The PUCV Business Incubator - Chrysalis - seeks to support
all of the entrepeneurs in the Valparaiso Region, as well as
the country, throughout an array of services, focusing on
the creative process and market placement of innovative

Said support is based on the coordination of our team of
executives, whose role is to serve and meet the different
requirements of our entrepeneurs.

Our executives have an optimal professional education and
complete availability to asess all buisness ideas presented    WHAT WE DO
by entrpeneurs, offering support in everything related to
implementing and developing business plans, as well as
seeking financial resources. In addition to our team, we       A Business Incubator is a support center that aids, strengthens
also offer a wide network of 21 mentors and growing. This      and forms emerging businesses and entrepeneurs. It is mainly
network provides a vital contribution to the development of    in charge of evaluating a projects technical, financial and market
incubated projects, by means of providing asessment and        viability. Also, it provides legal and administrative consulting
traspassing first hand knowledge and know how on different     services, as well as strenghtening bussines by adressing issues
topics relevant to the different stages projects face.         such as merchandising, physical space, equipment, logistics and
                                                               access to financial alternatives.
Several agreements allow us to offer our users access to
public and private financial sources. This way enableing       Chrysalis’ goal is to create, launch, operate and seek sustainability
                                                               for innovative businesses and ideas, in the Valparaiso Region. All
projects to promptly materialize.
                                                               this in the context of the PUCV’s promotion and encouragement
                                                               of the entrepeneural world, convinced of its transendance and
                                                               strategic role in the economic and social development
                                                                               SERVICES WE OFFER FOR THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS

                                                                           The support Chrysalis offers can be translated into a complete
                                                                           platform of services, among wich the following can be found:

                                                                                   Access to the project management platform, for
Chrysalis offers three main types of services.
                                                                           projects under virtual pre-incubation. This allows participants to
                                                                           conceptualize their business idea and define a short term business
         Virtual Pre-incubation (via web platform): Destined to
                                                                           plan, without undergoing a previous selection process.
outline a work plan, based on the attributes of the venture and
of the entrepeneur. This is accomplished by collaborating in the
                                                                                   Business center. We have a modern infrastructure
auto-identification of requirements, and by determining short term
                                                                           available, located in the PUCV’s main building. The center has
actions that will enable the project. This is the first step to be taken
                                                                           work stations for entrepeneurs, a comfortable meeting room, and
in our incubator, being the previous stage to incubation services.
                                                                           customer reception.
         Standard Pre-incubation (direct interaction with project
                                                                                   Access to contact, mentor and consultant networks,
executive): This alternative is meant to fortify the business plan,
                                                                           available to help fortify entrepeneurs capacities, in order to
deliver legal assistance in regards to intellectual property, begin the
                                                                           complement their business vision, facilitate access to financial
process of accesing financial resources, contacting entrepeneurs
                                                                           resources, begin selling, access suppliers and collaborators, amog
with mentors and consultants, as well as providing participants
with training courses.
                                                                                   Support in legal matters, commercial agreements,
        Incubation: In this stage we seek to succesfully place
                                                                           intellectual property, and negotiations, offering participants
start-ups in the market, access financial resources, apply their
                                                                           documents such as contract suggestions.
business plan, enrich entrepeneurs capacities, help them access
infrastructure, obtain permits, and expand beyond Chile’s frontiers,
                                                                                  We offer aid in defining, implementing and controlling
among other things.
                                                                           business plans.

                                                                                   Support in building a media outreach plan. We contact
                                                                           projects with local and national media, and help design
                                                                           communication strategies as well as aid in media handling

                                                                                   Chrysalis helps entepeneurs find financial resources for
                                                                           investment purposes. We contact participants with public and
                                                                           private funding sources.

                                                                                    Entrepreneurial training courses and dissemination
                                                                           activities of the entrepreneurial culture.
                                           Walter Rosenthal Navarro
                                           Civil Engineer PUCV


       Ana Margarita Araya Pérez           Francisco Antonio Castro Evensen
       Project Executive                   Project Executive
       Civil Engineer PUCV                 Civil Engineer PUCV
       anita@chrysalis.cl                  francisco@chrysalis.cl

       Catalina Beatriz Salgado Chaparro   Sergio Andrés Salas Sánchez
       Project Executive                   Project Executive
       Civil Engineer PUCV                 Informatic Engineer PUCV
       catalina@chrysalis.cl               sergio@chrysalis.cl
                      Úrsula Astrid Figueroa Rauter                                                     Roberto Armando Toledo Alvarado
                      Project Executive                                                                 Aquaculture engineer PUCV
                      Civil Engineer PUCV                                                               Roberto.toledo@ucv.cl

                      Macarena del Carmen Rosenkranz                                                    Juan Luis Pastene Carrillo
                      Fernández                                                                         Journalist, Universidad de Playa Ancha
                      Lawyer PUCV                                                                       dii.periodista@gmail.com

                     Renato Alejandro Otaíza Fuentes                                                     Rosa Villalobos Pallero
                     Informatic Engineer PUCV                                                            Secretary Executive
                     dii.proyectos2@ucv.cl                                                               rosa@chrysalis.cl

CHRYSALIS PUCV BUSINESS INCUBATOR    www.chrysalis.cl   contacto @ chrysalis.cl   phone: 56 + 32 + 227 3409   address: Av. Brasil 2950, Valparaíso - Chile

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