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									SPANISH 1202 MW SYLLABUS                             Instructor:        ______________________________________
SPRING ‘08                                           Office:            ______________________________________
                                                     Phone:             ______________________________________
                                                     E-mail:            ______________________________________
                                                     Office Hours:      ______________________________________
                                                                               & by appointment

 1.1) ON PAPER:
 Zayas-Bazán, E. and Bacon, S. (2004). Arriba (Brief Edition. 4th)
 Figueras, E. & Nalbone, L. (2004). Arriba (Brief Edition. 4th). Workbook / Lab Manual. See Lab Manual information below.
 Bilingual dictionary

 1.2) ONLINE
 In-text audio, available at http://wps.prenhall.com/ml_zayas_arriba_4/ (no access code needed)
 Lab audio, available at http://wps.prenhall.com/ml_zayas_arriba_4/ (no access code needed)


 2.1. How do I access the audio so that I can complete the Lab Manual activities?
   2.1.1. Go to http://wps.prenhall.com/ml_zayas_arriba_4/
   2.1.2. Click on the desired chapter number that appears on the top of the page.
   2.1.3. Click on “Lab Manual Audio” on the left margin.
   2.1.4. Click on the desired activity to listen to the audio.

 2.2. Do I need any special software to access the audio?
 Yes, you need to have Real Player installed in your computer. If you don’t have it, you may download it free of charge at

 2.3. Do I need a code to access the audio?

 2.4. What if I don’t have a computer?
 All lab computers on campus, including those in the Languages Resource Center (COED 434) have Real Player installed.
 You may use those computers to have access to the lab manual audio.

 2.5. Do I need to submit any activities electronically?
 No, you will access the audio online and complete the audio lab activities on your paper copy of the Lab Manual.

 2.6. Will my instructor collect my Lab Manual?

 2.7. How can I be sure that my responses to the Lab Manual activities are correct?
 The Lab Manual answer key is available in Atkins library, at the Reserves Desk, located on the second floor and at the
 Language Resource Center (COED 434). See http://lrc.uncc.edu/ for LRC hours.

 2.8. How much time per week should I dedicate to the audio lab activities?
 One (1) hour or more, as needed, per every three contact-hours. The audio lab time accounts for the fourth (4th) credit that
 you are receiving in this course.
  2.9. How will my audio lab work be graded?
  Your instructor will test you on the Lab Manual activities. Your instructor will decide whether the testing will be periodical or
  whether it will consist of one test given the day of the final examination.

  2.10. What weight does the audio lab testing have in the overall course grade?

3) PREREQUISITE: This class is part two of a two-course elementary sequence that includes SPAN 1201 and SPAN 1202.
Students who have studied the language one year or more are encouraged to take the placement test to determine which level
is appropriate for them and to take advantage of our bypass credit policy (see www.languages.uncc.edu/bypass.htm). Please
learn about the General Education foreign language proficiency requirement at www.languages.uncc.edu/proficiency.htm
and consult your academic department for foreign language courses required in your major.

      ite / speak about, and have listening and reading comprehension of the topics studied in Arriba.

  present past, and future.
       e at the paragraph level.

5) CLASS PARTICIPATION (discuss participation assessment with your instructor).

6) WRITTEN AND ORAL ASSIGNMENTS consist of material assigned to be completed outside class, such as the workbook,
exercises from the book, in-class writing and oral presentations. Late assignments will absolutely not be accepted.

7) EXAMS. There will be four exams, plus a final exam. There are no make-up exams. If an exam is missed due to a
documented excuse, your instructor will address the case on a one-to-one basis. All exams build on previous information and
are comprehensive in nature.

8) FINAL EXAM will reflect the overall emphasis given to all the skills developed throughout the semester.

9) GRADING SCALE                                        10) GRADING SYSTEM
A 90-100                                                Attendance and/or Participation       10%
B 80-89                                                 Audio Lab Manual Test or Tests        15%
C 70-79                                                 Quizzes and/or Graded Assign.         25%
D 60-69                                                 Exams                                 30%
                                                        Final Exam                            20%

Poor attendance may result in an F or a lowered grade. You may miss no more than 8 classes for any reason. Five points will
be deducted from your course grade for each absence past the eighth one.

The Department of Languages and Culture Studies complies with the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity. It is
your responsibility to know and observe the requirements of this code. Please refer to the full code in the UNCC 2005-07
Catalog at www.provost.uncc.edu/academic_affairs/catalogs/2005-2007_Catalog/studentconduct.htm

Students with documented disabilities who require accommodations in this class should access services as soon as possible
through UNC Charlotte Office of Disability Services in Fretwell Building #230, phone: 687-4355, web page:
Dept. of Languages and Culture Studies www.languages.uncc.edu
Language Resource Center www.uncc.edu/lrc/index.htm

UNCC tutoring is available free of charge for Spanish 1201. Find out more or make an appointment by calling the Tutorial
Services office at 704-687-2163, stopping by the office at 318K Fretwell or going to http://www.ucae.uncc.edu/ts/.

DATE         CHAPTER              VOCAB/TOPICS/READINGS/EXAMS/                  GRAMMAR
                                       AUDIO LAB MANUAL

1/9 W                             Introduction

1/14 M       Ch 6 p. 188-196      ¡Buen provecho                                Superlatives
                                  Complete Ch 6 Audio Lab Manual by
                                  Monday, Jan. 28

1/16 W      Ch 6 p. 197-205      Comparaciones: La compra de la                 Double object pronouns
NOTE: Jan                        comida y la cocina chilena
18 last day                      En la cocina
to add or                        Vocabulario
Jan 21
1/23 W      Ch 6 p. 206-213      Vídeo: Toño Villamil (episodio 6)              Preterit of regular verbs
                                                                                Irregular preterits (I)

1/28 M       Ch 6 p. 214-221     Panoramas: Chile
                                 Ritmos: Los prisioneros (Chile)
                                 Páginas: Pablo Neruda (Chile)
                                 Taller: Una reseña de un restaurante
                                 Ch 6 Audio Lab Manual has to be
                                 completed by the end of this day

1/30 W                           EXAM 1

2/4 M        Ch 7 p. 222-230     El fin de semana                               Irregular preterits (II)
                                 Complete Ch 7 Audio Lab Manual by
                                 Monday, Feb. 18

2/6 W        Ch 7 p. 231-235      Comparaciones: La vida social de los          Indefinite and negative
                                  hispanos                                      expressions
                                     AUDIO LAB MANUAL

2/11 M        Ch 7 p. 236-      Los deportes
              241               Vocabulario

2/13 W        Ch 7 p. 241-252   Vídeo: Toño Villamil (episodio 7)   Irregular preterits (III)
                                Panoramas: Islas del Caribe
2/18 M        Ch 7 p. 253-257   Ritmos: Tito Nieves (Puerto Rico)
                                Páginas: Nicolás Guillén (Cuba)
                                Taller: Una entrada en tu diario

                                Ch 7 Audio Lab Manual has to be
                                completed by the end of this day

2/20 W        Ch 12 p. 402-                                         Past participle and present
              408                                                   perfect indicative
2/25 M                          EXAM 2

2/27 W     Ch 8 p. 260-264      De compras                          Ordinal numbers
NOTE: Mar and 269-270           Vocabulario
3-8 Spring                      Complete Ch 8 Audio Lab Manual by
Break                           Wednesday, Mar. 19

3/10 M        Ch 8 267-268                                          Imperfect of regular and irregular

3/12 W        Ch 8 p. 271-275   Comparaciones: De compras
                                ¿Qué compraste?

3/17 M        Ch 8 p. 275-285   Vídeo: Toño Villamil (episodio 8)   Preterit vs. imperfect
                                Panoramas: Perú y Ecuador
                                Ritmos: Los Kjarkas (Perú)

3/19 W        Ch 8 p. 286-289   Páginas: Ciro Alegría (Perú)        Preterit vs. imperfect
                                Taller: Una fábula
                                Ch 8 Audio Lab Manual has to be
                                completed by the end of this day
3/24 M                          EXAM 3
Mar. 26
last day to
with a “W”
DATE        CHAPTER             VOCAB/TOPICS/READINGS/EXAMS/                  GRAMMAR
                                     AUDIO LAB MANUAL

3/26 W      Ch 9 290-300       De vacaciones                                  por and para
                               Complete Ch 9 Audio Lab Manual by
                               Wednesday, April 9

3/31 M      Ch 9 p. 301-304 Comparaciones: El turismo en los países Adverbs ending in -mente
4/2 W       Ch 9 p. 305-314 Un correo electrónico para Raquel       Subjunctive in noun clauses
                            Vídeo: Toño Villamil (episodio 9)

4/7 M       Ch 9 p. 315-319                                                   Subjunctive to express volition

4/9 W       Ch 9 p. 320-327    Panoramas: Venezuela y Colombia
                               Ritmos: Los Tupamaros (Colombia)
                               Páginas: Rosaura Rodríguez
                               Taller: Una entrada en tu diario de viaje
                               Ch 9 Audio Lab Manual has to be
                               completed by the end of this day

4/14 M                        EXAM 4
4/16 W      Ch 10 p. 328-     ¡Qué mal me siento!
            334               Vocabulario
                              Complete Ch 10 Audio Lab Manual by
                              Monday, April 28
4/21 M      Ch 10 p. 340-     Comparaciones: El ejercicio y la dieta
            347               Mejora tu salud
4/23 W      Ch 10 p. 348-                                                     Subjunctive to express feelings,
            350                                                               emotions, doubts and denial

4/28 M      Ch 10 p. 351-     Panoramas: Bolivia y Paraguay
            359                Taller: Un artículo sobre la salud
                               Ch 10 Audio Lab Manual has to be
                               completed by the end of this day
DATE                          FINAL EXAM
_________                     ** The Spring 2008 Final Exam Schedule
TIME                          can be found at:
_________                       http://www.registrar.uncc.edu/calendars/exa

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