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					C/IL102Lab                                                                                          Fall 2007
Laboratory: Searching the Web
There are literally tens of millions of pages on the World Wide Web. Many of them have useful information on them. In this lab we
will learn how to find things on the web. There are two sources of web information: 1) search engines and 2) directories. A search
engine is a system that contains a “crawler”. A crawler is a program that automatically examines numerous web pages and obtains
information from them. A directory is also a listing of information, but it usually is sent in by a person and evaluated by a
committee of people. When you use either one of these systems, your query is compared to the information in their database and
possibly relevant sites are listed for you to examine.

There are several major sites that provide either search engines or directories. Most of these are free to use. Since they are free the
providers of these services must make money some way in order to stay in business. Typically they have certain sites that are
“sponsored” which means that the sponsoring web site pays to be listed. In Google, for example, the sponsored sites are in a column
on the right hand side of the page or near the top of the page with a light blue background. As you become a veteran web user you
will find sites that you trust more than others. You may also find certain sites that are good for some searches but not for others.


are among the largest and most famous. Yahoo is a directory with a search engine, all the others are search engines. Yahoo is the
oldest search engine having started in 1994. is the largest site on the Internet. For this Lab we will concentrate on
Yahoo and Google. That choice is mostly arbitrary and has nothing to do with the merits of the search engines. My advice to you is
to experiment with various search engines until you find the one that suits your personal taste. Altavista is the basic search engine
that is incorporated into the University of Scranton's official web page. My personal choice for search engines is Google. I also use
About when searching for technical information

There are other Web sites that are designed to allow individuals to search for very specific information. For example, if you wanted
to read a review (or 75 reviews of the movie American Gangster, you might go to It is a Web
site that is devoted to reviews of movies; is a web site that contains consumer ratings of various items.
So if you were considering buying a Nikon D40 digital camera, you could go to this site to find out what other individuals like
yourself thought of this camera. If you buy items from online stores then you would probably go to to find out what typical consumers think of various online stores.

Download the answer sheet for lab 9 from my website:

You will hand in this answer sheet at the end of the lab.

Exercise 1. I need to write a paper for my computer literacy class on a famous historical person in the history of computing. I
decide to write about Ada Lovelace. Use Google to find sources for this paper. A row for Google has already been filled out based
on data obtained on November 5, 2006 but you should fill it out again based on current data. Fill out the Yahoo rows and the other
two URL rows. For scholarly research, Google has a a new search engine, to search scholarly articles that are
available online. Some of these articles are not available without a subscription, so you may need to use the libarary’s facilities to
find some articles. Use google scholar and list the first listing and the first online article which references this item.

In general to perform a search do the following:
      Start Internet Explorer.
      Click on File
      Select Open Page
      Type the URL in the box -- for example:
      Click open
      When you get to the page follow the instructions.
C/IL102Lab                                                                                          Fall 2007
        Choose the google search engine as described above. It is at
        For Google type Ada Lovelace into the search box and press the search button.
        When the list comes up remember the number of "hits", bring up the word document, and type it in using the same format
         given in the row above.
        Choose the first Web site and go there and glance at the article to see if it appears to be legitimate.
        At the oval buttons page, place your mouse pointer into the location box and click. This should highlight the URL. Press
         CTRL-C to copy the URL to the computer memory
        Bring up the word document, move the cursor to the line below where you type the answer to the previous question and
         press CTRL-V which should then paste the URL of the web page into your answer sheet.
        Now go to the Yahoo search engine at and repeat the process
        Go to this web site and type the number of hits into your word document, going to the second page suggested and copying
         the link into your word document.
        Now go to and repeat the process, first listing the number or references and the first reference.
        Then choose the first reference and list the number of “hits”.
        Choose the first hit and click on the number of citatations. List it’s number of hits and the first hit listed

Exercise 2

         Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., (symbol OSIR) is a biotechnology company, provides adult stem cell technology to physicians for
the treatment and functional restoration of damaged or diseased tissues. It offers product indications in medical specialties, including
oncology, cardiology, and orthopedics. Osiris became a public company on Aug. 9 2006. This means that the general public can
purchase stock in this company.

For this exercise, you will download the historical stock prices from Yahoo and create two graphs in Excel using this data. The first
graph will show the change in the stock price over time. The second will depict your returns if you purchased stock in this company
when it went public.

1)       Open Internet Explorer and go to
         Click on the Finance link on the left hand side of the page.
         Type OSIR in the box at the top of the page that says Get Quotes and click Go.
         This page tells you what price the stock is currently trading at.

2)       Click on the Historical Prices link on the left hand side of the page.
         In the Set Date Range box, type:

         Start Date:       Aug 9 2006
         End Date:         Nov 3 2006

         Make sure Daily is selected and then click Get Prices.
         Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Download to Spreadsheet link. Save the file to the desktop or a
         flash drive as: OSIR_First Name_Last Name
3)       Start Excel 2007 and open the file that you just saved.
         Increase the width of column A so that the dates are displayed in this column.
         Insert a footer with the file name in it on the bottom left side of the page
         Delete columns G,F and B by right clicking the top of the column and selecting delete.
         You should have four columns that look like this:
                                           Date            High        Low         Close
                                             3-Nov-06         15.24       13.46       14.93
                                             2-Nov-06         16.08        14.5       14.58
                                                …                …            …          …

4)       Next, select the range A1:D63 and click on the Insert Tab.
         Click on Other Charts, Stock, High-Low-Close (top left)
         Click the Move Chart button and display the chart in a New Sheet.
5)       Select the Layout Tab
         Click the Chart Title button and create a Centered Overlay Title that reads: Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
         Click the Axis Titles button, Primary Horizontal Axis Title, Title Below Axis, and type: Date

C/IL102Lab                                                                                        Fall 2007
       Click the Axis Titles button, Primary Vertical Axis Title, Rotated Title, and type: Price
6)     Add a footer to this chart that displays the file name by selecting the Insert Tab, Header & Footer button, Custom
       Footer, Insert the File name.
       Print this Chart. Do not hand it in yet. Staple it to the next chart that you will create.

7)        Go back to the sheet with the stock prices
          In the cell E1, type Return
          Scroll down to cell E62 and enter the following formula:
          This formula calculates the return of the stock if you purchased it on Aug. 9 2006
          Copy this formula to the range E2:E61.

8)        Select the range A2:A63 and E2:E63. This can be done by holding down the Ctrl button while selecting the ranges. Cell
          E63 is blank, but you still need to select it.

9)        While these ranges are selected, click the Scatter Button (on the Insert Tab) and Create a Scatter Chart with Smooth

10)       Make the title Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. Return
          Label the Horizontal Axis Date
          Label the Vertical Axis Percent Return

          Do not display the Legend of this graph.

11)       Display this chart as a New Sheet
          Add a footer to this chart that displays the file name.

          Print out this chart and hand it in with the other chart that you created. Make sure each chart has a footer with the file name.

We will finish up by using the Web to find information that one doesn’t normally associate with web pages. We will use searching
techniques to find businesses and to find addresses, driving directions, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for people.

Exercise 3. I will be visiting relatives in Chicago next month and my macintosh notebook computer has had one of the keys fall off.
I need to get the computer repaired and can do this by bringing it to an apple store in Chicago. I need to find the phone number an
address of one. Most search engines have yellow pages available from them. However we will pick one of the standard yellow page
selections. One of my favorites is Connect with page and find me an Apple
Computer Store in Chicago, Ill. (name, address, and phone number). Enter the information to your Word document in the indicated
place. NOTE that if you wish to search a different city just insert its name in place of chicago.

Exercise 4. I would like to take a trip to the white house this weekend for a short holiday. What is the driving mileage from here to
there and what is the mileage back? Hint: Go to a search engine such as and search for “road maps”. One
of the first choices should be MapQuest, probably the best site for finding mileages and routes. Go there and choose Driving
Directions. Enter the appropriate information to find a route from 800 Linden St. zip 18510, the official address of the University of
Scranton, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. On the answer sheet print the mileage. Now find the mileage from the
white house back to the U and print it on the sheet.

      Exercise 5. Find out some stuff that I want to know. For each of the following questions give the answer and the URL of the
      web site from which the answer was obtained.
      a)       First find out about me (Dr. James Sidbury) and fill out the info on the answer sheet.
      b)       What are the average high and low temperatures for the month of November in Scranton, PA?
      c)       When ticket prices are adjusted for inflation, what was the fourth highest grossing movie of all time? How much did it
               gross when adjusted for dollars of the year 2000?
      d)       What was the closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on September 17, 2007?
      e)       What was the most expensive music video to make? Approximately how much did it cost?


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