spices may provide
      ______________from fat & sugar but little or no __________ and _____________
   • Healthy eating habits are not created or destroyed by any one food, meal or even
      day’s meals. It is the average of what people eat over __________ or a pattern of
      eating that is important to health
   • Canada’s Food Guide makes it easy to plan for good __________

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