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Oikonomotexniki Seminars organizes new training seminars in collaboration
       with Business Confucius Institute in Athens (BCI Athens)

                  NEW Training Seminar
     Doing Business with China
           More than one Billion People Doing Business
    in China - Explore the Business & Investment Opportunities

                      10th & 11th January 2011
               Training Center Group MF Oikonomotexniki

                   Group MF               Business Confucius
                Oikonomotexniki            Institute in Athens
                                                                                 Οικονομοτεχνική Seminars S.A.
Training Seminar                                                                         Professional Training
                                                                                              Since 1989
Doing Business with China                                                                      Member of Group MF Oikonomotexniki

Athens 10th & 11th January 2011
                                                                                              4 Piraeus str, Athens


  A two-day seminar that will help you gain the necessary information, tools, and methods that are vital on
  doing business with China.

  Who should attend
  Entrepreneurs, business executives, anyone with a keen interest in knowing more about China, tour
  operators, inn keepers, hospitality managers, airline executives, local government and tourism officials
  economic development officials, real estate developers and investment executives, regional centers,
  investment projects, law firms and marketing managers who want to understand how to establish
  contacts in China and effectively work with Chinese agents and recruiters.

  Discuss how this global recession has impacted doing business with and in China;
  How has the outsourced manufacturing space been impacted?
  Explore the costs of shipping/freight;
  Discuss the Chinese economy both how it is being impacted by this economy internally and how
  externally the commodity markets are being impacted around the world;
  Discuss the idea of building markets in China coming from Greece;
  Discuss how the Chinese government is impacting companies that want to either invest in China
  financially οr with manufacturing facilities - VAT rebates;
  Discuss Chinese quality standards in manufacturing;
  Discuss the cultural differences.
                                                                      Contact Information:
  Dates: 10-11 of January, 2011
                                                                      Mrs. Tsochali Matina
  Place: 1st floor, 58 Panepistimiou str., Athens                     Tel : 210 5227 094
  Hours : 1st Day 09:00 – 15:00 2nd Day 09:00 – 15:00                 Fax: 210 5248 308
  Guest Speakers
         A team of experts leading by Dr. HUO Jianguo, The President of Chinese Academy of
         International Trade and Economic cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, PR China.
            Dr. HUO was born in 1954. He received his BA and MA degrees in economics at University of
            International Business and Economics in 1982 and 1985, and had his PHD study and research in
  Economics at Institute of International Economy and Trade of NANKAI University from 1999 to 2003.
  Dr. HUO joined different ministries and organizations like COFCO, International Trade Institute under the Ministry
  of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC), Office for Economic and Trade Affairs of State Council,
  etc. He also served as a diplomat in Chinese Embassy in UK. From1997 to 2003, he was appointed as Deputy
  DG of Directorate-General for International Economic and Trade Affairs under the State Economic and Trade
  Commission, Deputy DG of Directorate-General for Service Trade and Deputy DG of Directorate-General for
  Foreign Trade of Ministry of Commerce. He was elected as the President of CCCFNA in 2007-2009. Since 2009,
  he became President of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic cooperation.
  Dr. HUO has special expertise in foreign trade and economic affairs. He has been fully involved in the research
  work and enforcement of China’s national policies for international trade and economic affairs. As a specialist, he
  has chaired the different national research programs, such as “The Strategic Policy for Export Expansion of
  Chinese Machinery Products”, “EU Common Market”, ”Reform of China’s foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange
  systems”. DR. HUO was involved in APEC affairs and dedicated nearly one decade for the prolonged WTO
  negotiation from 1993 to 2001. After China’s resumption of WTO, he again chaired the national policy study for
  the WTO deal among 14 different industrial sectors of the whole country.
                                                                                Οικονομοτεχνική Seminars S.A.
Training Seminar                                                                        Professional Training
                                                                                             Since 1989
Doing Business with China                                                                        Member of Group MF Oikonomotexniki

Athens 10th & 11th January 2011
                                                                                                4 Piraeus str, Athens

 I.Very useful Topics and Tips that everyone must Know
  1. What you should know first about China (when Trading with China)
    Extended reference about the economic growth of China since 2000 (GNP, exports, imports, etc.)
    Extended reference about the historical development of CHINA-GREECE economic relationship since 2000
     (exports, imports, existing agreements, etc)
    Extended reference about the cultural development and relationship between China and Greece (history,
     agreements, cooperation, Olympic games, etc).
    Europe-China relationship and the top European State exporters to China in 2007 – summary statistics
    The list of top 15 European State exporters to China in 2007 –reasons, benefits, products, prospects.
    Greece place as an exporter to China and the prospects ahead.
  2. China Market Map - Knowing China
    Major future Events (fairs, exhibitions, etc.) in China
    Economic Geography of China (Provinces, Regions, Autonomous regions, Municipalities, Special administrative
     regions) and its relationship to the world.
    Culture, regional differences, and social norms.
    Potential business opportunities.
    Market Entry Strategies - Establishing a Business Operation in China: Explore effective market entry strategies
     and options of setting up a business operation in China.
    Learn all the key requirements and procedures, pros and cons before you take further steps.
    An overview of major economic development zones (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.) and
     risk factors in China.
  3. Investment
      Chinese outbound direct investment to the Greece on the promising opportunities in China's outbound tourism,
      investment projects,
      industrial and foreign trade zones,
      China Outward Direct Investment (ODI) Overview;
      Chinese ODI Regulations,
      China Business in Greece;
      Chinese Investment Decision Making;
      Marketing Your Investment Projects to Chinese;
      Attracting Chinese Companies;
      Cultural and Legal Considerations and Future Trends,
 II.Markets and Opportunities when Doing Business with China
  1. Tourism
      China Outbound Tourism Market Overview;
      Popular Destinations and Activities in Greece;
      Characteristics of Chinese Tourists and Their Decision Making Process;
      Greece Visa Situation;
      Key Cultural Issues and Marketing Strategies;
      Partnering with Chinese Tour Operators;
  2. Exports                                                                                    Success
      A Road Map for Exporting to China Market;
      Opportunities and challenges in China market;
      Selling Greek products and services;
                                                                                         Building       Target
      Leading sectors for Greece export;
      Logistic and finance;
      Trade regulations and requirements,
      Legal considerations;                                                         Thinking       Keys         Objective
      Chinese business protocol;
      Key cultural issues;
      Export assistance and resources.

  manufacturers in China. Many trading secrets and tips will be shared. The courses will also cover logistics and
                                                                                            Οικονομοτεχνική Seminars S.A.
 Training Seminar                                                                                   Professional Training
                                                                                                         Since 1989
 Doing Business with China                                                                                     Member of Group MF Oikonomotexniki

 Athens 10th & 11th January 2011
                                                                                                           4 Piraeus str, Athens


   3. Imports - Importing from China - Buy Direct from Factories
   This session trains entrepreneurs, wholesalers and distributors on how to import at rock bottom prices directly from
   manufacturers in China. Many trading secrets and tips will be shared. The courses will also cover logistics and taxation
   4. Sourcing- Profitable and Effective Sourcing from China
   This session is specifically programmed for companies that are seeking contract from manufacturers for low cost and high
   quality supplies.
        Overview of the China Supplier industry;
        Developing an effective sourcing strategy;
        Selection of the proper business entity for your operation in China;
        Price negotiation;
        Quality control and assurance;
        Suppliers compliance auditing;
        Intellectual property issues related to souring products from China;
        Arrangement of your visits in China;
        Logistic and shipment of your products.
   III. Very Useful Tools, Info and Tips for Successful Business
   1.    Building Your Network In cities, basic tips, etc..
   2.    Branding and Marketing in China
   3.    Business Protocols (basic concepts - basic tips)
   4.    Controlling Risks - Risk Control and Management Strategies in China Market
   This section specifically examines all of risk management issues, knowledge of the marketplace, the business
   environment, regional differences and logistics.
   5. Conducting Due Diligence in China
   Deployment of effective due diligence strategies, the hidden risks and basic checks
   6.    Keeping Books – Tax System
   7.    IPR (Developing an IP action plan with your Chinese partners-Protecting your IPR)
   8.    Managing Logistics
   9.    Managing Local HR

   Other Related Useful and Tips when doing Business with China
   1. Organizing a Trade Mission
   2. Hosting a Chinese Delegation

VI. IV. Summary overview and closing statements
                                                                                           ΕΙΔΙΚΗ ΤΙΜΗ ΛΟΓΩ ΜΗ
    V. Questions and Answers – Open Discussion
                                                                                         ΕΠΙΔΟΤΗΣΗΣ Από ΤΟΝ ΟΑΕΔ
    Cost per Participant: 590,00
   Cancellations are accepted without charge up to ten (10) days prior to the seminar, with written notice.
   All participants take’s special training manual and certificate.
   Please contact for information and participants :
    Mrs. Matina Tsochali
    Tel: 210 5227 094 Fax: 210 5248 308 Email:
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