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					 RENOVATION                                                                                                             February 2010

  NEWS & UPDATES                                                                                                         For tenants of the
                                                                                                                    Pike Place Market PDA

Phase I Work in Full Gear                                                                          Renovation Public
                                                                                                   Meeting February 22 in
  As planned, renovation work took off at            Work continues renovating the south pub-
full speed in January after a month of work       lic bathrooms in February. We anticipate         PDA Conference Room
scheduled at night and in non-retail areas.       that workers will complete tile work by            Please join us for our next public meeting
                                                  mid-February. When the south publics are         about the renovation on Monday, February
   With the arrival of the first of the year,
                                                  complete, we’ll move to the north public         22, in the PDA Conference Room. The
the south public restrooms were closed for
                                                  restrooms and they will then close for their     meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. We’ll give
a full remodel that’s expected to take six
                                                  own renovation.                                  updates on Phase I and Phase II renovation
weeks, Pike Place Bakery moved its baking
operations to Renton, Polish Pottery Place          We are trying to adjust the construction       work and answer your questions. See you
relocated to a different storefront for six       schedule for the last half of February in rec-   then.
weeks of work inside its shop, and we be-         ognition that there may be more potential
gan a series of short term business closures      shoppers in the Market due to the Winter
on Level 4 DownUnder to clear shops to            Olympics, which take place in Vancouver,         Drop-In Meetings Continue
allow for plumbing work on the ceiling. In        Canada (February 12 - 28).                       First and Third Thursdays
some cases, we were moving three decades
                                                                                                     We are continuing to offer drop-in meet-
of accumulated inventory, and discovering
                                                                                                   ings twice monthly with Renovation Direc-
walls and windows that had been long lost
                                                                                                   tor John Turnbull. Meetings are informal
to views. No hidden treasures or missing
                                                                                                   and will be the first and third Thursdays
children were reported found.
                                                                                                   of the month: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. on the first
                                                                                                   Thursday, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. on the third
                                                                                                   Thursday at the PDA office.
MEP: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
   A significant milestone was reached the           Meanwhile, on Western Avenue, work fi-
first week of January with the completion of      nally resumed on replacement of the main
the new transformer vault for City Light in       sewer connections. During excavation last
the Hillclimb. City Light crews have taken        summer, contractors discovered several old         Renovation Objectives
over control of the space and will be install-
ing the new electrical gear that is part of the
                                                  clay pipelines connected to the sewer. Con-
                                                  firming that these were not active lines and
                                                                                                            at the
Phase I levy work. The roof of the vault will     other related design modifications held up          Pike Place Market
be the play area for the Pike Place Market        replacement of the line. We expect this work
Preschool. New electrical panels have been        to be completed by early February.                There are three objectives for this
installed and feeder cables are being con-                                                          renovation:
                                                     The new hydronic system (which works
nected through February.
                                                  to circulate hot and cold water) is coming
   Plumbing replacement work has moved to         together at several levels. The pads for the      Repair the buildings and the
the upper floors of the Market. Drain lines to    chiller units north of the garage and instal-     infrastructure
the major restaurants, vegetable stands and       lation of boilers inside the garage was com-         • Electrical
fish markets were replaced in January. Floor      pleted in January. The piping to the Main            • Heating, cooling, and ventilation
drains inside kitchen areas and arcade level      Market was completed across the Skybridge            • Plumbing
shops will be repaired or replaced in Feb-        and connected to the lower floors through            • Major building repairs
ruary. The work time varies by each drain         shafts inside the building. Several late night
and its condition. Some will be simply re-        and early morning crane lifts raised pipe (as     Increase accommodations for
caulked, while others (especially in cases        well as a new emergency generator) to the         easier accessibility with new restrooms
where leaks have damaged the floor under-         roof of the Fairley building.                     and elevators
neath) will require extensive repairs. Our
goal is to minimize business closures but                                                           Improve public safety (make buildings
some may be inevitable.                                                                             safer in case of fires or earthquakes)
Phase II Planning
                                                  Art for the Hillclimb
Continues                                           An installation by local artist Dan Webb
   Phase II of the Market Renovation starts       has been selected as the public art com-
in earnest this summer when the Sanitary          ponent for the Renovation project. Webb
Market apartments are closed for 11 months        proposed a series of cast aluminum figures
of building renovation. First stage of work       carrying lit globes entitled “Short Cut” to
involves removal and replacement of the           be installed on the new Hillclimb stair-
large central roof deck courtyard. All build-     case. If approved by the Historical Com-
ing residents have been contacted by the          mission, the figures will begin at the top of
PDA’s relocation assistance coordinator           the new staircase and descend to Western
who counsels them on finding an alternate         Avenue, defying gravity and whimsically
residence and identifying relocation ben-         walking across the walls of the buildings
efits. Many hope to move back to the build-       surrounding the new stairway.
ing when work is completed.
                                                     Webb was selected by a Public Art
   During the months of December and              Committee comprised of six members,
January, field crews combed through the           each representing a different community
Sanitary, Corner and Triangle buildings           (including an artist, a merchant, a gallery     This drawing by artist Dan Webb depicts a figure
double checking the strength of walls and         owner, a former art commission member,          walking sideways down a column on the Hillclimb.
floor connection, fine tuning the design of       and the PDA Council). The committee
seismic braces that will be installed during      helped draft, post and circulate a Call to         Webb’s idea was the unanimous choice.
renovation and other work. The goal is to         Artists and sixty-four artists responded        The committee liked its scale (each figure
make sure that the retrofits to strengthen        from all over the nation. Based on exam-        will be 24-30” tall), the uniqueness of the
these buildings are not overdesigned, sav-        ples of past work, the committee narrowed       idea, and Webb’s united artistic vision. If
ing money, time, trouble and inconvenience        the group to five finalists and asked each      all goes well, the new sculptures will be
when work is done next year.                      to develop an idea for the Hillclimb.           installed and begin delighting visitors in

Phase II Scheduling                             will be offered a chance to relocate else-        and coordinated with City Light energy
and Tenant Impacts                              where in the Market; still others asked to
                                                consider setting up temporary shops on Pike
                                                                                                  conservation program rebates, has attractive
                                                                                                  financing terms for small businesses with
 As the design work progresses on phase         Place. Some existing business locations will      good operating history over five years. The
II, we are getting closer to figuring out the   be converted to other uses and those tenants      features of the program are especially well
details of schedule and sequencing of the       will have to relocate permanently. Many           suited to businesses replacing outdated or
work that will begin this September. Un-        business owners are taking this opportunity       defective heating, cooling and lighting sys-
questionably, all tenants will be impacted      to examine if they want to invest in upgrades     tems and a perfect match with systems up-
and many more required to close their busi-     to their stores. The PDA may assist tenants       grades funded by the levy. Additional infor-
nesses and for longer, than was necessary       who want to take a look at how they might         mation about this program is available from
in Phase I. The PDA is working with each        redesign their businesses. Several have al-       Cecilia Hall at the PDA (774-5279 or ceci-
business owner to define the level of impact    ready started on this process. We’ve started or Ken Takahashi
as accurately. Among the areas hardest          a list of architects and contractors who are      at the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic
hit are the basement storage areas of the       familiar with the Market for referrals. While     Development (684-8378 or ken.takahashi@
Triangle and Sanitary Market buildings,         the PDA will be scheduling one-on-one    Also visit seattlegov.econom-
all business on the Pike Place level of the     meetings with each tenant, anyone interest-       icdevelopment for more information.
Sanitary and Corner Market Buildings, and       ed in getting started sooner should contact
a dozen or so businesses which will have        John Turnbull at the PDA at 774-5319 or
new steel brace frames installed inside their
                                                                                                        For more information, visit
shops. Mitigation measures for affected
tenants have routinely included costs of
moving, providing temporary storage, and        Business Loans from                                            renovation
rent abatement. For Phase II, we will do
our best to find ways to keep businesses        City of Seattle                                     Have questions? Send them to
open in temporary locations.                       Tenants choosing to invest in upgrading                  renovation@
   Each tenant has a unique situation and set   their spaces or equipment and maybe even      
of construction issues. In some cases, we       funding operating costs during the renova-
hope to be able to keep businesses function-    tion may find a very attractive source of fi-
ing close to normal; others will require con-   nancing with the Grow Seattle Fund. This
struction barriers inside their shops; some     program, sponsored by the City of Seattle