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Standard Cleaners Cupboard Specification

                                   Cleaners Cupboard Specification

                        Element               Requirement
                        General               To be defined in the project brief but must meet Building
Room                                          Regulations.
Fabric                  Walls                 Durable, cleanable smooth finishes. Eggshell finish to
                                              paintwork. Colours are to be decided in project brief
                                              Splash back to sink shall be tiled in standard size tiles and
                                              should be prepared using white waterproof grout and
                                              white polysulphide mastic sealant at base.
                        Ceilings              Where exposed soffit, should be painted to match walls,
                                              however, all cables must be contained with appropriate

                        Floor                 Floor shall be vinyl finish. Vinyl flooring shall be Forbo
                                              Surestep or approved equal (https://www.forbo-
                                     Following installation, one coat of non slip
                                              sealant should be applied – as per manufacturers
                                              specification. Vinyl should be coved at edges and skirting
                                              should be avoided. Colours to be defined in project brief.
                                              A hard-wearing latex based screed shall be used where
                                              necessary under vinyl flooring – project dependent.
                        Doors                 The doors shall be solid hardwood doors with the colour /
                                              finish being project dependent. Locks shall be suitable for
                                              CU standard BEST locks and should be lockable via
                                              keyway/keyway. The PM is to order cores according to
                                              cleaners suiting (M10).
                        Windows/Joinery       Where existing windows, they shall be fitted with suitable
                                              restrictors. Where necessary windows shall be draught
                                              proofed. For new projects, windows should not be
Fittings                Sinks                 Sinks shall be counter fitted. Sinks shall be Armitage
                                              Shanks Birch 51cm heavy duty sink with fitted bucket
                        Taps                  Use S7205 (TB3) Nimbus 1/2in inclined bib taps
                        Shelves               Spur shelving to be fitted for supplies.
                                              Space should be allowed for a mop bucket and mop.

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PAF Operations
Standard Cleaners Cupboard Specification

Mechanical /            Hot/Cold Water       Hot and cold water supplies shall be run in 15mm BS EN
Electrical              Supplies and         1057 table X copper pipework with soldered fittings to BS
Installation            fixings              EN 1254 Part 1. The contractor shall fit 90° action
                                             isolating valves with handles to the hot and cold water
                                             supplies as close as reasonably practical to the service
                                             point. All metallic piped services shall be electrically
                                             bonded. Hot and cold water supplies shall be connected to
                                             existing services in adjacent risers or bath rooms. Wastes
                                             shall comprise 1¼” white plastic “P” traps and plastic
                                             pipework run to falls to connect to existing waste pipes in
                                             adjacent service risers. All pipework shall be adequately
                                             supported. All fixings shall be non ferrous, securely
                                             fastened and fit for purpose. All pipework to be insulated.
                        Electrical           Electrical installation shall comply with BS7671 current
                        Installation         edition. All works shall be certified to the satisfaction of the
                                             CUL Project Manager. Wiring generally shall be single
                                             core cables contained in conduit or trunking. Prior
                                             approval to be obtained for other wiring methods.
                                             Wiring accessories shall be white MK Logic or approved
                        Lighting             Project dependent. But generally sealed industrial type
                                             fluorescent or LED luminaires
                        Small Power          No power is required.
                        Existing soil &      A provisional sum shall be allowed to clean the existing
                        waste pipework.      soil & waste system from the works area to the first
                                             ground level manhole or as directed in the scope of works.
                        Heating              Not required
                        Hot water            There should be provision for connection to the main hot
                                             water supply.
                        Ventilation          Not required
General                 Various              Existing fittings eg, grilles should be included as part of
                                             the “Builders Clean”.
                                             Cleaning equipment for all new facilities should be
                                             included within the project. These will be free issued by
                                             General Services and journalled to the project, therefore
                                             an allowance should be made in the budget build up.
Important note:
This standard sets out the basic functional requirements for a typical new or refurbished
cleaners cupboard. The actual work required for a particular project will be determined in a
separate SCOPE OF WORKS DOCUMENT - some elements may not be present or require

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