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Richard Hewitt - general resume


									                                                            722 - 1330 Burrard St
Richard Hewitt                                              Vancouver, BC V6Z 2B8
                                                            phone: (778) 686-7424
Demonstrated Skills
   Quantitative problem solving using advanced math
   Process improvement in both manufacturing and services environments
   Project management, budgeting, and scheduling
   Publish worthy written communication and excellent presentation skills
   Advanced digital communication skills (graphics, video, animation, web development)

Jan 2010 –      M.Sc. Industrial Engineering                                 Vancouver, BC
Dec 2011        University of British Columbia
                 Research in strategic manufacturing software investments using
                  data mining and multi-criteria decision making methods
                 M.Sc. courses in multivariate statistics, optimization, and simulation
                 2 MBA courses taken (IT risk mgmt. and business process mgmt.)

Sept 2004 –     B.Sc. Wood Products Processing, minor Commerce Vancouver, BC
April 2009      University of British Columbia
                 Combination of manufacturing engineering and business curriculum
                 Courses in Lean, Six Sigma, accounting, finance, engineering econ.

Sept 2007 -    Educational Multimedia Developer                           Vancouver, BC
Sept 2011      Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, UBC
                Developed multimedia for a South African university program
                Developed mobile websites to deliver educational content to smartphones

Aug 2009 -     Production Engineer                                            Richmond, BC
Jan 2010       From Scott to Finish Custom Cabinetry
                Standardized and documented common manufacturing processes to
                 reduce process variation and operational costs
                Setup a shop floor computer network to distribute critical information
                 and retain employee knowledge
                Developed CAD drawings and CNC machine code for production robots

Oct 2008 –     Project Manager                                            Vancouver, BC
June 2009      The LearnCNC Project
                Authored a $25,000 grant proposal to secure funding from a government
                 entity to develop a 3D interactive learning module
                Hired and managed a team of computer programmers and animators
                Scheduled and budgeted project within 1 week of target delivery date and
                 5% under budget
                Collaborated with internal and external government stakeholders

Richard Hewitt resume                                                              Page 1
June 2006 – Engineering Co-Op Student                                  Cambridge, ON
Aug 2006    Stack – A – Shelf Storage Solutions
             Conducted a feasibility study to investigate environmentally-friendly
              alternatives for $1 million waste stream

2004 – 06       Head Social Coordinator                                 Vancouver, BC
school year     UBC Ski & Board Club
                 Redesigned existing serving and queuing system at large events,
                  reducing customer queue time by 90%
                 Managed a team of 12 workers for 500-person events

                Marshall H. and Nellie Alworth Scholarship
                8 year, $40,000 scholarship for studies in the sciences
                Donald S. McPhee Fellowship
                 One-time, $1,625 scholarship for graduate students

Published Work
2011            Information technology adoption in United States    Forest Products
                    and Canadian forest products industries         Journal

2011            Analysis of software functionality in the North     Int. Journal of
(in press)        American cabinet industry                         Mgmt. Science

2009            Education innovations: exploring the potential of   Woodworking
                  3-D teaching aids                                 Magazine

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