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					Supply Pastors - Pastor Nominating Process                            The mission of the First Presbyterian
Organist/Bell Choir Director: Marj Thimmesch                          Church, Mt. Pleasant is to encourage
Choir Director: Marlene DePriest                                      and nurture diverse expressions of the
Youth Ministries Coordinator: Tom Boston-Kemple                       love of Christ in our congregation and
Christian Education Director: Amy Clark                               community, and to embrace Christ
Web Coordinator: Leo Clark                                            centered ministries around the world.
Administrative Assistant: Esther Wonderlich
Custodians: Rusty & Karen King
Address Service Requested
Financial Secretary: Jane Creager
Treasurer: Edward Chabal
Bookkeeper: William Erickson
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Lent Begins on Wednesday, March 9
  7:00 PM Ash Wednesday Ecumenical Service
   at the Prebyterian Church with Rev. Herb Shafer
and our friends from the First United Methodist Church
     Combined Presbyterian & Methodist Choirs
Please see insert for the Maundy Thursday Service
            The Room Upstairs
    A Passover/Seder Feast ―Dinner Theatre‖
            First Presbyterian Church        319-986-5851
            Mount Pleasant, IA 52641
Volume 42 No. 3        March 2011

        Presbytery of East Iowa Meeting – February 5
    The meeting at the Williamsburg First Presbyterian
Church opened with a worship service lead by DiG
(Discipleship in God), the youth leadership initiative of the
Presbytery. Conga drums provided the accompaniment of
the dramatic acting out of the great banquet of God (Luke
14:7-24). The story was familiar, but the drums and acting
gave new life to the message.
    Elder Larry Lamont of Hopkinton was installed as
moderator of the Presbytery for 2011. Larry reflected on
meeting with the session with his confirmation class when
his class was asked, 'What is the chief purpose of man?'
He noted that their response was 'to glorify God and to fully
enjoy Him forever. He then charged the assembly of ruling
elders and teaching elders, 'Let this be our goal for the
coming year in the Presbytery of East Iowa.'
    A motion to approve the continuation of an updated
partnership agreement between the Presbytery of Ceará
in Fortaleza, Brazil and The Presbytery of East Iowa for
a period of five years was adopted.
    It was noted that the results from the focus groups at the
October Presbytery meeting showed that Camp Wyoming
is viewed as the most effective program and resource within
the Presbytery. Kevin Cullum, Camp Director, provided a
marketing poster for each church to post at a community
site to encourage local families to consider Camp Wyoming
as a place for their children to grow in their relationship with
Christ. Finally, Rev. Troy Winder of Bettendorf shared a
three-year plan to renovate and update Deer Center which
includes construction of handicapped-accessible bathrooms
on the main floor, new audio-visual technology, and
renovation of the bathrooms and showers in the basement
of the building. The camp is seeking skilled volunteer labor
and financial investment from the Presbyterian churches.
    General Presbyter, Elder Harry D. Olthoff, challenged
pastors and commissioners to remember their call as
spiritual leaders in the church and to practice spiritual
disciplines such as prayer and reading scripture. He
then divided the presbytery body into 20 focus groups
to consider the 8 characteristics of growing churches as
outlined in Natural Church Development by Christian
Schwarz. Namely: Empowering Leadership, Gift-oriented
Ministry, Passionate Spirituality, Functional Structures,
Inspiring Worship, Small Groups, Need-Oriented
Evangelism, and Loving Relationships

    I anticipated that the most difficult part of the meeting
would be the consideration of 15 amendments to the Book of
Order that had been passed by the General Assembly last
summer. In accordance with the constitution of the Presby-
terian Church (USA) the amendments were forwarded to the
several presbyteries for their approval or rejection. A majority
of the presbyteries need to approve the amendments before
they can be adopted. The background material that was
forwarded to the commissioners to Presbytery amounted to
more than 150 pages. The votes were an anticlimactic.
Fourteen of the amendments were adopted in an omnibus
motion by a vote of 113 to 0 with 2 abstentions. In 1997 the
specific language was inserted in the Book of Order that
mandated 'fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a
man and a woman, or chastity in singleness.' as a require-
ment for ordination. The most controversial amendment
removed that restriction and restored the ordination practice
and principle affirmed in the Adopting Act of 1729. It was
adopted by a vote of 76 to 36 with 2 abstentions. The other
significant issue from GA was the "Confession of Belhar".
The Presbytery voted for 91 to 13 with 4 abstentions to add
the Belhar to the Book of Confessions.

Clinton Rila
Commissioner to Presbytery of East Iowa
     Session Highlights – February 22, 2011
                      By Ed Kropa, Clerk
- Wendell Thimmesch and Bryce Creager reported that
  the fellowship hall upgrade is proceeding and they are
  receiving positive comments on the improvements.
  Cloggers will be using the white room.
- Jean Thomson reported that the Scholar in Residence
  will be Nannette Sawyer on October 1 & 2, 2011.
- A motion was passed to have Clint Rila be the
  representative to this year’s Presbytery Meetings with
  Lynn Ellsworth as an alternate.
- Bonnie Kremer volunteered to represent our church at
  the Henry County Ministerial Meetings and Regina
  Erickson volunteered to be a back up.
- The next Session meeting will be Tuesday, March 22 at
  7 PM.
                Annual Meeting Report
                       By Ed Kropa
The Annual Meeting of the First Presbyterian Church was
held following our worship service on January 30, 2011
with Rev. Emory Gillespie as Moderator. Reports from all
committees were shared from the printed Annual Report
booklet, which was available a week before the meeting.
Jelen Remick was elected for a one-year term as Financial
Clerk. Following the meeting, a potato bar luncheon was
prepared and served by our youth.

    Introducing Our New Nursery Supervisor
We are pleased to introduce Danielle Brown as our new
nursery supervisor. Danielle replaces Cara Arnold who
resigned for personal reasons. Danielle is a senior at
Iowa Wesleyan College from Mt. Pleasant. She is a
Pre-Med/Biology/Life Science major. A volunteer at
HCHC Rehabilitation Services, she is currently interning
with Surgical Services at HCHC. Danielle enjoys kids,
has experience babysitting, and plans to be a pediatrician.
                     Lynn Ellsworth, Personnel Chair
Rev. Emory Gillespie has offered to provide some pastoral
care on Sundays when she is in town to lead our worship
service. Lynn Ellsworth will coordinate visits. If you are
interested in a call, please contact Lynn at 385-7361 or
Esther Wonderlich in the church office at 986-5851. The
list of professional and lay support for pastoral care remains
in place. Do not hesitate to visit with someone with any
concerns you have.

    The PNC had hoped to have great news to share with the
congregation by this time, but unfortunately, we’ve had some
bumps in the road and we’re not quite where we hoped to
be in the process yet. This has been a long, sometimes con-
fusing, sometimes frustrating process, but it’s not without
enlightening moments. We have seen some exciting
possibilities in a few candidates, and remain committed to
finding the right pastor for our congregation. Your prayers
have been (and will continue to be!) greatly appreciated.
    As we go forward, there will be some changes in the
PNC. Bob Welander is continuing to serve on the PNC,
but is stepping down as chairman due to outside time
constraints. Adam McLaughlin will be leaving the PNC.
We are grateful for their service/continued service, but
understand their reasons for stepping down. Meanwhile,
our work goes on.
Respectfully submitted,
Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
Brian Sinclair (chair)
Jack Becker          Jean Carpenter           Mary Liechty
Adam McLaughlin Sarah Van Dorin               Bob Welander
Pastoral Care: The list of lay and professional people who are
willing to serve as pastoral care resources remains in place.
Please do not hesitate to seek help should the need arise.
Lay pastoral care:
 Connie Baker      385-8208 Ken Barker            986-6929
 Mindy Creager     385-3254 Rose Mary Wise 986-5502
 Dorothy Wehage 385-9702
Professional pastoral care:
 Rev. Kitch Shatzer     319-461-0266 or
 Pastor Debra Savage        385-3579 Home 931-2277 Cell
 Rev. Herb Shafer           385-1740 First United Methodist Church
 Rev. Dr. Traverce Harrison 986-5653
You may also contact:
 Esther Wonderlich 986-5851-office (7:00 AM – 2:30 PM)
                    385-6321-IWC (2:40 – 4:30 PM) 385-3899-home
Session members with concerns - Lynn Ellsworth, Personnel Chair

               One Great Hour of Sharing

  ―For I was hungry, and you gave me meat: I was
 thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and
 you took me in: Naked, and you clothed me: I was
 sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you
 came unto me.”                       Matthew 25: 35, 36

     Following the devastation of World War II, a Saturday
 evening broadcast asked all Americans to give generously
 to their churches at the next morning's services. Many
 notable celebrities and national leaders participated in the
 broadcast encouraging everyone to participate in this time
 of giving. After the services were completed the next day,
 more than 75,000 churches had responded.
     Since that initial broadcast, One Great Hour of Sharing
 has continued annually during the Lent and Easter season.
 The ecumenical program gives some of the shared gifts to
 the Church World Service ministries. Each denomination,
 however, decides how their members' gifts should be
     The Presbyterian Church USA divides its gifts into three
 portions; Self-Development of People (SDOP), Presbyterian
 Disaster Assistance (PDA), and the Presbyterian Hunger
 Program (PHP). Like the other two entities, The Hunger
 Program receives 32%, but also receives another 4% that
 is designated for work on homelessness and affordable
     For over the past ten years, the OGHS offerings among
 the denominations have reached the $20 million mark. The
 Presbyterian Church USA has received OGHS gifts from $8
 to $11 million over the past twenty years.
     On Palm Sunday, April 17, our church will be col-
 lecting the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. There
 will be OGHS envelopes in the pews and the children
 will again use fish banks. Please be prayerful as to
 what God would have you do to reach out to our needy
 world.                         Tim Olson, Mission Chair

    All are welcome to participate in Adult Forum, which
meets in fellowship hall during the 11 AM hour. Have some
coffee and cookies, and then join us.
    The programs for March will prepare us for Lent and then
lead us through a thoughtful study of possibilities. While we
all know that we are called to be Christ’s disciples, the New
Testament presents an astonishing – and sometimes
conflicting—set of definitions of discipleship. Our studies
through Lent will seek to clarify the possibilities and to
challenge us to define our own ways.

March 6: Preview and Preparation with Jean Thomson
   We will take a broad look at the study series for Lent,
   “Biblical Models of Discipleship.” Reading materials will
    be available for those interested in advance preparation
    for subsequent sessions. We’ll also explore some of the
    images and practices that we associate with Lent.
March 13: Biblical Models of Discipleship, Session 1 –
     Mark 4:1-9 – This session focuses on disciples as
     angry, revolutionary peasants, led by Jesus. It raises
     the question: “What if Christian discipleship calls you
     to work against oppressive, imperialistic forces in the
    world in the name of ultimate peace and justice?”
March 20: Biblical Models of Discipleship, Session 2—
    Matthew 6:19-34 with Marilyn Vincent
    This session provides comparison and contrast with
    Mark’s militaristic approach, emphasizing the surrender
    of worldly possessions and promoting simple living. It
    raises the question: “How reasonable is it to ask a
    contemporary Christian to embrace vows of poverty
    and spend life in altruistic service to others?”
March 27: Biblical Models of Discipleship, Session 3 –
    Luke 6:20-38 with Lynn Ellsworth
    Luke’s model advocates discipleship through transfer
    of wealth. We’ll consider how the model of Christian
    discipleship found in Luke and Acts challenges the
    thoughtful Christian in contemporary society, where
    social status is often associated with ownership.
        Lent Begins on Wednesday, March 9
         7:00 PM Ash Wednesday Ecumenical Service
     at the First Presbyterian Church with Rev. Herb Shafer
     and our friends from the First United Methodist Church
            Combined Presbyterian & Methodist Choirs
   Please see insert for the Maundy Thursday Service
The Room Upstairs - A Passover/Seder Feast ―Dinner Theatre‖

    Save the Date...for Scholar in Residence 2011
    Mark your calendars now for the weekend of October
1-2, when First Presbyterian Church will host the seventh
annual Scholar in Residence program. Rev. Nanette
Sawyer will be this year’s guest. Rev. Sawyer is pastor of
Wicker Park Grace Church in Chicago and author of
Hospitality – the Sacred Art.
    Following the format of past years, Rev. Sawyer will
speak twice on Saturday, October 1, and preach during the
Sunday worship service. Her topic for Saturday afternoon
will be “The Welcoming Church: Hospitality to the Friend
and the Neighbor.” She notes that hospitality begins in our
spiritual core, where we honor the sacredness and
interconnection of God, self, and creation. From this core we
begin to practice the three elements of hospitality:
receptivity, reverence, and generosity. Spiritual hospitality is
transformative, and has the potential to heal us, improve our
relationships, and strengthen our communities.
    On Saturday evening, Rev. Sawyer will present “Peace-
making: Hospitality with the Stranger and the Enemy.”
Spiritual hospitality helps us overcome fear and estrange-
ment when we are faced with the unknown or even hostile
situations. Active non-violence and non-retaliation provide
the keys to practicing spiritual hospitality in the most difficult
situations. Challenging, but transformative, practicing
hospitality in these arenas helps us become peace-making
    Watch for more information as October draws closer. For
now, mark those calendars!
Respectfully submitted, Jean Thomson, Adult Ed. Chair

In Sunday School this winter we had lots of fun learning
about Jesus calling His disciples. Now we are moving on
to the Good Samaritan Story. We are also being Good
Samaritans ourselves by helping people in need through the
Heifer International Project. Thank you to everyone who has
already donated to the Heifer Project. Your gifts are going to
help people improve their living situation and take care of
their families.

We are halfway through our Good Samaritan rotation.
Please take a minute as you walk down to the fellowship hall
and note the art projects that are dotting the bulletin board.
The children are creating world collages using pictures of
people from all over the world, showing that our neighbor is
not just the person that lives near us, but everyone we share
this planet with. In Cooking, the children are making Friend-
ship Cookies. Stick around during the Sunday school hour
and you just might get to eat one! In Drama and Video, the
kids will be eating popcorn, reading a skit, and getting a little
silly while they learn.

Our teachers for this rotation are:
Art: Ann Klingensmith             Drama: Karen Conrad
Cooking: Jean Carpenter            Video: Regina Erickson
Shepherds: Tia Scheitlin, Dan Shull, Maggie Epperson
Kate Schweizer will continue teaching middle school and
while Leo Clark will continue with our high school students.

The Christian Education Committee has put together a
survey for the parents of all youth in our church. Please
remember to return it to our church by February 28. Thank
you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Respectfully submitted,
Amy Clark, CE Director

Our church is able to give scholarships to those students who
meet the following criteria:
 1) Those involved with association or membership
     participation and involvement in our church
 2) Those who are pursuing a vocation of service or church
 3) Those who meet the academic requirements for their field
 4) The financial need of the applicant is also a consideration.
 5) Applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of
      meeting all of these criteria.
We will consider trade school, public and private school
students for our church's scholarships. We have made it a
policy to give scholarships on a one-time basis. Scholarship
applications are available on the counter in the church office.
The scholarship applications are due in the church office by
Friday, April 1.

                   Presbyterian Women
    Presbyterian Women will meet Thursday, March 3, at
1:30 PM in our church lounge. We missed our February
healthy potluck and fitness activity, but will hope all are
geared up and ready for March. Charlene Hinrichs will lead
our Bible Study using lesson two in “Journeys through
Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today.” Lesson two deals
with the seventh letter to the seven churches. Readers will
discover how John encourages his readers to remain faithful
to Christ, and Christ alone. Contact me at 986-5114, if you
need a copy of lesson two.
    Janet Wolin will have devotions and I will be a hostess
for the afternoon. Be sure to remember to bring hygiene
items for women to be taken to the Fellowship Cup, as well
as, empty plastic amber-colored medicine bottles.
All women of the church are invited. Mary Beth Young

Events for your calendars:
    April 7: Meet at 11:30 AM at Sunnybrook for lunch,
                Bible study, and visiting Sunnybrook friends
    April 8 & 9: Spring Food & Rummage Sale
      Items may be brought in beginning on April 3.
    April 16: Spring Workshop -1st Presbyterian, Iowa City

                        Book Group
                  March 10 at 7:00 PM
        at Deb McClintic's (1805 Ravenwood Lane)
               The Help by Kathryn Stockett

                        April 14 TBA
Hospitality, the Sacred Art: Discovering the Hidden Spiritual
            Power of Invitation by Nanette Sawyer

                        Ruth Circle
               Thursday, March 10 at 7:30 PM
  Hostess: Pat Richenberger    Devotions: Becky Siberts

Worship Schedule
Liturgists: 3-6 Matt Lawler; 3-13 & 3-20 Ted Wiley
           3-27 Mary Beth Young
Financial Clerk: Mike Vincent Valet: to be confirmed
Sunday Morning Building Assistant: Mike Vincent
Sun., March 6: Rev. Emory Gillespie
Communion Preparers: Jack & Bonnie Kremer
Communion Servers: John & Sherla Arp, Ed Kropa
                    Jaqui Tolson, Jack & Bonnie Kremer
Greeters: John & Sherla Arp
Ushers: John & Sherla Arp, Kevin & Paula Hoenig
Children’s Moment: Rev. Emory Gillespie
Nursery: Danielle Brown and Kathy Schimmelpfennig

Ash Wednesday Ecumenical Service: March 9 at 7 PM
with Pastor Herb Shafer and our First United Methodist
Church Friends – Methodist/Presbyterian Choirs
Greeters: Tim & Sally Olson
Ushers: Tim & Sally Olson, Don Young, Dick Young

Sun., March 13: First Sunday in Lent
Greeters: Darin & Jennifer Stater
Ushers: Bill & Regina Erickson, Darin & Jennifer Stater
Children’s Moment: Heidi Riepe
Nursery: Danielle Brown and Sarah Moffett

Sun., March 20: Second Sunday in Lent
Greeters: Leo & Amy Clark
Ushers: Diane & Zach May, Dan & Tammy Shull
Children’s Moment: Mary Liechty
Nursery: Danielle Brown and Kathy Holtkamp

Sun., March 27: Third Sunday in Lent
Greeters: Travis & Sara Kremer
Ushers: Dennis & Nancy Hahn
        Angie & Michaela Mathews
Children’s Moment: Ed Chabal
Nursery: Danielle Brown and Joyce Conrad

On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank you all,
my church family, for your prayers, thoughts, kind words and
deeds during this immediate period of Marcia’s untimely
passing. You have been and will continue to be a comfort to
us.                                   Steve Readinger

We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and
prayers and their cards on the death of my sister, Eleanor
Davis.                             John and Sherla Arp

On calendar:

Our Lenten journey should
help us listen to God’s
voice, clarify how we will be
faithful disciples, and
encourage us take bold
initiatives in our service.

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