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                          INDUSTRY IN PROVIDING QUALITY, USER-FRIENDLY SERVICE.                                            CUSTOMER
                          Welcome to Integra Telecom. We look forward to serving your communications                    SATISFACTION
                          needs with our unique combination of personal attention and enhanced products
                          and services designed exclusively for your businesses. We’re confident you will                 LIKE YOU’VE
                          find superior value in our highly responsive, local service and we pledge to do
Tom Casey
Chief Executive Officer
                          everything possible to exceed your expectations.
                          Please review this information—you will find useful account information to help               EXPERIENCED
                          you become acquainted with your new Integra services.

The integraCare Advantage SM

                                                                                              Enroll at
For effortless account management, we invite you to try integraCare , SM

our online account management tool. Enjoy the freedom and                                     ViEw a dEmo at
flexibility of managing your Integra account from any internet                      
connection. With integraCareSM you can:
>> View detailed account information
>> Contact customer care
>> Download long distance reports
>> Check the status of a service ticket

Try integraCaresm today. It’s convenient, secure, and free.

Paperless Billing and Automatic Payment Service
SAVE TIME, MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT                                                    DON’T BE DOUBLE BILLED
                                                                                         PREVENT DOuBlE BIllING WITH
SECuRE ONlINE ACCESS. Receive all your monthly statements online!
Paperless billing provides monthly email notification when your bill is                  ONE SIMPlE STEP:
ready to view.                                                                           Once your services are transferred to Integra,
SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Deduct your monthly payment from your                               contact your previous carrier(s) to confirm
checking account automatically with Integra’s Automatic Payment
                                                                                         they have stopped billing.
option. No more checks to write. No more postage to pay for.
PEACE Of MIND. Eliminate late charges. Rest assured that your payment
will always be processed in a timely manner.

It’s easy! Once you have created your integraCare account you can
enroll in Paperless Billing and elect the Automatic Payment option.
Visit and complete the Automatic
Payment authorization form.

                                                 Do Not Call Policy
DIRECTORY LISTINGS                               You can put your home and cell phone number on one national do not call list. The
                                                 federal government created the National Do-Not-Call Registry to make it easier for you
Please verify your primary line as well as any   to stop most unwanted telemarketing sales calls. To register or receive information, call
other numbers moving to integra. if there are    1-888-382-1222 (TYY 1-866-290-4236) or visit
numbers not being transferred to integra,
please verify the directory listing status by    Notice to Telemarketers: The federal Do-Not-Call Registry became effective October
contacting the associated service provider.      1, 2003. The relevant federal Do-Not-Call rules are set forth in 47 C.F.R.–64.1200 of
                                                 the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules, and 16 C.F.R. Part 310 of the
this will prevent incorrect phone numbers        Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules. These rules apply to any person conducting
in our directory listings database and ensure    telemarketing or telephone solicitation. Persons engaging in telemarketing must limit
accurate listings in phone directories.          their telemarketing according to the Do-Not-Call Registry. The Do-Not-Call rules
                                                 also require that persons engaging in telemarketing must transmit caller identification
notE: integra can provide assistance with        (Caller ID) information. The information transmitted must, at a minimum, provide
your directory listing in the white Pages,       the called party with a telephone number that permits the called party to make a
but does not provide Yellow Pages listings or    do-not-call request during regular business hours. Where available, the name of the
advertisements. Please contact your Yellow       telemarketer must also be transmitted. Integra highly recommends that you visit the
Pages advertising representative to ensure       web site provided below for additional Do-Not-Call information.
that your Yellow Pages listings are correct.
                                                 Please visit the National Do-Not-Call Registry Web site for telemarketers at:

                                                 Caller ID Spoofing
                                                 Caller ID Spoofing is the practice of manipulating the telephone network so that
                                                 Caller ID information is changed or falsified, resulting in the display of a name and/
                                                 or number on the recipient’s caller ID display which may not be that of the actural
                                                 caller. Please be aware that Caller ID information can be manipulated an deliberately
                                                 falsified for fradulent purposes. For more information please visit

                                                 Telecommunications Relay Service
                                                 Relay Service is a public service which guaranteed all citizens access to prompt,
                                                 profesional and accurate communication through the telephone. Consumers of these
                                                 specialized services, specifically people who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing or
                                                 have speech disabilities, can communicate on the telephone via TTY/TDD, Voice
                                                 Carry Over (VCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech (STS), Spanish-to-
                                                 Spanish and Captioned Telephone in order to connect with family, friends, or business
                                                 with ease. Dial 7-1-1 to connect with the Relay Service in your area.

                                                 Carrier Freeze
                                                 Preferred Carrier Freeze is available to all Integra customers for all types of
                                                 telecommuncations services offered. A Preferred Carrier Freeze prevents a change in
                                                 the customer’s chosen local and/or long distance carrier without the customer’s express
                                                 consent. Please contact Integra Customer Service at 1-866-INTEGRA for more details.
First Invoice Notice
You may notice that monthly charges on your first Integra statement are             PREVENT TOLL FRAUD
higher than expected. This is because the invoice date may not match the
date your products or services were installed. Partial month billing covers         integra telecom wants to help you protect your
the period of time that your service was installed up to invoice date. The          business from toll fraud. toll fraud occurs when
following month’s invoice will better reflect your standard invoice amount.         unauthorized persons gain remote access to a
                                                                                    business’ telephone and/or voicemail system
                                                                                    and generate long distance or ‘toll’ calls. while
Summary Billing                                                                     this can happen domestically, toll fraud is
In an effort to further reduce our environmental impact, you will be                typically associated with international calling.
switched to a summary invoice after your second bill cycle. All pertinent
account information will still be provided on our normal summary                    if you do not place international calls
pages, only the long distance call detail will be removed. This reduces our         and would like to block this feature, please
environmental impact by decreasing the amount of printed paper used each            contact your local Care representative.
month. Viewing long-distance detail is always available online. Just log in to      it iS tHE EXClUSiVE rESPonSiBilitY
your integraCare account at                    oF tHE CUStomEr to PrEVEnt tHE
                                                                                    oCCUrrEnCE oF FraUd. the Customer
                                                                                    is responsible for payment of any charges
                                                                                    incurred due to toll fraud, whether known or
                                                                                    unknown, and whether or not integra takes any
                                                                                    actions to stop or block toll fraud. Please note
                                                                                    that as a protective measure, integra reserves
                                                                                    the right to block international long distance.
                                                                                    You can find more information about integra’s
                                                                                    toll Fraud Policy at: http://www.integratelecom.

CuSTOMER RIGHTS Integra Telecom will: provide service if you are a
qualified applicant; offer you at least one 12-month deferred payment plan if you
have a financial emergency; let you pay a security deposit in three installments,
if one is required; follow specific procedures for service disconnection which
include providing you notice postmarked at least 10 days before service is
disconnected, and; give you written information about Commission rules and
your rights and responsibilities as a customer under those rules.

CuSTOMER RESPONSIBIlITIES You will: use services safely & pay for
them promptly; contact Integra when you have a problem with payment,
service, safety, billing, or customer service, including billing or other errors;
contact Integra when you anticipate a payment problem to attempt to develop
a payment plan; notify Integra when you are moving to another location, or
stopping service in your name or stopping service altogether; and, permit
access to your property for essential utility company personnel and equipment.
Contact your local Integra Telecom customer care team at 1-866-INTEGRA to
resolve any issues or questions.
This information regarding Customer Proprietary Network Information, or CPNI, is provided in accordance
with federal regulations that require telecommunications carriers to provide notice concerning a carrier’s
use of CPNI.
Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI is the information that Integra gathers about its
customers 1) that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, and amount of use of
telecommunications services subscribed to by its customers, and that is made available to Integra by the
customer solely by virtue of the carrier-customer relationship; and 2) information contained in the bills
pertaining to telephone exchange service or telephone toll service received by a customer of a carrier. CPNI
does not include subscriber list information.

     Customer Privacy                                             Customer Rights                                                How to Contact Us to Opt-Out
Integra offers various communications-related                CPNI is subject to federal and certain state laws and          If you wish to opt-out you may do so in the
service, including local and long distance service, and      regulations. Integra is fully committed to complying           following ways:
telecommunications equipment. In order to better             with these CPNI laws and regulations. You have the
serve your communication needs, from time to time            right to protection of your confidential information and       1.    In writing to Integra at the following address:
we would like to share your CPNI across product lines        Integra has the duty to protect that information.                       Integra Telecom, Inc
within Integra. Integra may also share your CPNI on                                                                                  Attn: CPNI
                                                             If you prefer that Integra not use, disclose, or allow
a limited, as-needed basis with trusted agents and                                                                                   1201 NE Lloyd Blvd
                                                             access to your CPNI to offer you our communications-
independent contractors that assist Integra in providing                                                                             Suite 500, Portland, OR 97232
                                                             related products and services to which you do not
you with communication-related services. These parties       already subscribe, you may “opt-out”—that is, you              2.    Via phone or fax to the Integra Customer Service
share a duty to protect your CPNI. Integra will only         may direct us not to make these disclosures across                   telephone numbers listed on your invoice
share your CPNI with its agents and independent              additional product lines within Integra. Your decision
contractors with your explicit permission. Our use of        to opt-out will not affect the provision of any services       1.    Online at
CPNI may enhance our ability to offer products and           to which you currently subscribe. You may opt-out at
services tailored to your specific needs. Integra will not   any time by contacting the Integra. Your approval or
sell your CPNI to third parties without the appropriate      denial of approval for the use of CPNI is valid until
authorization from you, or a law enforcement agency or       such time as your telephone services are discontinued
court of law.                                                or you affirmatively revoke or limit such approval or
                                                             denial. If you choose to opt-out, Integra’s ability to offer
                                                             you certain services to which you do not currently
                                                             subscribe, including promotions and cost-saving
                                                             bundled services, may be limited.

la Información confidencial propiedad del cliente en la red (CPNI, por sus siglas en inglés) se proporciona en conformidad con los reglamentos federales
que exigen que los proveedores de servicios de telecomunicaciones proporcionen avisos del proveedor sobre el uso de la CPNI.
la información confidencial propiedad del cliente en la red (CPNI, por sus siglas en inglés) es la información que Integra reúne acerca de sus clientes: 1) con respecto
a la cantidad, configuración técnica, tipo, destino y medida de uso de los servicios de telecomunicaciones a los que se subscriben sus clientes, y que cada cliente pone
a disposición de Integra únicamente en virtud de la relación proveedor-cliente; y 2) la información contenida en las facturas con respecto al servicio de intercambio
telefónico o servicio de conexión telefónica que recibe el cliente de parte de un proveedor de servicios. la CPNI no comprende información de listas de suscriptores.

     Confidencialidad Del Cliente                                  Derechos Del Cliente
Integra ofrece diversos servicios relacionados a             La información CPNI está sujeta a leyes y reglamentos          o negativa. Si opta por retirar su autorización, ello
las comunicaciones, entre ellos los servicios de             federales y estatales. Integra tiene el firme compromiso       podrá limitar la capacidad de Integra de ofrecerle
llamadas locales y de larga distancia y los equipos          de cumplir con estas leyes y reglamentos que rigen la          determinados servicios a los que usted no está suscrito
de telecomunicaciones. A fin de prestar una mejor            información CPNI. Usted tiene el derecho de que se             actualmente, entre ellos promociones y paquetes de
atención a sus necesidades de comunicación, de vez           proteja su información confidencial e Integra tiene la         servicios que representan un ahorro económico.
en cuando deseamos compartir su información CPNI             responsabilidad de proteger dicha información.
con otras líneas de productos dentro de Integra.             Si prefiere que Integra no utilice, divulgue ni permita el          Cómo Comunicarse Con Nosotros Para
Integra también podría compartir su información              acceso a su información CPNI para que le ofrezcamos                 Retirar Su Autorización
CPNI, de manera limitada y según se necesite, con            servicios y productos vinculados a las comunicaciones          Si desea retirar su autorización, puede hacerlo de las
dependencias y contratistas de confianza que colaboran       a los cuales usted todavía no se suscribe, puede optar         siguientes maneras:
con Integra para prestar a usted servicios vinculados        por retirar su autorización, es decir, puede darnos la
a las comunicaciones. Estas partes comparten la              instrucción de que no hagamos estas divulgaciones a            1.    Por escrito dirigiéndose a
responsabilidad de proteger su información CPNI.             otras líneas de productos que forman parte de Integra.                 Integra a esta dirección:
Integra compartirá su información CPNI con agentes y         Su decisión de retirar la autorización no afectará la                  Integra Telecom, Inc.
contratistas únicamente mediante el permiso explícito        prestación de los servicios a los que usted se suscribe                Attn: CPNI
de usted. Nuestro uso de la información CPNI puede           actualmente. Puede comunicar a Integra su decisión                     1201 NE Lloyd Blvd, Suite 500
enriquecer nuestra capacidad de ofrecerle productos          de retirar su autorización en cualquier momento. Su                    Portland, OR 97232
y servicios a la medida de sus necesidades. Integra          autorización o el retiro de su autorización para utilizar
no venderá su información CPNI a terceros sin la                                                                            2.    Por teléfono o fax a Servicio a clientes de Integra a
                                                             su información CPNI tiene vigencia hasta el momento
autorización debida de usted o de una autoridad del                                                                               los números que aparecen en su factura
                                                             en que sus servicios telefónicos sean cancelados o usted
orden público o de un tribunal.                              explícitamente anule o limite dicha autorización               3.    En línea en el sitio

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