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Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are computing storage devices that can

be accessed over the network. NAS enables multiple users to share the same storage
space simultaneously, and often minimizes overhead by managing hard disks
centrally. In terms of design, a NAS server is simply a file server optimized for file
system services.

                                    The Open-E NAS-XSR software provides the best combination of ease of management, scalability, reliability,
                                    availability, and performance for NAS systems. The Open-E NAS software is an optimized and tuned operating
                                    system, which turns a computer system into a NAS storage server in about 10 minutes. Pre-installation of the OS on
Optimized Storage Software,
                                    the secure IDE flash ensures minimum downtime and the protection of the OS against viruses. File servers based
Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB),
                                    on the Open-E NAS-XSR software deliver significant performance and an ease of use that enable organizations to
FC HBA support, support for
                                    automate and simplify their data management.
10GbE with TOE.

High Security                       The Open-E NAS-XSR offers an integrated software RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 providing more flexibility and cost savings
Data Synchronization (Cross),       when creating NAS storage solutions. Implementation costs can be reduced by using the onboard RAID controller
Software RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6,       combined with the Open-E software RAID, making the Open-E NAS-XSR attractive to the SOHO and small business
Snapshot with Scheduling,           market. Open-E NAS servers can also be designed with greater redundancy, as the software RAID can enable the
integrated Anti-Virus, Dynamic      mirroring of two hardware RAID-5 arrays to reduce the probability of failure. This makes the
Disk, Local Backup Scheduling,      Open-E NAS-XSR suitable for high-availability environments as well.
built- in Agents for Backup-
Software, OS on Secure IDE flash
to minimize Downtime, Network
UPS Support.

High Flexibility
Support for all leading SCSI,
IDE and Serial ATA Controllers,     The Open-E NAS-XSR SOHO is                The Open-E NAS-XSR SMB is a             Open-E NAS-XSR Enterprise for
NICs and Networking Chipsets,       the perfect software to turn              comprehensive software that             maximum data throughput,
built-in iSCSI Initiator, support   your Personal Computer into               provides cost-effective storage         security and flexibility. It offers
for Online Capacity Expansion,      a file server for centrally               for small and medium                    high availability features like
Online Logical Volume               sharing data, video files, photos,        businesses. It includes anti-           Fibre Channel HBA support, an
Expansion, USB Storage Support.     music files, etc. at home. This           virus software and supports             integrated iSCSI initiator, cross
                                    software contains all the key             hardware RAID controllers for           synchronization and dynamic
                                    functions for sharing data in             optimal protection of valuable          unit.
Easy Management                     heterogeneous networks.                   data.
Web-based GUI, Password-
Protected User Interface, Disk
Quota, Windows Active Directory
Support, ACL, LDAP, Support for
Network Information Service
(NIS), ADS & NIS User-/Group ID
Synchronization, Console Tool,
SNMP Support.

                                                                                          Open-E GmbH                           Tel.: +49 (89) 800777-0
                                                                                          Lindberghstraße 5                     Fax: +49 (89) 800777-17
                                                                                          D-82178 Puchheim, Germany   
                                                             NEW: In comparison to the Open-E NAS family, the new product range
   Comparison Chart                                          of Open-E NAS-XSR was developed based on advanced technology
                                                             providing many new features and extended performance. The new
   Open-E NAS-XSR family                                     architecture enables functions which until now, were available only in
                                                             very high-end applications.
                  Web-based Graphical User Interface
                          Remote Access for console       Data Synchronization                      Snapshot
                      Secured Administration Access       Open-E NAS can synchronize files           Snapshot is an immediate
                                      Console Tools       and directories from one NAS server       point-in-time image of the logical
                                 E-mail Notification      to another. The data transfer is block-   volume (LV). The snapshot image
                        Multiple Management Levels        based in order to minimize network        can be used for both consistent and
                                    Update via web        traffic. Synchronization can be used       temporary backup, while users still
                                                          for disaster recovery or Disk-to-Disk     have uninterrupted and complete
Windows Active Directory / Primary Domain Controller      backup purposes. The Enterprise           access to the LV. Also, if a user
                                        Internal LDAP     version can synchronize data in both      accidentally deletes or incorrectly
                                       External LDAP      directions: the NAS server can be the     modifies a file, that file can be
     Support For Network Information Service (NIS)        source and destination of files at the     recovered from a previous snapshot
         ADS & NIS User / Group ID Synchronization        same time, allowing to cross-backup       image. Open-E NAS Enterprise
                  File System with Journaling Support     data on several servers                   supports “Multiple Snapshot with
                        User and Group Quota Control                                                Scheduling” to create snapshots at
                                                          User Authentication                       predefined points in time
                   Standard Network Gateway Support       Open-E NAS supports Windows               (e.g. automatically every hour).
                                        DHCP Client       Active Directory (ADS), PDC, NIS,
                                       Log Function       LDAP and ADS & NIS User-/Group            Monitoring
                                 Superuser Function       ID Synchronization to leverage            The Open-E XSR supports the SNMP
                   Supported Network File Protocols       information about users, groups,          protocol to monitor e.g. the data
                                                          systems and other resources stored in     throughput, CPU, RAM usage of the
     SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, Apple Talk, NFS v3, v4
                                                          the Active Directory. Open-E supports     NAS storage system. It also includes
                          Supported Network Clients       Access Control List (ACL), this notifies   S.M.A.R.T. for detecting and reporting
      Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.0, 9.0, X, 10.4      the system which access rights each       the status of the HDDs to anticipate
                                 Software RAID 0, 1, 5    user has to a particular directory or     on failures.
                                       Software RAID 6    file.
                       Software RAID degraded mode                                                  Hardware and Software RAID
                      E-mail notification for S/W RAID    Network Data Throughput &                 Open-E NAS-XSR supports SCSI,
                                                          Reliability                               Serial ATA and IDE controllers of all
                   Antivirus (server's shares scanning)   The Open-E NAS-XSR Enterprise             leading hardware RAID controller
         Antivirus (online scanning for SMB protocol)     supports Adaptive Load Balancing          manufacturers. The integrated
                                                          (ALB), Multiple NIC, 10Gb Ethernet        software RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 provides
                                           SNMP v3, v2    cards with TOE and FC HBAs for            more flexibility and cost savings while
                                    S.M.A.R.T. support    maximum data throughput, high             creating NAS storage solutions. By
                     E-mail notification for S.M.A.R.T.   bandwidth, best latency and               mirroring two hardware RAID arrays,
                                     Support for SWAP     performance. The support of Adapter       the probability of failure can be
                              Hardware iSCSI Initiator    Fault Tolerance (AFT) assures greater     reduced. The Open-E NAS-XSR offers
                               Software iSCSI Initiator   reliability by providing a secondary      highest flexibility in redundancy,
                                                          network adapter which automatically       performance, costs and storage
          Multiple Hardware RAID Controller Support
                                                          takes over if the primary network         volume.
                  Multiple FibreChannel HBA Support       adapter fails.
               USB Storage Support for Dynamic Disk                                                 Supported Network Clients
                                IDE Interface Support     Local Backup on Dynamic Units             Open-E NAS supports the file based
             Multiple Network Interface Card Support      In the Enterprise version a local HDD     protocols CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP,
   Adaptive Load Balancing & Adapter Fault Tolerance      or a USB drive can be defined as a         Secure FTP and Apple Talk enabling
                              10 Gb Ethernet Support      Dynamic Unit. On this Unit you can        Windows, Linux, Unix and MacIntosh
                       TCP/IP Offload Engine Support      backup the NAS server and store the       clients to share data on the same NAS
                                                          backup separately. The Dynamic Unit       server.
                                 Up to 2 CPU Support      can be removed without shutting down
                          Multiple CPU Support (32x)      the server and acts like a normal tape.   iSCSI Initatior
   Backup-Agents (Veritas, EMC Dantz, CA BrightStor)                                                Open-E NAS-XSR Enterprise supports
              Local Backup with Scheduling Function       Antivirus                                 hardware iSCSI Initiators and has
Synchronization with Scheduling (Source/Destination)      Open-E NAS-XSR has an integrated          a software iSCSI Initiator for easily
                       Synchronization (Destination)      Antivirus software tool for scanning      expanding the storage capacity of the
                                                          shares on viruses at predefined points     NAS system. New units and logical
    Support for over 2TB physical and logical volumes     in time. The Virus Definition Database     volumes can be added by connecting
                                             Snapshot     can be updated and is stored on the       an iSCSI storage system to the NAS.
         Multiple Snapshot with Scheduling Function       NAS device. The Enterprise version
                    Multiple Logical Volume & Groups      also supports Online Scanning of
                     Online Logical Volume Expansion      files transferred via the SMB and FTP
                Support for Online Capacity Expansion     protocol.

                                         UPS Support
                                 Network UPS Support      * These functions we will be activated by the end of June 2006.
                                                            Please check out for updates.