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If You're Really, Really, Serious About Making Money Insanely Massive Amounts of Money, Then
Keep Reading...

If You Want To Find Out How to Make $700.00 or More in
  7 Days or Less, Then Here Are 7 Ways To Do Just That...
From: George Katsoudas
Location: Somewhere in Greece

Yes, you read that right!

7 Ways to Make $700.00 in 7 Days Combine all 7 Methods and That's $4,900.00 , can you say "holy

But before I take you to the brief, yet to the point "Sales Letter", let me tell you what I am NOT
going to do on this page;

A- I'm NOT Going to Over Hype This.

Sure, I'm a master sales letter writer and could easily incorporate copy writing tricks into this sales
letter that would practically have you racing to give me your cash... But I won't (in fact, to make sure
you get the most benefit possible out of this I'm purposely writing this salesletter during my least
creative time of the day - 3:30 in the afternoon)

B- I'm NOT Going to "Bribe" You.

Yep, that's right, I'm not going to bribe you with a bunch of bonuses or I'm going to give you
nothing but SEVEN(7) purely Profitable ways to make $700.00 or more a week!

C- I'm NOT Going to Show Proof.

Yes, as shocking and weird as it may seem to read that, I won't do it. I'm NOT going to Razzle
Dazzle you with all types of insane screen shots or videos of my Clickbank, Paypal, 1ShoppingCart or
Merchant account sales.

(besides you're smart enough to know that even someone with minimal photoshop skills can doctor
his/her sales stats to the point that it would make Donald Trump drool - Not that I endorse or
recommend doing it)

Besides, even the most green of newbies realize that screen shots do nothing more then stroke the
egos of both buyer and seller and help us dream bigger fantasies, right?

So instead of giving you proof shots, I'll give you 7 hot ways to make you $700.00 or more a week
and you'll love Every Single One of them.

Now Here is What I WILL Do
I WILL Give You 7 Way to Make Big Money Online.

Yes, Count Them - SEVEN Absolutely Perfect ways to make at least $700.00 in 7 Days ( I said at
least, which means that you can possibly make even more).

And what's more important is that each of the methods that I reveal to you can be used over and
over again to bring in thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over time.

Think about it, 7 Ways to Make $700.00 in 7 Days!

If you applied all 7 Methods as I outline them, that would translate into 7 X $700.00 = $4,900.00 A

or, Apply all 7 Methods (which most people probably won't) and you could possibly see $700.00 x 28
to get a STAGGERING] $19,600.00 A MONTH.

Each method has the so-real potential to evolve from mere revenue streams used to pay for luxury
cars, pricey mortgages and lavish vacations to significant streams of income for your business,
complete with repeat customers and a continuously growing "Profit Pond" that you can fish big fat
checks from over and over again.

Who Is This For?

Good Question, its for both;

The Skilled Internet Marketer, who may already be making thousands of dollars a week online, but
realizes the importance of seeking out Fresh, New, Cutting Edge Revenue Streams


It's Also For The Newbie who may just be getting into Internet Marketing and is looking for real life,
No B.S., Step-by-Step instructions on how to bring in enough money to live comfortably and prove to
yourself that it CAN be done!


Before I decided to release this report, I asked a few online marketers to take a look at it and give
me their honest feedback. The reason why I did this is because I wanted to make sure that your "7
Ways to Make $700.00 in 7 Days" report was as good as it could possibly be, and it is.

I received a ton of great testimonials for this report from them and will use just over 100 of them on
the official site once it launches (and I also look forward to getting one from you after you read the

Now to give you an idea of what others think of this here are just a few of those that I received

When I first saw this report, I was a wee bit skeptical. After all, here he was talking about making
$700 in 7 days, and I wondered if it was another quick-buck, flavor-of-the-month gimmick that would
peter out in a very short time.
But, when I started reading, I realized that George values the same business principles I do -- that
he strongly recommends building a solid business base.

He then goes on to give a great overview of the different business models available in online
marketing. This is the kind of guide I'd like to have looked through many years ago.

Kevin Riley, Osaka, Japan


"Very nice net marketing guide. I wish I had something like that when I was just starting out on the
net myself. It would have saved me a ton of pain

Floyd Fisher"

This report give a extremely good coverage of many different ways to make money!

These are definitely feasible techniques and no report I have seen so far covers all of these methods
like this report does. This is definitely a MUST for newbies and a super refresher and hidden gem for
season the marketer as well!


Vince Tan


Great job!

This report really does live up to the title you have given to it.

In fact, after reading it, I felt a great sense of urgency to go and follow your instructions right away
so I can add another revenue stream to my business.

I urge anyone who is reading this to just go ahead and get this report and get it with the intention of
using it as soon as possibly can.

It WILL benefit you and it DOES work.

Thanks again!

Stewart McKay"
When I was asked to review this book I had no idea what I would be seeing.

In other words I read this with a completely open mind. The first thing I would say is that the book is
well thought out. What makes it different is that George doesn't take the normal stance.

He will give an example and then tell you what not to do with it, which is normally the advice given
by many. He doesn't just tell you what to do and what not to do, but gives the reasons for it.
If anyone is starting out then they will learn a lot because they will get A lot of different ideas in one

For some who have been using some of the ideas for some time, it will be worth reading because
George will show you why that idea can't be sustained and what to do in place of the old idea.

Bev Clement

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                   Copyright $ and George Katsoudas

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