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					     American Industrial Supply Inc. DATA SHEET

                    aIs                            NO-STAT Anti-Static Spray eliminates static
                                                   charges on rugs, carpets and upholstery. NO-
                                                   STAT is also used for computer areas &
 CFC's                                             equipment.        NO-STAT disperses static
                                                   electricity slowly and safely. NO-STAT protects            S
             NO-STAT                               valuable data, eliminates annoying interruptions
                                                   and prevents computer errors caused by static
             Anti-Static Coating                   electricity. NO-STAT is non-toxic, non-staining
                                                   and can be used on all carpets, rugs and                   T
                                                   upholstery as well as floors and hard cabinets,
                                                   screens and other equipment. NO-STAT dries
                                          , ET
                                              C.   quickly to form an invisible anti-static coating.
                                       ERY NG
                                   LST    I
                                PHO TAIN
                            S, U NON-S KS
                        R UG C •
                                  SHO STA
                                            TIC               DIRECTIONS FOR USE:
              A RPE ON-TO ATES UE TO FEET.         Spray area from 6 to 8 inches away. Apply a light
          LL CKLY • N ELIMIN RS D 00 SQ.
       NA                    O
    E O S QUIC USE • R ERR OX. 1,0
 US IE                                             coat to clean, dry surface. NO-STAT may be
                        A                          sprayed on a clean cloth then wiped onto
             CO    ERS
      VE NTS N COV
  PRE GALLO                                        surface.    Repeat occasionally to maintain

         Product # 1044 Aerosol
         Product # 5063 Bulk
                                                              AEROSOL INGREDIENTS                   CAS #
                                                              ISOPARIFFINIC HYDROCARBON          64741-66-8
    For Professional Use Only                                 ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL                     67-63-0
                                                              L.P.G.                             68476-85-7

             AEROSOL             BULK                         BULK INGREDIENTS
         1   HEALTH         0   HEALTH                        The ingredients contained in this product
         3   FLAMMABILITY   0   FLAMMABILITY                  are generally recognized as non-hazardous,
         0   REACTIVITY     0   REACTIVITY                    non-toxic and non-restricted.
         B   PROTECTION         PROTECTION

                                 Additional Information
In today's business environment, computers and electronic equipment are everywhere.
Computerized devices seem to be doing many things these days such as operating heavy
machinery in factories, processing and storing important information, connecting telephone
calls, identifying people and products, maintaining security systems, etc., the list is endless.
Computers and electronic devices may be fast but they are also vulnerable to the effects of
static electricity. Static charges can wipe out data, crash systems and cause irreparable
damage to any type of electronic equipment not to mention the discomfort static electricity
causes the people working in the affected areas. NO-STAT Anti-Static Spray is the best
solution to this problem. This remarkable product is fast and easy to use, simply spray or wipe
onto areas where static electricity is a problem. Carpets and upholstery are the main source of
static electricity and NO-STAT is ideal for treating these areas. NO-STAT is quick drying and
non-staining and safe on all carpet and upholstery fabrics. Popular uses for NO-STAT include
retail stores, casinos, theaters, graphic arts and printing firms, restaurants and hospitals. NO-
STAT is especially valuable in reducing explosion hazards caused by static electricity. Contact
your local AIS representative for a demonstration of NO-STAT.

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