City of Lake Wales 2010 Annual Report by gdf57j


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                            Jack Van Sickle
                                                          2010 was a challenging year for the City of Lake Wales, at best. Nationwide
                                                          economic problems, which began nearly three years ago, have had a
                            Mayor-Commissioner            devastating effect on the General Fund – the source of funding for nearly all of
                            Seat 4
                                                          our basic services: police, fire, parks and recreation facilities, general
                                                          government, etc.
                                                          We began the year optimistically, knowing that our organization possesses the
                            Jonathan Thornhill            strong human resources needed to overcome the challenges facing us, but the
                            Commissioner                  reality of 2010 has shown that commitment and talent are not enough to solve
                            Seat 1                        the big problems that continue to confront us. The need to repair or replace
                                                          deteriorating roads and utilities infrastructure still outpaces our ability to fund
                                                          long-term solutions. Our efforts to encourage new business and sustain existing
                                                          ones are still thwarted by the economic crisis that overshadows everything we
                                                          do. The need to build and adequately staff a fire sub-station in the northern part
                            Terrye Y. Howell              of town is simply beyond our ability to fund during these tough economic times.
                            Commissioner                  The fight against drugs and crime is a law enforcement priority, but efforts are
                            Seat 2                        hampered by reductions in staffing levels. The costs related to provision of core
                                                          services overstress our limited and declining revenue resources and force us
                                                          to sacrifice programs that enhance our quality of life and make the community
                                                          a much nicer place in which to live.
                            Michael S. Carter             City Hall is not immune from the hardships of this economy. Like families and
                            Commissioner                  businesses throughout Lake Wales, City Hall is tightening its belt, sacrificing
                            Seat 3                        amenities and niceties, and finding ways to scrape by with fewer dollars to fund
                                                          the community’s basic needs. Despite the difficulties, city staff is not
                                                          compromising its commitment to the community we serve. Confronted every
                                                          day with the reality of doing more with less, the entire City of Lake Wales staff
                            John Paul Rogers              stands ready, willing and able to confront the challenges with which it is faced.
                            Seat 5
                                                                                                       City Manager

  City Manager                     Executive Team
  Judith H. Delmar                 Jerry Brown, Fire Chief
                                   Sandra Davis, Human Resources Director
  City Attorney                    Harold Gallup, Economic Development Director
  Albert C. Galloway, Jr.          Herbert Gillis, Police Chief
                                   Bonnie Hodge, Purchasing/Support Services Director
                                   Tom Moran, Public Works Director
                                   Tina Peak, Library Director
                                   Dorothy Pendergrass, Finance Director
                                   James Slaton, Information Technology Director
                                   Margaret Swanson, Planning & Development Director
                                   Teresa Allen, Public Services Administrator
                                   Kathy Bangley, Assistant Planning Director
                                   Sarah Kirkland, Utilities Projects Administrator
                                   Jennifer Nanek, Special Projects Manager
                                   Cliff Smith, Building Official
                                   Clara VanBlargan, City Clerk

      City of Lake Wales • 201 W. Central Avenue • Lake Wales, Florida 33853 • 863-678-4182 •
                            2010 City of Lake Wales Annual Report prepared by City Manager and Executive Team

City Boards, Commissions & Committees
The Lake Wales City Commission has formed a variety of volunteer boards, commissions and committees to assist the City in the information
gathering and deliberative process. It is the duty of each board's membership to provide feedback and direction to city departments or the City
Commission on a variety of issues. Several boards are also delegated with decision-making authority. Annual appointments are generally made
in June, but efforts are made to fill all vacancies as they occur. Current members of our various boards are named below.

Airport Authority                                Drug & Prostitution-Related Nuisance            Parks and Community Appearance
First Monday of Month, 5:30 p.m.                 Abatement Board; Called meetings                Advisory Board
Frank Gioscia - Chair                            Martha Carter                                   Fourth Monday of Month, 5:30 p.m.
Robert Kelly                                     Jose Ferreira, Jr.                              Heidi Gravel - Chair
Charles Loomis                                   Frank Jones                                     Danny Davis
Jack Neal                                        Guy Mattocks                                    Elwood Dupuis
Dale Marks                                       Pedro Perez                                     Charles Fairchild
John “Philip” Weikert
Don Steven Wildmon                               Rob Quam                                        Heidi Gravel
                                                 Cliff Tonjes                                    José Fco. Joglar-Gayá
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory                                                                  Jean Kincaid Scott
Commission                                       Historic District Regulatory Board
First Thursday of Month, 5:30 p.m.               Third Thursday of Month, 5:00 p.m.              Planning and Zoning Board
Noel Phetteplace - Chair                         Robert Delmar - Chair                           Fourth Tuesday of Month, 5:00 p.m.
Robert Dioguardi                                 Dr. Shirley Curtis-Ference                      Christopher Lutton - Chair
Mimi Hardman                                     Shelly Windham                                  Sharon Becker Allen
José Fco. Joglar-Gayá                                                                            Charlene Bennett
Lorraine McIntosh                                Historic Preservation Board                     Joanne Fuller
Jacqueline Williams                              Called meetings.                                Bob Gibson
                                                 Mark Bennett                                    Richard Kenyon
Board of Zoning Adjustment & Appeals             Scott Crews
Third Thursday of Month, 9:00 a.m.                                                               Michael Williams
Harold Weigand - Chair                           Mimi Hardman
Barbara Follett                                  Sherry Phetteplace                              Recreation Commission
Roderick Parker Sr.                                                                              Third Monday of Month, 12:00 p.m.
                                                 Investment Committee                            Keri Hunt - Chair
Jeffery Salvin                                   Quarterly called meetings                       Robert Dioguardi
                                                 Robert Ference                                  Norman Rainey
Code Enforcement Board                           James Nelson
Called meetings                                                                                  Jake Rowe
William Follett - Chair                          Lakes Advisory Commission                       Nate Seidl
Cleon Chester                                    Second Tuesday of Month, 5:30 p.m.              Todd Ullum
Wylene Kimbrough                                 Reid Hardman - Chair
Melissa Konkol                                   Debbie Allen                                    Charter Review Committee
Jean Kincaid Scott                               Ira “Andy” Anderson                             Robin Gibson - Chair
                                                 Floyd A. Johnson                                Chevon Baccus
Depot Advisory Commission                        Magdalene Sarvis                                Ed Bowlin
Last Monday of Month, 12:30 p.m.
                                                 Nancy Furland (Liaison)                         Sylvia Rogers
Mollie Cooper                                                                                    Allison Snyder
Deming Cowles, IV                                Lake Wales Housing Authority
Art Falconer                                     Third Wednesday of Month, 6:30 p.m.             CRA Citizen Advisory Committee
Linda Johnson                                    Michael Williams - Chair                        John Adkinson
Terry Mann                                       Pedro Perez                                     Robert Bryant
Jack Neal                                                                                        Clinton Horne
Cynthia Robinson                                 Eddye Rivers                                    Narvell Peterson
Jake Rowe                                        Booker Young                                    Murray Zacharia
Jeri Williams                                    Library Board
                                                 First Wednesday of Month, 11:00 a.m.            Pension Boards; Quarterly meetings
Drug & Prostitution-Related Nuisance             Virginia Lassiter - Chair                       Glenn Gest (Firefighters’)
Abatement Board; Called meetings                                                                 Robert Holt (Firefighters’)
Martha Carter                                    Beverly Lamar
                                                 Glenda Morgan                                   Linda Kimbrough (General Employees’)
Jose Ferreira, Jr.                                                                               Joseph Ruggiero (Police Officers’)
Frank Jones                                      Theresa Lundquist
Guy Mattocks                                                                                     Ronald McDonnell (Police Officers’)
Pedro Perez                                                                                      Violeta Salud (General Employees’)
Rob Quam                                                                                         Thomas Scali (Police Offficers’)
Cliff Tonjes                                                                                     Langston Spell (Firefighters’)

                 Applications for board appointment may be obtained from the City Clerk or

The City Clerk’s Office maintains the official                            The Human Resources Department
records of the City. The City Clerk supervises the municipal election     is responsible for everything related to city employee relations. This
process and is responsible for agenda preparation, transcribing the       includes professional development, position classification, salary
minutes of City Commission and CRA meetings, and managing                 administration, development and implementation of personnel policies
appointments to citizen boards.                                           and procedures, workplace safety information, internal consulting on
                                                                          human resources issues, handling grievances, liability issues and
The City Clerk is also responsible for research and retrieval of          labor law administration.
information requested from the public and staff. All public record
requests are coordinated by the City Clerk.

                                                                           l. to r.: Sandra Davis, HR Director; Mandi Rose, HR Coordinator; Fran
                                                                           Frances, Receptionist/Clerk

                                                                          The HR Department administers all employee benefits programs and
                                                                          monitors the marketplace to ensure that the City’s benefits package
                                                                          is competitive with benefits offered by other cities in our area.
     Clara Van Blargan, City Clerk
                                                                          The City provides fully-paid health insurance for its employees.
The City Clerk is designated as the chief elections officer of the city   Despite rising costs in the health insurance market, the City’s costs
and, as such, must ensure that all city elections are conducted in a      in FY 2010-2011 are nearly 2% below the FY 2009-2010 budget.
proper and legal manner. Last April, Jack Van Sickle began his            These savings are possible because a change in insurance provider
second mayoral term, and Mike Carter began his first term as              resulted in comparable benefits at lower cost.
commissioner.                                                             The department also publishes “Wales Tales,” a monthly newsletter
The City Clerk oversees the candidate qualification process and           created by city employees for city employees and produces “Views
monitors the election process by verifying a candidate’s residency,       from the Ridge”, a monthly talk show featuring guests of local interest
validating signatures on nominating petitions and reviewing               that is broadcast by Comcast on the government access cable
campaign finance reports to ensure that state and city election laws      channel.
are followed. The City Clerk guides each candidate through the
election process from start to finish to prevent any irregularities.
For the next City election that will be held Tuesday, April 5, 2011,
blank petitions and other materials used in the nominating procedure
may be picked up from the City Clerk's office on or after Friday,
February 4, 2011, and filed with the City Clerk as one instrument not
before 12:00 noon on Monday, February 14, 2011 or after 12:00
noon on Friday, February 18, 2011.

                                                                                   Jacquie Hawkins, Human Resources Clerk/Deputy City
                                                                                   Clerk, hangs a painting in the current Municipal Art Show.

                                                                          HR Department staff also coordinates the quarterly Municipal Art
                                                                          Show with the Lake Wales Arts Council. Bringing art to the public, this
                                                                          show offers display space in City Hall for community artists.

The Finance Department processes, records, and                                         CUSTOMER SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS
reports the City's financial activities, and ensures that purchases and   During FY 2009’10, utility billing was converted to a City-wide
expenditures stay within budgeted appropriations. The Finance             payment due date of the 9th of each month. This uniform due date
Department maintains financial records that comply with standards         was implemented for customer convenience. Prior to this
prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board                 implementation, monthly utility bills had a shifting due date each
(GASB) and prepares financial statements that conform to general          month which was confusing to customers.
accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

                                                                                  l to r: Tiffany Miller, Billing & Collections Manager;
                                                                                  Penny Wienk, Utility Clerk/Cashier

                                                                          In October 2010, the City contracted with Amscot Corporation to
                                                                          provide utility payment services. The City's goal is to provide
                                                                          additional customer convenience by contracting with a firm that has
                                                                          multiple locations and extended hours for acceptance of in-person
Dorothy Pendergrass, Finance Director                                     utility payments. Customers who use this service will pay a $2.00
                                                                          transaction fee for the convenience. Software implementation is
During 2009’10, staff completed Lake Wales’ first Comprehensive           currently underway. This service is expected to be available to the
Annual Financial Report to receive the Certificate of Achievement for     public in February of 2011.
Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance
Officers Association. The Certificate of Achievement is the highest                     ADMINISTRATIVE TRANSITION PLAN
form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and
financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant          As a result of planned retirements within the next 2½ years, the
accomplishment by a government and its management according to            Finance Department will experience a 50% turn-over in key
the Government Finance Officers Association.                              personnel. In addition, the City Manager will retire in November 2011.
                                                                          Some of the duties of the Assistant City Manager that were retained
                                                                          when taking the position as City Manager included budget
  In November of 2010, the City experienced fraudulent                    preparation, the 5-Year CIP, TRIM compliance, and preparation of
  transactions within its operating bank account that resulted in         monthly financial statements for presentation to the City Commission.
  an outstanding fraudulent loss of $456,781. The City has                All of these responsibilities will be transferred to the Finance
  sufficient insurance coverage for this type of loss and expects         Department before November in such a way that the transition is as
  full reimbursement, excluding the deductible amount of $1,000.          seamless as possible.
  Appropriate state and local law enforcement agencies are
  currently working the investigation, with the FBI providing
  assistance and resources as needed.
  Additional internal and external security measures have been
  implemented. The City has closed all existing bank accounts
  and opened new ones. The Finance Director and IT Director
  have created new internal control procedures relating to
  technology and personnel. The Finance Director, IT Director,
  and the bank’s Treasury Management Officer are updating                  l to r: Bridget Denihan, Accounting Manager; Mary Jones, Accounts
                                                                           Payable Administrator; Patricia Sifuentes-Lopez, Accountant III; Pam
  security levels relating to online banking transactions.                 Cross, Accountant II.

                                                                          In June of 2010, responsibility for the TRIM compliance process was
                                                                          transferred from the City Manager to the Finance Director who will
                                                                          now handle all of the reporting to the Department of Revenue.

In October of 2010, a part-time Accountant II was added to the                        FY 2009-2010 Performance at a Glance
Finance Department to assist the Accounting Manager with existing
duties. It is planned that over the next eighteen months, this
Accountant II will be sufficiently trained in the duties of the                    Where did city dollars come from?
Accounting Manager to move into her position at the time she
                                                                                                                         Taxes 37.9%
                                                                                                                         Property taxes, utility taxes,
In October of 2011, the Finance Department will begin cross-                                                             gas taxes, communication services
training one of its existing employees for the position of the Accounts             Licenses & Permits 7.8%              taxes, and business taxes
Payable Administrator. It is planned that at the time of retirement of              Franchise fees, building permit
the Accounts Payable Administrator, this employee will be sufficiently              fees, and development
trained to move into the accounts payable position.                                 permit fees

The Finance Department is currently working to automate the                     Other 3.5%
Commisioner’s monthly financial statements utilizing data that is               Fines & forfeits, interest
exported directly from the accounting system. Automation will result            income, sale of assets,
in a reduction of staff time relating to monthly preparation of financial       donations, and
                                                                                miscellaneous income.
statements and will reduce the possibility of clerical error during a
manual conversion.
                                                                              Charges for Services 36.5%
Transfer of responsibility for preparing the annual budget and the 5-         Fees for water and sewer, cemetery,
Year CIP from the City Manager to Finance Department is expected              fire services to outside agencies, solid               Intergovernmental 14.0%
to be implemented during 2010’11. The Finance Department is                   waste collection and other general                     State shared revenues, sales
                                                                              government fees                                        taxes, beverage taxes, mobile
currently working to automate more of the budget process by
utilizing data that is exported directly from the accounting system.                                                                 home license taxes, state and
The current operating budget is composed of more than 100 linked                    TOTAL REVENUE = $21,912,614                      federal grants
spread-sheets that require extensive manual entry. The 5-Year CIP
budget is almost as voluminous.
                                                                                         How were city dollars spent?
For the next five years, the Finance Department will be focused on
implementation, compliance, and accountability relating to these                                              Public Safety 37.6%
additional responsibilities transferred to this department.                                                   Police, fire, emergency management,
                                                                                                              building department, code enforcement
                                                                                Debt Service 3.3%
                                                                                Interest on long-term                                              Economic
           ANNUAL BUDGET ADOPTION SCHEDULE                                      debt                                                               Environment
                                                                                                                                                   2.6%, Economic
  March-May. Department heads prepare budget requests for next                                                                                     & Community dev
  fiscal year.                                                              Physical
  June. Proposed expenditure budget is compiled from department             Environment 5.9%
  requests. Proposed revenue budget is compiled using state revenue         Cemetery, solid
  estimates, local user fee estimates, historical experience, and           waste disposal                                                           Transp 7.6%
  interim millage rate set by Commission.                                                                                                            Streets, storm
  July. Staff balances proposed budget by reducing expenditure              Public Utilities 24.7%                                                   water, General
  requests to match revenues projected for following year.                  Water, sewer, reuse                                                      Fund subsidy of
  August. Balanced, proposed budget is transmitted to City                                                                                           airport
  Commission. Workshops are held. Revisions are made based on                    General Government 6.7%
  consensus derived from workshop discussions.                                   City commission, city manager, city            Culture & Recr 11.6%
  September. Two public hearings are held on proposed budget.                    attorney, city clerk, finance, human           Parks, open space,
  Revisions are made based on City Commission direction following                resources, information technology,             recreation facilities,
  public hearings. Millage rate is set and budget is adopted following           support services, planning & zoning            library, museum
  second public hearing.
                                                                                      TOTAL EXPENSES = $20,356,826

The Support Services Department supports                                purchase, bid, state or local government contracts). This department
                                                                        also updates the City purchasing policy, procedures and methods
the operations of the various other departments in the city             along with providing training in these policies and procedures to all
organization. Support Services is composed of staff who are             city departments.
responsible for procurement, inventory, facilities management, grant
administration and city-sponsored special events. Support Services      Inventory controls office supplies, and the water, wastewater and
also administers the contract with Polk County Fleet Maintenance for    reuse division inventories
maintenance and repair of the city’s vehicle and equipment fleet.
                                                                        In October of 2009 the City amended its purchasing ordinance to give
Fleet Maintenance was contracted out to the Polk County Fleet           preference to local vendors. Preference is given to a local vendor
Management Division in October 2009 through an inter-local              when the bid is not more than 2% higher than the lowest bid.
agreement with the Board of County Commissioners. The division is       The Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining and
responsible for providing efficient, responsive and timely
maintenance, repair and servicing to ensure that all equipment and      repairing all city-owned facilities and provides custodial services for
vehicles owned by the City remain safe and reliable and function        the Municipal Administration Building, the Police Department, and the
effectively at all times.                                               Library. In addition to city buildings, the Facilities Department
                                                                        responsibilities include all structures and equipment in city parks and
The agreement has allowed all three of the mechanics who                playgrounds.
previously worked for the City not only to keep their jobs, but also
to gain invaluable training from the County’s fleet technical staff.
Polk County Fleet Management recently received a National Institute
of Automotive Service Excellence Recognition Award because 75%
or more of their fleet technical staff has passed certification exams
in one or more specific automotive or heavy truck repair disciplines.
Polk County Fleet Management was also named one of the 100
Best Fleets in America in 2010. These three mechanics are gaining
certifications and work experience that will benefit them throughout
their career.
As part of its contract with the
City, Polk County Fleet
Management provides
preventative and breakdown
maintenance, service and                                                In fiscal year 2009-2010, the Facilities Department implemented use
breakdown support 24/7, tire                                            of a software program that manages preventative maintenance
maintenance, replacement and                                            schedules for each city facility. This software is an ongoing resource
repairs, and support to the Lake                                        allowing staff to monitor repetitive repairs and more efficiently track
Wales Fire Department utilizing                                         parts and labor costs for each building.
the County’s EVT certified
Compared to fleet maintenance                                                      2009 ENERGY AUDIT RESULTED
costs in Fiscal Year 2008-2009, the City saved $59,654 during the              IN ENERGY COST-SAVINGS IN 2009-2010
first year of the contract. Compared to costs in Fiscal Year 2007-      Following an energy audit of six city-owned buildings, the City
2008, the savings was $150,414.                                         Commission approved an Energy Performance Agreement with
                                                                        Energy Savings Systems (ESS) that allows the savings in future
The Purchasing Department is responsible for procurement                energy costs to pay for the energy-saving technologies that could
of supplies, machinery, equipment, tools, raw materials, parts and      reduce electricity bills by 20% to 30% in the six buildings audited.
services necessary to operate the various departments for everyday
operations at the least cost.                                           During the first 5 years of the agreement, ESS will be paid 75% of the
                                                                        cost-savings resulting from the improved technology, and the City will
The Purchasing Department administers inter-local cooperative           keep 25% of these savings. If there are no savings, ESS will receive
purchasing agreements with other agencies, maintains vendor lists,      no payment and will absorb the cost of materials and installation. The
and determines the most effective method of procurement (direct         cost-savings are calculated on a 12-month baseline of actual

electricity bills for each building, which will remain the baseline       Kiwanis Park. In 2010, the City reapplied to the Florida Recreation
comparison for the 5-year period. Thus, the project ends up being         Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) for grants in the amount
paid by the cost-savings generated, and the City gets 25% of these        of $50,000 to enhance the skate park and $200,000 to improve
savings without any investment in materials and installation. After 5     Kiwanis Park. These applications ranked highly but, due to legislative
years, the City will get the benefit of 100% of the savings.              cut-backs, were not funded. The City has reapplied for funding of
                                                                          these projects for the 2011 grant cycle.
ESS retrofitted interior light fixtures and installed occupancy sensors
in areas where they are needed. Programmable thermostats were             Urban Forestry Grant. The City applied for and received a $20,000
installed in the six buildings audited. All air conditioning units were   grant for a bucket truck to help with maintenance of trees and parks.
revised for different AC energy improvement technologies such as          This grant was awarded by the Florida Department of Agriculture and
economizers, programmable thermostats and coil cleaning. This             Consumer Services, Florida Division of Forestry with a $30,000 local
work was completed in March of 2009 and savings began to be               match requirement. The bucket truck was purchased in June 2010.
realized in April of 2009. The buildings retrofitted were the Municipal
Administration Building, The James P. Austin Community Center, the        Forest Health Initiative. The City received an $18,000 grant from
Albert Kirkland Sr. Gymnasium, the CSX Building, the Lake Wales           the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida
Library and the Lake Wales Police Department. Between April of            Division of Forestry towards the pruning and maintenance of trees in
2009 and October of 2010, a total of $24,211.89 was saved in              city parks. These funds were made available as part of the American
energy costs.                                                             Recovery Act. This project is in the process of being implemented
                                                                          and will be completed by the Fall of 2011.
In addition, Progress Energy conducted an energy audit in
conjunction with ESS. This audit generated a rebate from Progress         Hardman Hall. The City completed two grants totaling $650,000
Energy to the City in the amount of $2,031.25 resulting from the          from the Florida Department of State, Division of Historic Resources
retrofits and air conditioning rehabs.                                    that were used to continue restoration efforts of the former 1919
                                                                          school building. A total of $2.85 million in grant, private, and city
                                                                          funds was spent on this project through the end of 2009. Until
Grant Administration staff manages the grant application                  additional funding is secured, the project has been put on hold.
process and files the requisite reports with the granting agency as
grant funds are expended.                                                 Little League Lights. The City has received a State Energy
                                                                          Program Grant in the amount of $200,000 from the Florida Energy
                      2010 Grant Report                                   Commission. These funds are part of the American Recovery Act.
                                                                          This grant will replace the older wooden light poles at two Little
Rails to Trails. In 2009, the City was awarded a grant through the        League fields with new energy efficient lights. This project will be
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Enhancement Program           complete by the end of 2011.
with funding from the Recovery Act (stimulus bill). This grant enabled
the City to complete the Rails to Trails project from 4th Street to       Polk Avenue Retention Area. The City of Lake Wales applied for
Scenic Hwy. Construction of the trail extension was completed in          and was awarded a grant from the Southwest Florida Water
March 2010. The trail now extends 2.1 miles from Scenic Hwy to            Management District’s Cooperative Funding Initiative in the amount
Buck Moore Road.                                                          of $157,500 with a city match of $52,500. These funds will construct
                                                                          a retention area at Lake Wailes near Polk Avenue to assist in
                                                                          reducing the pollution of Lake Wailes by storm water run-off. This
                                                                          project will be completed by October 2012.
                                                                          Lake Wales Country Club Golf Course Reuse. The City has
                                                                          applied for a grant from the Southwest Florida Water Management
                                                                          District’s Cooperative Funding Initiative in the amount of $250,000 to
                                                                          assist in the construction of reuse lines from SR 60 & 11th Street to
                                                                          the Lake Wales Country Club for irrigation of the golf course. This is
In 2010 the City of Lake Wales completed a $200,000 grant from the        a joint effort with Ben Hill Griffin Inc., owners of the Lake Wales
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Office of                 Country Club, who along with the City, will contribute $250,000
Greenways and Trails, Recreation Trails Program. At the                   towards the $750,000 project which is scheduled for completion in
recommendation of the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee,              2012. The project will benefit the area water supply by replacing
remaining grant funds were used to purchase amenities for the trail       350,000 gallons per day of groundwater withdrawal for irrigation with
such as benches, bike racks, trash cans, and signs that were              reuse water.
installed in the Spring of 2010.

The Lake Wales Police Department was                                   work to engage every resident and to understand and respond to their
                                                                       law enforcement requests.
established on July 3, 1917 when W.P. Paige was appointed
Marshal by the Town Council. The first capital expenditure for the     Our goals are enormous, but with assistance from our community we
newly chartered Town of Lake Wales was a jail located on First         will stay the course and remove crime and disorder from Lake Wales
Street at the intersection of Seminole Avenue. Some might say that     in 2011. Though we plan for the future, it is important to know what
Lake Wales was chartered to provide the law enforcement services       has been accomplished in 2010.
needed to maintain the peace in the emergent small town.                                   ANTI-CRIME TEAM (ACT)
Today, 43 law enforcement officers, 2 community service officers, 1    Starting in April 2010, the City Commission received complaints
code compliance officer and 1 probation compliance officer work to     regarding crime and disorder occurring in and around the Historic
remove crime and disorder from a city exceeding 19.5 square miles      Lincoln Avenue area. In response, the Lake Wales Police Department
in size. The principal mission of the LWPD is the same as it was in    assigned the Community Oriented Policing Section (COPS) to deal
1917: to maintain the peace. It is the goal of the department to       with the problem.
prevent crime and safeguard the Lake Wales community by
providing proactive and professional law enforcement services.         In July 2010, residential and vehicle burglaries reported to the Lake
                                                                       Wales Police Department increased significantly. Accordingly, the
                                                                       COPS was assigned to conduct preventative patrol to identify and
                                                                       arrest the offenders committing the burglaries. In the interim, the
                                                                       Patrol Section was assigned the responsibility of maintaining peace
                                                                       in the Lincoln Avenue area. Despite this effort, violent crime in and
                                                                       around Lincoln Avenue escalated when a shooting occurred on
                                                                       August 4, 2010.
                                                                       After receiving renewed calls from area residents for increased law
                                                                       enforcement assistance, the Anti-Crime Team (ACT) was created to
                                                                       remove the crime and disorder in identified high-crime areas. The
                                                                       Anti-Crime Team is a task force of law enforcement officers from the
The economic recession is especially problematic for law               Criminal Investigations Section, COPS and Patrol Section. Since
enforcement agencies. The loss of employment opportunities in a        August 2010, the ACT has arrested 199 offenders for offenses
community can increase blight and poverty. Unabated, blight and        ranging from misdemeanors such as possessing an open alcoholic
poverty will cause an increase in the crime rate. Concurrently, a      beverage in public to felonies such as trafficking in cocaine.
significant decrease in government revenue has resulted in the                                 CANINE SECTION
reduction of law enforcement services across Florida.
                                                                       The Lake Wales Police Department Canine Section employs specially
In Lake Wales, two law enforcement positions were eliminated with      trained police dogs to conduct drug searches, offender apprehension
adoption of the FY2010-2011 budget and a third has remained            and search and rescue (SAR) operations. The Canine Section is
vacant since the start of the fiscal year. To improve the level of     structured with four teams, which provides our community with
service provided by the Lake Wales Police Department in a period       advanced and specialized canine resources 24-hours each day.
of budget reductions, several organizational components within the
department were re-engineered, and leading-edge technology was                                        In 2010, the Canine Section increased
employed to improve productivity efficiency.                                                          to five teams with the addition of
                                                                                                      Diego. A bloodhound, Diego is a first
The vision of the Lake Wales Police Department for 2011 is that of                                    for the LWPD. In recent years the
progress and unity. Continuing the effort to remove crime and                                         department has worked determinedly
disorder, the department will continue the work to identify and                                       to improve the response to missing
remove habitual and violent offenders from our neighborhoods.                                         person incidents. When trained, Diego
The principal goal for 2011 is the development of new partnerships                                    will provide the greatest capability to
to create a safer community. To achieve this, the community policing                                  trail and recover missing persons.
philosophy of the Lake Wales Police Department will be enhanced           COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING SECTION (COPS)
and expanded with the Patrol Section assuming a leadership role in
this endeavor. Community policing is an organizational philosophy      The law enforcement officers assigned to the COPS are responsible
that is based on engaging the community to identify problems and       for providing sustained law enforcement services to Historic
implementing effective responses. In 2011, the Patrol Section will     Downtown, Grove Manor and the Lincoln Avenue Business District.
make an unprecedented effort to practice community policing as they    The purpose of the COPS is to implement the community policing

initiative that utilizes the problem-oriented policing paradigm by        quarterly and utilize a comprehensive approach that includes high-
engaging the community in identifying and removing crime and              intensity code enforcement sweeps, coordination by the COPS and
disorder. Each law enforcement officer has the autonomy to access         resources provided by Keep Polk County Beautiful.
city resources to remove problems. In addition, each law
enforcement officer serves as a conduit to provide residents with
access to city services.
The law enforcement operations and programs conducted by the
COPS have removed crime and disorder from the respective
operational areas. Panhandling and prostitution have been displaced
from Historic Downtown. Drug and violent offenses have decreased
in Grove Manor. The Lincoln Avenue Business District has become
more safe and secure and is on its way to revitalization.
Construction of a new dental clinic has started, and the construction
of a medical clinic is scheduled to begin in January 2011. In
addition, an effort has begun to obtain grant funds to construct a        The Police Department has adopted a philosophy of community-
community policing center as an entryway to Lincoln Avenue.               oriented policing with a commitment to the community that is
                                                                          illustrated by the following department activities in 2010:
                     CODE ENFORCEMENT                                          • conducted 2 child identification events.
A review of the code enforcement process determined that                       • conducted special patrols during Halloween distributing
procedural inefficiencies had created an unwieldy system that was                candies to children.
no longer effective. In an effort to improve the process, the Lake             • in partnership with Lake Wales Care Center and Wal-Mart, the
Wales Police Department worked to improve the organizational                     Lake Wales Police Officers Association donated $2,500 to
components, policies and procedures of code enforcement. This                    needy families as part of the Shop with a Cop Program.
                                                                               • instructed the Substance Abuse and Violence Education
required a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive enforcement.                (SAVE) at McLaughlin Middle School this year.
A Code Enforcement Task-Force, comprised of the city attorney, the             • participated in a variety of school activities this year including
police chief, and current and former code compliance officers, was               fall festivals, field days, and the Great American Teach-in.
created to evaluate the code enforcement ordinance and problems                • partnered with local churches to provide assistance with Trick
with its implementation. In April 2010, the Lake Wales Police                    or Treat Halloween events.
                                                                               • partnered with the Lake Wales Fire Department to provide a
Department was re-organized and the code enforcement function                    Haunted House as a fun and safe Halloween event.
was consolidated within the Community-Oriented Policing Section.               • monitored local sexual offenders to prevent contact with
In June, with the approval of the city attorney, code enforcement                children on Halloween.
documents, forms and reports were standardized and reduced to
improve efficiency.                                                            2009 LWPD Facts                         2010 LWPD Facts
In July, an electronic records management system was purchased            Law Enforcement Officers: 46           Law Enforcement Officers: 43
for the Community Oriented Policing Section. Using the iWorQ                    Ready reserves: 4                      Ready reserves: 5
intranet-based software, productivity efficiency was significantly        Code Enforcement Officers: 2           Code Enforcement Officers: 1
improved by providing code compliance and law enforcement                 Community Service Officers: 2          Community Service Officers: 2
officers the capability of initiating, monitoring and updating cases     Probation Compliance Officers: 1       Probation Compliance Officers: 1
from the field. In December, the City Commission discussed the                  Police Chaplains: 2                    Police Chaplains: 2
proposed amendment of City Code Chapter 12, Health, Sanitation               Public Safety Cadets: 9                Public Safety Cadets: 9
and Nuisances. In early 2011, the City Commission will consider               VOICE volunteers: 12                   VOICE volunteers: 12
formal action on the proposed amendment.                                     Calls for Service: 17,780              Calls for Service: 23,746
                                                                                   Arrests: 1,294                         Arrests: 1,233
                   COMMUNITY PROGRAMS                                              Crashes: 363                           Crashes: 350
A Citizens' Police Academy will begin February 2011. After                      Traffic Fatalities: 1                  Traffic Fatalities: 2
completion of the 48-hour program, graduates will be eligible to                  Citations: 2,091                       Citations: 3,258
serve on the VOICE Unit or the Citizens Advisory Group.                       UCR crime index: 424                   UCR crime index: 459
                                                                              UCR change: -10.7%                     UCR change: +8.3%
The Community Cleanup Program is a partnership between the                 UCR Clearance Rate: 29.5%              UCR Clearance Rate: 32.5%
Community Oriented Policing Section (COPS) and Keep Polk
County Beautiful. The philosophy is simple – litter creates blight and    Note: Crime rate information is based on the semi-annual UCR. 2010 data
blight increases crime. Neighborhood cleanups are conducted               will not be available until February.

The Lake Wales Fire Department                                  has
                                                                         equipment in a state of readiness and ride on the trucks to actual
                                                                         emergencies and watch the firefighters in the performance of their
responded to just about every type of call for help and emergency        job. Assistance in career planning and development are offered and
imaginable without hesitation, attitude, or complaint for more than      some go on to become certified Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics.
ninety years. And over the years, those calls for help have grown in
number and complexity. In 2010 the department responded to 2,576               “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather
emergencies with an overall average response time of 5:11                      the judgment that something else is more
(minutes/seconds). This was accomplished by 24 full-time shift                 important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon
personnel split up into three eight-member shifts responding from
two fire stations.                                                       The department continues to develop and staff its Advanced Life
                                                                         Support (ALS) program with two additional members beginning the
                                                                         year long paramedic training program in 2010. Paramedics and EMTs
                                                                         respond to medical emergencies in the community in an effort to
                                                                         provide basic and advanced life support care to citizens while waiting
                                                                         for an ambulance to arrive and transport patients to a medical care
                                                                         facility. Ambulances can be extremely busy in Polk County and the
                                                                         wait can be as short as a minute or as long as twenty.

Fire prevention activities are handled by a Fire Marshal and one Fire
Inspector. These activities include the annual inspection of all
businesses, daycares, and schools in the city, as well as the review
of all commercial and industrial building plans prior to construction.

                                                                         Over the last couple of years the economy has provided very little
                                                                         funding for the purchase of new equipment, technology, facilities, or
                                                                         the hiring of additional personnel. At the same time the economy has
                                                                         provided an opportunity for a level of service never before seen by
                                                                         our employees. One thing that has remained consistent in Lake
                                                                         Wales is our ability to maintain community confidence by responding
                                                                         to its needs quickly and effectively. The Lake Wales Fire Department
                                                                         intends to continue the effort and appreciates every opportunity to
                                                                         serve its citizens.

Property loss due to fire in the city for 2010 is estimated at $1.3
million dollars. The total value of property that sustained damage
from fire in 2010 is estimated at $5.2 million dollars.
Community involvement continues to be a top priority for the
department. One area that has seen an increase in interest in 2010
is the mentoring, or “Ride-a-Long” program. High school and college
students are allowed an opportunity to share knowledge and
experience with the firefighters and learn about the fire service as a
career, as well as a lot about the community they serve. These
students spend time at the fire station helping firefighters keep the

The Lake Wales Public Library                            provides
                                                                          Additionally, the library offers 24-hour a day, 7 days a week, free wi-fi
                                                                          connectivity to citizens with personal wireless devices.
informational, educational and recreational opportunities to the
citizens, businesses and organizations that make up the greater           Three Lake Wales Public Library staff work on Florida’s Ask A
Lake Wales community.                                                     Librarian desk three hours weekly. This live chat reference service
                                                                          provides assistance to Floridians and people worldwide.
Established in 1919 as a project of the Lake Wales Woman’s Club,
the public library became a department of the City of Lake Wales in       The Lake Wales Public Library
1957.                                                                     serves as the center for the Polk
                                                                          County Library Cooperative's B-Mail,
As one of sixteen municipally funded public libraries in Polk County,     materials by mail, service for all Polk
the Lake Wales Public Library’s services extend to over a half million    County residents.
residents through its participation in the Polk County Library
Cooperative.                                                              Through an interlocal agreement with PCLC, the Lake Wales Public
                                                                          Library houses and operates this unique service. Staff and operating
In FY09’10 our library lent over 275,000 items, ranking the Lake          expenses are funded through the Polk County Library Municipal
Wales Public Library as the third highest circulating public library in   Services Taxing Unit.
the Polk County Library Cooperative.
                                                                          This extremely popular service has grown 1900% since its inception
                                                                          in May 2006. Library staff now mails 6,000 items per month to
                                                                          customers in Polk County. Many B-Mail customers are homebound;
                                                                          other patrons find this a convenient way to use their public library,
                                                                          thus reaching a greater number of customers.
                                                                          The Lake Wales Public Library's web page is much more than a list
                                                                          of services. The interactive website,,
                                                                          links users to unique and reliable databases including: Chilton's Auto
                                                                          Repair, World Book Encyclopedia On line, Testing and Education
                                                                          Center On line, Career Transitions Database, Hobbies & Crafts
                                                                          Database and the Florida Electronic Library.

The library staff includes twenty full and part time employees.
Twenty-five percent of the Library’s staff hold Masters Degrees in
Library and Information Science and are considered professional
Annual visits to the library exceeded
240,000, approximately 20,000 people
per month. Many who visit the Lake
Wales Public Library attend library-
sponsored programs. In FY’09’10 the                                       In a recent Ledger editorial the writer noted: “Public libraries can be
library hosted 890 programs within our                                    the heart and soul of a community and its government -- especially
facility and throughout our community.                                    in hard times.

Over 25,000 people attended the Lake                                      The public library is where an unemployed father or mother has free
Wales Public Library's children’s                                         access to a computer to look for a job -- and where a knowledgeable
summer programs, yoga classes, arts and crafts classes, teen              staff member can help in the search.
events, book discussions, computer classes, story times, author           It is where a family struggling to get by on reduced income can find
programs, family films, Florida Humanities Council and American           a treasure of books, movies and music -- all at no cost.”
Library Association sponsored programs and public service events.
                                                                          During a difficult year for many, the Lake Wales Public Library
The Lake Wales Public Library's 20 public access computers                provides excellent and valuable services to all residents.
assisted residents in job searching, on line college courses, e-
government services, email, research and social networking.         •

The Public Works Department consists                                         The Utilities Division is
of Public Services, Field Services, Utilities, and the Lake Wales            responsible for maintenance,
Municipal Airport.                                                           operations and development
                                                                             of the capital improvement
The Public Services Division is responsible for the administrative           programs for the City’s Water,
operations and capital improvement programs for Parks and                    Wastewater, Storm water and
Recreation Facilities and the Lake Wales Municipal Airport.                  Reuse systems. The facilities
Administration and improvements of the City’s cemeteries are also            that make up the utility system
handled by Public Services.                                                  currently include four water
Field Services maintains the City’s parks (Lake Wailes Park,                 treatment plants, one
Kiwanis Park, Crystal Lake Park,                                             wastewater treatment plant,
Walker Family Park, Stuart Park,                                             thirty-nine lift stations, and
and Mobley Park), recreational                                               thirteen power sewers.
facilities (James P. Austin Jr.                                              The distribution system
Community Center, Lake Wales                                                 (water) includes its own
Tourist Club and Albert Kirkland                                             potable ground water supply
Sr. Gymnasium), open spaces,                                                 (7 wells), treatment (aeration
recreational complexes                                                       and chlorine disinfection), pumping capacity (9 high service pumps),
(soccer/multipurpose complex                                                 Ground Storage Tanks (4), Elevated Storage Tanks (4), a hydro
and the northwest complex),                                                  pneumatic tank (1), distribution lines (125 miles of 2 inch to 24 inch
landscaped areas on city                                                     pipes), and collection system lines (75 miles of 2 inch to 16 inch force
property, streets (77.94 paved                                               main and 115 miles of 4 inch to 16 inch gravity sewer line).
street miles and 8.10 unpaved
street miles), signage, traffic signals, street lighting, parking stripes,   The reuse system consists of one ground storage tank, 15 miles of
alleys, sidewalks, rights-of-way and its two cemeteries: Lake Wales          6 inch to 20 inch distribution line, and one booster pump.
(19.3 acres) and Willow Lawn (9.6 acres).

The Lake Wales Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport that
is currently used primarily for recreation purposes with the main
activity being skydiving. The daily operations of the Airport are the
responsibility of the Fixed Based Operator.                                                     Progress in Public Services
                                                                             The Lake Wales Municipal Airport has seen continued improvements
                                                                             in 2010. Projects that are underway include perimeter fencing and
                                                                             improvements to the runway 17/35 safety area. As we look to the
                                                                             future, we will see the extension of runway 06/24 to accommodate
                                                                             larger airplanes and provide service to our local businesses, ending
                                                                             the need for them to travel and store their airplanes at other airports.
                                                                             The citizens of Lake Wales utilize the City’s recreational facilities on
                                                                             an everyday basis. As we look at our recreation facilities
                                                                             infrastructure, the City realizes there is a need to implement a

maintenance and replacement program that will ensure the                 Whispering Ridge Subdivision to access reuse water for the purpose
community can enjoy those facilities long into the future.               of irrigation. With the booster station, the reuse system can provide
                                                                         sufficient pressure for the most efficient means of irrigation in that
                                                                         area of the city.

City staff is working with the City’s Public Risk Management
representative and a representative of Dominica Recreation
Products/Gametime to develop a five-year playground equipment
replacement plan for the City’s play parks. Dominica Recreation
Products/Gametime is the same company from which the Barney’s            The Utilities staff has also continued to work steadily on installing
Dream playground system was purchased.                                   radio-read meters in the areas of the utility system that are the
                                                                         farthest out. Due to the prohibitive expense of having all the meters
The City Commission recently increased its appropriation to              installed at one time, the Utilities Department implemented a schedule
$175,000 for the engineering and renovation of the Albert Kirkland       where meter reading staff installs radio-read meters during those
Sr. Gymnasium. This project is on target for completion during this      times of the month when they are not physically reading meters for
fiscal year. The resurfacing of the tennis courts at Crystal Lake Park   billing purposes. The number of meters installed has reached
and the Northwest Complex is also scheduled for this fiscal year.        approximately 2700, and represents approximately 35% of the meters
Currently in the bid process, it is expected that the resurfacing will   currently in the billing system.
be completed by March 2011.
The Lake Wales and Willow Lawn cemeteries underwent major                                         2011 Utility Projects
improvements in 2010. Signage, security lighting and cameras were        Projects planned for 2011 include the continuation of the asbestos
added, and buildings at both cemeteries received a face lift and         pipe removal project. There are also plans to have another antenna
ADA-compliant restrooms. During 2011, a major part of the reuse          installed to further expand the installation of the radio-read metering
irrigation system at the Lake Wales Cemetery will be constructed.        system along with installing approximately 1000 additional meters.
The City has begun the next phase of adding approximately 250            Expansion of the reuse distribution line to the Lake Wales Country
additional grave sites to the Lake Wales Cemetery. The boundary          Club golf course will begin this year. The engineering of the line
survey and plat for the additional lots has been sent out to Southern    extension will be completed in 2011, and construction will take place
Land Surveyors for review. The survey and plat will go to the City       in 2012. The City is anticipating award of a $250,000 Cooperative
Commission for approval following the review. Staff expects these        Funding grant from the Southwest Florida Water Management District
additional lots to be available for sale in early 2011.                  to fund one-third of the project. Ben Hill Griffin Inc. will contribute one-
                                                                         third of the construction costs, and the City will fund one-third.
                  Utilities Projects Completed
                                                                         Surveying and engineering will be completed in 2011 for the Lift
Although 2010 was a trying year financially for the Utilities            station 16 Area Sewer Improvement Project. This is another project
Department, some long awaited projects began construction. Staff         that will focus on correcting some of the sewer deficiencies that
began the process of removing asbestos water lines and upgrading         currently exist in the Northwest section of town.
the water lines in portions of the Northwest section. Included in the
initial asbestos pipe removal project are Carver Drive, Crescent         Rehabilitation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is expected to begin
Circle, “F” Street, Dr. J. A. Wiltshire Ave., Miami Street, Washington   in July 2011. Rehabilitation of the 22-year old plant will make
Ave. and Jackson Ave. Completed in 2010 were Carver Drive,               improvements to the existing infrastructure and add needed structures
Crescent Circle and Miami Street. The remainder of the project           to provide more efficient plant operations and a layer of redundancy
should be completed in the first quarter of 2011.                        to facilitate maintenance and upkeep. The rehabilitation project is
                                                                         expected to be completed in July 2012.
Another project that came to completion in 2010 was the
construction of the Reuse Booster Station which now allows the

Planning and Development                             consists of two
                                                                                              Building Permits - 2010 and 2009
divisions: Planning & Zoning and Permits & Inspections.
Commercial development was lively this year with close to $17                                                              2010      2009
million dollars in new construction, including Kohl’s, Race Trac, and             Total Building Permits                    602       650
ABC Liquor on US Hwy 27, and Topper’s Creamery and Dollar                         Total Building Inspections               2145      1992
General on SR 60. Two neglected sites were transformed with
attractive new buildings, the Adult Day Care Center on Central
Avenue and O&H Medical on 11th Street.                                       Construction plans are under review for several phases of Mayfair, a
                                                                             1,000-unit residential development with a village center to be located
                                                                             on US 27 S.
                                                                             A total of 2,145 inspections were performed in 2010, up 13% from the
                                                                             prior year. In February, Lake Wales began providing building
                                                                             permit/inspection services for the City of Frostproof for an annual fee.
                                                                                                 REGULATION CHANGES
                                                                             Zoning fees were reduced in 2010 for alcoholic beverage licenses and
                                                                             signs not requiring a building permit. In keeping with current market
                                                                             costs, reductions were made in public notice fees and payments to
  The Adult Day Care Center on Central Ave. and Sharp St. replaced           the tree fund to compensate for trees removed for development.
  a group of portable buildings formerly used by the Polk County
  Health Department, now located in new quarters.
                                                                             Sign regulations were eased to allow non-conforming signs to remain
Despite the sagging economy, several new businesses were                     in place unless damaged or changed substantially. Owners of
launched, a beauty supply shop, two thrift stores, and a new                 abandoned signs are now allowed to cover them or add a blank face
downtown hair salon among them. Big Tony’s Pizza brought new life            rather than remove them within six months.
to the former Pizza Hut building on SR 60. The opening of L’Incontro         New FEMA flood insurance maps are due in 2011. Flood zone lines
Italian restaurant on SR 60 and Jordan’s Bistro downtown expanded            will be updated, possibly expanding the areas identified in the City as
options for quality dining, and three wine and beer bars were                having flood hazards.
opened: Massey’s on Lincoln Avenue, Just One More on First
Street, and Waves, a private club downtown. In the renovated One                                 LONG-RANGE PLANNING
Scenic Central building, coffee and internet access are offered at the       Comprehensive Plan – The Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)
new Seven Summits Café.                                                      approved by the state in 2010 provides the blueprint for the update
Residential construction remained steady with 33 new units                   of the Plan, required in 2011. The Planning Board will discuss the
permitted, up slightly from last year’s 27, but well below the last          update at its regular meetings in 2011 to prepare recommended
decade’s average of over 200 permits per year. Activity was                  revisions for adoption by the City Commission. Required elements
concentrated in Whispering Ridge (13 permits), Lake Ashton (12),             are: future land use, transportation, housing, utilities and aquifer
and Dinner Lake Shores (5). Total value of new units was close to            recharge, conservation, intergovernmental coordination, and capital
$9 million. There were 114 residential renovations, up from 100 last         improvements. Three optional elements will also be updated:
year. Additions and screen enclosure numbered 22 each. Seven                 economic development, recreation and open space, and historic
pools and numerous fences and sheds were also approved.                      preservation.

                                                                                               Growth Since US Census of 2000
                                                                                                      Year 2000       Year 2010
                                                                                  • Population        10,194          est. 13,076* up 28%
                                                                                  • Land Area         13.5 sq.mi.     19.6 sq.mi.** up 40%
                                                                                  • Dwelling Units    4,598            6,900 est. up 50%
                                                                                  *Estimated by the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Univ
                                                                                  of FL, April 2010. US 2010 Census figure not yet available.
                                                                                  **Ten acres of property were annexed in 2010, bringing total
  l to r: Chief Building Inspector Richard Scaffe and Building Official           incorporated acreage to 12,546 acres.
  Cliff Smith. Mr. Smith served as President of the Polk County
  chapter of the Building Officials Association of Florida this past year.

The Parks and Community Appearance Advisory Board will                   applicants, preparation of agendas and advertising, and keeping of all
present recommendations for the Lake Wailes Park to the City             minutes and records are staff responsibilities. Administrative
Commission in early 2011. Specific plans for tree protection, parking    approvals are also made by staff for development not requiring board
improvements, and plantings will follow. A grant for $18,000,            approvals. This year, these included plans for the Paul Signal
supplemented with $6,000 from the City’s tree fund will be used to       Preschool Academy on Bullard, the Ice House at Burns and Scenic,
prune about 50 of the large oaks in Lake Wailes Park in the coming       the Wound Care Center on Carlton Ave., and Dr. Phillips’ new office
year. Plans for refurbishing the landscaping downtown were               on Chalet Suzanne Rd.
approved by the Board for construction in early 2011. The project is
funded by a $331,000 grant from the federal Community                    Planning and Zoning Board – The Planning Board makes
Development Block Grant program. Work has also begun on a                recommendations to the City Commission on long-range planning and
systematic maintenance program for the City’s park system.               zoning matters and on major development projects. The board also
                                                                         decides on applications for special permits (zoning), site plans, and
Transportation planning – Planning and Public Works staff are            waivers of zoning compliance.
working with the Florida Department of Transportation on plans for
resurfacing and improvements to the Scenic Highway from Mt. Lake         This past year, the Care Center was given the go-ahead for the Lake
Cutoff to Ray Martin Rd. Slated for construction in 2012, the project    Wales Free Clinic on the Scenic Highway at Wiltshire, and Central
will include drainage improvements, new curb ramps and crosswalks        Florida Health Care was approved for a dental clinic on Lincoln Ave.
in the downtown, and over 1.3 miles of new sidewalk along the            Special permits were granted for Joe’s Body Shop on Wiltshire, and
highway. The City’s request for a turn lane at Florida Ave. is being     on the Scenic Highway, Same Day Auto Sales and McGee Auction
considered. Intersection improvements at Mt. Lake Cutoff are also        Services.
planned in a separate project. A traffic signal will be installed, but
not activated until traffic data meets state requirements for full       Conversions of residences for business use were approved for Griffin
signalization.                                                           Bookkeeping and Christ Central Food Pantry, both on SR 60. Site
                                                                         plans were given the OK for a new performance/classroom center at
Planning staff and the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission will       the Vanguard School and temporary portable classrooms at Our
request pedestrian safety improvements as part of the resurfacing        Children’s Academy on Burns Ave.
of SR 60 between SR 17 and 11th St. (CR17B) proposed in 2012.
Resurfacing of the segment of SR 60 from the Peace Creek Canal           On the recommendation of the Planning Board, the City Commission
to US 27, to begin in 2011, will add lighting at the Central Ave. W.     approved plans for Sunrise Park Apartments, a 196-unit apartment
intersection.                                                            complex on the south side of Burns Ave.
Staff advocates for local transportation improvements by serving on      Eight requests for variances were heard by the Board of Adjustment
the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), advisory to the Polk        and Appeals in 2010, all in Lake Ashton. Setback reductions were
County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).                       granted for five screen rooms and two building additions. A setback
                                                                         variance was denied for a pool. The board also heard an appeal of
Economic development – Planning is participating in the Lake             the Planning Board’s decision to deny a special permit for conversion
Wales Economic Development Partnership in its efforts to develop         of a motel for an assisted living facility and voted to approve the
a plan for the City’s economic development.                              request. The Board is empowered to grant relief from strict
                                                                         compliance with dimensional requirements of the zoning code and to
                                                                         hear appeals of zoning decisions.
                                                                         At year’s end, there was one vacancy on the Board. All members
                                                                         must be residents of the City of Lake Wales.
                                                                         The Historic District Regulatory Board worked with six downtown
                                                                         businesses this year to ensure that their signage is appropriate for the
                                                                         historic district. All were approved, some with minor modifications.
                                                                         The Board is charged with reviewing exterior changes to properties
                                                                         within the district, located along Park and Stuart Avenues between
  Seated l to r: Pat Johnson, Kathy Bangley (Asst. Director), Connie
  Lopez; Standing: Margaret Swanson (Director), Susan DeScheen.
                                                                         the Scenic Highway and First Street. It also includes the Grand Hotel
                                                                         and Post Office block west of First Street. There are currently two
                    REGULATORY BOARDS                                    vacancies on the Historic Board.
Planning staff provides administrative and technical support to City
boards on planning and zoning matters. Preliminary meetings with

Economic Development                                                    Throughout 2010, the joint City and Chamber of Commerce Economic
                                                                        Development Partnership has been meeting to create an overall
                                                                        Economic Development Plan that will serve as a blueprint or template
                                                                        for multiple efforts within the public and private sectors to advance the
                                                                        city’s economic base through marketing, business retention and
                                                                        expansion, workforce development, small business development, and
                                                                        recruitment of new businesses and jobs. It is anticipated that the
                                                                        Economic Development Plan will be completed in early 2011.
                                                                        The City is divided into 5 development nodes:
                                                                             •    Commercial – Focus on Eagle Ridge Mall – goal 2 million
                                                                                  sq. ft. of business
                                                                             •    Business Park – Longleaf Business Park, US Hwy 27
                                                                                  corridor south
                                                                             •    Medical – Lake Wales Medical Center area and SR 60
                                                                                  corridor east
                                                                             •    Heavy Industrial – SR 60 corridor west, Municipal Airport,
The Lake Wales economy saw contractions, expansions, openings,                    CSX
closings, and foreclosures in 2010. The year was a difficult one for         •    Downtown – Revitalization, historic preservation
all economies, and, being part of a global economy, we share the                                   COMMERCIAL
difficulties of those economic cycles.
                                                                        The Commercial Node saw development activity in 2010, but at a
Nonetheless, promoting Lake Wales’ image as a positive place for        slower pace than in previous years. Eagle Ridge Mall, the node’s
investment and development is still the primary focus of the            “commercial anchor,” went through a parent company bankruptcy and
Economic Development Department. The City’s location at the             now has a new owner and management company, Madison
junction of two of Florida’s major arterials --- State Road 60 and US   Marquette. The department is working closely with the new
Highway 27 --- is the basis of the community’s identity as the          organization to reposition the Mall as a dynamic retail center.
“Crossroads of Commerce for Central Florida.”
The purpose of economic development in Lake Wales has been
expressed as follows:
    Economic Development is the process of improving the quality
    of human life through increasing per capita income, reducing
    poverty, and enhancing individual economic opportunities. It also
    improves education, conservation of natural resources, creates
    a cleaner environment and enriches cultural, recreational and
    artistic life in the community.
    It includes the location of warehousing, manufacturing,             With projects like ABC Wine and Spirits, KOHL’S Department Store,
    distribution, hotels restaurants, commercial shopping, service      Racetrac, Dairy Queen and Vanguard School, the Commercial Node
    industry and related tourist industry business.                     saw approximately 103,000 square feet of construction with a value
                                                                        of approximately $12.6 million in private capital investment and the
    It is the “FABRIC OF THE COMMUNITY”                                 creation and retention of approximately 178 jobs.
Vital to economic success are the strong ties the department has
established with local, regional, and state organizations such as
Enterprise Florida, Tampa Bay Partnership, Central Florida
Development Council, realtors and site consultants, collateral
businesses, economic development arms of nearby cities, and the
Chamber of Commerce. Equally important is our high level of
participation in regional efforts for economic development such as
the Polk Parkway Advocacy Group, Polk Committee of 100, Polk
State College, and the University of South Florida and the High Tech
Corridor initiative.

Another great beginning for our Commercial Node will be the               new high tech medical jobs. With new emphasis on medical devices
opening next year of LEGOLAND. We are working with the                    and services in study groups from the SRI Research Group, we are
LEGOLAND marketing team, Eagle Ridge Mall, and others to                  looking for increased activity in this area over the next several years.
capture marketing attention for
commercial development supportive of                                                             HEAVY INDUSTRIAL
the new project. Due to the great                                         The State Road 60 West Corridor - Municipal Airport - CSX Complex,
commitment of two of our hospitality-                                     i.e., the City’s Heavy Industrial Node, has seen some activity with the
oriented businesses, Lake Wales has had                                   potential of becoming a leader in attracting “Green Technology”
the good fortune to garner not one, but                                   development. Working closely with the real estate community, the
two, of the coveted “Bric and Bed”                                        department has achieved a first in alternative energy development for
designations for the LEGOLAND project.                                    the City.
There were only 13 slots available in all
of Polk County. The Hampton Inn and                                       Energy One of Lake Wales, LLC will begin production of ethanol and
Suites and the Holiday Inn Express were                                   provide by-products that are readily used in markets today. The plant
committed to bringing these special                                       represents a $25 million initial investment and will create
designations to our City at their own                                     approximately 20 new high tech jobs in Phase I. The department
capital cost. We will be working throughout the year to attract           worked with Energy One for Industrial Revenue Bond Financing and
collateral development in the hospitality and commercial support          has received an allocation for 2011 for $10 million in equipment
industries to capture a greater amount of this potential economic         financing. This is a milestone for Lake Wales because no company
engine for the city’s economy.                                            inside the city limits has received this type of financing for project
                                                                          The potential to create an “Alternative Energy Park” with several more
The Longleaf Business Park has hopefully seen the last of the             companies locating here can ultimately create over $100 million in
closings of business due to the economy, and 2011 will become a           capital investment and upwards of 100 direct and indirect jobs for the
rebuilding year. By working with the various economic development         community. There has also been some planning for an Institute for
organizations and through advertising and directed industry mailings,     Alternative Energy Training that may have some programming
there are proposals out to over 45 companies that cover the               capacity with PSC and USF Poly-Tech in the next few years.
domestic and international markets. With the relocation of Cheer
Zone Academy and the new location of Mobile Pit Stop, an                  The department and the city grant consultant will be working to obtain
environmental service company, approximately 20 jobs were created         funding for extension of water and sewer infrastructure to serve the
and retained in this node. The expected build-out value of the Park       multiple phases of this project, as well as opening new development
is still in the $275 million range with employment reaching the 1,500-    opportunities for several hundred acres adjacent to the project and
job target. We will be working with the financial institutions that own   SR 60 W.
several of the properties to market them in the 2011 marketplace.                                     DOWNTOWN
                                                                          The Downtown District saw an expansion of the Village Kitchen Shop
                             MEDICAL                                      which relocated from Eagle Ridge Mall about a year and a half ago.
                                                                          The business has also expanded its e-commerce side and is proving
                                                                          to be a very strong main street business that has a tremendous
                                                                          following in both local residents and shoppers from surrounding cities.

Although the Medical Corridor on State Road 60 East has seen
activity slow down, the hospital service sector saw the construction
of a new “Burn Center” and expansion of medical offices that
resulted in over $1.2 million in new construction and creation of 8-10

The Grand Hotel is making slow but steady progress. The big push
for the project will be coming after the first quarter of 2011. Currently   Information Technology (IT) provides vital technical
there are financial services, a technical services shop, a commercial       support to all of the departments within the City and maintains the
antique furnishings shop, two eateries, and a “European style               City’s intricate computer network.
market” that have made tentative commitments to locate in the
commercial space.
The developer still has strong interest in the residential component
with 8 units on a committed list for purchase. Unfortunately, this year
we saw the loss of Bank of America from downtown due to
reorganization of bank assets. This is another indicator of the
tentative condition of the financial and related services economy.
The Downtown will also see a revitalized landscape/streetscape from
the CBDG Revitalization Grant Program which will give the
downtown a more pedestrian-friendly environment and make
improvements to help reinvigorate the street scene of downtown
Work is scheduled for completion by June 2011.
                                                                            Some of the recent projects that
                        LINCOLN AVENUE                                      the IT department has
Lincoln Avenue, which was a very strong commercial street in years          implemented include six public
past but suffered tremendous economic blight, is rebounding with            Wi-Fi hot spots, a wireless
two significant medical projects. The department worked with the            surveillance camera system for
Central Florida Health Care organization and developer Joseph F.            the Lake Wales Police
Miranda to create a project partnership to stimulate the reinvestment       Department and a Storage Area
of approximately $1.7 to $2 million in private capital investment on        Network for enhanced data
this critical commercial artery in the Northwest Area of the City. The      warehousing. Recently, we’ve
projects will contain approximately 11,500 square feet of medical           transitioned both the Lake Wales
and dental service space bringing much needed medical services to           Fire and Police Departments to a
the City of Lake Wales.                                                     county-wide mobile dispatching
                                                                            system hosted by the Polk
                                                                            County Sheriff’s Office.

 Groundbreaking for Dental Clinic on Lincoln Avenue. l to r: Senator J.D.
 Alexander; Economic Development Director, Harold Gallup; Senator           IT staff has successfully completed 1,462 help-desk tickets submitted
 Gary Siplin                                                                by other employees within the last twelve months in addition to server
                                                                            and network infrastructure maintenance.
In 2011, Lincoln Avenue will also see a new public parking lot,
revitalization of the street lighting system, and three new building        During the summer of 2010 we began a partnership with Polk State
facades through a CBDG Revitalization Grant Program that will bring         College’s Collegiate High School to provide an opportunity for IT
$275,000 to $300,000 in additional public investment to the area.           program students to intern with City IT staff during their summer
This type of programming will help attract more private capital             break. Two students interned with us during the month of July 2010,
investment into this once vital commercial area.                            and we’re hopeful that number will grow in 2011.

The Charter Review Committee                                              all intergovernmental relationships; with the consent of the city
appointed by the City Commission to review the City Charter and           commission, will make appointments to the various citizen boards and
suggest revisions has prepared recommendations for consideration by       committees; will appoint commission members to serve on other
the City Commission. Before February 15, the Commission must take         committees and boards; will take a leadership role in promoting the
action on the recommendations and approve all, part, or none of the       overall quality of life, economic development, enhancement of property
recommended changes. Any change to the current City Charter will          values, and other areas important to the progress and well-being of the
require approval by a majority of voters who vote in the Municipal        community; will serve as the liaison between the municipal government
Election that will be held on April 5, 2011. Recommendations that         and the community’s citizens, business and civic organizations to
represent a policy change are included below. Recommendations             collectively achieve projects that neither the city nor one organization
representing procedural or other non-substantive changes may be           could afford to achieve on its own; and will present an annual state of
reviewed in the City Clerk’s office or at        the city message that informs the public about the city’s current fiscal
                                                                          position, accomplishments in the prior year, work plan for the coming
                COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS                                 year and goals for the future.
ETHICS POLICY. Ethical conduct of public officials and employees is       VOTING. The affirmative vote of at least 3 members is necessary to
governed by Florida Statutes, sections 112.311 - 112.326. This is         adopt any ordinance or resolution.
known as the “Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees” and
applies to all elected officials, appointed board members, and            Recommendation: The affirmative vote of at least 3 members is
employees in every governmental unit throughout the state.                necessary to approve all matters requiring a vote of the commission.
Recommendation: If the city commission adopts an ordinance to             CITY MANAGER REMOVAL. The commission issues a resolution
impose more stringent standards of ethical conduct than those             stating the reason for removal and may suspend the city manager for
imposed by Florida Statutes, that ordinance can only be revised or        up to 45 days; the city manager has a specified time in which to request
repealed by a minimum of 4 affirmative votes of the commission.           a public hearing and file a written reply to the commission; following the
                                                                          public hearing, if one has been requested, or sooner if one has not
COMPENSATION. The commission determines the annual salary of              been requested, the commission may adopt a final resolution of
commission members by ordinance.                                          removal.
Recommendation: To compensate for the mayor’s additional duties           Recommendation. By majority vote, the commission will schedule a
and responsibilities, the mayor’s salary will be at least 50% more than   pre-termination evaluation of the city manager’s performance. The
the salary of the other commissioners.                                    evaluation will suggest areas for improvement and will allow a period of
ELECTION OF MAYOR. The voters elect a sitting commissioner to             at least 30 days but no more than 90 days to make improvements. At
serve as mayor for one year. Only commissioners not up for re-            the end of the period, a second evaluation will be conducted to
election may run for mayor. If no commissioner runs for election as       determine if performance has improved to the commission’s satisfaction.
mayor, the mayor is picked by a majority vote of the commission.          Following this evaluation, any commissioner may make a motion to give
                                                                          notice to the city manager that the matter of possible termination will be
Recommendation: The voters will elect a mayor at large for a term of      considered at the next regular commission meeting; by separate
four years. Any commissioner or other qualified elector of the city can   majority vote, the manager may be suspended with full salary until the
run for mayor, but –whether elected or not– a commissioner who runs       next regular meeting. At the next regular meeting, the commission will
for mayor will lose his/her commission seat effective the day of the      consider termination of the manager with no requirement for public
election. A commissioner who seeks to run for mayor must give notice      comment. The city manager will have the opportunity to respond to
of intent by the 45th day before the start of the qualifying period in    commissioner comments. The commission, by majority vote of its total
order to allow time for election notice, candidate qualification, and     membership, may adopt a resolution to terminate the city manager. The
ballot preparation for the seat to be vacated. The candidate elected to   commission may terminate the manager for malfeasance, misfeasance,
the vacated commission seat will serve for the remainder of the term.     neglect, of duty, etc. without need for a pre-termination evaluation.
FUNCTIONS AND POWERS OF MAYOR. The mayor presides at all                  Incorporated into procedures for city manager removal are statutory
commission meetings with a voice and vote in the proceedings, but no      provisions for dealing with felony or misdemeanor charges related to
veto power. The mayor is recognized as head of the city government        duties of office.
for all ceremonial purposes, by the governor for purposes of military     COMMISSION SEATS. There are five commission seats, numbered 1
law, for services of process, for execution of contracts, deeds and       through 5. Commissioners must reside in districts represented by seats,
other documents, and in all agreements with other governmental            but are elected by voters of the city at large.
entities, but has no administrative duties.
                                                                          Recommendation: Four candidates for commission will qualify for and
Recommendation: In addition to all functions and powers currently         be elected by seat numbers designated 1 through 4 and will be elected
assigned to the position, the mayor is expected to advance initiatives    by voters of the city at large. One candidate will qualify for and be
to benefit the community that can be improved upon with the city          elected to seat 5 without regard to place of residence within the city
commission’s collective judgment. The mayor will represent the city in    limits and will be elected by voters of the city at large.

                                                           FY 10-11 CITY BUDGET

   Note: Variance between revenue sources and expenditures is CRA bond proceeds remaining in construction account at 9/30/10, impact fees and other fund balances
      brought forward to fund current year expenditures. Numbers do not reflect improvements to be funded by financing ($3,475,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant).

             10-YR CHANGE IN                                   Fiscal Year         Taxable Value              Taxable Value                Revenue

               MILLAGE RATE                                      2001-02               8.1900                  341,065,897                2,793,330
              TAXABLE VALUE                                      2002-03               8.9400                  355,635,393                3,179,380

                   AND                                           2003-04
           AD VALOREM REVENUE                                    2005-06               8.9400                  543,322,728                4,857,305
                                                                 2006-07               8.4400                  713,487,458                6,021,834
                                                                 2007-08               7.3521                  848,687,715                6,239,637
                                                                 2008-09               7.3277                  837,227,923                6,134,955
                                                                 2009-10               7.3277                  761,015,380                5,432,962
                                                                 2010-11               7.3277                  643,195,776                4,637,216



                                                           City Commission

                               Various Citizen
                                                            City Manager               City Attorney


                                                                                                     Facilities Maint
                                              City Clerk                   Support Services

                                                                                                      Fleet Contract

                                                                                                      Special Events

                                      PLANNING &                                                                          POLICE
           FINANCE                   DEVELOPMENT                               PUBLIC WORKS

                                         Planning &
                                           Zoning                    PUBLIC                                              Administration
          Utility Billing &              Permits &
          Customer Srv                  Inspections                 Public Services                                       Operations
                                                                                              Utilities Admin

         Waste Disposal                                                                                                     Code
                                                                    Streets Division            Water Div
                                                                     Parks Division            Wastewater
        INFORMATION                                                                                                        FIRE
        TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                      DEPARTMENT
                                                                         Cemetery               Reuse Div

                                                                         Recreation                                      Management
          HUMAN                                                           Facilities
                                       Books By Mail
                                                                                                 Lakes                    Operations
                                                                                                                          Inspection &
Directory of Government Services. Phone numbers to contact staff for questions or concerns about
government services are provided here. Frequently requested phone numbers for various county and state offices are also included.

Abandoned vehicle - Lake Wales Code Enforcement Dept . . . . . 678-4223, ext. 265
Absentee ballot - Polk Co. Elections Office . . . . . 534-5888
Airport - Lake Wales Public Services . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 299
Ambulance - Polk Co. Non-Emergency Medical Services . . . . . 519-7400; Emergency: call 911
Animal, nuisance - Lake Wales Code Enforcement Dept . . . . . 678-4223, ext. 265
Animal, nuisance - Polk Co. Sheriff's Office Animal Control . . . . . 1-888-275-8941
Birth Certificates - Polk Co. Health Dept Vital Statistics . . . . . 519-7900
Building Permits/Inspections - Lake Wales Planning & Development Dept . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 714
Business tax receipt - Lake Wales Finance Dept . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 276
Cemetery lots - Lake Wales Cemetery Division . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 266
Child Abuse Hotline . . . . . 1-800-962-2873
Code violation - Lake Wales Code Enforcement Dept . . . . . 678-4223, ext. 265
Commission meeting schedule - Lake Wales City Clerk's Office . . . . 678-4182, ext. 228
Community Center rental - Lake Wales City Manager’s Office . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 225
Community Redevelopment - Lake Wales Economic Development . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 224
Complaint/Problem - Lake Wales Customer Service . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 258
Depot Museum - information . . . . . 678-4209
Driver license - Florida Dept of Motor Vehicles, Lake Wales Office . . . . . 678-4160                For any City Service
Economic Development - info . . 678-4182, ext. 224                                                        not listed
Elections, City - Lake Wales City Clerk's Office . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 228                           Call 678-4182,
Elections, County-wide - Polk Co. Elections Office . . . . . 534-5888                                  select “Operator”
Employment - Lake Wales Human Resources Dept . . . . 678-4182, ext. 231
Fire Department - emergency . . . . . Dial 911
Fire Department - information . . . . . 678-4203
Fishing Licenses - Polk Co. Tax Collector, Lake Wales Branch . . . . . 678-4670
Genealogical Information - Polk Co. Historical & Genealogical Library. . . . . 534-4380
History, City - Lake Wales Depot Museum . . . . . 678-4209
History, County - Polk Co. Historical Museum . . . . . 534-4386
Homestead Exemptions - Polk Co. Property Appraiser . . . . . 534-4777
Hunting Licenses - Tax Collector, Lake Wales Branch . . . . . 678-4670
Immunizations - Polk Co. Health Dept, Lake Wales . . . . . 678-4144
Information, general - Lake Wales Customer Service . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 221
Library - Lake Wales Public Library, information. . . . . 678-4004
Litter Hotline . . . . . 1-877-891-6430
Marriage Licenses - Polk Co. Clerk of the Courts . . . . . 534-4548
Medical - emergency . . . . . Dial 911
Medical Clinic - Polk Co. Health Dept, Lake Wales . . . . . 678-4144
Noise, nuisance - Lake Wales Code Enforcement Dept . . . . . 678-4223, ext. 265
Park facilities reservation - Lake Wales City Manager’s Office . . . . 678-4182, ext. 225
Police Department - emergency . . . . . Dial 911
Police Department - information . . . . . 678-4223, ext. 260
Purchasing - Lake Wales Support Services . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 264
Sheriff's Office - Southeast District . . . . . 534-6291
Spouse Abuse - Peace River Center Crisis Line (24 hrs) . . . . . 1-800-413-2700
Tax Collector & Tag Agency - Polk Co. Tax Collector, Lake Wales Branch . . . . . 678-4670
Traffic fines - Polk Co. Clerk of Circuit and County Courts . . . . . 534-4000
Trash & garbage service - Lake Wales Utility Billing Dept. . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 276
Vehicle registration - Polk Co. Tag Agency . . . . . 678-4295
Voter registration - Polk Co. Elections Office . . . . . 534-5888
Water/sewer customer service - Lake Wales Utilities Customer Service . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 708
Water/sewer emergency (after business hours) - Lake Wales Utilities Admin . . . . 632-2349
Zoning - Lake Wales Planning & Development Dept . . . . . 678-4182, ext. 714

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