skate tricks by stariya


									!!!*Beginners, Come Here*!!!
This is a veeeeeerrry simple trick that beginners should learn. Set the board upside-down so the
wheels are facing up, on your feet. Quickly jump. The board should flip over, and you should land
on the top side of the board.

>TailSpin Blunt<
1. Gather Up Speed As You Move towards The Object. You Must Be Facing The Object Straight
On. 2. Let The Nose Of Your Board Ride Onto The Kurb/Whatever And Lean On It To Pull A Lip.
4. While Your In The Air, Turn Your Body And Spin You Board With Your Hand So That It Lands
The Same Direction It Was As You Rode Onto The Kurb. 5. Ride Off, Knowing You`ve Just
Pulled A TailSpin Blunt. COMMENTS: Make Some Variable Versions Of This Trick And post em
On Here.

000 flip it
Place the board in front of you with ur feet under it. then kick/flip the board with ur left leg and
land on it after it spins round once. Easy ;-)

1 foot poser backflip
easy poserish trick but looks good :) stand next to your board, front foot on tail. Pop it hard, swing
it towards you and sweep your foot under it. It should do a full backflip and land it on one foot.

1 footed hardflip
place ur board in front of u and step back and then run up to it and pop it quite hard with ur front
foot on the tail strait after that jump backwards and wait for tje board to level out then land it good
luck my freinds

110 handstand ride
u will need a partner for this 1 u have to start doing a handstand 2 your partner pleaces the board
on your feet and u will start walking on your hands 3 after a minute try to filp back on your board
without falling. this is a real hard trick

First you take your front foot and put it like a kickflip and then you do a kickflip but as it is spinnin
grab it and twist it like a shove it and then land it

120 poplip
first put your feet like if you where going to olie and then move it up but you wouldwhat to move it
fast and get lots of speed

you kik flip then you land in a back side manual and heelflip out into a front side manual and fs
shovet out and ride away

at a nice speed ollie up and swing youre body to a backside or frontside turn,dont go to slow or
you wont spin fast enough and will land sideways and bail

180 (tip)
To do a 180 ollie, first put your feet in the ollie position.Then when you start the ollie, you have to
have a bit of a "wind up" so you can spin in the air. Now after you wind up and ollie, you spin kind
of leaning inward of the spin. and you want to come down with the front end slightly hitting first, so
you have time to correct if you don`t come out straight. When you land you will be in a Nollie
position! so practice nollieing first!
180 Anti Casper
Stand in the an anto casper stance and just as you do a casper (board upside down on feet and
one foot ocer the nose) jump kick your foot that was under the board so what you come out with
is the board spinning 180 degrees and the board doing a full flip. This trick is easier than it seems
and is very impressive. Good luck!!

180 Boneless
This seems so simple, you`ll be saying "why didn`t I think of that?!" 1. Get your front foot near the
edge of your board, and keep your back foot on the tail, in ollie/riding position. 2. Slide your front
foot off the board, and stomp it on the ground, and the weight on the tail of the board should snap
it up, like an ollie. 3. Grab the board with your back hand (left if you`re goofy, right if you`re
regular) and push off the ground with your front foot. 4. Before your foot leaves the ground, make
sure to rotate 180 so when you land, you will be riding switch. -This trick looks sweet as hell when
you trick it over things, or even people. If you can manage to rotate over a rail, onto a rail, or land
it in a manual, you will look hella-good. Good luck!

180 boneless handflip
best do this moving first put your foot bown and jump up with the board and then spin with it 180
then flip the the board before you land

180 Bonles
1) get into your oley stance if your goofy your left foot on the tale if your regular you right foot on
the tale 2)pop the tale down3)grab the bourd with your left hand turn the bord 180% and land it
and ride away clean

180 flip
Go at the top of the jump and do a 180 well your still in the air do a flip.

180 hand plant powerslide
First you find a spot wit no gravels or you will rip your hand off. Next,get some fast
speed,compress,plant your hands on a smooth spot on the ground,and spin.That`s the best i can
explain it.

180 Hatchet Cut
jump on the bored and use your front foot on a ollie postion then your back foot on the very tip of
the back acing forward, then flip the bored on the back with your front foot under and back foot on
top now flip it back on its wheels and do a 180 with your body and land it.

180 indy
hit a small kicker and ollie up just as if u were going to do a normal 180but as u r in motion reach
down and grab ur board between ur feet make sure u spot ur landing or u may bail hardcore

180 Nosegrind (180 to switch 5-0)
1. Approach your obstacle with enough speed. I find it easier to go fast for this trick. It's a
momentum thing. 2. Ollie 3. Use your front foot to guide the board 180 and up on to the obstacle
of your choice. 4. Place that front truck right up there in the grind position. (Basically this is a 180
ollie so you best have that down.) 5. This is where it all comes together. You got to stick that truck
and lean back to really grind, especially if you want to grind long and not just tap it like a chump.
6. At this point you are technically doing a switch 5-0, so grind to the fullest. 7. Prepare for
landing. You're going to be coming out fakie so you want to center your weight. Lean a little bit
into the landing so you don't fall backwards towards the obstacle, but not too far or you'll fall the
other way. 8. Land as clean as you can. Roll away and then repeat over and over until you get it

180 ollie
start by placing your feet in the ollie position. smack the tail on the ground, slide your front foot
up, and turn your shouldlers in the direction you wanna turn. lift back foot and your tail will follow,
and turn your legs for the rest of the 180, turnig your shoulders will start off your spin sooner, so
you can make the full 180. land with your feet on the bolts, bend your knees, and roll away. then
try it ramps.

180 Rock (No fakie)
Some people think this trick is the easiest rock fakie variant, because there is no fakie involved.
Just come up the ramp the same speed you would for a rock fakie, but just before you hit the
coping, 180 on your front trucks, tap your back trucks on the deck and then roll back in.

180 to 50-50 halfcab out
start on a curb do a 180 then land in 50-50 then do a fakie 180 out and ride away

180 to 50-50 stall pop outta it
get a moderate speed about 6-0 inches from a curb do a 180 stall and kick a pop shuv it outta it...

180 to Rock Fakie
(Be comfortable with the Rock Fakie before you try this) Approach the ramp fakie at a moderate
to slow speed. When about half way up the ramp, apply pressure to your right leg and 180 so that
the front trucks tap on the coping. Then you just to need to roll back in fakie. Once you get better,
start getting higher and higher so eventually your back trucks touch the coping.

180 Varial Finger Flip
Ride at a moderate speed and the jump off your board putting your feet at each side of it. Bend
down and grab the side of your board with one hand and then jump up causing the board to flip.
Jump on the board and turn around at the same time then ride away clean!

just ollie and when your back wheel is off the ground, then turn your body 180°and take your
board with you

360 casper spin
put your feet in a kickflip position and flip the board down so your front foot is underneath and the
back is firm on the tail . then like a kickturn use your body to spin and pull your front foot up so the
board flips back to a normal position and land it

360 flip
put your front footlike a kickflip but close to the middle. put your back foot slightly on the tail do
like variel flip but pop and spin harder and faster

360 flip (tip 2)
360 Kickflip 1. Place your back foot on the tip of tail to get the best pop.2. Pop your back foot
down and out for the best rotation.3. Guide the board up with your front foot-use a kickflip
motion.4. Let your board rotate between your legs.5. Keep your feet in line with your shoulders.6.
Catch, then take the impact with your knees and ride away.

360 flip (tip)
when you start off with a 360 flip have your back foot hanging of the tail slightly and your front foot
in the stance of a kickflip, when you pop your back foot scoop it bach whilst you slide you front
foot of the board, just remember to keep your body over the board

360 Flip - 3 Flip - Trey Flip
The 360 flip combines two tricks, the kickflip and the 360 shove-it. Even if you can't do a 360 pop
shuvit, don't fret. You should, however be familiar with the plain ol' backside pop shuvit. To do a
360 flip, you should position your front foot like you would for a kickflip, with your foot slid back
toward the heel-edge of the board and also further back lengthwise. Your rear foot should be
positioned with your toe on the toe-edge of the tail. Rolling at a moderate to slow speed for
learning, sweep your back foot behind you, pushing down just enough to get the tail to smack
against the ground as you sweep. This will rotate the board around 360 shuvit style. Within the
same motion as the sweep, make your front foot do a kickflip. The whole thing should take about
the same amount of time a kickflip does, so you won't have to "hang" in the air any longer. When
the nose comes back around and the griptape side shows upward, stick your feet back on and
land it.

360 handspin
this is an old school trick but its cool anyway. put one foot down and grab the side of the board
spin so it goes 360 and then land over it

360 Kickflip
1. Place your back foot on the tip of tail to get the best pop.2. Pop your back foot down and out
for the best rotation.3. Guide the board up with your front foot-use a kickflip motion.4. Let your
board rotate between your legs.5. Keep your feet in line with your shoulders.6. Catch, then take
the impact with your knees and ride away.

360 killer fish
it is a stalefish but the board is flipping and u r spinning

360 nollie
1)Position your feet in nollie 2)Put your head down.So you`ll know where your landing 3)Hit the
nose real hard and start spinning but in nollie using your shoulders and sort of push your board
and lead it to a 360 *Remember to spin real fast and concentrate on doing a full rotation 4)On the
last 90 degrees spot your landing and roll away smoothly *It takes a coule of practices but you`l
get there.

360 primo flip
put in primo then put foot on nose and push down on nose hard and flip it

360 primo plant flip
push hard and ride off thn put your back foot down lift up ur board do a 360 turn and then flip ur
board into primo while doing a boneless.wasn`t that simple now

360 push`n`shove
whyle moving(speed depending on confidence)place your feet like you were going to do an ollie
then push down on the back kick and bring the front foot directly forward and upwards into your
hand,grab the front kick and spin it clockwise or anti-clockwise for variation and then jump back
onto the board when its completed a full 360 roation and bend your knees slightly when you land
to cushion the impact and glide of nicely....Normally recomended when going over an edge but
can be used as a free-style move (prefrable + easyer)

360 shuvit banana split
ok, well this trick is old skool, so all the tech dudes out there might not me interested. start riding
at a moderately fast speed. just off the board, with your ride foot off the left side of the board and
your left foot off the right side of your board. your legs should be crossing. after that, with any
hand, scoop up the board by the nose and fling it under you frontside so it does a 360 shuvit, then
stomp it and roll away

go into casper and flip youre board as hard as you can[try too find out how hard too flip]then body
verial a 360 otherway and land it

360crocodil flash
When you are driving, you must jump very high (ollie),.. sudenly you rotate skate (360) and tuch
trumber with left arm. With right arm you tuch tail.

kikflip with 360 degrees spin

first you do a regular 360 then once you get it around land in a manual then pop the board up pop
shuvit to a clean landing. it is really that simple

Same concept as a shuvit underflip. Its more of a shuvit-varial underflip. Go into a shuvit, move
your back foot in a circular motion as you curl it under the board, so the board flips but does an
extra 180. Tip: start out with your back foot hanging off the tail. Kind looks like a tre-flip land it gj
your good

I suggest that before you attempt this trick that you are comfortable with a 50-50 grind. 1)
Approch your obstacle with enough speed so that when you land on it you will still slide. 2) Ollie
onto the edge of your funbox or rail and land on your back truck. 3) Don`t lean to far back or your
board might slip out from under your fett and you will take a nasty spill. 4) As you are coming to
the end of your obstacle pop out and ride away.

5-0 Grind
grinding on only the back truck

1. Stand like u would in the ollie position, with ur front foot up about another inch. Approach the
object u wish to grind parallel about an inch from it.2. Ollie and concentrate on ur front truck
landing first, followed quickly by ur back truck.3. After u grind, pop ur tail a tiny bit and turn off the
object.4. Ride away.

50-50 bluntslide grind
ollie up to what ever u r going to grind then when u r on the rail lock two wheels that are diangle
from each other then slide on the rail

50-50 Grind
The 50-50 is the most basic grind in skateboarding. You approach the curb, rail or what ever your
grinding, then a simple ollie and land on it. Ride it out and that’s it.

50-50 stall
roll up 2 da ledge/kerb/whatever @any speed do a 90 deegree ollie eksept push ya back foot
alittle harder and stall it then put ya weight on da tail an do another 90 deegrees an ride away

50-50 To 180
1. Gather Speed, Change Your Speed To Be Going Pretty Fast But Not Too Fast Depending On
How Long The Object Your Gonna Try This On Is. 2. Do An Ollie And Push Your Weight Towards
The Object And Then Land It On The Trucks, You Are now In A 50-50 Grind! 3. Now Ride Out
The Grind Until You Either Begin To Slow Down Or Run Out Of Object Edge. 4. Ollie When Your
About A 1/2 Metre (IF YOU WANT A GOOD 180) Or Closer (If You Want) And Spin Your Weight
To Make The Board Spin 180o And Then Push Your Weight Down And Land The Trick. 5.
Absorb The Shock And Then Ride Away (GLORIOUISLY) COMMENTS: Hope You Like This
Trick. I Doe It On One Of My 1st 3 Tries, Hope You Get As Lucky As I Did, Practice and Itll Come

50-50 to 180 out
get a decent amount of speed. ride up to the object u r goin to grind on, staying paralell with the
object and ur board. Ollie and get over the object and land on it. as ur grinding and start 2 slow
down, instead of poping ur tail off turn hard off the edge. as ur coming off u should be spinning
and land in a 180. roll away

50-50(for noobs)
this is the easy 50-50(for noobs) 1- get a grind barb or some wood 2-wax it up real good 3-set it
infront of a curb 4-get some speed and roll off the curb 5-roll right onto the grind bar 6-keep ur
balance 7-continue to keep ur balance 8-roll off the end and put some pressure on the tail to keep
ur board straight 9-roll away in shame for trying such a fun trick in such a crappy way

516 handeruption
first but your left foot on the very back or your board and your right almost at the very back and
put your hand on the nose an mix it with a 180

step1. put your back foot on the tail step2 then you put your other foot like your doing a kickflip
then scoop the tail and flick the board and jump high.

a 540-flip is like a 360 flip, u put yr first foot just higher then the tail end screws screws, the back
foot should be at the tail end,the next part you pop an ollie, swing your back foot backwards and
shoot your front foot to the nose and kick it like a kick-flip, if you kick if you swing your back foot
hard enough it should spin 540 and do a kickflip, its easier to do it off high things and if u land it
and fall off you`ll make a huge dum ass of yourself so practace at hame befor doin it at sk8 parks

90% hardflip
ok your going to start rolling anddo a hardflip as you are in the airstart turning slowly and land a
half of a 180 and ride away

hold th nose of ur board out in frnt of u. then, drop the board in front of u. land on the board the
sae time it hits the ground. Its easy as hell.

Air spin
Stand on your bourd. Then quickly Press down the tail and Twist your feet at the same time.And
the board will spin in the air and come Down. when it comes try to land it.

air walk shuvit sex change
on a virt ramp do a shuvit while spining, moving, and walking

Alien Flip
First you do a half a kickflip then push it back into a heelflip all in the air and land it. That is called
the alien flip cause it`s so foreign and extraordinary.

you put your feet toes forward. your back foot on the tail only have ur toes on the board ur heel is
facing the oposite the way u r goin . Than u put your front foot in the middle of ur board.TOES
FORWARD!!!! than u push ur tail down as if u were to ollie and than move ur front foot forwaed.
land keeping ur feet in the same position.

This is a saimple trick if you have good hops..Find a ledge about hip high, then boneless onto it
with one foot on the ledge, then jump off doing a 360 while you fingerflip the board...

Angle flip
This is an old school trick I made up myself.First you put your front foot on the ground and the
board should pop up.Next you twist your back hand in a clockwise direction and grab the nose of
your board.Once you have grabed the nose you jump up and spin the board anti-clockwise until
your hand stops. Then you simply land on the board and roll away(Hopefully).

Around the world
You will need lots of speed. Take the skate board and grab the board as if you were going to do
an indy and if you are goofy grab with your right hand and pass the skateboard to your left hand
behind your back.

axle stale the ez way
stand in front of the curb ollie as high as you can, move your feet foward and land your trucks on
the curd then lean back to a 50 and spin away from the curb and tail drop off. then role away

Axle Stall
REMEMBER - get enough speed so that you will easily make it to the top of the coping.1) Getting
on top of the coping...Approach the coping head on so that your deck is rolling directly to the top
of the coping. Now bend your legs and start going up the transition, about 1/2 a foot before you
reach the top start to turn to your body & board towards your backside (your stomach side) and
when you feel the wheel of your skateboard go over the coping immediatly turn your body, pull
back and push your front truck down onto the coping.You should now be stalled on top of the
coping.2) Getting off the coping by kick-turning in...You should now be on top of the coping. Oka,
tilt foward so that your two wheels that are supporting you are of the platform are raised, Push
down on your back kick and do a kick-turn in, while all the time leaning forward and keeping
centred on your board, let your front two wheels hit the tranny (remebering to keep centred upon
your board) and roll back in.Roll away, and do it again and again till you perfect it.TIP: Keep
practicing this trick and move to higher ramps

B.S. boardslide
1) Stand with ur back foot on the tail, and ur front near the front bolts. Approach the object u wish
to grind at a slight angle, to your backside.2) Ollie and turn ur board and body about 90 degrees
backside and land centered on ur board.3) After u slide, put a little pressure on the tail and bring
ur nose around over the object.4) Land, ride away.

B/S 180
1. Gain Speed2. Place your feet in the standard ollie position (though you may want to put your
front foot a tad closer to the nose of your board until you feel completely comftorable with the
trick..)3. Perform a clean ollie.4. Immediately upon takeoff, you'll need to start your backward
rotation, keeping in mind that the speed of your rotation need to be adjusted to suit the purpose of
your backside 180. For example: if you're just doing a quickie to turn yourself from regular to
fakie, you'll need to turn quickly, you don't over-rotate.5. To rotate correctly and retain balance for
landing, your entire body must turn. Explanation of how to turn is wasted breath - for everyone the
process is different.6. When you land, try hard to get all four wheels to land at once. Your weight
should be centered over your board - over weighting your nose or tail upon landing could prove to
be disastrous. Your shoulders should be in line with your board, your arms raised for balance.7.
Remember to absorb the shock of landing with your knees, not the lower back. And if you're
backside 180ing off of something high, to avoid deck-breakage, land with your feet directly over
the trucks.8. You've landed, you're now going fakie, or backward, or switch, or whatever.

b/s 180 anti-casper
put your footing like doing a casper(lite halfflip)and befor you ollie do a backside 180 and catch it
in a casper.

B/S 180 Flip
Approach an obstacle at a high rate of speed. Set up your front foot so it's at a 45-degree angle
across your board and right behind your front truck bolts.4. Bend both legs equally. Turn your
shoulders and head first. Then, spring off your back foot (ollie) and flip the board up to your back
foot; the higher you bring back your back foot, the higher your backside 180 kickflip will be.5. As
you catch it at maximum height, set your legs back down. You should roll away switch.

B/S 5-0
learn B/S 50-50s before you try this trick.1.Roll up to the rail/box/ledge backside(back facing the
ledge/rail/box) 2. ollie like you are going to do a B/S 50-50 but push down on your tail i advise
learning to ollie into a manual before u try this Tip: Start by sliding with your tail touching the
ledge then when u get better at sliding it try not letting you tail touch down.

B/S 50-50
1. First, be sure to find a spot that hasn't been poached by fellow skaters.2. Approach the ledge
straight on or parallel, bend both legs equally, then ollie.3. Land with both axles on the ledge,
that's a 50-50. Be sure to put weight on both trucks, and stand up.4. When you reach the end of
your unpoached 50-50, step on your tail and lift up your front truck as you come off the ledge

B/S boardslide
First you gotta no how 2 180 ollie which can help greatly. Firstly you need to be able 2 get the
spin on the board just do a 90 degree ollie and then when you hit the rail or kerb you push
forward slightly and then you have to be able 2 keep your balance then you shud slide forward
then you can come out fakie or normal

B/S Noseblunt
1. Approach the coping with the intent to backside ollie onto the deck, landing in the noseblunt
position.2. If you find yourself sitting on the deck in the noseblunt position for more than two
seconds (this is known as the lunch break), stop what you're doing, remove yourself from the
ramp, and start over.3. Remember-this trick is in and out as fast as possible.4. Now, from the
noseblunt position, simply nollie back in.5. Make sure you land with all four wheels in contact.

B/S Nosegrind
1. Approach the ledge with your back to it.2. This time you'll want to be almost parallel with the
obstacle.3. Before trying this trick, practice ollieing up into position.4. Backside will be a little
harder, because you won't be able to see the obstacles as easily as frontside.5. Pop an ollie and
land on the front truck in a nose-wheelie position. Your front foot should be just behind the front
truck when ollieing, and should be slightly in front of it when you land.6. From here on the trick is
much the same as the frontside nosegrind.7. Grind as long as you can, put pressure on the nose,
and pop off.

back-foot crappy
I made this trick up i think. I hope it`s not already a trick. You need good air for this. While in the
air, use your back foot to twist the board around 360 degrees. Do it fast.

Backside 180
1. Gain Speed 2. Place your feet in the standard ollie position (though you may want to put your
front foot a tad closer to the nose of your board until you feel completely comfortable with the
trick) 3. Perform a clean ollie 4. Immediately upon takeoff, you'll need to start your backward
rotation, keeping in mind that the speed of your rotation need to be adjusted to suit the purpose of
your backside 180. For example: if you're just doing a quickie to turn yourself from regular to
fakie, you'll need to turn quickly, but if you're backside 180ing a big gap, you'll want to rotate
slowly, so you don't over-rotate. 5. To rotate correctly and retain balance for landing, your entire
body must turn. Explanation of how to turn is wasted breath - for everyone the process is
different. 6. When you land, try hard to get all four wheels to land at once. Your weight should be
centered over your board - over weighting your nose or tail upon landing could prove to be
disastrous. Your shoulders should be in line with your board, your arms raised for balance. 7.
Remember to absorb the shock of landing with your knees, not the lower back. And if you're
backside 180ing off of something high, to avoid deck-breakage, land with your feet directly over
the trucks. 8. You've landed, you're now going fakie, or backward, or switch, or whatever.

backside 180 kickflip
place back foot on the edge of the tail, place front foot on the center of the board but with your
heel hanginng ouy a little bit. Then pop the in a b/s 180 motion and flip the board, as your flipping
the board spin with the board in a b/s 180 motion. The ride away clean. =)

Backside Boardslide
1) Stand with ur back foot on the tail, and ur front near the front bolts. Approach the object u wish
to grind at a slight angle, to your backside.2) Ollie and turn ur board and body about 90 degrees
backside and land centered on ur board.3) After u slide, put a little pressure on the tail and bring
ur nose around over the object.4) Land, ride away.

Backside Feeble
object like you're doing a backside 50-50, but right before both trucks make contact, push the
front one over the bar by straightening your front leg. Lean back with all your weight on the back
truck (the weight placement is very similar to a 5-0, but with your foot pointing the nose down)
and hold that position while powering through the grind

Backside Feeble Grind
First learn backside 50-50s and 5-0s. Ride at the object with a good amount of speed. Ollie on to
the object like you're doing a backside 50-50, but right before both trucks make contact, push the
front one over the bar by straightening your front leg. Lean back with all your weight on the back
truck (the weight placement is very similar to a 5-0, but with your foot pointing the nose down)
and hold that position while powering through the grind. At the end, let your nose come up so
your board is parallel with the ground right as you come off. Ride away with both feet over the
truck bolts, clean as a whistle. Feeble grinds can be taken to all kinds of obstacles, and is a
popular handrail trick. Once you learn how to lock in to them, they're easier to control than
boardslides. Now get to feeblin!

Backside Ollie
1) Do a fat ollie 2) As your going up spin your arms around to the right (to the left if you're goofy)
followed by your legs, doing it in a motion that the board remains stuck to your feet. (Keep turning
your head round as you go this helps you to spin the full way. 3) As you spin around to about 160
degree's push your feet down and start coming down. 4) Land and ride away.

Backside Pivot Fakie
This trick is diabolically evil and has caused me much grief. Before you try it, get good at regular
pivots and fakie rocks. Learn to sit on pivots with all your weight resting on your heel wheel. To do
this trick, as you approach the coping, turn and push on your tail so that you are locked on the
coping on your heel wheel. Keep your shoulders turned as if you're doing a fakie rock. As you
start to lean back into the ramp, shift your weight from your heel to your toes and push your back
foot in, leading you fakie . Remember to push on your tail long enough so your front truck doesn't
catch the coping. It's safer to learn pivot to fakie rock first.

Backside Pop Shove it
1. Stand in an ollie position. 2. Pop the tail and push back a little with your back foot and also
foward a little with your front foot, causing the board to spin 180 degrees backside. 3. Bring your
feet back to normal and as the board finishes spinning, catch it with your feet and land. TIP: when
you push the board, dont push it too hard or it will spin more and mess up your trick.

backward ground flip
ur trux will have to be semi-tight to do this trick first of all try this standing still first then work it into
ur ride stand with ur toes on the back of the side of the board {not the nose or tail} giv it a hard
push and jump back with it if done correctly the board should have done a flip on the ground
bag of oats (old school)
approach a curb or parking block going slow-medium speed. as you approach the curb, bend
down and grab with your back hand in the middle of your board. once at the curb, lift nose
enough(while still grabbing) to get it on the curb (like a crappy little nose stall) rock your wheight
forward and pop off the nose lightly while holding the grab and you`ll do a sort of indy ollie up
onto the sidewalk or over the parking block. dont forget to let go of the grab once you`ve landed!

beginners ollie
put your front foot behind the front mounting bolts and your back foot on the tail. jump off t tail and
scrape your foot up an try an land it dude

Bertleman Slide
Approach a wall as if you were going to do a frontside carve. As you get closer, begin to bend
your knees and lower your body.As you go up the wall, one foot should be on the tail, the other
above the front trucks. You are already low, so begin to reach down with your front hand.As you
continue to flow frontside, simultaneously lift your front wheels just a bit and plant your front hand
on the ground.Plant hand on the bank, push the rear wheels out, into a slide. At the same time
put the front wheels back down.The hand on the ground is your pivot-point. The whole moves
pivots around that hand.Having stretched it out a bit, now it`s time to get back on top of the board.
This is where the banked wall helps. You can just let the board flow back under under you. (from

BigSpin BoardSlide BigSpin Out
Alright, first off this is going to be a tough one! Step1. Get BigSpins down. You do a B/S ollie and
in the middle of it shove your board with your back foot so it goes 360 while your doing 180.
Step2.Get F/S boardslides down. You approach the rail F/S and turn B/S like a B/S180 but only
half way. Just try to get the middle of your board to land on the rail and the key is to balance
out.This step is VERY important!Step3.Alright, get lots of speed. Do a BigSpin land in the F/S
boardslide position. Land it and get MAD applause from everyone. Keep doing it untill you can do
it in your sleep. Step4.Do a F/S boardslide, then right at the end of it shove your back foot and
turn a little. The hardest part of this step is that it takes time. Step5. Ah...last of the steps, you
know what to do. Go bust a BigSpin BoardSlide BigSpin Out!

bite me
you go up a ramp an you take the board with you left hand and pass it behind you to your right
hand then put it back under your feet

Blunt Fakie
First become very comfortable with fakie rocks, you will most likely benefit from learning blunt to
fakie rocks also, with that being said lets get started. Approach the lip with just enough speed to
get your back wheels over the coping. It's very important that you don't try an hang out on the
coping, quick is the way to go you'll need that momentum and balance to successfully roll away
with this one. As your tail becomes attached to the coping you want to begin to compress your
back knee just a little bit to get some leverage, while keeping your body weight inside the ramp at
all times, apply the same technique you use when your trying to ollie on the carpet with just a
deck, pop that sucker back in keeping your front foot a little curled to keep the board on your feet,
land in the ramp fakie touching down with your back wheels just a moment before you set down
your front, this is so you don't have to pop entirely in and don't have to worry about locking your
front truck on the down. This is a difficult and sometimes painful trick to learn, stay confident and
calm and you should be alright.

This tricks is pretty hard but just keep tryin. To do this trick the back wheels hav to be on the
ledge or rail or whatever. The tail of the board should be facing the ground and the nose facing
^(up). Then ride the rail, get off at the end of the rail and ride away.

Board Slide
This is the most basic slide. It requires more effort than a grind though. You set-up for a 180 as
you get to the rail the ollie and shove the board 90 degrees and try to land the rail in the centre of
your board. When near the end just turn your body and twist your board with it.

Board Swap
you`ll need 2 board for this one so borrow one from ur skate bud for a sec 1.hold one board in
your hand (hand should be in between the trucks) 2.other board under ur feet. 3. get speed 4.
pop your board up hard, catch the tail in your hand. 5. while your in the air put the other board
under your feet. 6. land with the other board under your feet and the first one in yur hand w00h00!

Board Swap Finger Flip
Do a board swap but when you put your second board under your feet flip it with yur hand and
catch it with your feet

you put your foot on the back of the board and the other foot on the bottom middle board and you
keep your foot on the bottom part of the board and the other flips it to the left you got to flip the
board up first you put the board up side down and you can do that standing to.

boardslide 180
manual/ ollie to the rail. slide then tun 180 at the end.

body varial tailgrab
it an easy trick hat u dp is come up to a ramp it has to be big to get the lift for the trick through the
board out in front of u do a body varial and grab the tail and land fakie its easy as hell

bone less finger flip
as u get your speed pop the back of your board then the nose will go up then at the same time
grab the nose and spin it like a finger flip then try to land.

first start out going slow.Next get in the position to oliie.Next take your left foot if ride regular.If
you ride take your left foot and keep your right foot on the board and your right hand on
the board.Push your left foot up and then you jump and put your board under your feet.

Boneless Big Spin
name describes it self, just practice straigh boneless, then once u get that down, do a boneless ,
body 180 and board 360, the boneless big spin

Boneless Fingerflip!!
This trick is a really good trick for a beginner/amateur to learn as it isnt too hard. 1) You need to
be able to do a boneless 2) While in mid boneless; grab the nose of the board by the tips of your
fingers (maybe use your palm a bit) and flip the board in a vertical barrel motion 3) While flipping,
jump and push the board to level out 4)Land 5)Roll away This trick is a matter of judging how fast
you spin the board and how much you push it down. Have fun! This trick is really impressive
when u learn how to do it!

Boneless handflip
By the name you should be able to tell you need to know how to boneless first. Basicly boneless
but as your in the air flip the board in a kickflip manner and land! Simple an looks great.

bonlesss shuv-it
while doing a boneless after u po the board make the board do a shuv-it with ur hand it is quit

bs half cab heelflip
For this trick you have to know how to fakie Heelflip and b/s half-cab. Your Heelflip has to be
perfect. Alright go at a decent speed and go fakie. Set up as you would for a B/S Half-Cab But put
your front foot where it should be for a Heelflip. Pop 180 and at the same time do the Heelflip.
What I found out is that you can think only about doing a 90 b/s Heelflip and you will go around
more and you can tic tack out. Its not a very hard trick if you know how to do a Heelflip and b/s
half-cab really good. Spend about 3 hours on it and you should be getting it. Remember think 90
and you will turn more than you think. Thinking about doing a 180 is quite hard. But first do the 90
thinking then after you get that down think 180. Good Luck!

bs hurricane (tip)
A Hurricane Grind is where you do a 180 into a Fakie Feeble. So go find a rail, parking block,
etc., and try this. First, 180 so you`re above the rail and only land on the back truck so you`re
doing a Fakie feeble. Your front truck has to go over the rail and be on the other side while
grinding. Keep most the weight on the back foot and a little on the front to keep it in the feeble
position. This trick is all sick looking. If you want to see one look in Transworld Magazine, they
usually have them. Now try a 180 into a Fakie Smith. Good Luck!

Burger Flip
The burger flip is done with a heelflip and you turn your body backside 180 degrees while in the
air. First you start to do a heelflip and once you get the flip done quickly turn your body.

ride fakie...get in a fakie ollie stance and ollie.. right after spin a backside 360 and land simple as

Ride fakie. Hit your tail, jump high, and swing your body around 360 as fast as you can. Your feet
and board follow closely behind you. Try not to let your board flip under your feet. If you did it
right, you'll be riding fakie again. Just remember, you have to spin real fast.
Submitted by: Josh Martin

a 360-degree turn performed on a ramp while riding fakie (backwards), named after skater Steve

caballerial bigspin/fakie 360 bigspin
In this trick your board does a 540 and you do a 360 You need to do this on a halfpipe or
quarterpipe 1.Drop-in 2. Get a high set-up air and land fakie 3. Now when you get to the lip or
coping of the other side start your caballerial 4.when you are half way around start your shuv-it 5.
Now you you are coming forward 6. Land and lean forward 7. Now check the camera and see
how it looked!!!!!!!!!!!

Cabelarrial (or soemthing!)
1. Approach the wall of the ramp in fakie position; as you start to ride up the transition, begin to
twist the top half of your body (counter-clockwise if your stance is goofy).2. As your back wheels
hit the coping, pop off just as you were doing a fakie ollie.3. Bring up both knees to your body
while spinning 360 motion (if you alley-oop just a little, it'll keep the board under your feet).4. As
you finish the last half of your rotation, start to spot your landing, and guide the board around.5.
Just before you land, unweight your legs and push the board down into the ramp.6. Land. While
rolling forward back down the transition, try to keep your weight centered over the board.
Submitted by: Faye Pang
Start off on an easy, wide hill without traffic. Traffic is a true pain when you`re trying to get into the
soul thang, brother. Start off meandering from one side of the road to the other, in long, easy
turns. Try and make them as similar as possible, relax your body, don`t be tense. As you
improve, make the turns tighter and tighter. You`ll reach a point where you are really pushing the
edges of the board to make it carve around as much as you can. You should find that on an easy
slope, you can control your speed with the turns. The idea is that you are spending more time
travelling across the slope than straight down it, so you pick up less speed.

casper 2 360 flip
turn board upside down, put tail foot (right foot for regular and left for goofy sk8ers) on tail behind
trucks and the front foot under the board about half way down. the board should not be to far
back on ure front foot other wise you will impale ureself on it. put most weight on tail foot and
jump up, force front foot round and the board SHOULD rotate round your front leg and land
somewhere relitively close to landing position. have fun. magic_m

casper flip
put foot as a kickflip and kick soft so board flips upside down when the board is in the are catch it
and bring it back under you.

casper handstand plant
Start a casper then doa handstand by putting your hands in an ollie like position. Lean against the
tail for balance to end it put your foot back on the tail continue into a casper then flip out of will
give you the name hotsot if you can land it

casper hop
this is for a bit more exprienced a casper as usual but when get in position hop slightly
up.(repeat).*note:you can also swicth,flip and hop high with your board.

casper stall double flip
get in to casper lift up on the board and double hard flip it but make it a straight backflip then land
back into casper then flip the board over to get on it and landed

casper to 360 flip/360 shove it
ok flick the board ova into a casper now what you do is jump and bring your back foot together wit
ur front foot it should do sum sort of 360 flip try it

casper to primo back to casper 540 flip out
you should not do this riding first but do it on concreat so putbolth of your feet on the side in front
of you NOT THE TAIL push forward on that side and as soon as you do jump up a little just
eneugh to catch the board

do a kickflip but catch it in your hand instead of landing it

chicken dance
ok get a lil bit o speed. jump off ur board on ur heel side. jump over the board and then back. pick
it up on ur would b toe side. flip the board like a kickflip and hop back on.


Coleman Slide
With a bit of speed, carve a frontside drop-knee g-turn (crouch down fully and be sure to roll your
back foot onto the side of your big toe), as you carve plant your left hand onto the asphault and
let it drag a little. Pull the carve tighter and keep your weight forward over the deck- you want to
push the nose and keep the tail from sliding out with the back foot. As the board breaks
(hopefully) into a full-on powerslide allow your sliding hand to support some weight. Hold your
position as you slide (don`t stretch out your legs or you`ll end up sliding on your butt) and bring
your free hand around smoothly as if to punch that foul mouthed parrot on your shoulder. This is
important as swinging the free hand controls the slide direction and stops the `pendulum` swing
from over-rotating. Now you can stop and get off, or stand up and 180 kick-turn back down the hill
if you have a bahari or a deck with a kick. This may sound a bit complicated but it is a natural
move and easy to learn. These slides are a lot of fun and safe to do, even with real speed.

lay ure deck up side down put the nose on a step put ure front foot under the deck and ure back
foot on the up side down bit witch has no grip tapenow flip the board 2 ure tail now nerly touch
ure feet together and land it

Crooked Grind
grinding on only the front truck while sliding

curb plant
approach the curb at a moderete speed bend down and slide your front foot foward in the middle
of the deck at the same time grab the side of the tail. As you hit the curb your board should be
lifted up. Come back down in a switch position. Try doing it on higher objects by just lifting the
front of the board.

As you go up to a curb lift up your front truck over the curb and then lift up ur back truck so you go
up the curb and roll away.

Danger Flip
You ride along, then find a five set. Go really, really fast and kick as many hardflips as you can in
a row. Variation: Kick a really really slow hardflip down a one set.

dark 50-50 stall
i think i made this trick up first do a dark side stall on a quater pipe then with the foot that is over
the edge flip the board and turn it 90 degrees so your in a axle stall postion and then just turn 90
degrees and drop in

Dark Disaster
Roll up to a quarter pipe with a decent amount of speed. Make sure to be in the heel flip stance
for this to work. Heel flip the board right at the top, but make sure you use enough force to for the
grip tap to fall on the ledge. Land with both feet on the tails (grip tape down). Then sweep the
board 180 degrees while using your back foot to flip the board right side up. You`ll have to kick
turn to land properly. This trick is extremely hard and not for babies. In other words, don`t try this
at home kids.

dark indy
flip the board half then do an indy while the board is up side down then flip it the rest. you can
also do dark mutes, dark mellons, etc.

dark indy plant
1)role along at moderet speed towards a rasd platform(1ft)dead on 2)olli half flip the board and
grab in indy 3)hold ur self abuv the platform 4)half flip the board with ur handand role (on the

dark stall
ride up towards the object you want to stall on with your feet in your kickflip position. as you get
close to it ollie up and flip the board just before you land. you shold now be in the darkslide
position but not sliding. then, put yourfoot on the frount truckand push down. the board will
automatically flip.roll away dude........

Go towards a rail and do a half kick flip. Land your board on the grip tape and slide down the rail.
Come off and spin it back 1/4 of the way and land on it in premo. (Sideways) This is where u
stand on your board then flip it back on its trucks. Be careful of falling back on the rail.

1-find a specifin speed for the tube or what ever u will rush. 2-seconds before u make ollie put ur
foot down the board an when u make ollie u just put up the foot in which is down the board 3-
when you are in the air make sure fall with the feet in the back of the board. 4-after making the
trick make a kickflip or varial to get more easier to the ground. Note:the tip here is that instead of
making a half-kickflip for showing the other part of thew board in this tip a basic skater could do it.

first you put the board on the ground with the grip tape that`s pointing to the ground , than put
you`re right foot under the deck and you`re left on the deck then jump up and you have a dead

I accidentally discovered this.Get a mini-board($10.00 at Hibbet Sports), jump off a ledge and try
to land into a manual,if attempted, you will land off-balance.Your board will slide out from under
you and you will land on your-side with the pocket containing keys.You will scape your elbow and
the keys will stab into your leg.

Disco Shove-it
Do a shove-it then make your body spin the opposite way the board flips.

double flip
first you put your foot like a kickflip but a little closer to your foot you pop the tail with then you pop
the tail as hard as you can then slide you foot then kick as hard as you can if you did it hard
enough the board should flip 2 times then you catch it down then you roll away.

double grab
ollie and in mid air, bring your body 90 degrees so you shoulders are parralel to the board, then
grabb both sides of the board

double hand flip - switch grab-180 body varial
this is a prety basic trick. ill describe it in steps. 1, skate along casually 2, place your front foot to
the left of your front bolts and your back foot on the end of your tail 3, whilst crouched grab the
center edge of the board with your hand. 4 pop the board up by stepping off it. 5 let the board
shoot up in the air. 6 whilst in the air flick the board by pulling in your arm which is grabbing the
board. 7, let the board do a double flip 8 catch it with your other hand 9 whilst all the action is
happening, you may need to take a few steps to keep your ballance. 10, once you have grabed
the board, twist it 180 degrees and turn your body 180 degrees aswell. this means you will ride
away in the opposite stance you started as and make it look smooth

Dragon flip
1)turn your baord upside down 2) put one foot on top by either end of the tail depending on if you
are goofy footed or regular 3) then put the other foot on the grip tape in the middle 4) then push
down on theoot that is on top 5)jump and let your baord flip 6) it should land upsidedown 7) DO
dragon handspin
as you do with the 360 handspin grab the edge of the board in the air , jump , and finally spin
another 360 and land it

Drop In - Tail Drop
This entails starting from the top of a transition and "dropping in." Before trying the tail drop, you
should be comfortable rolling all the way up and down the transition. Set your board on the coping
with the nose and trucks out over the coping and the tail resting flat on top of it. Do the following
all in one motion: with your back foot in position on the tail, step out over the board, set your front
foot in place, and crouch over the board as it and your body simultaneously tilt downward into the
transition. Be sure to lean plenty forward and "commit" because any hesitation will send the board
shooting out from under you. In the same way, if you just plunge forward ahead of the board, you
will find yourself racing down the transition headfirst with the board coming down behind and
independently of you. This is not desirable. It is sometimes useful to learn the tail drop by
grabbing the nose as you step out onto the board and guiding it downward with your body until
you're actually rolling down the transition, at which point you let go of the nose and allow your
front foot to set it down as you extend your legs and pump. It is crucial that you keep your body
centered over the board or else it will shoot out from under you. That's why grabbing the nose is
helpful, it keeps you and the board in synch.

Drop knee turn
Drop knee stance takes a bit of practice but it’s the most stylish longboard move. The back foot is
placed quite far back on the board and turned in so that it`s parallel with the centre line or stringer
and the ball of the toe is pressed down on the tail. The heel is lifted up. The toe can be placed in
the centre of the deck as shown or on the heelside (left) or toe side (right. Make sure you drop
your back knee down to get weight on the tail. Most of your weight will be transferred to this toe
point during the turn.

early grab
get a moderate amount of speed going toward a ramp. Then before you get to the ramp grab your
board. hold your board and launch off the ramp with the board still under your feet. Let go of the
board stomp down with both feet on the board roll away.

easy flip
do a shove it but make the nose of your board go strait up into the air ( should look like a hardflip
but it doesn’t flip though your legs)

easy heelflip
first you obviously have to know how to ollie then if you know how to kickflip its just the opposite.
For a kick flip your heel hangs off for a heelflip your toes hang off. So first you put your foot so
your toes are off and your foot is diagonal. you ollie slide your heel out and make sure you dont
get it up the but and land. it might take a while but it took me three times so practice

easy rodney varial
No ollie knowledge needed!!!!!! Set the board sideways so that the griptape side faces your left
foot. Next kick just below the tail hard enough to make it flip sideways and backwards at the same
time. Then jump and hope the board lands on its wheels. Sometimes it does and sometimes it
doesnt. It may take some practice to learn exactly where to kick it but its an easy trick.

Excuse for a pop-shoveit
ok it u ride regular put your front foot in the middle of the board and your foot half way off the
board(like in heelflip) and your foot on the tail now ollie of lift your front trucks and spin the board
with your front foot and land it in fakie or regular or switch it depends on how hard u spin the
board, dont land one foot on the tail

extra hard flip
1st. do a hard flip then go off a ramp and duble it so it is a 360 hard flip and land.

F/S 180
1. Before you put a lot of time into 180 ollies, make sure you feel comftorable with regular ollies.2.
Unlike the regular ollie, a frontside 180 must be practiced while rolling, as it is speed that aids in
the process of turning 180 degrees while flying through the air. So, push a couple of times.3.
Once rolling, bend those knees and pop and ollie.4. As you begin to travel up, and your foot
slides toward the nose, start to turn your body. There's no way to exactly describe how to get
your momentum shifted so you're turning without using levels of math that would give Albert
Einstein a migraine, so we'll just leave it for you to experiment with.5. The important part of the
180 aspect of the 180 ollie is the speed of your 180-degree rotation. A frontside 180 (backside,
too, for that matter) must begin its rotation immediately upon smacking the tail, and it must end
just as the wheels are landing. And there's one thing you need to keep in mind: the longer you're
in the air, the slower you must turn.6. Reread 5, so you understand it.7. Land with your knees
bent, and convince yourself that you're now going backward. If your mind gets confused and
freaks out, you're not going to bleed. Not that bleeding is necessarily a bad thing, but it's good if
you do it less than once per day.

F/S 5-0
1. Hopefully you have front side kick turn skills.5-0 Grind weight on top and half leaning into the
ramp.5. Get your grind face on. Some people have a mean grind face, while others look calm and
in control like Lincoln.6. Still grinding?7. Start leaning back into the ramp.8. Begin pushing your
front wheels down.9. Once you've put those wheels down, lean forward and get your weight over
2. Carve into this trick! If you try to turn into it at the last second, you'll go home limping.3. Start
putting more weight over your back truck and lift up your front wheels.4. When you start grinding,
you need to balance yourself with half your

F/S Boardslides
1. Begin by finding an obstacle that's the right height for you. 2. Facing the obstacle, ride parallel
to it as fast as you feel comfortable–like you would if you were going to do a frontside 50-50.
(Remember: the faster you go, the better it looks–but you also fall harder.) 3. Ollie like you're
going to do a backside 180, but only turn the lower half of your body 90 degrees. (This is
important: keep your shoulders parallel to the ledge.) When you're over the ledge, push your
board down into the railslide position. 4. While sliding, try to keep your weight centered. (It helps
to look at the griptape between your feet.) 5. When you reach the end of the ledge, unweight
yourself, turning the lower half of your body back to its original position, and ride away.

F/S feeble stall to rock to fakie
go up th quater then try to lock in to feeble. once in pop out and land in a rock then go down fakie
or even revert.

F/S Flips
1. First learn frontside 180 ollies and be able to catch and land your kickflips without any
problems.2. Approach the hip, gap, bump (or anything else) in a kickflip position.3. As you snap
the tail into an ollie, turn those shoulders frontside and flip the board.4. Stop the rotation, and
catch the board with your feet.5. Stick the landing clean, and roll away.

F/S Grab off a ramp
1. Get comftorable ollieing off jump ramps, curb cuts, steps, roofs, etc.2. Visualize yourself
sucking the baord up close and grabbing the toe-rail of the board with the trailing hand. Think
about styling it -— once you know in your head what's going on (that's much of the trick right
there), it'll be much easier. .3. Try launching as relaxed as possible, with as much speed you are
comftorable with. If you don't use much force it should feel real easy. .4. Land with your weight
centered over the board, and feet over both truck bolts to ease stress on the deck. .5. Compress
your knees so your body takes the landing easier.
f/s half cab noseslide
1)come with a fakie and with your back to whatever you are going to grind on. 2)bend youre nees
so you can grind easier. 3)Hit a nollie and place the boards nose in youre grinding spot. 4)when
you complete 90 degrees , slide your back foot to the nose 5)To come out pull the tail forward 6)It
is a very cool trick!

F/S Nosegrind
1. Learn to do nose manuals first (nose wheelies).2. Approach the ledge at a little bit of angle;
don't ride up parallel to it.3. Make sure you're going pretty fast.4. Pop a clean ollie, and land on
the front truck like you were doing a nose wheelie.5. Grind as far as you can.6. As you reach the
end of the grind, add a little more pressure on your nose to get that extra pop off.7. It's a good
idea to learn this trick on a ledge that has an end; this will enable you to practice coming off.

Face Plant
First you get on the board then you fall on to your face.

Fakie 180 heelflip
(1).First you start to ride fakie.(2).You put your back foot on the tailand your front foot where you
heelflip.(3).Then you do a pop shuvit and kick the board in a heelflip way.

Fakie 360 shuv it to 180 spin
This a newbies trick, and it`s pretty easy once you get it together. Riding regular fakie (right foot
on the nose) pop the board up keeping it low to the ground, and push your back foot forward to
get the board spinning quickly clockwise rotation. As you kick the board to start spining also spin
your body to land in a regular riding position. As you come around catch the board with your feet,
you`ll find out how fast you need to spin it to get it around and land it smoothly. You`ll probably
not make the 360 the first go but try to catch the board still as you you can pull it around easily
from that position. This trick is easy when the board is low, but looks sick if you can pop the board
up high.

Fakie Big Flip/Fakie 360 Flip Body Varial
(1)Spin with the deck 180 degrees while it is doing a 360 flip.(2)An easy way to do this trick is
spin the 180 degrees first.

Fakie Big Spin
while riding fakie position your feet as if you`re going to do a half cab than do a half cab but let
the board spin 360 shove it It`s like a fakie 360 shove it body varial.

fakie frontside flip
1. push fakie to a good speed. 2. Place your front foot on the toe edg of the nose. 3. Place your
back foot paralell with the board on the heel side of the board. 4. Befre you pop the board spin
your body the way you are doing the trick first. 5. Fakie ollie and scoop down and under with your
back foot while spining frontside.. when you see the grip tape put your feet down and land..

fakie fs feeble to bs feeble (vert trick)
do a rock fakie and as you come up to the coping fakie spin sideway and concentrate on getting
your back truck on the coping while letting your front truck swing over and onto the flat 1 second
(for style) after that spin the same direction you came up ending in a bs feeble with your front
truck on the flat the drop in like normal its confusing maybe i`ll send in video of its its bad ass

Fakie Pivot Grind
How To Do It! 1. Ride towards the bench or block going fakie. 2. Be parallel to the bench with a
slight angle. this will let you hit the back truck first. 3. Once rolling, bend those knees and pop and
ollie. 4. Once you feel your truck lock in place, let more of your weight fall on the back, but leave a
little up front. 5. Proceed to grind in the fakie position. 6. As you approach the end of the obstacle,
give your board a little fakie ollie pop with or without hitting the tail. This'll make sure that the front
truck is clean for landing. 7. Land, and proceed with your day.

Fakie to 360 Kickturn
Aprroach the ramp pretty slowly in the fakie position. When your around 1/3 up the ramp, apply
moderate pressure to you frontside foot and twist your body so you do a full 360. The 360 should
be done at the same speed, not jerking as you turn.

Fakie to Rock
Pretty simple, once you know how to do a Rock Fakie, come up the ramp fakie, rock like you
usually would and then roll back in. Pretty easy, eh? The first bit is harder then then the first bit of
the rock fakie, but, the second bit is easier.

Fakie Varial Heelflip
1.Roll Fakie 2. Do an ollie while concentrating on shoviting the board.3. Then do a heelflip when
board is just about to shovit. 4. Catch board with your feet when it comes around the flip.5. Stomp
on the board and land back in fakie.

falcon flip
you do a manual but put your front foot under and flip with your legs

Fast Plant
1. Take your front foot off the board. 2. Use your back foot to pop up the board. 3. Use your front
hand to grab the board. 4. Use your front foot to pop your self up. 5. Let go of board and land on
top of board.

Feet First Fingerflip
Ride along a a moderate pace and jump your feet of to either side. Then get your hand under the
deck and flip it aswell as your feet leave the ground and land back on. Try 180 versions for an
extra challenge.

finger flip
ok, this trick is kinda hard but not really once you get the hang of it. put your board on the ground
with your left foot on the tail/nose (rightfoot for reg.) so its at an angle like this: /, then put your
other foot on the ground and hold onto your board with the opposite hand of the foot that`s on the
board then jump up real high using your foot on the ground to get you higher, and flip the board
with your fingers and land.

fish bone
go into a primo and then fall back so that your griptape is on your feet and your board is upside
down. then take your back foot and put it in the middle of your board and slide it down until you hit
your truck. then using your back foot, kick your truck into a 180 backflip taking your board with it
and land in a nose manual! this trick is very hard and takes much practice

flamingo/pretzel plant
Ok, first you position your feet like a kickflip but you let the toes on your back foot hang a
no comply but scoop your back foot behind your front leg with your knee bent up all of the
way...hold the board in place with one foot on the ground...then all you gotta do it jump up and
extend your back leg back down and land centered on your board...thats it!

Flat 540 Flips
This trick pretty hard but anybody who can tre flip can do it with practice. First u wanna be
comfortable with tres. Do a 360 flip but exaggerate everything: Bend down more, swing your body
more, and kick a hell of a lot harder. With practice u can get it to spin consistantly and land it
every once in a while :)
Get into Primo/Rail and make sure u are balenced well. Then put your back foot on the side of the
tail. All at the same time u must ollie, push down and drag your foot backwards. It is up to u how
much you let the board rotate. Start with the 180 version before u try the full 360 Flexiflip.

Flipout of primo
If you havent read how to do the primo read it, it will help. 1.get in primo position with board
sideways. 2.get balenced and place your kicker foot on the end of the board(where it slants
toward you or away) 3. then kick the board which ever way it is slanting at the tail. don`t try to kick
the board like a kickflip, just flip it. should flip around depending on how hard you kick it(this
will take alot of practice, and it also might rotate a 90 degrees too).

flipout of primo by 360 flip
go in primo then put your first leg on (kotaće)and second leg on the and of the bourd and then flip
your second leg when your flip you must jump with first leg!!!!

Fluffy Slippers
You can either do this in the air or you can do it on the still this is what you do you ollie then you
grab a indy and you grab a roast beef with the other hand at the same time and land it.

flying squirrel
all you do is u have to have a ramp then u fly off the ramp then put the bord in your right hand
and spread your body out then bring the board back under your feet and land without falling

Foot Pump
Go Into a nose stall and while stallin lean over and do a 1 handed hand stand while pumpin your
foot then plant both feet back on the board and ride a way smoothly...Thist Trick May Take A
Couple Of Times To Land...

Freak Flip
ollie, varial flip, 180 body varial, manual, kickflip out. if u land this, u can get sponsored faster.

Front Side Shove-ti
1. PLace feet on board like an ollie. 2. Pop down like an ollie. 3.When popping off the ground
slightly twist your body towards your fronside, then shove your front foot forward(It works better if
you push with your two). 4. Watch your board turn 180* then after it is done place your feet down
on the board, sometimes you will have to shove them. Hard spots are letting the board fly too far
away from you. This is a fairly hard trick and takes time to learn but keep working and you will get

front side style & back side style
turn your bord so its is on its wheel and the grip tape is facing away from you then put the frnt foot
in the middle of the trucks at the back of the bord and put the bck foot in front of the tail(grip side)
and after that has been don push hard to bring both feet together but at the same time spin and
flip the board and the land it but move forwards or what happed to me will happen to you and it
hurts... for a back side style do the same but have the grip tape facing you and the picfacoing
away but dont forget to put the bck foot at the tail (pic side) and frnt foot in the middle of the truck
bolts on the grip side once you try again and again you will be PERFECT

Frontside 180
1. Before you put a lot of time into 180 ollies, make sure you feel comfortable with regular ollies.
2. Unlike the regular ollie, a frontside 180 must be practiced while rolling, as it is speed that aids
in the process of turning 180 degrees while flying through the air. So, push a couple of times. 3.
Once rolling, bend those knees and pop and ollie. 4. As you begin to travel up, and your foot
slides toward the nose, start to turn your body. There's no way to exactly describe how to get
your momentum shifted so you're turning without using levels of math that would give Albert
Einstein a migraine, so we'll just leave it for you to experiment with. 5. The important part of the
180 aspect of the 180 ollie is the speed of your 180-degree rotation. A frontside 180 (backside,
too, for that matter) must begin its rotation immedietely upon smacking the tail, and it must end
just as the wheels are landing. And there's one thing you need to keep in mind: the longer you're
in the air, the slower you must turn. 6. Reread 5, so you understand it. 7. Land with your knees
bent, and convince yourself that you're now going backward. If your mind gets confused and
freaks out, you're not going to bleed. Not that bleeding is necessarily a bad thing, but it's good if
you do it less than once per day.

Frontside 5-0
You ought to be comfortable with the 50-50 and the manual before taking on the 5-0. Approach
the object as if you were going to do a 50-50. Pop an ollie and get your back truck on the ledge
(again, like you were going to do a 50-50). Instead of putting your front truck down, you want to
try to stay in the manual position. This requires more forward momentum and backward lean than
a manual, depending of course on the butter factor of the obstacle in question. Just hold on to
that grind as long as you can or until the end of the object and come off as if you were coming out
of a manual on a curb. A good way to lock into 5-0 grinds is to angle the board out like a smith
grind, only pointing up instead of down. This will let you apply more pressure towards the
obstacle to keep that back truck in position, and don't be afraid to let your tail drag along the

Frontside 5-0 on Transition
Don't fool yourself, kids, a frontside 5-0 does not consist of a kickturn on the coping. You have to
get up on top of that thing and scrape some metal off your trucks. To do this, or even attempt this,
see that you can do a frontside 50-50 so you're comfortable with the feeling of the transition being
behind you. When you've gathered your courage, pump towards the tranny going all fast. Start to
turn and throw your body weight frontside, to get you momentum going that way, about a foot
below the lip. Then, just lock your back truck onto the copes like you would for a 5-0 on a ledge.
Once you get comfortable with balancing in that position, you can grind frontside 5-0 for days.
Going down escalators is the best (no, not the kind in the mall).

Frontside Boardslide
1) Approach the rail at a fast speed, on your stomach side.2) Ollie and land on the rail directly on
the center of your deck. leaning backwards so that you start to slide and dont end up on your
arse.3) As your sliding, twist your waist around with your arms and stretch them out parallel with
the rail, keeping your balance. (This is so at the end of the rail you can land straight and skate
off)4) When you reach the end of the rail twist your legs back around to become level with your
arms.5) Land and ride away smiling, you've just pulled of a bad ass trick.

frontside hard flip
start as nollie (fakie ollie is easier) position. nollie or fakie ollie push down with your front foot
make it do a front flip land with both feet on the board.

Frontside heelflip
1. Set up like a heelflip, back foot straight across the tail. Front foot should be right below the front
bolts, facing STRAIGHT outwards (i can't stress it enough, you get more flip with it) 2. Smack the
tail down and start to kick the board around like a 180, kick your front foot out at the same time,
you and your board should be doing a 180 now. 3.Put your feet down and catch it when ya see
grip. Kinda bend your knees, chances are your gonna slip out the first few times you do this

Frontside Nose Slide
1) Get the right ammount of speed for the distance you would like to slide, and start skating
towards the obstacle you want to slide, with your back facing towards it.2) Approach the obstacle
on an almost parallel angle... but no quite.3) Ollie aiming your nose at the obstacle, then right at
the last minute turn your body so that your shoulder's face the obstacle and so that your board
rotates round.4) Then push and lock your nose onto the obstacle and lean back.5) You should
now be sliding. When you want to come off kick forward with your front foot, and rotate your body
around to free the board from the slide.6) Land and ride the hell outta there.Like all tricks your not
just going to read this and go out and try it, and magically be able to do it first go. It takes
practice. I suggest you do 50 each day until you land them with ease.

Frontside Nose-Blunt
Come at the ledge parallel. As you pop, you should shift your momentum so you're ollieing
towards the ledge to get your nose locked in. It's almost like you're nose sliding the side of the
ledge. Once you're on there, keep your front foot pushing that nose down and forward.

Frontside Ollie
1) Roll at a moderate speed. 2) Pop an ollie and when your going up, start to swing your arms to
the left (to the right if your goofy) and spin your legs around also, with the board. 3) From here its
pretty obvious... land leveled out,

Frontside Pop Shove-its
1. First learn frontside 180 ollies. Why should I learn frontside 180s first? Because it's almost the
same pop, but with more of a scoop.2. Ollie, and with your back foot, give a forward push. It's
almost like your back foot is starting to do a frontside 180, then, at the last moment, it goes back
on its word. Don't throw it too far forward, though, or else it will go 360 degrees.3. Watch the
board rotate under you 180 degrees.4. Try to catch your board in the air.

fs 180 nose blunt
While approaching the object turn your shoulders to get a head start. Next, Ollie up and turn 180
and begin transferring the weight onto your nose of your board. lock that nose blunt into the
place. Now when you reach your end of the object just pop a Nollie back in and suck your legs up
put your feet down and roll away with weight centered. Good Luck

FS 540 flip
this is an easy trick just stand frontside (popping foot front) and spin it forward hard!!

fs salad grind
You have to know how to F/S 5-0 before you try this trick. Come up to your target on a 45-degree
angle if not a little less then that. Ollie up and twist a 180. You should land on a crooked 5-0.
That`s what a Salad grind is. At first it is very hard to land on the Salad Grind because you can`t
finish the 180. With a little practice it will be easy. If you are still having trouble landing on it try to
come parallel with your target. For some people that is easier. When you get pretty good at
landing and grind then you have to learn how to come out. The easiest way is to twist a 180 and
just slip out. But you can make your own ways like F/S Shove out or whatever you like.

FS shove-it
Put ya left foot (regular sk8erz) on the nose of da deck. push down with that foot and swing your
right foot around in front of your left foot at the same time. quickly move your feet back to thier
original position then ride away.

Basically you to a half-flip but your board does a full 360 motion. Flip your board into a kickflip but
don`t take your foot off the front. When the board is on its side try to kick out to make it spin kinda
like an impossible. Once it spins 360 do ur best to land it and roll away.

gansel stall
ok, start at a good speed backwards crouch down and put ur hand down, then u should throw ur
wieght to the back and this intern will make u hand plant hold it or roll it, thats it

ok the eazy thing to do is oillie,2 then while your board is in the air grab it and bounce on one foot
and throw the board under you feet like you would for a pop shuv it and rid away.

Ghetto Flip
My friend Joe Nee made up this trick. first you should be comfortable with pop-shuvits and
kickflips and be able to land them consistantly. The Ghetto flip is basicly a pop-shuvit underflip.
set up your feet like you would a pop-shuvit. kick down on the tail and try to get high above the
board but keep your back foot low. when the board flips 180 it will hit your back foot. when you
feel the board hit the very edge of your back foot pull your back foot up and the board will spin
like a kickflip. once you see the griptape plant your feet right over the bolts, plant them down and
roll away. if you screwed up dont feel bad cause this is hard. just get back up and try it again.

Glowing frog
To do this you first need to find a glowing frog. Then pop one. Sail over the frog because you
know you can! Land with your feet facing out.

Grab Air
do do this trick you need a fly-off or some sort of ramp! Then roll towards it and when you are
about a meter away from the ramp you grab your hand underneath the board like you would do
for a indy or melon and lift hard upwards(jumping) as you are just at the end of the ramp. (its
easyier if you start on the ground first)

scraping one or both axles on a curb, railing, or other surface

Ground Flip
First you have your back heal(( olling foot)) on the bolts then you have your front foot all the way
up near the nose butt have it like where you flip a kickflip then while you ride you snap your front
foot ((the one near the nose))down then you jump... do this fast or it wont work.....

to do a kickflip manual u have to kickflip then manual.

this trick is best done on a vert ramp, first ride up the ramp, Ollie, grab your board as if you were
grabbing a guitar with one arm in the air like a rocker kind of make an x with your body. for the
best look, strum it like a guitar. griptape facing out looks best. good`ll need it.

Gut Buster
This one must be done on at least a 10 foot half-pipe. First do a handplant. While doing that do a
kickflip to a McTwist out. Then do a 180 revert on the tranny into an ollie back up to the coping
where you have to land in a truckstand (your board will be in blunt position). Pull this off and
everyone will love you!

half flip
stand like your goin to heel flip. then start to do a heel flip, but instead of kickin the heel side of
your board with your heel kick it with your toes. let the board spin half way so you can see the
bottom of your board then kick it back right side up with ur heel and land on it.

half hardflip
u flip the bord half way round like a hardflip and catch the board with your foot so u catch it
griptape way so the back of your deck is facing u and the griptape is on your foot and flip it over
and land on it

Before this trick Learn.. Frontside 180 Ollie`s and Riding fakie , or just changing to fakie while
Rolling... Learnt yet ? Well done , Now Start Rolling and Get into Fakie position and then pull off a
Frontside 180 Ollie in Fakie.

half-cab crooks
approach the object at a slight angle (see half cab)pop a little half cab keep your eye on the
object youll be grinding on (see crook)land in a crook n slide it

Hand Plant
Drop into the half pipe or obstacle you are going to use for this trick. Then pick up some speed
and take your right hand (if riding goofy) and place it on the edge of the place you dropped into.
Then support your upper body with your arm and take your left hand and hold the board to your
feet (you’re still in the air). Once you were up there for about 2 seconds, come down smoothly .
The trick is performed the same if riding regular, but instead of supporting your body with your
right arm, you support your body with your left.

hand stand primo slide
its really hard to do. you get onto a primo then u get into a handstand and slide.

Handrail Boardslides
1. If you’re going to step to handrails, this is the trick to start with. Start with small rails and work
your way up. 2. Make sure you have some moderate speed—don’t go-slow. Slow speed can
result in getting racked. 3. Ollie up, and make sure you get your front truck over the rail—don’t
bonk. 4. At this point you’d better be sliding and committed—bailing on rails is not good. 5. You
actually keep your weight forward a little bit while sliding down rails. 6. Get ready to pop off. 7.
Turn your body/board back and extend your legs. 8. Absorb it and stay centered to ride it out. 9.
Do this trick a lot and get comfortable with it. Take it up to bigger rails.

handstand kickflip
start by practasing handstands aginst a wall until you have very strong wrists then place the
board in front of you and place your arms on the nose and tail(toeedge)and do a hand stand bend
your legs as to get balance then kick your legs up and out keepin hold of the board and flip ur
wrists up

handstand nose stall
first you roll onto the coping (nose stall style) then put both of your hands on the nose of the
board then prop your self up. go down to your nose and roll down...

handy heelflip
1)you go stand in ollie position 2)now you ollie while you`re holding your front foot as high as
possible 3)you flip your board with one of your hand heelflip style you could also do this trick
flipping the board like a kickflip so you did the coolest trick ever (I invented it)

Hang heels
Please make sure you’re comfortable fidgeting around on the nose before trying this! you can
either cross step up and just pivot and hang, or you could do a cross step and turn in then
backwards, or a quick rotation on the ball of your foot...

hang ten nose manual tail hold
stand on the nose of the board with both feet then manual then (while manualing)grab the tail that
will be in the air behind you and thats the hang ten nose manual tail grab.

1) Place your front foot in the kick flip position and back foot with your toes hanging over the edge
of the tail. 2) Kick down on the tail and almost at the same time slide your front foot up and off the
board like you would do a kick flip. Because your toes were hanging off the edge of the tail -
STEP (1), the board will go straight up into the air then the board will turn over and come back
down, so when you do the trick jump really high so the board will go under and threw your legs. 3)
When you spot the grip tape as the board comes down catch it with your feet and land.

hardflip (tip)
For a hard flip, place your back foot on the tail and your front foot pointed somewhat forward near
the heel edge. Hit the tail while sliding your front foot off of the board making it seem to come
straight up at you. It will look like it is going to do a flip and land upside down, but with practice
you will learn to make it perform a half-flip and land on its wheels. (You may want to try this
without trying to land it the first couple of times.) At the same time, you will want to be rotating
your body 90º in the frontside direction letting the board flip between your legs. When the board
has finished rotating, rotate your body back to your normal stance and catch the board before it
hits the ground. Land and ride away clean. Good Luck!

board plant ride slow first then jump up and do a hand stand on your board and then flip out back
on to your board.

heel flip
put back foot on kick and place other foot three qauters up the board facing straight pop down on
the kick and aim for the concave of the board this will flip the board and then just see if you land
on the top and after a bit you be able to judj the flip and land it every time

heel lick
goofy: same as the "lick" but instead of a heelflip kick with your heel in a kickflip motion.

heel ship
noing how to heel flip would help. Have your back foot like a kickflip and have your front foot
toward your back foot. Slide your foot off the toward your back foot and off the board. Catch it in
the air.

1) Place your front foot in the kick flip position and back foot with your toes hanging over the edge
of the tail. 2) Kick down on the tail and almost at the same time slide your front foot up and off the
board like you would do a kick flip. Because your toes were hanging off the edge of the tail, STEP
(1) the board will go straight up into the air then the board will turn over and come back down, so
when you do the trick jump really high so the board will go under and trew your legs. 3) When you
spot the grip tape as the board comes down catch it with your feet and land.

heelflip (tip)
First I found it easier to learn this trick by going at a slow speed, so it`s not stationary, because it
took me ages to fix things cause I always practiced it stationary. So get in the Ollie position,
except for the front foot. I like to put the front foot farther back on the board, but everyone else
says that you should put your front foot closer to the front SIDE of the board, with you foot still
behing the front bolts. Now when you ollie you slide your front foot forward and out. Most people
flick the board with there whole foot, not just the heel. But I use my toe, because it gives it a
better Flick. Now after you flick the board, make sure to keep your feet and legs out of the way,
and as you see the bottom of the board start bringing your feet back down, and stomp it down
when you see the grip tape to

heelflip varial
okay too do this trick u dont have too be able too do a heelflip and/or a BS pop shovit but i would
prefer it first u pop the board then flick the board lightly like a heelflip then fast but not hard lick
your tail in front of you kinda like the inward heelflip only backwards and much easier ps the
faster u go the faster the flip but the harder the fall

Heelflip with Late Front Foot Shove-It
do this Still first , its rubbish because you have to learn moving too , so learn moving first no
matter how hard , its now the trick which you need a Good Reliable Heelflip thats high , and you
must be able to do Late shove-its Relying on your front foot , if you can do it then Lets carry on... ,
Put your feet in your comfortable Heelflip position , Pop a High ollie and Flip the Heelflip , Then
when your catching the heelflip with your front foot shove the board back , it should shove it under
you , you catch the Shove-it , Land looking kool and Roll away , the Scooter people watch with
their eyes hanging out there head. You just landed it ? Well done :)

Higher Power
To start out get some speed then pop up on the nose, while switching on to one wheel(right
handed people it should be easier to go on the left wheel),then ollie on the nose and kickflip it
once or twice ,catch the board and land on the oppisite wheel you started on.

hollow flip
first get into a heelflip position now pop it and flip it slowly and right when you heel leaves the
board you take your back foot and hit it foward and with youre front foot hit it backwards once you
do this tuck youre feet uo and try to catch it. **if you do this move correctly it should spin half
ways in the air and it will do a f/s shuvit

hungarian fool
1st,u get ur back foot on the tip of ur tail,and ur front foot in heelflipstance then with ur back foot
sweep the tail like down and nose up when its vertical(veryfast) flip the f***er so that it does an
impossible-like it and think of yours truly...(hehehe)

Ilusion flip
this trick is kinda hard to explain but il try. This is really just a F/S shuvit, but you use your back
foot to invert the board and make it flip. Stand kind of like a hardflip, but be ready to get your front
foot outa the way. Your back foot does all the work. Pop down, use your back foot to scoop it
straight up and flop it over. (inverted F/s shuv) most people will think its a hardflip, thats why its
called illusion flip

1) This is a trick that you do not need to be rolling to do (see ollie impossible for the rolling
version), but is more of a creative way of getting on your board. Set your board down, and put
your back foot on the tailclose to the near side of the board, and the tail. 2) Lift up your foot, and
slam it down on the exact spot that your foot was just in. (It will take practice to find the right spot
and to hit the right spot). 3) The board will leave the ground, and kind of rotate your foot around to
get the board to spin around on your foot. 4) As you are spinning, jump, and when the board hits
the ground (wheels down), land on it

impossible (tip)
Setup like you would for a 360 shove it, maybe even have your back foot a little more like a
pressure flip. At first it will seem impossible to actually spin it straight up and down, so what you
want to do is start trying them a bit more 360 shove it style and less straight up and down. Then
keep moving up and up until you get them straight up and down. Ok, so you are in your stance,
your back foot is like a pressure flip, so you can scoop the board. You front should be where it
would for a 360 shove but a little more back so you can slide it off easier. Pop down but kick back
at the same time, this motion is a lot like the pressure flip, so it might be a good idea to learn that
trick first. Once you have scooped it take your front foot of right away and you should jump
forward as you scoop. The board will do a cross between a impossible and a 360 shove. It might
take a while to get the wrap around the foot thing going but it won`t be to hard to do once you get
it. Then catch the board with you front foot and stomp it. Good Luck!

Indy Grab
1) Get in the ollie position.2) Do an ollie. when the board reaches its full height, reach down and
grab the board with the specific hand i mentioned at the top.3) Hold until ur about a foot from the
ground and let go.4) Ride away.

Indy North
First you need to learn how to do ollie indy grabs and ollie norths. Once you can do them then all
u have to do is do an ollie north and while your front foot is off the board do an indy grab. now let
go of your board and put your front foot back on. roll away.

inside shuv-it
ok you need to know your pop shuv-it it;s the same thing but your going the other way ,so in other
words your going backwards,you need to jump back a little.have fun.

Inward Heelflip
To do this trick you need to be able to do a Heelflip and s shov-it. First you must start poping with
the back foot on the tail. Then you start to do an inward shov-it(to do this you send the board
behind you..the opposite of a real shov-it. Once you do this you flip the board like a heelflip and
try and get as high as u can over the board. whe you see that the board has completed it rotation
you go down, land it n ride away

This is a non-moving trick. First, put your right foot on the back edge of the board. Lean back so
that the edge of the board touches the ground. Take your left foot and kick the other edge of the
board on the outside of the board while jumping up. This should kcik the board under you and
over to the other side. In mid-air, do a fingerflip and land it. I invented this trick at my home in
North Carolina the day before Isabel hit.

j side stall
you go up the vert like you are gona nose stall then you twist your body about 90degrees and you
stall on the weel and truck and twist your body around the rest of the way coming out fakie and
ride off

Jump (it`s an air trick) and catch your board (with the feet on it) and put up your hand.

jimmy drop
hold the board by the tail and put it behind you drop as if doing a acid drop but while falling kick
the board and land as if it kick flipped it looks pretty sweet..

jump over
this is just a simple trick. If you have something that is higher than your skateboard, your
skateboard goes under it and you go over the obstacle.

ride to a curb, do a nose stal, take your board in your hands on the front and klick with your foot,
then land smootly

K Bab
on a ramp you must wait till your speed is fast and switch in the air and put your left leg on the
front wheels and your right legs on the back wheels

you go up to oille and when you oille you shove your board in one direcion and spin the other
direcion and land like a pop shove it if you can you are pitty go

Kaboozy Flip(out of casper)
First flip your board into a simple casper stall then place your front foot just in front of your rear
truck. Then flick your front flip in a circular motion while jumping centered over your board.

put your back foot on the back upper part(behindtruck) then your front foot in middle of the board
put wait on middle take wait off back now flip board and lift front up do a 360 then hop and learn
how to do double kick flip single ones posers do.

kestral flip
put your feet in a position where you can pull a shuvit flip as your bourd spins one way you spin
180 in the oposite direction, before trying it with the flip just try it with a nice big pop shuvit and
body verial. its easy to do on flat land but heaps better on a transition or bank.

kevin Jacoby
ollie and slide your front foot off the front bolts and bring your feet up and when it spins around
catch it and roll away clean.

Kez Plant
The Kez Plant is sort of an Old School trick. Aproach a wall at 45 degrees at medium speed and
place yer backfoot on the ground for a footplant. Jump up on yer back-leg towards the wall. Now
plant the same foot against the wall and stomp yourself up and away from the wall. Land and ride
away. It is also possible to do a 180, flip, fingerflip in this way, Check it out!

Kick Flip
The kick flip is the most popular skateboarding trick. You set-up for an ollie but instead of centring
your front foot you move it closer to the side of your board. Ollie the kick your front foot out and
down as hard as you can.

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