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									             Marisa Allman
             PRACTICE AREA: Family

Year of Call: 1998                      Practice Summary

Professional Associations:              Marisa has practised exclusively in family law for 12 years. She joined Zenith
FLBA; Liberty; Bar pro bono unit        chambers in 2010 following 10 years at the bar in Leeds in order to specialise in
                                        financial and private law children matters.
LLB Hons, BVC                           Marisa deals confidently and regularly with ancillary relief cases involving
                                        complex business structures and family trusts, and is known for her clear advice
Contact Details:                        and creative, pro-active approach to negotiating settlement. Marisa is one of the
Email :    first Barristers outside London to train as a Collaborative Lawyer.

Clerks email:                           She advises regularly in cases involving child abduction, being only a handful of             barristers on circuit with expertise in this area. This expertise has allowed her to
                                        develop an ‘Abduction Special Interest Group’ which works with regional
Telephone:                              solicitors, the judiciary, REUNITE and the family bar association to share
                                        knowledge, develop precedents and provide training opportunities.
0113 245 5438
                                        Marisa’s expertise makes her a popular choice with solicitors for both financial
                                        and children matters involving foreign jurisdictions. She has in-depth working
                                        knowledge of the Brussels regulations, and cross-jurisdiction recognition and

                                        In addition to her expertise in foreign jurisdiction matters, Marisa has a
                                        particular interest in family law cases involving same-sex relationships and is in
                                        the planning stages of writing and editing a legal handbook for family lawyers,
                                        professionals and lesbian and gay families.

                                        Areas of Expertise

                                                     Ancillary relief
                                                     Non-matrimonial finance including Schedule 1 financial provision
                                                      and TOLATA claims
                                                     Private law children matters
                                                     Cases involving foreign jurisdictions within and outside the
                                                      European Union
                                                     Cases involving issues of legal status, jurisdiction and recognition
                                                     Cases involving families in same-sex relationships
                                                     Representing cohabiting couples and extended family members in
                                                      respect of property rights and trusts of land, and regularly
                                                      represents parties seeking a declaration of beneficial interest or
                                                      sale of jointly owned property.

                                        Reported Cases

                                                     T v B [2010] EWHC 1444: Case determining that a natural parent
                                                      who is not a legal parent in a same sex relationship is not liable to
                                                      make financial provision under Sch. 1 of the Children Act.

Zenith Chambers, 10 Park Square, Leeds, LS1 2LH                                     
                                                     Re H (a child) [2002] EWCA Civ 190: Clarified the law regarding
                                                      changing the forename of a child.

                                        Notable Cases

                                        RE H (A Child) [2011] EWCA Civ 585
                                        O v J (2010) EWHC Sch.1 claim for financial provision against a father resident
                                        in Sweden.
                                        W v R (2010)EWHC Variation of an order for contact made in Germany. Child
                                        habitually resident in UK.
                                        P v P and O v O (2010) EWHC Parallel private law proceedings in another
                                        Member State: conflict of jurisdiction
                                        O v M (2009) EWHC (unreported) Declaration of mother’s name to allow her to
                                        change children’s birth certificates where father had unlawfully and falsely
                                        registered mother’s name.
                                        A v A [2008] EWHC 3081 (Fam) (unreported) on the issue of presumption of
                                        marriage following religious ceremonies.
                                        Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust v A [2003] EWHC 259 - Research for
                                        Eleanor Hamilton QC (IVF twins case: issue of legal parentage)


                                                     Family Procedure Rules 2010
                                                     Private law children update, November 2010 & February 2011
                                                     T v B: Sch. 1 claims and same sex relationships (for Mills &
                                                     July 2010
                                                     Appealing District Judges in Ancillary relief cases, May/October
                                                     Schedule 1 of the Children Act and Financial Provision, January
                                                     Court Skills for Professionals (for DMBC), October 2009
                                                     Brussels I, IIR and III; jurisdiction and enforcement in family law,
                                                      May/October 2009

Zenith Chambers, 10 Park Square, Leeds, LS1 2LH                                     

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