CITY OF SACRAMENTO Mayor Kevin Johnson Hosts Gang Summit

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For Immediate Release:                                               Contact: Steve Maviglio
Friday, February 20, 2009                                            Cell: (916) 607-8340

                         Mayor Kevin Johnson Hosts Gang Summit
   Gang Summit Focus on Working with Youth & Community Groups to Reduce Gang Activity
SACRAMENTO – Mayor Kevin Johnson will bring together community and faith-based organizations and
more than 100 youth involved or impacted by gangs on Saturday, February 21, 2009. They will address the
issues and problems that contribute to the growing gang activity in Sacramento at a kick-off gang summit.

“Public safety is my number one priority and we can not allow gangs to continue to infiltrate into our
neighborhoods terrorizing youth and families with their violent crimes,” said Johnson. “Saturday’s gang
summit is the first step towards bringing the entire community together to address our city’s gang
The gang summit will learn directly from gang-involved youth about the issues surrounding gangs and
youth violence in Sacramento and focus on ways the entire community can address these problems. The
summit will involve small break-out sessions with youth on important issues and challenges they face. The
summit will also discuss the city and community resources available to help curb youth gang involvement
and identify other necessary resources that are needed.

The four break-out sessions with youth include:
1) Relationship with Law Enforcement to better understand the youth’s relationship and image of law
enforcement and learn how to better interact with law enforcement;
2) Education and Jobs to better understand youth’s experience in navigating the education system;
3) Mental Health to understand the key mental health issues facing youth; and
4) Civic and Community Engagement to better understand of how youth want to be involved in the
Mayor Johnson is joined by Valley Vision, Office of Youth Development, Sacramento Police Department,
and many faith-based and community-based organizations, community advocates, and local government

EDITOR’S: NOTE: The gang summit is by invitation only and closed to the press due to the
sensitivity to the youth involved in the summit. Johnson will be holding a press availability after the
summit at 2:15 p.m.


                                                                             Mayor Kevin Johnson
                                                                             District 1: Raymond L. Tretheway III
                                                                             District 2: Sandy Sheedy
                                                                             District 3: Steve Cohn
                                                                             District 4: Robert King Fong
                                                                             District 5: Lauren Hammond
                                                                             District 6: Kevin McCarty
                                                                             District 7: Robbie Waters
                                                                             District 8: Bonnie Pannell

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