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					                       INVITATION FOR BID NUMBER AEPA IFB #009-B

                                           CARPETING & INSTALLATION

                                                      PART C – BID FORMS

                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Bid Submittal Organization and Check List ............................................................................................ 1
A. Bid Affidavit Signature Page ............................................................................................................ 3
B. Acceptance of Bid and Contract Award........................................................................................... 4
C. Questionnaire for Bidders ................................................................................................................. 5
D. Company Information ....................................................................................................................... 6
E. Exceptions to Terms, Conditions and Specifications ...................................................................... 7
F. Pricing.................................................................................................................................................. 8
G. Price List Format ................................................................................................................................ 9
H. Additional Submittals ....................................................................................................................... 11

                                            Bid Submittal Organization and Check List
      1. Bid Submission instructions are found in Section E of Part A of the bid documents.
      2. The Part C Bid Forms shall be submitted in both printed and electronic copy on a CD or Flash
         Drive. Bidders shall include an exact paper copy of the electronic submission, paper copy(ies) of
         items that cannot be made a part of the electronic submission, and the electronic forms in the
         sealed bid package. In case of discrepancies, the printed responses will prevail over electronic
      3. In order to insure that every bid receives a fair evaluation and comparison, it is required that each
         bid be organized in a three-ring binder with an inside pocket and a set of dividers is required.
      4. It is suggested that the bidder preparing a response check off each required item as it is
         completed. The same list will be used by AEPA evaluators to ascertain that the bid is complete.
      5. Any submittals too large to secure in the binder must be clearly labeled with the name of the
      6. One original copy of the bid shall be submitted.
      7. All documents with signatures shall have original ink signatures.
      8. Electronic data must be provided on CD or Flash Drive. Electronic media shall be clearly
         identified and labeled by including the vendor name, name of the bid and date. Electronic media
         must be placed in a protective pouch. Electronic price lists shall be in Microsoft Excel 2007 or
         less and shall allow for sorting on any of the fields listed below. Other documents may be
         submitted as Word or PDF files.
f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                                                               Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
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                                                                   Signature    Hard         or          Excel
Divider        Form                        Description                                      PDF
                                                                   Required     Copy                      File
                           _____ Bid Affidavit Signature Page
   1             A                                                    X           X            X
                                 (Notarized Hard Copy)

                           _____ Acceptance of Bid and Contract
   1             B                                                    X           X

   2             C         _____ Questionnaire for Bidders            X           X            X

   2             D         _____ Company Information                  X           X            X

                           _____ Exceptions to Terms, Conditions
   3             E                                                    X           X            X
                                 and Specifications

   4              F        _____ Category Questionnaire               X           X            X

   4                       _____ Substantiating Documentation                     X            X

                           _____ Discount & Price Schedule (This
   5             G               will be a printout of the            X           X                        X
                                 electronic pricing.)
                           _____ Appendix with Catalogs, Slicks,
   6                                                                              X            X
                                 Model Information, etc.

                           _____ Bid Security Bond for $25,000                    X

                           _____ Electronic Media

   ______ Check or initial here after all questions have been answered and data provided as
          requested. (Omissions and errors may cause bid to be rejected.)

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                       Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                    Page 2 of 14
1.   The undersigned, duly authorized to represent the persons, firms and corporations joining and participating in
     the submission of the foregoing bid (such persons, firms and corporations hereinafter being referred to as the
     bidder), being duly sworn, on his/her oath, states that to the best of his/her belief and knowledge no person, firm
     or corporation, nor any person duly representing the same joining and participating in the submission of the
     foregoing bid, has directly or indirectly entered into any agreement or arrangement with any other bidders, or
     with any official of the Member Agency, or any employee thereof, or any person, firm or corporation under
     contract with the Member Agency whereby the bidder, in order to induce the acceptance of the foregoing bid by
     the Member Agency, has paid or is to pay to any other bidder or to any of the aforementioned persons anything
     of value whatever, and that the bidder has not, directly nor indirectly entered into any arrangement or agreement
     with any other bidder or bidders which tends to or does lessen or destroy free competition in the letting of the
     contract sought for by the foregoing bid.
2.   This is to certify that the bidder, or any person on his/her behalf, has not agreed, connived, or colluded to
     produce a deceptive show of competition in the manner of the bidding or award of the referenced contract.
3.   This is to certify that neither I, nor to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, the bidder, nor any
     officer, director, partner, member or associate of the bidder, nor any of its employees directly involved in
     obtaining contracts with the State of Member Agency, Member Agency, or any subdivision of the state has been
     convicted of false pretenses, attempted false pretenses, or conspiracy to commit false pretenses, bribery,
     attempted bribery or conspiracy to bribe under the laws of any state or federal government for acts or omissions
     after January 1, 1985.
4.   This is to certify that the bidder or any person on his behalf has examined and understands the terms,
     conditions, scope of work and specifications, and other documents of this solicitation and that any and all
     exceptions have been noted in writing and have been included with the bid submittal.
5.   This is to certify that if awarded a contract, the bidder will provide the equipment, commodities, and/or services
     to members and affiliate members of the Agency in accordance with the terms, conditions, scope of work and
     specifications and other documents of this solicitation in the following pages of this bid.
6.   This is to certify that we have completed, reviewed, approved and have included all information that is required
     in Sections C, D, E, F and G of these bid forms.

         Jay Imperatori                                                   500 TownPark Lane, #400
Authorized Representative (Please print or type)                          Mailing Address

         Senior Vice President                                            Kennesaw, GA 30144
Title (Please print or type)                                              City, State, Zip

                                                                          10/20/08    678-355-5840/678-355-5845
Signature of Authorized Representative                                    Date                Phone               Fax

Subscribed and sworn to before me this                          day of

Notary Public in and for County of, State of

My commission expires: Signature:

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                                     Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
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                AEPA IFB 009-B CARPETING
                                           ACCEPTANCE OF BID
                                            CONTRACT AWARD

                                     TO BE COMPLETED BY BIDDER

In compliance with the Invitation to Bid, the undersigned warrants that I/we have examined the Instructions to
Bidders, and, being familiar with all of the conditions surrounding the proposed projects, hereby offer and agree to
furnish all labor, materials, and supplies incurred in compliance with all terms, conditions, specifications and
amendments in the INVITATION TO BID and any written exceptions to the bid. Signature also certifies
understanding and compliance with the certification requirements of the Agency Terms and Conditions and the
special Terms and Conditions. The undersigned understands that his/her competence and responsibility and that of
his proposed subcontractors, time of completion, as well as other factors of interest to the Agency as stated in the
evaluation section will be a consideration in making the award.
Company Name Mohawk Carpet Distribution LP d/b/a The Mohawk Group                            Date      10/20/08

Company Address 500 TownPark Lane, #400                 City Kennesaw               State GA           Zip 30144

Contact Person    Jay Imperatori                                 Title              Senior Vice President

Authorized Signature (ink only)

                                                                                                               Your bid
 ACCEPTANCE OF BID AND CONTRACT AWARD TO BE COMPLETED ONLY BY AGENCY                                                   for
ng services is hereby accepted. As contractor, you are now bound to sell the materials and services listed by the
attached bid based upon the solicitation, including all terms, conditions, specifications, amendments as set forth in
the Invitation for Bid. As contractor you are hereby cautioned not to commence any billable work or provide any
material or service under this contract until contractor receives an executed purchase order from the Agency. The
parties intend this contract to constitute the final and complete agreement between the Agency and contractor, and
no other agreements, oral or otherwise, regarding the subject matter of this contract, shall bind any of the parties
hereto. No change or modification of this contract shall be valid unless it shall be in writing and signed by both
parties to this contract. If any provision of this contract is deemed invalid or illegal by any appropriate court of law,
the remainder of this contract shall not be affected thereby. The term of the agreement shall commence on award
and continue until February 28, 2010 unless terminated, canceled or extended. By mutual written agreement, the
contract may be extended for three additional 12-month periods ending on February 28, 2011, February 29, 2012
and February 28, 2013.

Awarding Agency:

Agency Executive

Awarded this                day of                                         Contract Number

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                                    Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                        Page 4 of 14
Company Name ____ The Mohawk Group
Please check Yes/No answers. “Days” requested are calendar days. If room provided is inadequate indicate, “see
attached” and label the attachment with the question number.
1. Can your company serve all AEPA states with the best service offered?              X       YES               NO
2. Do you currently have representatives for all AEPA states?                         X       YES               NO
3.    (If no, a plan and timeline for providing these services is to be attached.)
4. Is your pricing guaranteed for the term of the contract?                           X       YES               NO
5. For products on your price list, is shipping/handling included in the price? X             YES               NO
      If No, estimate S/H on purchases (% of purchase price, UPS, etc.)
6. Describe your return policy. What is your restock fee, if any? (Restock fee must not exceed 15%)
Members request for returns on purchased materials will incur a restock charge of 15% plus
all freight charges realized in original shipment and return. If returns are the result of mis-
shipments, product quality or our error, we will incur all restock and freight charges. If the
obligation for the return rests with the customer then we request that the customer absorb
the freight and restocking charges.
     Describe any exclusions or limitations applicable to your return policy.

7. Will you offer Member Agencies a quick pay discount?                                       YES      X        NO
8. If YES, what is the discount (indicate %/number of days)?
9. How many line items are you offering under this bid category?
10. If some of the line items that you sell are not covered under this bid, do
    you have a way to block orders for those items?                                   X        YES              NO
11. Delivery of stocked items is promised within                                                       14     days
12. What is your average time from receipt of order to shipping stocked items?                         2-3    days
13. Delivery of non-stocked items is promised within                                                   56     days
14. Do you offer an electronic ordering system?                                       X       YES               NO
15. Do you have minimum order requirements?                                                   YES      X        NO
      If yes, please describe. Note – carpet tile must be purchased in full cartons only

16. Indicate the level of support you are offering in this bid. A bid will be determined nonresponsive if
    this question is unanswered.
      Prices offered in this bid are:
            a. The same as we offer on single school district bids.
        X    b. The same as we offer to cooperatives and state purchasing departments.
            c. Better than we offer to cooperatives or state purchasing departments.
      If line b or c is checked, indicate the percent lower (on single items) than the best price offered to
      educational institutions, cooperatives, or state purchasing departments.
            Two percent (2%)                 Three percent (3%)                 Four percent (4%)
            Five percent (5%)                Six percent (6%)               X        Other same                      .
17. Additional quantity or volume discounts are identified on the pricing page X              YES               NO
f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                               Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                    Page 5 of 14

Description of Organization
• Mohawk Carpet Distribution, LP, DBA The Mohawk Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of
   Mohawk Industries, Inc. based in Calhoun, GA. - NYSE ticker symbol MHK
• Mohawk Carpet was founded in 1878 in Amsterdam, NY
• Incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1988 (12/22/88)
• Current number of employees: 33,000

Executive Summary
The Mohawk Group is the single-source flooring partner delivering the most comprehensive range of
products that meet all of your needs. By understanding your business, we deliver total solutions through
world class design, performance, service and knowledge like no other company.

The Mohawk Group is a dominant supplier in the commercial marketplace. Comprised of three brands -
Karastan, Lees and Bigelow– we represent over 320 running line woven and tufted broadloom product
families and over 175 running line cushion, hard-back and PVC-free modular carpet tile product families.
In addition to soft surface flooring, we also offer a comprehensive package of hard surface flooring
including VCT, luxury vinyl, rubber flooring including rubber sport floors, wood, laminate, ceramic, and
stone. The Mohawk Group’s focus is on the customer, offering the broadest range of products and
services to meet any flooring requirement and offering flexible services to insure our customer’s
individual needs are met.

Mohawk is founded on three of the oldest and most respected brands in the industry, dating back to 1825.
We have been producing carpeting continuously for over 180 years. Today, Mohawk (NYSE: MHK) is
the largest flooring company in the world with annual revenues over $7.5 billion. A series of strategic
acquisitions, a commitment to reinvestment in existing business and sound operational management has
led to a 10-year compound annual growth rate of 13 percent in net sales and 22 percent in earnings per
share. Named the 327 Company by 2006 Fortune, Mohawk has a strong financial sheet dedicated to
reinvesting corporate profits into new cutting edge technologies, products and services that our customers
value and utilize.

The scope of Mohawk’s manufacturing and marketing operations extends to an industry-leading
distribution infrastructure. The backbone of Mohawk’s customer service effort is a distribution fleet and
logistics system that includes more than 1,000 trucks, 2,000 trailers and more than 50 distribution
warehouses across the lower 48 states.

We are the largest exporter of flooring products worldwide. Operating from five Regional Offices and
more then a dozen District offices strategically located around the globe, we are able to respond with a
professionalism and global perspective while providing local service in conjunction with our dealer
partners in over 120 countries. With a first hand knowledge of the history and culture of the local markets
along with local language skills and understanding of local customs, duty and restrictions, we can provide
exceptional service beyond that of our competition. Our dedicated Customer Service Specialists are able
to process orders using their first hand experience to minimize the cost and difficulties incurred in
numerous markets around the world. We often can utilize our world-wide contracts for lower ocean and
air freight costs if desired by the customer. Through local contacts we can assist with Specification,
Installation and Maintenance questions as well as other issue that may occur before, during and after the

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                         Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                 Page 6 of 14
Mohawk provides you with a strong contingency program in the event of emergency, with your carpet
standards capable of being serviced at four different Mohawk facilities – Dublin, Chatsworth and Dalton,
GA and Glasgow, VA. This will allow us to provide you with uninterrupted service, even in the event of
emergency, to produce the quantities of material required in an expeditious manner without capacity

Our competitive advantage is tied to our commitment to carpet performance on the floor. The Mohawk
Group utilizes premium type 6,6 fibers such as Solutia Ultron and Antron Legacy. In addition Mohawk
offers our own branded nylon fibers – Fortis and Colorstrand. Each of the three Mohawk Group brands
select fiber based on market application, design intent, traffic level and budget, to ensure that our
customers always get the right fiber for their facility type. In addition we offer high performance backing
systems backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Mohawk believes that corporate citizenship is exemplified by environmental stewardship that translates
into sound business strategies. Mohawk’s sustainability goals are simple - engineer quality carpets that
last longer, dramatically reduce energy use, evaluate preferable procurement, increase the use of recycled
materials, and continue to improve our percentage of end-of-useful-life reclamation.

We do not wish to be a transactional company. We look to cultivate long-term relationships. When we
secure end users, we want them to be customers for life. Additionally, we have a philosophy to provide
true value. Be it in service, performance or aesthetics, we look to long term, lifecycle value. Part of our
strategy to ensure customers for life is developed from our reputation for accountability. When problems
occur, it is our reputation for prompt resolution that ultimately defines us.

1a.   Public Companies must provide their most recent yearly report to stockholders.

      Annual Gross Sales in last 5 years:

      2007 - $7.5 billion total flooring sales
      2006 - $7.9 billion total flooring sales
      2005 - $6.5 billion total flooring sales
      2004 - $5.8 billion total flooring sales
      2003 - $4.9 billion total flooring sales

      Published in Floor Focus magazine (June 2008), The Mohawk Group commercial carpet business
      was $753 million in 2007. $190 million was in carpet tile (25%).

      Annual reports are found online at under Investor Information – Financial
      Federal ID # 58-2173403
      Mohawk’s D&B #: 612757070 D & B Rating: 5A2


      Jay Imperatori, Senior Vice President

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                         Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                 Page 7 of 14
2.    Provide the names of your key sales people, phone numbers and states for which they are

      Below is the list of our Regional Vice Presidents. They will be responsible for assigning local
      Account Executives to each member within the 23 participating states. The attached map shows the
      states they are responsible for.

                                           Last       First
                 Region/Team               Name       name       Title   Cell
                 Greater Philly            Barrett    Bob        RVP     610-715-5150
                 Mid Atlantic              Carter     Al         RVP     202-258-8867
                 Southeast                 Cleary     Paul       RVP     404-451-4894
                 Southwest                 Creato     Tom        RVP     949-466-6542
                 Florida                   Davis      Jeff       RVP     770-722-8297
                 Midway                    Denton     Jim        RVP     708-267-3721
                 Rocky Mountain            Ence       Russ       RVP     801-580-0106
                 Mid Delta                 Grant      David      RVP     214-725-9974
                 SF Bay                    Jones      Gary E.    RVP     916-947-8633
                 Texahoma                  Kilkenny   Dan        RVP     817-732-5850
                 Mid South                 Lomas      Todd       RVP     336-282-1044
                 Northwest                 Loughran   Jay        RVP     253-209-3224
                 Northeast                 McInturf   Jordan     RVP     617-939-6611
                 Ohio Valley               Niemiec    Michelle   RVP     734-812-0586
                 North Central             Prevost    Brian      RVP     612-865-3810
                 NY Metro                  Vosburgh   Steve      RVP     973-715-6101

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                          Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                      Page 8 of 14
Company Name ___The MohawkGroup
Note: This is a sample form. Actual data must be provided on disk, and printed. Original must be signed and
inserted in the bid after it is printed.
Any exceptions to the Terms, Conditions, Specifications or Bid Forms contained herein shall be noted in
writing and included with the bid submittal.

  IFB           Outline       Term, Condition or Specification                        Exception
  Page          Number
   8               III                     Assignment                   Add “Member Agencies acknowledge
                                                                      that any required installation services will
                                                                            be provided by subcontractors.”
     11            III                      Delivery                   Change “thirty (30) days” to “forty-two
                                                                               (42) to fifty-six (56) days”
     12            III                                                  Add at beginning of section, “Provided
                                     Federal Requirements              the Member Agency notifies Contractor
                                                                                        of such, “
     14            III                                                   In third sentence, after “If contractor
                                    Most Favored Customer             offers lower prices” add “, considering all
                                                                         terms and conditions of such sales,”

    Signature (Same signature as on Bid Affidavit Signature and Acceptance Form)

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                               Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                       Page 9 of 14
F. Pricing
             Bid pricing shall be submitted on Excel spreadsheets following the format supplied on the
              following page. Hardcopy printouts shall include page numbers on all pages.
              Excel spreadsheets attached.

             The cost of the floor covering offered on this contract must be the same for all members of
              the bidding agency.

             The charge for freight (shipping) floor covering from the factory location to the buyer’s
              location or job site may be included in the cost of the floor covering, or may be indicated as a
              pre-pay and add cost. The method of charging freight should remain consistent for all
              purchases unless otherwise requested.
              Our Price List shows freight as a prepay and add cost on a “not to exceed” basis. This is due
              to different freight rates varying for the 23 participating states.

             Floor covering may be priced installed per square yard or priced as material only plus
              installation. Installation cost must be indicated by state or region.
              Ours is priced as material only plus installation.

             Installation costs that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction due to labor costs, union contracts,
              labor laws, or other similar factors should be clearly described in the cost sheets provided
              with the bid. Pricing may also include all applicable member fees, as directed by the AEPA
              Refer to attached Labor Price List.

             Costs for special installation may be included as per square yard or per linear foot cost
              (coving, steps, around equipment, etc.).
              Refer to attached Labor Price List.

             Use the form on the following page or duplicate it, to price all equipment, services, supplies,
              and other commodities you wish to place on contract. If you have a printed price list or
              catalog, you may attach it. If pricing is different for floor covering supplied through
              authorized dealers please duplicate the sheet.
              Refer to attached Carpet Price List.

             CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) “Green Label Plus” certification is requested on all products to
              be considered for classroom installation. Bidders must submit proof of certification and GLP
              Product Identification Numbers for each product submitted.
              See attached Green Label Plus certification numbers for Lees Carpets and Mohawk

              CRI Green Label Plus

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                              Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                     Page 10 of 14

         The following attachment includes tabs for Carpet Price List, Labor Price List and a Dealer List by
         State. Printed pages included with proposal

          AEPA Master Price
            File 10-08.xls

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                          Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                  Page 11 of 14
         H. Additional Submittals – Submit each of the following with your bid:

             Manufacturer’s specifications, glue free installation instructions and maintenance instructions

              Click on the links below.

                  Maintenance       Installation Unibond Installation Modular Installation Woven    Installation
               Brochure TMG.pdf         and U2.pdf       TMG-All Backings.pdf   Direct Glue.pdf Broadloom TMG-All.pdf

             Certification from the fiber producer verifying use of the premium branded nylon identified
              as either Invista , Aquafil or Universal with modification ratios of 2.0 or less. Nylon fibers
              extruded by carpet mills and those with modification ratios of more than 2.0 will be
              considered “unbranded” and disallowed for purposes of this specification.

              All Antron Legacy Fibers have a Modification Ratio of 1.5 or less (see attached)
              Colorstrand SD Nylon has a Modification Ratio of 2.8 or less
              Fortis 6,6 Nylon has a Modification Ratio of 2.5 or less

                 ANTRON FMR

             15 Year Product warranty to include: Fiber wear of not more than 10% by weight, static less
              than 3.0kV, no delamination, no edge ravel or dimensional instability. (“Lifetime” warranties
              and those qualified by the use of chair pads will not be accepted. Appearance retention must
              be warranted.)

              Refer to attached letter. We will honor our non-prorated Lifetime Warranty for a period of
              Fifteen (15) years for AEPA.

              AEPA 15 yr warranty

             Mold warranty and a passing result on ASTM E 2471.

              Mohawk products do not contribute to mold or mildew. It is typically outside contaminates that
              are the root causes of mold and mildew. In fact, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s
              website, “It is very hard to grow mold on carpet. Mold grows in any moist environment where
              dirt and dust provide nutrients. When carpet is kept clean and dry, mold simply cannot grow
              on synthetic fibers.”

             Dyelot Mergeability warranty

              The Mohawk Group continually strives to create dye lots that will match and work together.
              Dyelot Mergeability is a subjective view of new products matching or appearing to blend into
              a field of worn products. However, new products introduced into an installation of heavily
              worn products typically have a difficult time blending into the field. There are numerous
              methods to replace existing stained carpet tiles using existing carpet tiles. The need to
              remove stained carpet tiles from a field of worn products need not require new purchases.

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                                     Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                         Page 12 of 14
             Statement of anticipated trim waste on all products

              Broadloom carpets typically create more waste based upon the size and nature of the
              product compared to carpet tiles. Our certified installation dealers and installers are trained to
              optimize the product’s usage by ensuring proper product direction and product selection.
              Typical installation waste would be 7 -10% of the total installation material.

              The Mohawk Group carpet tiles minimize waste. Most of our products are installed via quarter
              turn, ashlar, or in “any direction” methods. All of these installation techniques maximize the
              product’s usage and minimize waste. Typical waste on carpet tile installation is 1-4% of the
              total yardage ordered.

              Angled and curved walls and rooms can increase waste of any product selected.

             Statement of anticipated wet glue avoidance for the installation.

              The Mohawk Group broadloom product installations can be installed using our patented
              Permalink membrane adhesive systems. Our carpet tiles have an option to be manufactured
              with our patented SelfLock dry adhesive system. This system requires no adhesive applied to
              the floor. Both methods eliminate any perceived problems of adhesives being used. See
              pricing for cost per square yard.

             Statement of anticipated floor primer/preparation expense

              Minimal floor preparation or primers are required to install Mohawk Group products. Cost of
              floor preparation is a function of the floor conditions and not the products selected.

             Statement of anticipated damage to subfloor when product is removed after useful life.

              Subfloor damage is minimized when proper adhesive application is used in the initial
              installation. Subfloor damage also depends upon the subfloor condition prior to installation.
              Direct applications to properly mixed, cured, and smooth concrete subfloors will have minimal
              damage from any application of the adhesives used. Older floors that have been patched
              numerous times, or have old patch, could be damaged by carpet removal. It is our belief that
              proper floor conditions, and proper adhesive selection and installation techniques will result in
              minimal damage to subfloor surface.

             Production samples for each carpet type that have been appearance retention tested for 5
              years of wear in order to evaluate anticipated performance.

              According the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), a test result of 3.0 or greater is applicable for
              Heavy Traffic end use. The Invista Performance Standard for Antron® Nylon is a minimum of
              3.0 (refer to Antron FMR Spec attached above).

               Table 1
               Appearance Retention Rating Determination for Commercial Carpet

               Based on a 12,000 cycle Hexapod exposure conditioning test, commercial carpets shall have at
               least a:

               ≥2.5 ARR for application in a Moderate traffic end use

               ≥3.0 ARR for application in a Heavy traffic end use

               ≥3.5 ARR for application in a Severe traffic end use

f8960bb8-3ba3-415c-a7ae-ed79bb367c7e.doc                                                      Due: October, 24 2008 at 1:30pm
                                                          Page 13 of 14
             Life Cycle Analysis certified by qualifed 3rd party, utilizing GaBi IV, SimaPro or other
              comparable LCA system.

              Life Cycle Analysis – LCA is about evaluating the environmental impact of a product at
              every stage of its life. Through LCA, we have identified and implemented a variety of
              sustainability measures, including BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic
              Sustainability) and the eLCie suite of software tools that help us analyze lifecycle data. As a
              result, we are shrinking our environmental footprint at every stage of the product lifecycle.

             Greenhouse Gas Offset certification that all carbon dioxide emissions from the raw materials,
              manufacturing processes and anticipated life cycle of the carpet products will be offset.

              Greenhouse Gas - Mohawk’s corporate goal is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from
              our manufacturing operations through the use of material substitution in our processes, use
              of renewable energy sources in our manufacturing operations and use of bio-based raw
              materials and fuels whenever feasible. Mohawk’s practice of preventative maintenance
              activity, using low sulfur fuels as well as employing low nitrogen oxides (NOx) burner tips for
              all boiler modifications will continue to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases and
              criteria pollutants.

              At one Mohawk facility, all steam is generated by the use of biomass (wood). This boiler
              system also provides approximately 67% of the site’s electrical needs, thereby reducing the
              overall footprint of the operations. Biomass is used to fuel several Mohawk operations
              around the globe.

              Mohawk is currently evaluating a robust software system which will assist in the consistent
              tracking of greenhouse gas emissions and other key environmental indicators from
              operations globally. The system requirements ensure that it will meet all of the data tracking
              requirements associated with the GRI’s G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

              Mohawk is also currently in the process of determining the carbon sequestration provided by
              the hundreds of acres of forest land maintained on our Mohawk facilities across the nation.
              This effort should be completed by second quarter, 2009.

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