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					Personal Letter - Simple Personal Letter – Sample

Personal Letter - Simple Personal Letter: If you try to write a simple personal letter to your
close friends then there shouldn’t be any format to follow but if it is for any one with whom you
are not that much close but they come under personal category, then format is important.
Subject must be clear and easy to understand. Always try to restrict it within 15 words. Use
simple words. Content of the letter must be written in simple and easy to understand language.
Content of the letter must be outlined. Always try to organize your content. Presentation of
letter is other most important element of the letter, which plays very vital role on leaving impact
on readers. Always try to use all available presentation tools to create more impact on reader.
Below is the sample of simple personal letter for your kind perusal.

                                                                          Chaussée de Wavre 890
                                                                          1040 Etterbeek

                                                                          27th October, 2009
Subject: Just to say Hi

Dear Victor,

How are you man? It has been a long time since we met last time on Good Friday. I still
remember that day, when we went to your aunt’s home and had fun with your friends.

I think you are very busy these days, due to which you are even not able to write letter to me.
Don’t worry we all understand your job condition and the challenges you are facing. It is your
first few months in office and initially it is tough. You will feel better in couple of months.

Concentrate your work as the initial few steps are always step, try to rotate the wheel. In very
shorter space of time you will be enjoying your job. Tell me something about your new job, and
your new friends.

Don’t worry thinks will be back on track in just few days more. Feel free to write incase you
require any assistance.

                                                                  Your friend,
                                                                  Jone Ronch

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