; Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications
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Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications


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									Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications
Duration: 5 Days          Course Code: IIUC

In this five-day course, you'll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to implement a Cisco IOS Unified Communications solution. You will
learn the basics of traditional telephony as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) fundamentals, including various VoIP protocols. You will learn to
configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) and implement and troubleshoot Cisco Unity Express (CUE). You will
also explore the configuration of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (UC500 Series).

Target Audience:
Network engineers who will design and install basic Cisco IOS Unified Communications solutions that include the deployment of Cisco Unified
Communications Manager Express, Cisco Unity Express, and Cisco Smart Business Communications System


 Operation of traditional telephony systems, both public and             Configure additional Cisco CUCME features, including GUI features
 private                                                                 and phone features

 Key features and functionality of a Cisco IOS Unified                   Install CUE and configure Auto Attendant
 Communications system
                                                                         Configure voice mail features
 CUCME/CUE market, positioning strategies, and deployment
 models                                                                  Upgrade CUE and troubleshooting

 VoIP fundamentals                                                       Cisco CUCME/CUE deployment scenarios and issues

 VoIP protocols                                                          Components, features, and positioning of the Cisco Smart Business
                                                                         Communications System (UC520)
 Configure IP phones for use in a Cisco IOS Unified
 Communications network                                                  Use Cisco Configuration Assistant to implement basic and advanced
                                                                         voice features on the Cisco Smart Business Communications
 Key features and functionality of CUCME                                 System

 Key features and functionality of CUE                                   Ongoing maintenance of a Cisco Smart Business Communications
                                                                         System using Cisco Configuration Assistant.
 Configure analog voice interfaces, digital voice interfaces, and
 dial peers to set up VoIP communications.

A fundamental understanding of:

 IP switching and routing
 Cisco IOS and Catalyst OS command line basics
 Courses that can provide the necessary prerequisite knowledge
 ICND1 and ICND2 or CCNA Boot Camp
Cisco Unified Communications Systems              VoIP Fundamentals                              Cisco Unity Express Implementation
 Introduction                                     line                                           line
line                                                 Function of a DSP                              Positioning of Cisco Unity Express (CUE)
   Benefits of implementing Cisco Unified            How a DSP packetizes voice streams             CUE modules and capabilities
    Communications                                   How voice is transmitted in RTP packets        CUE voice mail features
   Components                                        Codecs used in a Cisco Unified                 Auto Attendant features of CUE
   Infrastructure                                     Communications system                         Management features of CUE
   Call processing agent                             Additional functions performed by DSPs         System functionality features of CUE
   Endpoints                                         Signaling protocols required in a Cisco        CUE software files
   Applications                                       Unified Communications system                 Configure the CUCME router to support
   Messaging choices                                 SCCP signaling                                 voice-mail and Auto Attendant services
   Auto Attendants and Cisco Unified IVR             H.323 signaling                                Configure CUE with an initial setup
    applications                                     MGCP signaling                                 Configure voice mail, Auto Attendant, and
   Cisco Unified Contact Center applications         SIP signaling                                  system settings on the CUE system using
   Cisco Unified Communications Mobile               Function of a gateway in a Cisco Unified       the Initialization Wizard
    solutions                                         Communications system                         Customize the CUE Auto Attendant
   Cisco Unified Presence                            How voice ports are used in a voice            features
   Cisco TelePresence                                 gateway                                       Modify the CUE Auto Attendant prompts
                                                     Function of a call leg                         using the TUI
Traditional Telephony Operations                     Purpose of a dial peer                         Troubleshoot common voice mail issues
line                                                 Connect to an ITSP                             such as incorrect greeting and MWI failure
   Components and operation of the PSTN              How the router and attached telephony
   PBXs and key systems                               equipment collect and consume digits       Cisco Smart Business Communications
   Three types of signaling required in a            Apply digit consumption to the dial peer     System Implementation
    telephony network                                Digit manipulation and the commands         line
   How telephone calls are established in the         used to connect to a specified                Voice features
    PSTN                                              destination                                   Security features
   Numbering plans                                   How the network establishes PLAR               Wireless networking features
   E.164 standard for defining numbering plans       Troubleshoot dial plans                        Cisco Configuration Assistant tool
   Components of an analog telephone                 Voice VLANs                                    Default configuration of the Cisco Smart
   FXS and FXO signaling                             Configure voice VLANs on a Cisco               Business Communications System
   Loop-start signaling                               Catalyst switch                               Obtain and install Cisco Configuration
   Ground-start signaling                            DHCP service options                           Assistant
   Basic E;M signaling                               DHCP Relay Server                              Use the Device Setup wizard to configure
   Converting analog signals to digital signals      Configure NTP                                  a new device
   TDM                                               IEEE 802.3af and Cisco PoE                     Connect to the community or device using
   Characteristics of T1 circuits                    isco IP Phone firmware files and XML           Cisco Configuration Assistant
   Characteristics of E1 circuits                     configuration files                           Set basic settings on the Cisco UC500
   How CAS circuits accomplish supervisory,          How Cisco IP phones obtain XML                 Series for Small Business routers
    address, and informational signaling              configuration files and IP addresses          Use the topology view in Cisco
   How CCS circuits accomplish supervisory,          Quality of Service (QoS) with respect to       Configuration Assistant
    address, and informational signaling              traffic in a network                          Upgrade the operating system of the Cisco
                                                     Four key quality issues with converged         UC500 Series for Small Business device
                                                      networks                                      Verify and load files and phone firmware
                                                     How a lack of bandwidth can cause              onto Cisco UC500 Series for Small
                                                      quality issues and ways to resolve those      Business devices
                                                      issues                                        Configure the voice features using the
                                                     How end-to-end delay can cause quality         Cisco Configuration Assistant
                                                      issues and ways to resolve those issues       Configure port settings using Cisco
                                                     How packet loss can cause quality issues       Configuration Assistant
                                                      and ways to resolve those issues              Configure security using Cisco
                                                     QoS requirements of common types of            Configuration Assistant
                                                      network applications                          Configure switching using Cisco
                                                     QoS policy                                     Configuration Assistant
                                                     Key steps involved in implementing a           Configure wireless access using Cisco
                                                      QoS policy on a network                       Configuration Assistant
                                                     How Cisco AutoQoS can be used to               Configure routing using Cisco
                                                      implement a QoS policy                        Configuration Assistant
                                                                                                    Configure DHCP using Cisco Configuration
                                                  Cisco Unified Communications Manager              Assistant
                                                   Express Implementation                           Configure the Cisco Smart Business
                                                  line                                              Communications System Internet
                                                     Key benefits and features of Cisco             connection using Cisco Configuration
                                                     Unified Communications Manager                 Assistant
                                           Save changes made to the configuration
Supported platforms, and the required      Back up the configuration
 memory, licensing, and software to        View the health of a Cisco Smart Business
 deploy CUCME                              Communications System using Cisco
CUCME endpoints                            Configuration Assistant
Purpose and examples of an ephone          Review and respond to Cisco Smart
Purpose and examples of an ephone-dn       Business Communications System event
Types of ephone-dns                        notifications using Cisco Configuration
Configure the CUCME router to provide      Assistant
 the endpoint firmware files using TFTP    Review and respond to Cisco Smart
Use the CLI to configure the telephony     Business Communications System
 service on a CUCME system to support      messages using Cisco Configuration
 endpoints                                 Assistant
Location-specific parameters that can be   Archive and restore Cisco Smart Business
 configured                                Communications System configuration
Reboot IP phones using two different       files using Cisco Configuration Assistant
 methods                                   Reset a Cisco Smart Business
Endpoint troubleshooting                   Communications System to a factory
Configure MOH                              default state using Cisco Configuration
Configure Call Forward                     Assistant
Configure Call Transfer
Configure Call Park
Configure Intercoms
Configure Paging
Configure Call Pickup
Configure call blocking
Configure directory services features
Download and load required files on the
 CUCME router
Configure syslog
Billing support

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